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What Voters Should Know About Newberg Councilor Stephanie Findley

Newberg City Councilor Stephanie Findley is a member of fringe extremist groups and leverages her positions to advance their agendas which includes everything from harassment of police to indoctrinating children into fringe political ideologies.

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Editor’s Note: This article features numerous screenshots of Facebook posts which were captured during my infiltration of the Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill Facebook groups in August 2021. Some of the screenshots have lines cut off because the software I used to archive posts frequently glitched. These glitches are obvious. None of the glitches compromise the important information.

This article is best read as a continuation of my previous articles,

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Newberg, Oregon City Councilor Stephanie Findley is running for re-election for District 6. Her opponent is Derek Carmon, a Portland police officer. The two could not be more different and in this article I will explain the reasons why.

Stephanie Findley’s True Allegiance is to the Indivisible Extremist Agenda

As the past articles featured on the Advocate have provided overwhelming evidence for, the social activist group Progressive Yamhill is a registered chapter of, which is a nation wide extremist group with numerous chapters across America, with chapters in most large cities. Indivisible supports legalizing all forms of recreational drugs and radical restructuring of rural areas, using urban renewal committees to support the creation of high density housing; essentially, they are pro-welfare state and socialism, and generally opposed to capitalism (which I find to be ironic given the number of people in the group who have greatly profited through private enterprise). The goal of Indivisible groups is to transform rural areas into far left liberal aligned communities that will vote for Democrat candidates. Indivisible chapters also work in cooperation with violent Antifa cells, providing funding and resources to them, as I have shown evidence for in prior articles this is something Progressive Yamhill has done quite extensively.

Stephanie Findley has been a member of this group for many years, and at the time I infilitrated the group last year she was an admin of it,

Here is a post from March 2022 where Stephanie Findley admits she is an admin for Progressive Yamhill,

What we can take away from this post is that Findley reads all of the posts and comments made by members to the group, and she decides whether to remove content or not. Keep this in mind as you read through the evidence I show for the extremism of Progressive Yamhill — the logical conclusion is that these are posts Findley read and approved of as acceptable group activity. That tells us a tremendous amount about her true political allegiances.

Let’s get back to why Progressive Yamhill is an extremist group. Here is an example of the Progressive Yamhill group donating money to several Antifa aligned groups in Portland, as well as several other pro-Critical Race Theory black separatist groups (including several that specialize in indoctrinating children).

In another example, here is Progressive Yamhill member Sheila Barnes using the group to organize “supply caravans” to assist Antifa rioters in Portland who were attacking officers at the federal courthouse in 2020,

This thread does continue on, but you get the idea. During 2020 Progressive Yamhill organized supplies to assist the Antifa mob that attacked the federal courthouse in Portland as one of its “actions”. I also have screenshots that show several Progressive Yamhill members admitting to having participated directly in the riots, as well as active participation in disrupting Immigrant and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers from doing their jobs.

The point here is that Progressive Yamhill is a fringe extremist group that is part of a larger network of fringe extremist groups around not only the state but throughout the entire country. They use their positions of ‘privilege’, such as occupations, relationships and wealth, to push their radical agendas and deceive the general public about their true goals.

Whenever Progressive Yamhill members take elected offices, they use local governments to force their extremist policies down everyone else’s throats and spend tax money toward their agendas. They even squander covid-19 relief funds, as I have reported the City of Newberg doing in my article, Newberg City Council Spends Covid-19 Recovery Funds On Progressive Yamhill Members’ Private Businesses.

We know for sure that Progressive Yamhill is part of Indivisible because one of its founders, Yamhill County Democrat Party Recording Secretary Megan Corvus admitted as much in a post inside the secret members only Facebook group,

Unbeknownst to most residents in Newberg, Stephanie Findley is an active member of Progressive Yamhill and its subchapter Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd). According to my research Findley has been a member of Progressive Yamhill’s activities since at least 2016 and is an influential member within it, having been recruited from another organization she was a leader in, “PNO”. At this time I am unsure what “PNO” is / was but this information comes from a post made by Lynette Shaw, one of the founders of Progressive Yamhill in a post from November 2016 when Findley first joined the group.

Furthermore, as proof that Stephanie Findley is an agent of PY and that she receives ‘actions’ on what to do related to their political activity in Newberg, here is a thread where Yamhill County Democrats Recording Secretary Megan Corvus asked for members of PY who want to receive action alerts and updates to be pinged. You will notice that Stephanie Findley and her co-councilor Elise Hollamon were among the first to sign up to this list.

Here are yet more posts from within the Progressive Yamhill group that show Findley has had deep involvement in their political campaign activities for many years,

In a prior article, How the Yamhill County Democrat Party Organized the Lawsuits Against Newberg Public Schools, I explained in detail how Progressive Yamhill is an extension of the YCDP’ activities and used by it to organize its volunteer force for action. Here is a post from YCDP Recording Secretary Megan Corvus where she says Stephanie Findley helped build up the Yamhill County Democrat party, which further emphasizes the important role Findley has had in the organization between PY and YCDP.

Here is the post from inside PY where Findley announces she was running for Newberg City Council in 2018,

Here is a post from inside the Progressive Yamhill group where Findley congratulated her friends Remy Drabkin and Kristen Stoller (also members of Progressive Yamhill) with a Pride Month “proclamation” they accepted from Mayor Rick Rogers. You should also pay attention to how this the thread degenerated into a campaign to harass Councilor Mike McBride for being opposed to this award.

Findley was aware that her participation in these Facebook groups might be a violation of public meeting laws, as showcased in her comments to this post where another member was discussing how to file a lawsuit against the Newberg School Board for violating public meeting laws,

I recognize that part of the post was corrupted by the glitch in the software I used to archive posts; here is her full post,

Here is Stephanie Findley asking which one of her Progressive Yamhill friends wants to be the next City Councilor for her to nominate,

Here is a post by Findley with Elise Hollamon where they start planning how to manipulate voters into supporting a ballot measure into supporting the Newberg urban renewal plan,

Ultimately, Progressive Yamhill members on Newberg City Council figured out how to force the plan through without permitting the city residents to vote on the plan but you can see the whole thing was a project of Progressive Yamhill.

I believe that the total weight of the evidence I have just shown proves that Stephanie Findley’s true loyalties are not to residents in Newberg, Oregon but instead to a small group of people — other members of Progressive Yamhill. She is a political activist aligned with the extremist group Indivisible, which PY is a chapter of. This is unquestionably the case based on the evidence.

Stephanie Findley on the Elliot Road Project

There are some posts within the group that provide further insight into Progressive Yamhill’s activities and I wanted to share these with voters so they are aware of them.

Many residents have been upset about the construction on Elliot Road, with many feeling it both unnecessary and far more expensive than it should be. Well, here is a post from Findley that reveals the project somehow serves their “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” ideology, although I am unsure exactly how a street can fight racism in a small town.

I thought the Elliot Road Project in Newberg was about adding a sidewalk and bike lane? Yet here is Newberg City Councilor Stephanie Findley telling us that it’s actually about Critical Race Theory ideology in some way.

Stephanie Findley Wanted Newberg Residents to be Trapped In Their Homes During 2020

Here is comment from a thread discussing passing harsh ‘shelter in place’ ordinances during the 2020 covid-19 epidemic. In this comment Findley passionately wanted Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla to force all businesses to shut down and all residents to be forced to stay in their homes.

If Findley had her way, all residents in Yamhill County would have been forced to ‘shelter in place’ until Progressive Yamhill members decided it was acceptable for you to come out. This is the danger of the PY group in local politics; had these psychos been in control of Yamhill County via all their members successfully winning seats in the Commissioner elections, I truly believe Kulla would have been able to pass strict ‘shelter in place’ ordinances using emergency powers on all residents in Yamhill County. More people would have lost their jobs and their homes, and more businesses would have went bankrupt as a result of this absurd policy that never had any evidence of curbing the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Here is another post where Findley comments on the subject of shelter in place and mask mandate order. Her fellow Progressive Yamhill member and Newberg City Councilor Elise Hollamon also shares her views as well,

Stephanie Findley is an Anti-Police Activist

I believe there is sufficient evidence from within the secret PY and NEEd groups that expose Findley as an anti-police activist. The following posts should be read while keeping in mind the previous posts I showed at the start of this article that clearly show Progressive Yamhill members providing funding and other resources to violent Antifa extremists attacking police at the federal courthouse in Portland during 2020. Findley was an admin of the group during this period of time and she permitted these posts, which I view as her approval of their activities.

Now, let’s get into Findley’s own actions against the Newberg Police Department.

First of all, here is a post made by local business Pollinate Flowers where Findley commented in favor of their call to hold the Newberg police department “accountable” because of the death of George Floyd, which had NOTHING to do with Newberg police,

The top comment is Newberg City Council member Stephanie Bell Findley right there giving people in Progressive Yamhill their marching orders. There are more comments from her in the thread, too,

In her comments Findley admits she and others in PY are trying to “move the needle” politically in the area. She is frustrated that the people who live here are more conservative than she is. Again, her loyalties are to those in PY and not to the voters of Newberg.

There is more.

Here is a thread where Findley conspired with other members of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group in an attempt to create a city police “accountability” committee whose purpose I believe was to open the door for defunding them as part of the BLM movement, which Findley refers to using the word “DEI” (Diversity Equity Inclusion), a common Orwellian term for policies that implement Critical Race Theory ideologies that BLM supports.

In the thread you will see that Findley asks Meghan Rogers Czarnecki to apply to make an ad hoc committee that will do this. For those unaware, Meghan Rogers Czarnecki is the daughter of Maureen Rogers, the owner of Chapters Books and a board director of Newberg Downtown Coalition. Czarnecki’s sister is former Newberg City Councilor Elizabeth Gemeroy,

Here is another thread where Findley tagged Gemeroy related to a thread where PY members were discussing the defund the police movement,

Here is more information about what they envisioned as part of their plan. This is a post from May 29, 2020 that explains more about what Findley was trying to create with the ad hoc committee. In this thread it is clear to me that PY members are upset that Newberg police won’t let them have unrestricted access to private documents to perform a so-called “audit” as part of their efforts to try to, I assume, defund the Newberg police department,

When it came time to hire a new police chief, Findley solicited members of NEEd to submit emails to the city asking for a person to be hired who would fit their criteria for a chief (ie. someone who has the same pro-CRT ideology as themselves).

Here is another post from Findley to her Progressive Yamhill co-conspirators as they attempted to manipulate the hiring process of the new police chief,

Besides this, here is a post from within the Progressive Yamhill group where they discussed organizing a BLM protest in Newberg after organizing some harassment of a former Yamhill County Sherriff Deputy who dared to speak out against them. They also discuss harassing Becky Wallis for the horrible crime of being married to a Newberg police officer. Stephanie Findley participated in this thread,

It is my belief that the only reason they were unsuccessful at hiring a new police chief who supports their fringe political beliefs is because no candidates applied for the position who held their ideologies. Things would likely have turned out very differently if they could have found a candidate who was part of Indivisible, but given the nature of the group and its hatred of police it appears very few police officers are willing to join it.

Lastly here is a thread where Progressive Yamhill members worked together to file complaints against the McMinnville Police Department for a Blue Lives Matter flag. Findley participated,

Stephanie Findley’s Involvement in the Indoctrination of Children into Fringe Ideologies

Many of the articles I have published on the Advocate detail the ways in which Progressive Yamhill / NEEd / Yamhill County Democrat Party has been using their members connections in the schools to indoctrinate children into their fringe political ideologies. Findley is one of the members who has been involved in this.

First of all, Findley created the Progressive Yamhill post in February 2017 asking for members of the group to run for the Newberg school board. This shows that PY’s activities in the Newberg public school district is something Findley personally started and all of the Newberg Schools Saga drama would probably never have happened if she hadn’t done this.

Per this post Stephanie Findley is one of the members of NEEd who championed the creation of the board policy which encouraged the indoctrination of children into Critical Race Theory ideologies,

As you can clearly see in the first comment made to the post, Findley said, “I will” when called to action to help them indoctrinate children into their fringe ideologies and organize political campaign activity involving everything from letter writing campaigns to news outlets to submitting public comments to the school board demanding these policies, so that other NEEd members on the school board (such as Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros) can justify the things they already want to do.

Here is a post from inside the NEEd Facebook group from July 28, 2020 where Findley demanded Critical race theory propaganda books to be placed inside the Mabel Rush Elementary school library,

Given Findley’s feelings about these books in the grade school libraries, is it any wonder that the Newberg Public Library has hardcore gay pornography books on its shelves aimed at children?

I previously published an article showing that PY / NEEd members organize drag queen shows targeting children using Wine County Pride events funded by local wineries. Here is a post from September 2021 that Findley made within the NEEd group where Findley showed children in pride shirts posing with some of the drag queens who performed at one of these events children were invited to attend. I assume at least one of these children are hers,

Here is a video from one of these drag queen shows hosted by Wine Country Pride, which children were encouraged to attend,

Here is a post from inside the NEEd Facebook group where Findley encouraged school staff in control of the Newberg High School Resource Room to “push back” against the School board; that is, she encouraged school teachers to rebel against the board’s authority.

I think it is worth mentioning that there are several other notable employees of the City who are also members of NEEd / PY involved with Findley, and have worked in concert with her and other members of City Council to push their radical ideologies. For example here is a thread where librarian Korie Burkle admits she has stocked the library shelves with books about LGBTQ with the intention for these books to be a “window” into the culture. Bear in mind the ONLY thing that distinguishes an LGBTQ person is their sexual fetishes, which means the books are expressly about sex.

You will notice several other notable people participating in this thread, including “Lu Pita” AKA Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Board Chair of the Oregon Board of Education, who I have written a lengthy article about in the past exposing her involvement in the PY / NEEd groups. You will also notice former Newberg School Board director Brandy Penner, who resigned a few months earlier after the recalls she helped organize against her peers on the school board failed and her activities were exposed by the Advocate.

(As a side-note, Elaine Koskela, who was a staff member of the school district and married to Gregg Koskella the school board communications director, is also in the thread. Tai Harden-Moore, who had been working for the City of Newberg as a “diversity consultant” is also in the thread)

Here is a post where Findley mentions in a comment how much she loves to indoctrinate her children into racist Critical Race theory ideologies using the Newberg public library,

Here is Stephanie Findley and her pal the librarian bragging about indoctrinating kids into their political ideology using the public library,

There are more posts like this but I believe I have shown sufficient evidence to demonstrate Findley is one of the members of this extremist group who has been promoting this unethical and disgusting activity in not only our schools but also the local library.

For a more detailed article that shows how Findley and others conspired against the Newberg public school district and that the Yamhill County Democrat Party is responsible for organizing the lawsuits against the district, you should click here.

Stephanie Findley Interference with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

There is a thread from within Progressive Yamhill from several years ago that strongly indicates Findley has been interfering with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement efforts to deport illegal aliens from the area, which is one of the activities of PY.

Interfering with a federal law enforcement agency’s duties is a crime.

Findley mentioned working with Unidos’ “rapid response unit”. I assume this is in reference to Unidos Yamhill.

Megan Corvus posted a link to Gorge ICE Resistance, who refers to illegal aliens who are taken into custody for violating the laws of the United States as “kidnapping”,

The group also encourages its members to “fight the raids”, which I believe means to actually show up physically to interfere with ICE conducting its lawful law enforcement duties to deport illegal aliens who have violated the laws of the country,

Proof that Stephanie Findley Rewards Progressive Yamhill Members With City Money

Someone once challenged me to prove that Newberg Mayor Rick Rogers was involved in the hiring of Tai Harden-Moore. The individual claimed that only city managers do the hiring.

Here is a communication that preludes the hiring of Tai Harden-Moore as a “diversity consultant” by the City of Newberg. It demonstrates she was hired as a result of her exclusive membership in the Progressive Yamhill group, that put her into contact with people such as Stephanie Bell Findley, a Newberg City Councilor.

This thread clearly shows that Findley gives preferential treatment to members of her political cult when it comes to hiring practices for the city and that despite the city manager being the one who, on paper, does the hiring that she and other councilors actually are calling the shots,

As I reported in previous articles, Tai Harden-Moore and her consulting firm were hired after this conversation to be consultants for the City of Newberg in drafting new policies that were aligned with CRT ideologies. I severely doubt Harden-Moore would have been hired by the City if she was not a member of PY with Findley.

City Gave $350,000 to Nonprofit Findley is Employed By

As I previously reported, this year the City of Newberg gave $350,000 from Covid-19 relief money to Newberg Harvest House, which City Councilor Stephanie Findley is employed by. According to the information published on the city website the money is for paying “staffing”, that is, employees such as Findley.

Findley admits she is an employee of Newberg Harvest House on her own election information sheet,

And this is the proof from the City website that the money was given to her employer,


I believe by this point of the article I have shown sufficient evidence that Stephanie Findley is loyal not to voters in Newberg but instead to the fringe political extremist group she has been an important member of for many years. These views she has are not supported by the majority of residents in Newberg and are actually working against their interests.

I strongly encourage voters to not re-elect her for City Council unless they support this kind of subterfuge and her political extremist agenda in Newberg.

The sabotaging of rural communities like Newberg will never end until these Indivisible psychos are identified and removed from all positions of power and influence within the communities they are working against. The only way to combat them is to expose them so that voters are aware of who they are and so they do not get tricked into supporting people who are actively working against the communities’ best interests.

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