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Oregon Board of Education Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata Appears in Newberg Recall PAC Campaign Ad

Oregon Board of Education Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata appears in an ad for Recall Dave Brown advertised to Hispanic voters. This expose reveals why she is lying to voters and her deep involvement in an extremist group called the Indivisible movement.

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The following video is an advertisement posted to the Recall Dave Brown Facebook Page, which features the Vice Chair of the Oregon Board of Education, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, speaking in Spanish. The ad is in favor of the recall of Newberg, Oregon school board director Dave Brown and Brian Shannon.

For those who don’t speak Spanish, the English translation is,

“Neighbors of Newberg and Dundee. My name is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata.

I have lived here for years. My son Diego grew up here since six years old until finishing high school and of course he is what I value most in life. He reflects all of the children in the district and it is because of them and all those that follow that I will vote to recall Dave Brown and Brian Shannon.

I am disgusted by their lies & unethical behavior. They do not represent their colleagues constituents or citizens of the community it is possible to have differences in values and live in peace but not without respect and among such arrogance and condescending‘s.

Dave Brown and his three colleagues have acted with racism and attacked on a regular basis the only Latina that sits on the board. Dave Brown has also participated in gatherings with ultra right wing groups that call themselves “patriots”. These false patriots continue to unravel the democratic process.

All my life I have fought for the marginalized groups in my town and in my community. I believe in human rights and dignity of all human beings. I believe that racism arrogance and lies among our civil leaders have no place in our society especially among those that direct our schools. They lead our children by example. We do not deserve the disrespect of these board members.

Support me, support our Latina on the board, support our children and our town by voting yes on the recall of Brian Shannon and Dave Brown from the school board.”

Before I dive further into this article, I just want to point out that by “our Latina”, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is referring to Newberg School Board Director Ines Peña. As I have shown in my previous article, Why Newberg, Oregon School Board Directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Peña Should Be Recalled, Ines Peña refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance during school board meetings, frequently speaks in Spanish during meetings while refusing to translate in English as is legally required of her, and wastes school board time arguing about gender pronouns. She wears t-shirts during meetings with political activist slogans on them, frequently championing extremist far left issues.

Ines Peña is a member of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) which is a splinter cell of Progressive Yamhill, which Peña is also a member of.

As I have reported in past articles, Progressive Yamhill is a registered chapter of the Indivisible movement, which advocates for Critical Race Theory, the discredited gender identity theories of John Money, no limitations on abortion, defunding of police and closure of all prisons, and numerous other fringe far left beliefs.

In my personal opinion, Ines Peña’s values are the opposite of the majority of the Hispanic community in Newberg, Oregon, who are a primarily Catholic, politically moderate leaning conservative group of hard working people who are opposed to all of the things Ines Peña advocates for and are not benefited by having her on the school board encouraging their children to change their genders, view themselves as victims and encourage other kinds of fringe ideological beliefs.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata Claims in the Ad Are Lies

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata claims in the ad that Dave Brown is racist. This is a blatant lie, and as you will see in her own writings, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is the actual racist. She is a promoter of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is a racist ideology that preaches that all “white people” are always racist, which itself is a racist thing to believe.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata also claims that Dave Brown and other board directors insult Ines Pena, which is a complete and utter lie. In truth, it is Pena who insults them during meetings.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata claims in the ad that Dave Brown is a member of an extremist group, which is a blatant lie. She claims Dave Brown is unraveling the democratic process, another blatant lie, especially considering that Guadalupe Martinez Zapata advocates for the dismantling of American government, as you will soon see for yourself later in this article.

Basically, everything she has said in the ad is a complete lie, with the intention to manipulate Hispanic voters into recalling Dave Brown, a candidate whose values are actually far more closely aligned with the Hispanic community in Newberg than Guadalupe Martinez Zapata’s own values are.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata’s Activities in the Newberg Equity in Education Extremist Group

Now, I am going to talk more in detail about Guadalupe Martinez Zapata herself and her activities within the NEEd group (although it should be noted she is also a member of Progressive Yamhill, too).

As I have previously reported in the article Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education is a member of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group.

I believe she has been on the board since 2018, appointed by Governor Kate Brown. She seems to believe that posting as the Facebook username ‘Lu Pita’ can hide her activities from the public, but she used a photo of her own face with the account she posted into the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) Facebook Group, as well as a username that is mentioned as a pet name (or tribal name — I can’t tell) on her bio on the State website page featuring her.

Also her Facebook URL name literally says her full name on it,

Here is her Facebook account,

And here is her photo from the Oregon Board of Education website,

This is a sampling of some of the activity of Guadalupe Martinez Zapata in the NEEd group, which should be regarded as communications made in her capacity as Vice Chair of the Oregon Board of Education. She is, after all, an appointed public employee and per interpretations of ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees, an appointed public employee is considered by law to be working in that capacity at any time they are speaking to other public employees, such as the teachers in the NEEd group (this will be discussed in more detail later in this article).

Let me ask you to consider a very important question,

Why is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, the Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education Board, trash talking a Newberg school district board directors (Dave Brown and Brian Shannon) in a group of teachers that is doxxing and harassing them, getting them and other school board directors fired from jobs, isolated from the community by pressuring businesses and then REWARDING those businesses that severe ties by having its mafia-esque members purchase products from them?

And why is the Vice Chair of the Board of Education participating in a group that is engaging in illegal political activity designed to intimidate voters (the school board members) and public officials to pressure them into changing their votes and/or resigning.

And why does she not report it to the authorities, but instead fans the flames by trash talking the same council members that are the victim of the crimes?

I’ll tell you why; because Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is an active member of the conspiracy against Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart, because they won’t vote in a way the Indivisible movement demands of them.

Her involvement has gone so deep that she actively collected signatures for the recall against Brian Shannon to be put on the ballot.

Here’s the evidence, her own signature collection sheets that were submitted to the Yamhill County clerk’s office to get the measure to recall on the ballot, obtained through public records requests and provided to the Advocate,

What business does the Vice Chair of the Oregon Department of Education Board have in gathering petitions for a recall against a school board director in a small rural town in Oregon? That seems to me to be a gross misuse of her public position to endorse a political campaign, going door to door soliciting signatures.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata’s Activities Violate State Laws

The Oregon State Board of Education is comprised of seven members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate, which as most people know is controlled by the Democratic party in Oregon.

There are restrictions on public employees, such as those appointed to the Department of Education, are governed by ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees.

If she was a normal public employee and her comments were made during her working hours then she has violated this law. If they were made after working hours, then normally a public employee wouldn’t be considered to violate this particular statute in this way. However, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is an APPOINTED public employee and as such, she is considered to always be on duty when she is acting in any way related to the job duties of that appointment, such as ANYTHING involving public schools in Oregon.

Per the League of Oregon Cities handbook on political Campaigning by public employees,

There are no “working hours” limitation for the appointed member of the Oregon Department of Education who is the Vice-Chair. Any time Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is representing herself before teachers or discussing a matter related to the administration and operation of a school district, she IS on the job.

Her authority in the NEEd group is based on her appointment to the board, thus she is acting in an official capacity before the teachers in the group, and she is presenting her statements as those of the Oregon Department of Education she represents, which has the impact of influencing this group of primarily teachers that idolize every word she says due to her position on the Oregon Department of Education board.

Therefore, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata has violated law ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees. (Numerous times, in fact,)

As such, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata has also committed 162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree;

(1) A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct in the first degree if:

      (a) With intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another:

      (A) The public servant knowingly fails to perform a duty imposed upon the public servant by law or one clearly inherent in the nature of office; or

      (B) The public servant knowingly performs an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties; or

      (b) The public servant, while acting as a supervisory employee, violates ORS 162.405 and is aware of and consciously disregards the fact that the violation creates a risk of:

      (A) Physical injury to a vulnerable person;

      (B) The commission of a sex crime as defined in ORS 163A.005 against a vulnerable person; or

      (C) The withholding from a vulnerable person of necessary and adequate food, physical care or medical attention.

      (2) Official misconduct in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata Advocates for the Overthrowing of State and Federal Government

Here is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata openly discussing the goals of Critical Race Theory to NEEd members, those goals being to dismantle America into a racially segregated society where members of each ethnicity self-govern their communities,

For full context, I will show you the entire rant she wrote, so you can see for yourself she means exactly what I say she means,

Just as a reminder, this is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, the Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education admitting that she is a “CRT scholar” and actively participating in the political activism of the NEEd group with racist hateful rhetoric against “whites”.

In the next quote she admits that her intention is to dismantle our country and rebuild it completely. This is, as I said before, the ultimate goal of these people — to create separatism,

What she has said here makes her involvement in the NEEd group and by extension, its activities influenced by her, to be considered seditions acts. Which is a violation of state law,

ORS 182.030 Employment of persons advocating violent overthrow of the Government of the United States or Oregon prohibited,

No state department, board or commission shall knowingly employ any person who either directly or indirectly carries on, advocates, teaches, justifies, aids or abets a program of sabotage, force and violence, sedition or treason against the Government of the United States or of the State of Oregon.

Any person employed by any state department, board or commission shall immediately be discharged from employment when it becomes known to the appointing employer that such person has, during the period of employment, committed any offense set forth in subsection (1) of this section.

I believe that the statements and activities of Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, along with her active participation in a group that has doxxed, harassed and intimidated elected officials on the Newberg school board with the goal of compelling them to change their votes or resign, is evidence of advocating, teaching, justifying and aiding a program of sabotage against the government of the state of Oregon, which quasi-municipal governments (which is what a school district is) are part of.

Furthermore, there is obviously an enormous conflict of interest in her participation in this Facebook group where so many other elected and appointed officials in the city of Newberg and surrounding areas, such as County Commissioner for Yamhill County, Casey Kulla, Newberg City Council members, Newberg school district board members, and many others, are participating in.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata Encourages Racial Segregation of Students in the Schools

Here are some more select quotes that exposes her racist ideology and desire to subvert the democratic process using her position, which she has shared to encourage the illegal activities of NEEd.

Here she is again in another post in the NEEd group, this one about the creation of a racially segregated student activity group, “Black Student Union”, inside the Newberg public school district (which is, by the way, illegal under federal and state law),

She is a racist person as well, who believes “whites” need to give up their seats in government to people of other ethnic groups, which is one of the beliefs of Critical Race Theorists such as herself,

More Evidence of Guadalupe Martinez Zapata’s Participation in NEEd

Here is a thread where she admitted to participating in an event held at one of the schools in Newberg, where the teacher union distributed the “Better Together” propaganda swag bags, which as i previously reported are just another CRT propaganda campaign that was organized by Progressive Yamhill.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata Abusing Her Public Position To Benefit NEEd

Now that I have explained the state laws I want to show the following thread. While it has been quite a read for you until this part, this is where you will understand how sinister the NEEd group activities really are,

To recap, what I have just shown you is Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Board Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, providing special, secret advice outside of the official channels for this kind of complaint, encouraging members of NEEd to file complaints against the Newberg school board directors (Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart) whom she politically opposes. She then claims in a joking manner that the Department of Education will still carry out an “impartial” investigation despite herself clearly showcasing obvious favoritism to the NEEd members (the Newberg teacher union mafia and misc. other supporters).

This is further evidence of the insidious nature of the Oregon Department of Education and the activities of the NEEd group.

Continuing on with the thread, a part comes up I want to spotlight,

(Note: Part of this got cut off by the screen capture software I used that was capturing hundreds of pages, but you can still read the important parts clearly).

I believe this section shows how racist she is, filtering of all bad experiences she has with someone or something through the lens of “race”. She is literally the Vice chair of the Oregon Board of Education and yet somehow she is still a powerless, marginalized victim. Her narcissism is off the charts.

She is the opposite of the kind of role model for students in Oregon, no matter what ethnicity they are.

Why Guadalupe Martinez Zapata’s Involvement Makes NEEd a Criminal Conspiracy

As I previously reported in Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders subsection The actions of Oregon Board of Education Director, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata and how it influences the actions of other members in the group. the involvement of Martinez in the Newberg Equity in Education group is one of the reasons I believe the group should be charged as a criminal conspiracy under Or. Rev. Stat. § 161.450, “Criminal conspiracy”.

1) A person is guilty of criminal conspiracy if with the intent that conduct constituting a crime punishable as a felony or a Class A misdemeanor be performed, the person agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.

(2) Criminal conspiracy is a:(a) Class A felony if an object of the conspiracy is commission of murder, treason or a Class A felony.(b) Class B felony if an object of the conspiracy is commission of a Class B felony.(c) Class C felony if an object of the conspiracy is commission of a Class C felony.(d) Class A misdemeanor if an object of the conspiracy is commission of a Class A misdemeanor.

Here is the list of the mafia actions that I believe makes the activities of the NEEd group a criminal conspiracy;

The actions of Oregon Board of Education Director, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata and how it influences the actions of other members in the group.

  • Violations of ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees (acting in her official capacity to influence other public employees under her jurisdiction to take certain political actions, including signing and promoting a recall election, endorsement of a PAC activities and so on)
  • Violations of ORS 182.030 Employment of persons advocating violent overthrow of the Government of the United States or Oregon prohibited (her CRT ideology statements about needing to dismantle the American government and rebuild it into a racist society),
  • Violation of ORS 260.532 False publication relating to candidate or measure (accusing Newberg school board members of violating the law with their ban on political symbols and using this to encourage a recall election on them).
  • Violation of 162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree (as a result of all of the above)

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata Is Part of the Conspiracy Against Residents of Oregon

And here is the real kicker for you to hear;

I reported pretty much everything you just read many months ago, back in September.

Nothing has been done by the State to hold her or anyone else accountable.

Governor Kate Brown has retained her as Vice Chair of the Oregon Board of Education, despite all of the evidence that has been shown here.

Additionally, none of the news outlets I shared this information with Newberg Graphic, News-Register, KGW, KATU 2 News, Portland Tribune, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, and so on — none of these publications have reported ANY OF THIS!

Instead, they continue to spread lies and misinformation about School Board Directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, while censoring any information that exposes the Indivisible movement’s operations in our state and how entrenched they have become in our state government, at all levels.

What is happening in Newberg is about more than just Newberg. It’s about a conspiracy to control the state and move it into a radical fringe direction toward the dismantling of our government to bring back racial segregation in a way these idiots think is going to benefit them.

Again, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is a member of NEEd who has actively participated in its campaigning.

Yet, she isn’t the only one; State Representative Courtney Neron is also a member, and Neron has admitted to working on legislation to push their racist agenda. In fact, she bragged about it in a post she made inside the NEEd group back in September 2021,

Here is the proof she is State Representative Courtney Neron,

Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla is also a key member of their conspiracy as well, which I have shown in detail in my prior article, Part 2: Meet Progressive Yamhill, the Parent Group of the NEEd Mafia Seizing Control of the County subsection Abuse of Elected Offices to Benefit the Criminal Conspirators.

Casey Kulla is also currently running for Governor of Oregon, too.

I hope the residents of Newberg, Oregon and the rest of Yamhill County are seeing there is a much bigger scheme at work than just our small rural town. This isn’t really about the flag policy in the Newberg school district; it is about crushing any opposition to their fringe racist organization that seeks to dismantle our country to push a racist agenda. And as Kristen Stoller admitted during a Yamhill County Democrats meeting, the goal is to use the schools to indoctrinate children so that once they are able to vote they will support their fringe ideological group,

(Go ahead, watch the entire meeting. Nothing I have said is out of context. She meant exactly what it sounds like.)

Newberg has become a battleground for the Oregon Democratic Party to push its extremist ideological agenda, because it has become infiltrated by Indivisible extremists. They turned it into a battleground and have been using every resource at their disposal to manipulate the narrative, confusing voters into supporting things they otherwise would not.

This article and the coverage I am providing you is why you should subscribe to the Yamhill Advocate, so I can hire more staff to investigate deeper into these activities and produce more articles every week for you to read, so you’ll know the truth about what is happening in our county.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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James R

Good article. Interesting to see that Brandy Penner signed Zapata’s recall petition. Also interesting that of all the Latino’s in Oregon, the govenor chose to appoint a Newberg resident, Zapata, to her position. It furthers the idea that control of Newberg is a stategic goal of Oregon’s Leftists.

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