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What The ‘Better Together’ Campaign By Newberg Equity in Education Actually Means

It's a code word for Critical Race Theory

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This article will be an editorial, as I will share some of my opinions on the communications in order to provide some further context to them. All of the legal disclaimers from my previous articles apply to this article, too.

If you wish to contribute to my legal defense fund (as the people I have been exposing have threatened lawsuits against me), you can click here to do so.

Rebecca Piros and the Motion to Make ‘Better Together’ T-Shirts Approved

In the last Newberg school board meeting on October 26th, Newberg School Board Director Rebecca Piros made a motion for the Newberg school district to make the ‘Better Together’ t-shirts an approved message for teachers wearing in the district and that the shirts would not be subject to the ban.

The relevant part of the meeting is about 2 hours into it. Click here to jump to the relevant part of the video.

When the other board directors pushed back on this, Director Brandy Penner declared that they will never be able to enforce the policy because there will always be resistance; she knows this, of course, because she is one of the organizers of this resistance as a leader of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group that I exposed in Part 1 of my expose articles, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders.

It still astonishes me how brazen these people can be; even after the Better Together campaign was exposed in my article. Director Piros still has the gull to claim that these t-shirts are “non-political”.

The Better Together campaign is absolutely 100% a political thing. It’s also a symbol for the cult with strange and unusual beliefs that she is a member of.

First of all, for those who haven’t read my prior articles: Director Piros, Penner and Pena are members of Newberg Equity in Education, as shown in Part 1 subsection, 13 Newberg Public Schools Board Members And Their Activities As Part of the NEEd Mafia.

As detailed in the subsection of that article, 15 Use of NEEd to Spam the School Board, Coordinated by School Board Councilors Brandy Pender and Rebecca Piros, they use the group to deceive the public during school board meetings in violation of public meeting laws and they have been doing it for over a year.

The goals of the Newberg Equity in Education group are quite clear; through the teaching of Critical Race Theory to the school kids, re-introduce racial segregation by re-naming it as ‘equity’. This is shown in detail and explained in sub-section 8 What Is the Goal of the Newberg Equity in Education Mafia Cult? of Part 1 of my expose.

Secondly, the Better Together campaign shirts were expressly created as part of the political campaigning of the Newberg teacher union and other faculty against the school board’s ban on politically divisive symbols as a means of trying to skirt around the rules. They have once again employed their tendency to language subversion to create a new phrase they can use to push their ideology.

This claim is indisputable. I have the evidence from when they created the shirts to begin with,

Please take notice of the highlighted text where it is made crystal clear that the intention of the “Better Together” shirts is to skirt around the rules of the ban. The only reason a person is trying to get around rules is because they are trying to break them and wish to continue doing the same behavior the rule is trying to prevent.

Rebecca Piros, contrary to her statements made during the school board meeting, is fully aware of the intentions of the Better Together campaign. She is, after all, a member of the group that created it. She has openly lied during the school board meeting about what the Better Together campaign is about. Rebecca Piros is a liar and her efforts to get the shirts “approved” are both deceptive and insidious. She has no desire to reconcile anything. She has no desire to end the conflict in the school. The only thing she wants to do is serve her cult and its agenda.

A cult which is, as I have explained in past articles, is a racist, pro-segregationist group that seeks political power to enforce its ideology on everyone else. The cult has taken over the Yamhill County Democrat party, and it uses the Facebook groups Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education to organize its members into daily actions. They have positioned elected officials in cities throughout the county, and even Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla is among their ranks.

Thirdly, as I explained in Part 2, sub-section 4.1 The Indivisible Movement, the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group is part of the Indivisible movement, which is a politically driven movement with the support of the Yamhill County Democrats political party chapter. The NEEd group that Piros is a member of is an Indivisible movement operative cell, which is part political party, part ideological cult pushing for a racist, pro-segregation agenda with the goal of dismantling and rebuilding America into a segregated society using local government to implement the plans.

Many longtime residents of Oregon may be familiar with the Rajneeshpuram cult that sought to use its members to take over a small town in Wasco County, Oregon in the 1980s. This is a similar situation the residents of Newberg are facing, as are many of the cities in Yamhill County.

‘Better Together’ may as well be a code word for Critical Race Theory. It’s not meant to be a literal statement. It has special, unique coded meaning for the group members — it lets them know they are a part of the effort to rebel against the conservative majority of the school board.

Every teacher wearing these shirts is, in my opinion, already violating the Hatch Act and the Newberg school board resolution on politically divisive symbols. They are also in violation of ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees, which prohibits public employees (such as the employees of public school districts) from engaging n political campaigning and activism during work hours.

Just because the general public doesn’t fully understand the origins of the ‘Better Together’ t-shirts and what it means to other members of the cult doesn’t mean it’s not a political symbol. It most certainly is. They created it to be one, and so it is one. To them, the shirts are a symbol of political rebellion against the school board ban on political symbols. Consequently, it’s a violation of that ban.

As I’ve said in prior articles, don’t look at what the members of the cult say publicly. Look at what they actually DO.

And importantly, look at how they talk when they think only their fellow cult members are watching.

As I reported in yesterday’s article, Recall Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer PACs Exposed, the Yamhill County Democrats political party are the orchestrators behind Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd).

From their October 27th meeting of the Yamhill County Democrats, Kristen Stoller (one of the main leaders of NEEd, as shown in Part 1, subsection 6 Who is the Newberg Cult Mafia?) explains that the Recall Brian Shannon campaign is part of the overall plan to intimidate Newberg school board directors, especially Dave Brown whom she mentions by name as someone she wishes to “silence”.

I’ve embedded the YouTube video so that you can jump straight to this section of the meeting where Stoller admits this is the goal of the group’s activities. Just click play and it will load from where Stoller starts talking.

Stoller outright says a goal of the group is to “completely destroy Dave Brown“, and then expressly says it doesn’t mean they are going to recall him. If that isn’t an admittance to my accusation that Stoller and the rest of the members of NEEd engineered psychological harassment of Dave Brown and other directors as a means of intimidation to change their votes or convince them to resign, I don’t know what else is.

So, the accusations I made against the group in Part 1, subsection 13.7 Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign, are further verified by the statements of Stoller during this meeting of the Yamhill County Democrats.

As previously shown in my prior article, this is a screenshot from within the NEEd group of Stoller asking what churches Dave Brown attends.

Another important thing Stoller says in the video is they are working with the Newberg teacher union (Newberg Education Association) to “change the voting culture” by indoctrinating children in the Newberg school district into the political ideology of the cult, so that once they graduate high school they can recruit them into political activism as voters.

As shown in Part 1 of my expose articles, the subsection marked, 10.2 The Newberg Teacher’s Union, both the president and vice president of the Newberg teacher union are members of NEEd who have posted into the group, organizing other members of the union using the NEEd Facebook group.

It seems clear to me the ultimate purpose of the cult’s activities in the school district, in cooperation with the Newberg Education Association teacher union and other school faculty, is to use the school as a means of acquiring political power through the exploitation of the children. Because they view the schools as so important for their long term plans to gain and keep political power over the towns, this is why they are intimidating and harassing the school board directors who are not members of their cult.

So, Brian Shannon’s recall has nothing to do with anything he has done, other than not be a member of their cult and not vote in a way that benefits their cult. Their goal in recalling him is to regain control over the school board so they can continue their sinister plan to exploit children using the schools.

They have lied and deceived regular residents of Newberg into supporting a recall election, without fully knowing the facts and what the group is actually doing.

What I Believe Must Be Done

Considering this information and all the other information I have shown in my prior articles, it is my sincere belief that the following should occur to resolve the crisis facing the Newberg school district:

Discipline of Piros, Penner and Pena and Their Removal From the School Board

I believe that for as long as Director Piros, Penner and Pena are allowed to remain on the Newberg school district board, they will continue to obstruct the efforts of the other directors who are not members of their cult, simply because they are not part of their cult. They will continue to work with their other cult members to undermine them. They will continue to be a disruptive presence on the school board, serving the agenda of the cult.

Every resident of Newberg who sees this article should report Director Piros, Penner and Pena to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission and ideally, ask them to be sanctioned, if not even removed from their seats on the school board, for their egregious abuses of public meeting law and their own involvement in the orchestration of the harassment against the other school board members in their capacity as leaders of Newberg Equity in Education.

The sooner Piros, Pena and Penner are removed from the school board, the sooner normalcy can be restored to the Newberg public school district. There are many important problems the district is facing and these ladies are a huge part of the problem.

Residents of Newberg should demand that Director Piros, Pena and Penner resign. If they refuse to resign, they should be recalled. There is plenty of reason to justify a recall election on them.

In the meantime, I think they should be subject to censure by the other Newberg school board directors, with a public condemnation of their activities. They should be removed from participation in all committees for their serious violations of public meeting laws and other unethical conduct. It is clear they have obtained these seats in bad faith and their decisions are made to serve the cult they belong to, not to serve the children of the district and the residents of Newberg. Their choices on committees are to benefit the cult alone.

Termination of Joe Morelock as Superintendent

I believe Joe Morelock should be fired as the superintendent of the Newberg school districts. He should not be provided any severance. Evidence I have shown in Part 1 indicates he is aligned with the cult and its agenda. He has done nothing to stop the cult and the spread of its influence, even after being alerted to it.

Instead, he writes memos like this, where he says people who make complaints will be ignored.

I assume he wrote this in response to Part 1 of my article, which was released originally on my personal blog on October 12. His October 15 memo

As shown in last week’s article, Newberg School District Superintendent Responds to Parent Inquiries About Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms, Morelock is dismissive of parent concerns about legitimate issues and if he doesn’t like the format a complaint is made in, he disregards it.

Morelock is not the person to help get this cult out of the school district. He’s either assisting them, or he is incompetent.

End the Contract with the Newberg Education Teacher Association

The contract with the Newberg Education Teacher Association should be terminated. I explained why in Part 1. I believe their political activism has transformed it from a union and into a full fledged political activism organization. Beyond this, the conspiracy against the school board members is more than enough grounds for termination of the contract.

The Newberg school district should be purged of every single employee who is a member of Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill groups, and I provided a full member list of them in the related articles for their identification.

I would suggest the School board outsource the teaching of the students to any of the many distance learning programs and let students learn from home again, as they did last year, in the meantime until new staff can be hired to replace the many who need to be removed from the district.

Stop subjecting the kids to daily indoctrination by the cult members in an effort to, as Stoller put it, “change the voting culture” of Newberg. Put an end to this crap, decisively.

Remove all Critical Race Theory Curriculum from the Newberg School System

A committee should be created to specifically review all curriculum materials that have been implemented during Morelock’s tenure in all of the schools and remove all material that promotes Critical Race Theory.

Remove the “Wellness Center” from the Newberg School District

The “Wellness Center” should be removed from the school system, since it is clear it is yet another avenue the group has used to exploits the children of the district. I have proven its close ties to NEEd, and especially Kristen Stoller herself, in Part 1, 7 A Short Discussion About Kristen Stoller, President of the Newberg Education Foundation.

The Residents of Newberg Should Take Civil Action Against the Cult

Parents should file lawsuits against the leaders of NEEd, Progressive Yamhill, the Yamhill County Democrats political party for their activities.

These actions together can, I believe, end the crisis facing the Newberg school district.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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a b

isn’t firing all the teachers too extreme? the public can’t get behind that. teachers are people, and people are going to have opinions and organize politically. isn’t it more effective/durable to engage in the ideas/debate and change teachers’/parents’/students’ minds with evidence and reason? collecting specific credible examples of harmful curriculum will correct the problem.

a b

could you reconsider approving my earlier comment? it was not inflammatory, it pointed out 1) it’s not practical to fire all the teachers, 2) teachers are human and have a right to organize politically, and 3) the most effective and durable way to eliminate harmful curriculum will be credible examples aired publicly. can you specify a comment policy that supports disallowing these observations?

a b

thanks for posting my comments and replying. if there’s an event and it is indoctrinary, we need credible reporting on it so people can judge for themselves whether it violates their sense of what should happen in a public school. what’s needed is lots of credible examples — that’s what will convince the public. this has got to come from inside classrooms, and the only (and best) informants possible are going to be aggrieved students. that is the network you’ve got to cultivate — get them to get phone pictures/recordings of indoctrinary stuff being taught, submit it to you anonymously, publish it, and the work will be done.

right now, progressives have momentum casting this claim as just a small number of deplorables on the wrong side of history making stuff up. but specific credible examples will lead to elections of school boards that require their superintendents to enforce policies against it (newberg being right on this bubble). you can’t fire all the teachers, closed schools is exactly how conservatives won board seats in the first place. there’s no one different to replace the teachers. if there really are laws being broken, then a suit or two in the most egregious cases will cause liability insurers to require districts to have policies against it. that seems to be how durable policy gets made in our society.

so what’s needed is proof of egregious examples that is motivating enough that a community would pool probably $200k to pursue a suit. i appreciate your undercover expose’s, but i don’t think belonging to a facebook group means agreeing with or even being aware of everything that’s being said. even if it did, organizing boycotts, public comment solicitation, strategizing about how to convince the public, challenging opposing politicians, gossiping, consolidating personal info of people that they themselves already shared in the public domain, etc, are legitimate political activities that people value their right to engage in, and so will defend that right for other citizens like teachers.

your application of rico laws is interesting and maybe technically correct, but it’s hard to see 10% of district families getting worked up enough to actually contribute $500 each to pursue a suit against showing support for groups that have inarguably been oppressed and are inarguably still suffering. the fbi is not going to bite — they know the public wants to see them saving lives, not criminalizing neighborhood civic organizing.

“proselytizing to the captive audience” is what i think most people agree is serious enough to get worked up over. that’s where we need some egregious concrete examples. the kind of examples where “correct math answers,” “objectivity,” “rationality,” “the written word,” “rule of law,” “freedom from violence,” “insisting on evidence,” and “due process” are white supremacy/misogyny. struggle sessions where kids are coerced into normalizing stating their pronouns, or else they’re bigots. if you can get evidence of that kind of stuff being explicitly taught in newberg, you’ll be set.

but a shirt that really just celebrates diversity, is easily read unloaded — it practically says “all lives matter” — really just isn’t going to strike many people as something harmful that teachers should be fired for wearing.

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