About Us

The Yamhill Advocate was founded by Carey Martell on October 29th, 2021 as an alternative independent newspaper for the residents of Yamhill County, Oregon. We provide you with the latest breaking news in Yamhill County, Oregon, serving the residents of Newberg, Dundee, McMinnville, Yamhill, Carlton, Dayton, Amity, Willamina, Sheridan and Lafayette.

The aim of the paper is to publish news of interest for political moderates and conservatives in the county, who are underserved by other existing publications in the area. This means that Yamhill Advocate accepts guest articles and will publish letters to the editor which have a liberal, moderate and conservative bias to them, in an effort to be able to provide enough facts and viewpoints for the residents of Yamhill County, Oregon to make up their own minds on issues.

Yamhill Advocate has started its life as a free digital publication and in the future will transition to a subscription model for exclusive content and a print version. The publication will feature the editorials and investigative reports of Carey Martell, but as these are time-consuming to investigate and write, Carey will need to take on additional writers for the local interest pieces and general news content.

This means that Yamhill Advocate is looking to hire writers to ensure a steady stream of quality content. We are also looking for any local businesses who would be interested in pre-purchasing advertisement space in the publication so that we can pay these writers. As part of the advertisement package, we can produce clearly labeled sponsored content such as articles about your businesses. If the creation of this new publication is of interest to you as either a contributor or an advertiser please reach out to us via yamhilladvocate@gmail.com

About Our Logo

The logo of the Yamhill Advocate is written in Pirata One typeface, a Google font created by Venezuelan Type Designer Rodrigo Fuenzalida. A Blackletter typeface was chosen for the logo in keeping with the tradition of historical local newspapers here in the Northwest. The modern styling of the Y and A in this typeface was preferred.

We also use News Cycle typeface for the body font of articles, as it resembles the antiquated look of classic News Gothic, the same typeface that would have been used by many of the first newspapers in Oregon.

While the Yamhill Advocate is a digital newspaper publication, it was desired for it to have a kind of retro look in its branding.