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Lawsuit Filed Against Oregon Secretary of State, County Officials Alleging Voter Fraud and Suppression

Election integrity watchdog groups have filed a lawsuit against Oregon officials alleging election fraud and voter suppression.

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A lawsuit has been filed against Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan and several County governments (Clackamas, Washington, Multnomah, Lane, Linn, Marion, Jackson, Deschutes, Yamhill, Douglas, Coos and Klamath) that alleges voter suppression and failures to address voter fraud complaints.

The lawsuit cites a number of examples of what the plaintiffs believe to be evidence for voter fraud and suppression, and also references the 2,000 Mules documentary film produced by Dinesh D’Souza that was released earlier this year. The lawsuit asserts that, as per claims made in the documentary, that Oregon has criminals who operate ‘mule rings’ that engage in ballot harvesting in Portland and Eugene with the intention of committing voter fraud.

The lawsuit also claims that Oregon election officials are manipulating the ballot data entered into the computerized databases to alter the outcome of elections.

Another claim made by the lawsuit is that an unusually high number of voters — as high as 85 voters — are registered at the same addresses, some of which are abandoned homes which no one lives in, and that many voter registrations are tied to locations that do not exist as residences such as vacant lots, vacant buildings, supermarket parking lots and street corners. The lawsuit alleges that laws created by Democrat politicians, such as House Bill 2681 and House Bill 3291, are designed to create phantom voters and make it easier for election fraud to occur and that this has the effect of disenfranchising legitimate voters.

The lawsuit also alleges that County officials, Secretary of State Shemia Fagan and Attorney General Ellen Rosenbaum have illegally blocked public records requests made by election integrity group representatives to inspect election databases and voter rolls, and they have refused to comply with these public records requests even when ordered to do so by District Attorneys. The lawsuit also alleges County officials have sought to discourage public records requests by charging outrageously high fees for the fulfilment of public records requests, with fees as high as $51,000 for the ballot images from the 2020 election.

The plaintiffs of the lawsuit are:

Marc Thielman is the former Superintendent of Alsea School District and was a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2022.Mr. Thielman is registered to vote and lives in Lane County.

Ben Edtl is the founder of Free Oregon, anon-partisan public interest organization dedicated to defending and restoring civil rights in Oregon. Mr.Edtl is the Republican Candidate for State Senate District19 which includes portions of has Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties. Mr. Edtl is registered to vote and lives in Washington County.

Janice Dysinger is a long-time election integrity advocate who is registered to vote and resides in Multnomah County. Mrs. Dysinger is co-chair of the Election Integrity Committee of the Oregon Republican Party.

Don Powers is a businessman and co-chair of the Election Integrity Committee of the Oregon Republican Party with Janice Dysinger. Mr. Powers is registered to vote and resides in Clackamas County.

Sandra Nelson leads the non-partisan Washington County Election Integrity committee. Mrs. Nelson is the Republican Candidate for State RepresentativeHouseDistrict27.Mrs. Nelson is registered to vote and resides in Washington County.

Chuck Wiese is a retired meteorologist and airline pilot. Mr. Weise has personal experience of how vulnerable the Oregon’s voting system is to people who want to cast fraudulent ballots. Mr. Weise is registered to vote and lives in Washington County.

Loretta Johnsonis a registered dental hygienist who is registered to vote and lives in Douglas County. Mrs. Johnson leads the election integrity group in Douglas County.

Terry Noonkester is a journalist living in Douglas County. She is registered to vote ,a Republican Party PCP, and a member of the election integrity group in Douglas County.

Steve Corderio is a businessman who is registered to vote and resides in Marion County.

Jeanine Wenning is registered to vote and resides in Linn County. She was a poll watcher during the 2022 Election whose rights were abused by election officials.

Diane Rich is a business woman who is registered to vote and resides in Coos County. She was a candidate for County Clerk for Coos County in the May 2022 election.

Pam Lewis was a candidate for Coos County Commissioner and is a leader in the Coos County election integrity group. Mrs. Lewis is registered to vote and resides in Coos County.

Senator Dennis Linthicum represents Senate District 28 covering all or part of Klamath, Jackson, Lake, Deschutes, and Crook counties. Senator Linthicum is registered to vote and resides in Klamath County.

Readers of the Advocate can download and read the full complaint by clicking here.

The Plaintiffs have also filed a Motion for Limited Expedited Discovery with the goal of preserving documents in the 2022 election by taking up to three forensic images of the tabulating computer servers at each of the Counties during the period of election tabulation.

Last week, Marc Thielman, one of the chief plaintiffs in the lawsuit was interviewed on The Lars Larson Show about the allegations the lawsuit makes against Oregon officials. A recording of this segment can be listened to on SoundCloud by clicking here.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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James Russell

Great to hear that Oregon’s SOS will be challenged. All of the Progressives that I know (quite a few) believe that cheating and lying is OK if you are ‘in the right’. And all zealots believe they know what is best.


WOW!!!! i hope they get all the dirt. i was just praying for this!!!! hallelujah!

Jim Brown

We need a vote integrity protest at the state Capitol

Tim Hamburger

Everyone should want open and fair election. Just what does the state of Oregon have to hide?

William E Laffen

I would like to know how we can all become parties to this lawsuit on the plaintiff side.

Donnie Mason

This lawsuit is such great news! Folks! Let’s go! In the words of the great Frederick Douglass, “Do right though the Heavens fall. We have no right to do evil that good may come, nor to refrain from doing right because evil may come.”

Cam Scott

There is a growing number of voters that were “Disqualified” from voting, for they “Moved” out of state. So far, all are Republican voters. I am one of them. I was notified that I was NOT eligible to vote, due to “Moving out of State” and Registering to vote in that state. I had to go to the county clerk office in person and show my ID, to get things put back where they belong (Ironic in itself – having to show my ID!). Still no response from the SOS office in Salem. I want to know when and to which state I allegedly “Moved” to?


This is the right way to do things.
These people have “standing”.
The wheels of Justice turn slowly but it is important to keep them moving forward.
All people in Oregon, regardless of ideology, should be interested in the objective truth.
We shall see what is discovered.


Dirty, rotten lowlifes have ‘SWAMP’ written all over them! Throw the book at them No mercy for the merciless!

Dennis V Sinclair

At long last, I hope and pray these honorable folks are successful in their court cases against the corrupt state of Oregon and its officials.

Janet Furnish

How does one check to see if a Clackamas county ballot was counted, went to Secretary of state website, track my ballot and all it said that it was received, it didn’t say accepted…as in counted.


We (Oregon) need to dump the Fraud-by-Mail scam ASAP else nothing will change. Nothing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bart
roger trozelle

Something has to be done.


Make sure you are also getting access to the poll books. I know couple district in Texas had numbers jump up on their poll books at the end of the night by several hundred people.


I still want to know how Oregon called the 2020 election for president five minutes after the polls closed.

Alan B.

If there was nothing to hide wouldn’t you just open up the books and invite all to look.

Britt Storkson

I wasted 10 years of my life running for public office because the elections are rigged. By “rigged” I mean that while the law requires that this public agency have elections the law does not require elections integrity. The practical outworking of this is that those in power can throw all of the ballots into the shredder and appoint whomever they want to the board – and that is legal… Or not illegal. The most troubling aspect of this is that appeals to Republican lawmakers fell on deaf ears because they’re getting money from this government agency.

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