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Progressive Yamhill Newberg City Councilors to Appoint District 3 Replacement Ahead of Special Election

Newberg City Councilors Elise Hollamon, Jefferson Mildenberger and Stephanie Findley outvoted Peggy Killburg and Mike McBride, forcing the fulfilment of the vacant District 3 seat in a rushed process ahead of the election that may result in the loss of Mildenberger and Findley's own positions on the Council.

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During the November 21st Newberg City Council Meeting, Newberg City Councilors Elise Hollamon, Stephanie Findley and Jefferson Mildenberger voted to begin the process of filling the empty District 3 Seat created when its former seat holder, Denise Bacon, passed away a few weeks ago due to health complications.

You can watch the section of the City Council meeting where this issue was discussed and decided by clicking on the video link here or playing the video embedded below.

Despite requests made by residents providing public comments and other City Councilors Mike McBride and Peggy Kilburg (who are not members of Progressive Yamhill) that suggested the Council wait to appoint the vacant seat until after the special election, the Progressive Yamhill members pushed the vote ahead anyway and decided to have the seat filled on December 19th — ahead of the special election on December 20th for City Council seats. Anyone interested in serving on the seat must submit their request by December 16th, information for applicants is available on the City website link here.

Rick Rogers, who recently lost his re-election campaign for mayor to challenger Bill Rosacker, was absent from the meeting.

It seems clear to me that Progressive Yamhill is terrified of losing control over the City of Newberg government next month and they want to do everything they can to ensure they control at least 2 seats (Elise Hollamon’s seat and whoever they appoint to the vacant District 3 Seat).

We shall see if exploiting Denise Bacon’s tragic and untimely death so they can fill her seat with yet another Progressive Yamhill sycophant will win them more votes in the Special election and endear voters to Jefferson Mildenberger (who is challenged by Robin Wheatly) and Stephanie Findley (who is challenged by Derek Cameron). I have a strong suspicion that it will not.

Ironically a new astroturf group has been created called ‘Newberg First’ that has endorsed Casey Banks, Jefferson Mildenberger and Stephanie Findley, claiming they represent “working families”. But I am pretty sure most families in Newberg aren’t benefited by the social policies of permitting car camping, funding homeless camps next to schools, putting hardcore gay pornographic books in the teen section of the public library, supporting ultra-violent groups like Antifa and creating a toxic culture in the city using gaslighting that accuses neighbors of being white supremacists and Nazis just so they can try to to win ideological debates. All of these are things that Progressive Yamhill members and their supporters are responsible for doing in Newberg as part of their extremist social activism.

Of course, I have also in past articles pointed out that this cabal of social activists on Newberg City Council has also done other things I regard as unethical, such as covering up a sexual harassment investigation against former City Manager Dan Weinheimer and paying him over $230,000 to enter a non-disclosure agreement in an effort to hide his alleged misconduct and spending the covid-19 federal relief money primarily on businesses the City Council members themselves either directly control (as is the case with Elise Hollamon and Stephanie Findley) or have strong associations to through the Progressive Yamhill social activist group.

Newberg residents are reminded that they will soon be receiving special election ballots via mail that will allow them to vote for City Council seats and ballots must be mailed by December 20th.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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James Russell

The vacant position will be filled at the VERY LAST MEETING before the new mayor takes office!
Elise Hollamon no doubt has a Progressive candidate lined up for the vacant seat.


You talk too much. Why would you send that email to the sheriff? You sound like you’re guilty of something, when you are clearly not. You did not commit any crime, no need to justify your free speech actions to the sheriff. They KNOW you committed no crime, they are simply doing the counsel woman’s dirty work and trying to intimidate you. I would have told the deputies to get the fuck out of my gym NOW or arrest me. You played their game. Get a good lawyer and sue their asses.

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