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Recall Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer PACs Exposed

Evidence for how the Recall Brian Shannon PAC, Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC and the Save Yamhill County PAC may be engaging in fraud and other violations of law.

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In this article I will provide evidence for my belief that the Recall Brian Shannon PAC, Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC and the Save Yamhill County PAC are actually the same political action committee (PAC) with the exact same individuals involved in their fundraising, organization and promotion, who use the same groups (such as Facebook groups like Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill) to organize the activities of these PACs, which includes raising money for them from the same individuals. And that they all serve the identical purposes.

I will also show that all of the key members involved in these PACs are also important members of the Yamhill County Democrats, and as such, the PACs are an extension of the Yamhill County Democrats. I do not believe this has been properly disclosed in the filings of the Recall PACs and so, I believe their filings are possibly fraudulent.

I will also show evidence of what I believe to be other violations of campaign finance laws.

Lastly, I will show you a video taken from the October 27th Yamhill County Democrats live stream meeting where I believe the leaders admit to their conspiracy against the voters over the course of their meeting.

This article will be an editorial, as I will share some of my opinions on the communications in order to provide some further context to them. All of the legal disclaimers from my previous articles apply to this article, too. If you wish to contribute to my legal defense fund (as the people I have been exposing have threatened lawsuits against me), you can click here to do so.

Before we dive deeply into this article, I am going to list some spreadsheets here. These are expenditures for the different PACs. The data is important to show so you understand where things being said here are coming from.

As a Reminder, the Organizers of These PACs are Self-Declared Racists

I am putting this at the front for anyone who is new to reading my articles, especially anyone who may have signed the recall petitions for the PACs which the organizers operate. While my articles have to date been read by over 20,000 readers in Yamhill County, there are still many people who are unaware of what the group Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education actually are.

The members of these groups are self-declared racists and their ultimate goal is to re-implement racial segregation using our schools and local government. To obscure their motivations to the general public, they have adopted a kind of Orwellian doublespeak-ish language where they use words like ‘equity’ in place of ‘segregation’ to mask their actual intentions and try to make them sound more noble.

However, as I have shown in my prior investigative articles, behind closed doors they admit to what they are.

For example, this is Megan Corvus, the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrat party, posting inside the private Facebook group Progressive Yamhill, the main group used to organize their activities,

And they also admit their goal is to dismantle and rebuild America into their idea of a utopia, which requires racial segregation for them to achieve,

As mentioned in the first part of my expose, the Facebook user “Lu Pita” is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education. Just as she is a member of Newberg Equity in Education, she is also a member of Progressive Yamhill. The two groups are part of the same cult.

If you want to see all the evidence for my claims about how their group is a racist, pro-segregationist cult that has engaged in a massive criminal conspiracy, you will need to read my past articles. They are indeed lengthy, but they have a table of contents section at the beginning of each article. You can click on the headlines to jump to different sections of the article, returning to the sections you last read, like a bookmark, when you need to take a break from reading.

Because I am exposing the secret activities of over 2,000 people I need to show ALL their communications in a Facebook comment thread, for all the incriminating comments I show, so that the exposed people cannot succeed in trying to sue me for libel by claiming I have shown their communications out of context. This is why the articles are so long.

I have spent hundreds of hours going through years of their communications and organizing it in a way that anyone can understand. You just have to take the time to read it.

It will take you several hours to read all of my past articles, but if you are a resident of Yamhill County, you need to read this stuff because otherwise you will have no idea what is going on in our county and what your tax money is being used by the cult to do. This cult has strange and unusual beliefs, and it has seized control of the Yamhill County Democrat political party; they are using it and their fellow cult members, many of whom are elected officials in your cities, to push their agenda right under your nose. They use your tax money to implement their programs, and they target any elected official who is not a member of their cult for recall.

If you do not understand who is in this cult, how they speak and what their goals are, it’s just not possible for you to make good, informed choices at the ballot box. They speak in public in a way that is designed to deceive those outside of their cult. If you do not read my articles, the chance is high that you will support their candidates and other social activism without realizing you are contributing to the ambitions of a racist, pro-segregation cult and its leadership.

Basically, if you do not want racist segregationists to be elected into office in Yamhill County then you need to take the time to read the articles. Otherwise, you will have no idea who is one of them, as they spend a lot of effort to mask their membership and many of them even outright lie about their membership to the public, even after I have caught them red-handed by the evidence I showed of their online activities.

You must look at the evidence in my articles to see the truth of what they are doing.

These are the past articles,

Now with that out of the way, let’s focus on the new stuff.

There are multiple campaign finance laws and other violations that I believe this cult are breaking in their efforts to recall politicians who are not members of their cult and who are opposing their racist, pro-segregation agendas.

Let’s discuss them.

Evidence of Campaign Finance Law Violations

There are several important ways that I believe the organizers of these PACs have violated Oregon campaign finance laws.

Violations of the Provisions of Oregon House Bill 2716

(Update 10/31, 11:18 PM: Feedback I have received to this section is that I may have misunderstood what is intended by the term ‘aggregate donations”. I understood the term to mean the total number of donations made to a campaign to exceed $10,000 raised. Some others have pointed out it could also mean total number of donations made by a single person that, for that individual donor, means they donated $10,0000 or more. Looking closer at the section, I acknowledge this might be what the law means. I’m not an expert in campaign finance law, and what I share in my articles is my interpretation of the laws as I read them. It could also be my interpretation is correct, so I have not changed the original reporting of this information at this time but I have added this update so that people are aware my interpretation could be mistaken. I’m awaiting some input from an attorney.

However, if I am mistaken in my interpretation, this would mean that my argument that the groups have created three different PACs that essentially do the same thing is part of a scheme to underreport has more merit to it, not less. The three PACs have largely the same donors so, this could be a scheme to underreport the total aggregate donations made by single individuals in order to stay under these reporting requirements for “aggregate donors”. I’m not a lawyer and an expert in this particular law, I am just sharing my interpretations based on the evidence I have seen and gathered to inform the public about these activities which seem unethical, shady and possibly illegal – Carey Martell)

Oregon House Bill 2716 was passed by the legislature on June 29, 2019, and was signed by the governor on August 2, 2019. The bill was designed to protect the public from becoming deceived by organized groups using PACs by informing them of who is responsible for the political messages they see. It implemented some important rules for Oregon campaign finance law, making substantial changes to ORS chapter 260.

The full text of the bill can be read by clicking here.

The specific sections I believe the organizers of the PACs, Progressive Yamhill AKA the Yamhill County Democrat party are violating is,

These changes were added to the language of ORS 260.266 Statement of persons who paid for communication in support of or in opposition to clearly identified candidate.

In every single political message, video and other piece of media used by the organizers of the PACs since the dates they raised over $10,000, you will see that they do not include the names of the top five donators to any of their PACs.

With the documents I have made available for download (the excel sheets I listed at the start of this article) you can see they have clearly raised more than $10,000 aggregated from the many donors they have and did so before the end of September. So all activities during the month of October that violated these policies, including the TV commercials and social media posts, broke these rules.

Basically, I believe every single piece of communication they have made on their PAC pages and the commercials they have shown on TV channels, as well as their websites, since September 16th have broken Oregon campaign finance law.

Upon realizing this, I had this reaction:

You shouldn’t think that there is some kind of special exception for them because they made social media posts. There is no exception. In fact, the language of the bill has a special section to ensure this is complied with.

The law says that if they make digital communications they must link to a website that clearly displays this information prominently, which is legally defined by ORS 260.00 Definitions,

You will notice that the websites for these PACs do not prominently display the required information. In fact, this required information is NO WHERE on any page of their websites.

Here is proof they have not done this:

Look at the current page of Save Yamhill County PAC, which has been used by the Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC as the primary digital communication website for information about the PAC. this is probably a violation of the laws, as the Save Yamhill County PAC claims it is about supporting progressive candidates, not for recalling Lindsay Berschauer, which is what it is actually doing.

The activities of Recall Lindsay Berschauer and Save Yamhill County have been muddied to the degree they are operating as the same thing. So, I think they have violated ORS 260.042 Content of statement of organization of political committee, which says they have to clearly say if they are opposing certain candidates. They do not do this for Save Yamhill County PAC while using its domain name to host the Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC content, including its donation pages. ORS 260.232 Civil penalty for failure to file statement or to include required information is likely being violated here for that reason.

Most importantly, there are no lists of donors to either PAC anywhere on the website, at all, despite the fact they have both separately raised over $10,000 each (mostly from the same people, no less, while having the same organizers, too). This list is required per ORS 260.266 Statement of persons who paid for communication in support of or in opposition to clearly identified candidate and yet it is absent from the Save Yamhill County PAC website,

These are the rest of the pages on the website. You will notice none of them have the necessary disclosures, either.

As shown in the Recall Lindsay Berschauer Expenditures spreadsheet, The Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC raised $12,624 by September 16th. Yet, they have never updated their website to include their top five donors.

Furthermore, the Save Yamhill County Expenditures spreadsheet for the actual PAC this website is supposed to belong to, raised over $10,000 by September 4th.

Yet, given the way they have combined the activities of Save Yamhill County PAC with the Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC, it’s actually debatable if they in fact reached the $10,000 contributions much sooner than this. I’d argue they did and these two PACs are in reality a single PAC, and their filings as two different PACs are fraudulent, possibly in a desire to skirt around the campaign finance laws by dividing contributors and expenses between two PACs formed for the same exact purpose.

In fact, the Saving Yamhill County website itself is in violation of MANY laws related to websites, such as having a clearly displayed Privacy policy explaining what the site owners do with website users data.

While I won’t go into all of them (it will distract from the more important violations of law related to campaign finance and communications), the relevant laws being violated by the absence of a privacy policy on the website are,

  • The Americans With Disability Act
  • The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984
  • The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986
  • The Computer Security Act of 1997
  • The Consumer Credit Reporting Control Act

The appropriate agency to file complaints with is the Federal Trade Commission (FTA).

I am honestly baffled by whoever designed the PAC websites. For a group of people who are donating so much money, their sites look made by amateurs.

Or is it?

This isn’t a mere rookie mistake; it is either gross incompetence, or intentional.

The Save Yamhill County website is built in WordPress, which has an automatic privacy policy page generator and by default lists a privacy policy in the footer of all new websites made in WordPress. This means that someone deliberately removed the default privacy policy from this website when they made it. It’s incredible how inept the person who made this website is but it is also possible that, perhaps not including the privacy page was deliberate, given the rest of the intentionally absent information the website is required by law to show, given its political activities. I mean, they aren’t showing the list of donors either, as required by law and are mixing the activities of two separate PACs together.

Proof that the site is made in WordPress
Proof the site lacks the default privacy page created by WordPress

The Recall Brian Shannon PAC website has the same issues.

As can clearly be seen in Recall Brian Shannon PAC Expenditures, they have also not listed the top donors despite having, as the evidence shows, raised over $10,000.

In fact, according to the spreadsheet, they raised over $10,000 by September 21st.

Although, much like how the Lindsay Berschauer PAC and Save Yamhill County PAC merge activities, the Recall Brian Shannon PAC is also combining activities with these other PACs, too, which as mentioned before, I think is intended to skirt around the rules. If their activities were reported as a single PAC like they are actually operating as, they’d have to report they have raised over $50,000.

The Recall Brian Shannon site does not have a privacy policy, either.

In conclusion, the violations of this law means that all of the signature gathering has been done in violation of Oregon state campaign finance law amendments of Oregon House Bill 2716 and as such, I believe the PACs should be dissolved by the state of Oregon. I think the signatures collected should be declared void, as well. I mean, how can people who so brazenly break the election laws succeed in a recall petition? That does not seem fair to me. They are cheating the system designed to ensure fair elections.

Because there are so many posts which have broken the laws, many of which are videos, I am not posting a ton of screenshots of the violations. Instead, I made videos to showcase the violations.

The political activities of these PACs are illegal, in my opinion. They are not making the required disclosures for the amount of money they have raised. They have the same individuals donating money between three different PACs devoted to the same things, with the same people organizing them. I believe this has been done with the intention to hide how much money is being donated to their political activities and who the top donors really are.

There are also civil penalties against the organizers for these violations, too.

ORS 260.995 Civil penalties

They need to be reported and held accountable.

Violation of ORS 260.558, Payment for signing a recall petition

Ben Rice, a musician, provided a free musical show to people who agreed to sign recall signatures for the Recall Brian Shannon PAC and the Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC at Social Goods in Newberg, Oregon.

(The organizers gather signatures for both PACs at the same events, as they are the same people gathering signatures for both PACs).

In the filings for Recall Brian Shannon PAC, Ben Rice’s performances are listed as an in-kind contribution, as was Shannon Eof’s performances.

I have zoomed in and highlighted the relevant parts,

An in-kind contribution is a contribution of a good or a service other than money. Some examples include: voluntary labour (for example, painting work) donated goods (for example, kitchen equipment) donated services (for example, professional advice from an architect).

In this context it seems obvious the in-kind contribution is the musical performance and the money listed is the value they would have received for this performance if they had been paid in cash. Instead, their performances are listed as in-kind contributions to the political campaign.

This means that the musical performances should, I think, legally be considered a gift to people for coming to sign the recall petitions. It was a special performance of financial value that was only provided to those who came to sign the recalls and was used as a carrot to hook people into coming to sign the recalls.

Such a thing is a violation of campaign finance law, as you cannot provide gifts or services to people who sign a recall ballot.

Specifically, it is a violation of ORS 260.558 Payment for signing or not signing initiative, referendum or recall petition,

It is unlawful to offer, pay or provide money or other valuable consideration to another person to sign or refrain from signing an initiative, referendum or recall petition, and for the other person to accept or agree to accept money or other valuable consideration for signing or refraining to sign an initiative, referendum or recall petition.

For those who do not understand legalese, I have bolded the parts that should be read as a single sentence.

“It is unlawful to offer or provide other valuable consideration to another person to sign an initiative, referendum or recall petition, and for the other person to accept or agree to accept other valuable consideration for signing an initiative, referendum or recall petition.

In conclusion, telling people that they can gain admission to a musical performance that had an in-kind contribution monetary value of $500 if they sign a recall petition is a violation of ORS 260.558.

This seems to be a common occurrence with them. For example, Kristen Stoller is currently hosting a Drag Burlesque show in her children’s gymnastic business, Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, as a fundraiser and signature recall gathering drive for the Recall Brian Shannon PAC.

The free musical performances to those who sign a signature for recall might even be a violation of ORS 260.665, Undue influence to affect registration, voting, candidacy, signing petitions,

1) As used in this section, “undue influence” means force, violence, restraint or the threat of it, inflicting injury, damage, harm, loss of employment or other loss or the threat of it, or giving or promising to give money, employment or other thing of value.

(2) A person, acting either alone or with or through any other person, may not directly or indirectly subject any person to undue influence with the intent to induce any person to:

(a) Register or vote;

(b) Refrain from registering or voting;

(c) Register or vote in any particular manner;

(d) Be or refrain from or cease being a candidate;

(e) Contribute or refrain from contributing to any candidate, political party or political committee;

(f) Render or refrain from rendering services to any candidate, political party or political committee;

(g) Challenge or refrain from challenging a person offering to vote;

(h) Apply or refrain from applying for a ballot as an absent elector; or

(i) Sign or refrain from signing a prospective petition or an initiative, referendum, recall or candidate nominating petition.

Evidence of PAC Activity Prior To Filing the Proper Paperwork

I believe there is evidence they started their political organization of the recalls before the date they filed the papers. This may be a violation of law.

For example, the website for Recall Brian Shannon PAC,, went live between Sept 10-12. It’s earliest post was made on September 15.

But the domain registration is older. According to ICANN, the domain was registered on August 18th, 2021.

However, the Recall Brian Shannon PAC was only registered on September 15, 2021. This means they were already engaging in the political campaign activity before they had filed the proper paperwork and registered.

Oddly, the payment to C&E Systems for setting up the website and domain for the Recall Brian Shannon PAC seems to have been made many months after it was actually organized.

This is also odd to me, since C&E Systems is registered as the filer of the PAC and the Treasurer of the PAC, Jef Green, owns C&E Systems.

Regardless, it seems clear that they began their political activities and importantly, significant expenditures for these activities, before they had any actual filings performed. After all, they created an entire website to push the Recall Brian Shannon PAC before the necessary legal paperwork filing for the PAC was ever made.

Similar problems exist for the other recall PAC. The website used to gather petitions for the Recall Lindsay Berschauer campaign is which was created on May 26th, 2021.

This is many months before the filing of the PACs, as shown from the Oregon state website,

Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC was filed on August 2nd.

Save Yamhill County PAC was filed on July 23rd.

Of course, if you’ve read Part 2 of my prior articles, you’ll know they were engaging in political activity against these elected officials around these time frames, as you’ll have seen the evidence from within Progressive Yamhill.

This is more proof that their filings are not accurate.

False Statements Relating to Candidate or Measure

The Save Yamhill County Facebook page has repeatedly claimed that attorney Tyler Smith is a “relative” of Yamhill County commissioner Lindsay Berschauer and his hiring by the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners is evidence of nepotistic and violations of Oregon’s conflict of interests laws.

They have even made video ads (again, lacking required donor information disclosures) to spread this claim,

The intention of the ads is to make it appear to voters in Yamhill County that Lindsay Berschauer has violated Oregon Government Ethics Laws related to conflicts of interest with regards to relatives and use this to gain signatures for the recall measure of the PACs.

However, Tyler Smith is not a relative of Lindsay Berschauer per Oregon law. Only direct relatives are considered “relatives” for purpose of law. This definition is established under the Government Ethics section of ORS 244.020 Definitions, which details the law for conflicts of interest involving family and defines what a ‘relative’ is in this context,

(16) “Relative” means:

(a) The spouse, parent, stepparent, child, sibling, stepsibling, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the public official or candidate;

(b) The parent, stepparent, child, sibling, stepsibling, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the spouse of the public official or candidate;

(c) Any individual for whom the public official or candidate has a legal support obligation;

(d) Any individual for whom the public official provides benefits arising from the public official’s public employment or from whom the public official receives benefits arising from that individual’s employment; or

(e) Any individual from whom the candidate receives benefits arising from that individual’s employment.

Tyler Smith is none of these things to Lindsay Berschauer.

Tyler Smith is the husband of a cousin of Lindsay Berschauer’s ex-husband, and there is no evidence I could find that they have ever met at any kind of family gathering or have any kind of direct family relationship. Lindsay Berschauer has also been divorced from her ex-husband for at least a decade as well.

In last Thursday’s Yamhill County Commission meeting, Lindsay Berschauer addresses this very subject, too.

The organizers of the Save Yamhill County PAC are aware that Tyler Smith is not, per Oregon law, a relative of Lindsay Berschauer, as detailed in a previous post to their Facebook page.

Look at the date of this post recognizing she is a cousin, then look at the previous two posts I showed and their date. The evidence is clear that the organizers of Recall Lindsay Berschauer are lying to voters to gain signatures for their ballot. They made their more recent statements more brazen and wilder sounding to gain support, even though it was a disregard for the truth they knew. That’s not just a violation of campaign finance law here; it’s actually libel per common law, since they engaged in a malicious disregard for the truth that was obviously known to them.

I believe the legally false claim that Tyler Smith is a relative of Lindsay Berschauer appears to be designed to mislead voters into supporting the recall campaign by making voters believe there has been a violation of Oregon Government Ethics Law committed by Lindsay Berschauer, when in fact there has not been one.

In another example, Philip Higgins, who I already showed in prior articles is one of the active members of Progressive Yamhill, has gone as far as falsely claiming Tyler Smith is Lindsay Berschauer ‘s brother in law on the Recall Brian Shannon PAC page.

Consequently, Save Yamhill County’s statements are a violation of ORS 260.532, False publication relating to candidate or measure,

“No person shall cause to be written, printed, published, posted, communicated or circulated, any letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph or other publication, or cause any advertisement to be placed in a publication, or singly or with others pay for any advertisement, with knowledge or with reckless disregard that the letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph, publication or advertisement contains a false statement of material fact relating to any candidate, political committee or measure.

Furthermore, the campaigns have repeatedly claimed that they will be “up against a lot of political money” if the Brian Shannon recall’s succeeds, and they make this statement with no evidence.

Here is an example,

There is no evidence for this claim; Brian Shannon’s election campaign for the school board did not raise money. Save Our Schools Newberg, the loose-knit group of local residents that is the only Newberg based group to oppose the recall, is not a registered PAC because it does not raise donations.

By contrast, this Recall Brian Shannon PAC has raised over $20,000,

Consequently, the Recall Brian Shannon PAC is raising money with a fraudulent statement intended to deceive the public into donating money to support a recall measure.

So once again, this is another example of the violation of ORS 260.532
False publication relating to candidate or measure.

Payments from the PACs made to Organizers

The PACs frequently make payments of the donated money to the organizers, which could be evidence of embezzlement of the funds.

Go ahead, look through those spreadsheets yourself.

As I previously pointed out, Jef Green, the Treasurer of the PAC, has paid a company he owns, C&E Systems, from the donations the PAC has received.

He’s not the only one.

Lynette Shaw has paid herself twice from the Save Yamhill County PAC,

  • 10/27 $2,407
  • 8/20 $928.50

Shaw is listed as the alternative filer for the PAC

Furthermore, payments have been made to a company called JT Politcal,

Which is owned by an LLC called Taylor Consulting, which is owned by Jerred Taylor, the Treasurer for Save Yamhill County PAC,

So, Jerred Taylor has paid his own company on several occasions, some examples,

  • 10/30 $172.86
  • 10/02 $172.86
  • 9/12 $536.11
  • 9/01 $536.11
  • 8/19 $5.68
  • 8/12 $1.02
  • 8/11 $1.02
  • 8/09 $31.52
  • 8/08 $8.27
  • 8/06 $6.47
  • 8/05 $5.98
  • 8/04 $5.48
  • 8/04 $5.68
  • 8/04 $3.09
  • 8/04 $3.09
  • 8/04 $2.99

The presence of small payments is…..odd, to say the least. There are more transactions like this but you get the general idea.

For the Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC, this is what I noticed,

Once again, Shaw and Taylor pay themselves money from the PACs whose money they manage.

Lynette Shaw has paid herself twice again,

  • 10/23 $2,407
  • 8/20 $982.5

And JT Political was paid many times as well, such as,

  • 10/04 172.86
  • 9/12 $536.11
  • 9/01 $536.11

And so on, there are a bunch of these payments to JT Political, just download the sheet and look yourself.

This is just what I have noticed taking a glance at the spreadsheets.

I don’t know if it’s embezzlement but it sure looks odd to me that the people in charge of the money are paying themselves thousands of dollars of donated money from recall PACs.

In short, the supposedly separate PACs have the same people organizing them, the same “volunteers” working for them, the same service providers being paid by them, the same people donating to them and the SAME Facebook groups used to coordinate the management of them to do the exact same tasks (collecting signatures for recalling the same two politicians).

Thus, I think the filings are fraudulent, designed to intentionally obscure that it is actually one single PAC, in violation of the law.

Indisputable Proof that the Yamhill County Democrats are the True Organizers of the Recall Campaigns

The Yamhill County Democrats are the actual organizers of all three PAC campaigns, contrary to the filings with the state of Oregon. I showed a great deal of evidence for this in my prior articles about Progressive Yamhill’s activities in their Facebook group, in the subsections marked, 5.4 Proof that Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill Are The Actual Organizers of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC, 5.5 Progressive Yamhill Is Responsible for the Recall of Lindsay Berschauer and 5.11 Campaign Finance Laws Violations.

None of this should be surprising, given the evidence shown in 5.10 Government Ethics Laws Violated by Progressive Yamhill Members. The group has a history of not disclosing their ties to the public when they should.

Here are some of the screenshots I showed in the previous articles from within Progressive Yamhill showing the origins of the PACs,

However, if you’re still on the fence about if Yamhill County Democrats really are the orchestrators of these PACs, here is a video recording of the most recent Yamhill County Democrats video conference where they admit to being the organizers of these PACs. This meeting took place on Thursday, October 28th. The video is over 30 minutes long but you should listen to it. It will be eye opening for many of you reading this article.

Many of these people do not say who they are during the meeting. The important ones who don’t say their names are,

  • The woman with brunette hair who speaks after Omar Sandoval is Erin Chen, one of the main team leaders for the ballot collections.
  • The woman in the orange shirt is Dayna Gilbert
  • The woman in the baseball cap (who speaks precisely so as to appear intelligent, but actually says very little that is actually constructive to the meeting) is Kellie Peterson.

Erin Chen is notable here because she is one of the main signature collection team leaders for both Recall PACs,

In between the constant self-congratulations and virtue signaling, you’ll see they admit to being the organizers of these recall PACs. So in reality it’s one PAC, not several different PACs, no matter what their filings with the State of Oregon claim.

As explained by Lynette Shaw during the video at 7:48, the purpose of the Recalls is because they want to try to get their candidates (the members of their cult) into her seat on the Yamhill County commission. They are already promoting their candidates during the recall for this purpose.

You will also see that Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla himself speaks during the video about what will happen if the recall signatures are approved. He comes into the video around the 25 minute mark. This shows clear evidence he has colluded with the members of the PAC in this scheme they have conjured up. If you want to see more evidence for how I believe Kulla has broken several laws, please read this sub-section from Part 2, 5 Abuse of Elected Offices to Benefit the Criminal Conspirators

As a side note, it still amazes me how incredibly stupid these people are for still operating the way they have been, as if nothing has changed after their entire member list has been exposed in my previous articles, and years of incriminating screenshots shown. These arrogant narcissists actually think they are going to get away with this crap.

Kristen Stoller shows up around 32 minutes into the video to discuss the Recall Brian Shannon PAC progress, confirming beyond all doubt that this is all orchestrated by the Yamhill County Democrats.

Weird how they run around accusing the Republicans’ of partisan party interference in non-partisan municipal elections and yet, this is what they themselves do.

Kristen Stoller also admits that they are colluding with the Newberg Education Association, the teacher union, in their efforts.

Also take special notice how Kristen Stoller says their goal is to “completely destroy Dave Brown”. She also admits their goal with the students in the school is to indoctrinate the kids into their political ideology so as to “shift the voting culture” in Newberg, Oregon, which is ultimately what this is all about; as I said in Part 1, subsection, What Is the Goal of the Newberg Equity in Education Mafia Cult?, the goal is control for these kind of groups. Their agenda in infilitrating the schools is to raise the kids to be subservient to their cult, so that when they grow up and become voters, they will vote for their candidates, their policies and their agenda.

Kristen Stoller also openly says their goal is to “scare Dave Brown so he won’t speak at board meetings”, which is further evidence that she and others in the Newberg Equity in Education splinter-cell of Progressive Yamhill have engaged as a group in the intimidation and harassment of Dave Brown and other school board directors to cause them to change their votes or resign, as I showed evidence for in Part 1 subsection, 13.7 Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign.

This is who these people really are.

This is what their goals are and what their agenda is.

The evidence is overwhelming.

By the way, as a side note, Kristen Stoller seems to not have understood what Brian Shannon was talking about in his desire to do a 10 year amortization on the bridge loan during the last school board meeting. While he didn’t explain his intentions, if you know anything about these kinds of loans then it seems obvious his goal was for the school district to not need to sell the historical Dundee Elementary school building to pay off the loan, and instead to pay the loan back over a 10 year period with installments so that the district could keep the building.

Trying to prevent Dundee Elementary from turning into another Central Elementary School situation is not an “asshole” thing to do, like Stoller has claimed. I walked around the upper floor of Central just last month and saw how poorly it is being cared for. It’s sad to see what has happened to the school I used to attend. Stoller might not have any sentimental attachment to anything in the area but that doesn’t mean others don’t. She, like most of these people, just have no respect for anyone or anything outside their cult’s agenda.

In Summary And What You Can Do About This

This is the evidence for numerous violations of law that, if were followed up with complaints to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission and filing of lawsuits against the individuals mentioned here, I believe could result in not only the dissolving of the PACs for egregious disregard for campaign finance laws, but it could also, in my opinion, result in the barring of the organizers of these PACs from all future participation in the formation of political action committees and political parties. Some of this stuff shows what I consider a reckless disregard for laws designed to ensure fair elections.

I believe it should be clear to you by now that this group of racist, pro-segregation cultists have no regard for any of the laws that are designed to protect voters and have engaged in an organized campaign designed to deceive voters into supporting their cult’s agenda.

But people have to take action with the information I have provided. You have to file complaints, you have to file lawsuits. You have to share the information I have shown you to others in Yamhill County.

You must hold the people who have broken the laws accountable.

It’s not enough to just show this stuff on the Advocate to your friends, and take no further action.

It is not enough to just say you won’t do business with some of the people in these groups, as some people have organized boycotts. Boycotts of a few businesses won’t stop their political agenda from gaining traction. Only the employment of our laws to hold them accountable can do this.

Most importantly, people in our county must understand this is not someone else’s problem to sort out.

This is YOUR problem, because this is YOUR local government the cult is taking seats of power within to push their agenda. They are succeeding because others are not stopping them.

These are YOUR neighbors whom they are deceiving and exploiting to further their racist, pro-segregation agenda, in an aim to remove people like Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer who stand in the way of their schemes.

These are YOUR children the cult is indoctrinating into their racist ideologies using your schools and your libraries.

Only the People of Yamhill County can stop this cult from gaining further ground. It is not someone else’s problem. It is your responsibility as a citizen to use our civil courts for their purpose, to stop this kind of unethical and illegal exploitation of our system of government by a group of seditious traitors seeking to undo 200 years of social progress in America, because they believe segregation may somehow benefit themselves.

This is not a partisan issue. This is an American issue. If you are an American who still believes in the American dream, it is your sacred duty that has been passed down to you by past generations of Americans to defend the Constitutions of Oregon and the United States of America. This is the least we can do to protect what we have inherited from past generations who sacrificed to give us the country we have.

The way you defend these things passed down to us is by using our courts for their purposes, to hold people accountable by the systems they have no respect for.

I have pulled the villains out of the shadows and into the light. It’s your turn now.

Rise up, Yamhill County. It is time for you to act.

The 2,000 something members of the racist cult need to shown by the other 107,000 majority of Yamhill County residents that their behavior and plans will not be tolerated any longer.

There is no reason for 2,000 something people to be able to successfully bully and intimidate 107,000 other people into submission.

The rules for filing complaints about the campaign law violations is outlined in ORS 260.345, Complaints or other information regarding violations.

They have done their worst. Let us do our best.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.
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