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Juvenile Minor Arrested for Newberg Public Library Pride Flag Vandalism

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The Newberg-Dundee Police Department announced the arrest of a juvenile suspect believed to have vandalized a window at the Newberg Public Library earlier this month.

Newberg-Dundee Police Department Statement on the Arrest

The following press release was sent to the Yamhill Advocate.

On 06/05/2024, at approximately 07:15PM, NDPD Officers were dispatched to investigate a vandalism complaint at the Newberg Public Library. Responding officers were able to determine an unknown suspect(s) shot at least one projectile into a window which caused substantial damage. In addition to the vandalism, there were concerns the suspect(s) possibly had a biased intent because a pride flag was displayed directly behind the vandalized window. Due to the concerns of bias, this case was referred to NDPD Detectives.

On 06/07/2024, after a thorough investigation, detectives were able to identify the suspect to be a juvenile. The investigation determined the juvenile acted alone. The juvenile cooperated with detectives and was arrested. This case is being referred to the Yamhill County Juvenile Department for prosecution. Oregon law prohibits the release of identities for juvenile offenders. 

Any further inquiries regarding this case should be referred to the Yamhill County Juvenile Department.

Newberg Mayor Statement on the Vandalism of the Library

Newberg Mayor Mayor Bill Rosacker also issued the following statement,

Last night a criminal (or criminals) shot a projectile of some kind into a window at our public library. Behind the glass window, a pride flag was on display. Whether or not the coward(s) who performed this act had an ulterior motive, misses the point. The act was an attack on the citizens of Newberg and will not be allowed to pass without consequences. Newberg is a law-and-order town in a world where there are cameras everywhere, there is a very good chance that the perpetrator will be identified soon. If you know who the offender is, please encourage them to turn themself in to the Newberg Dundee Police Department.

In Newberg all people are treated equally. We will not tolerate acts against any legal display of any sort. The simple fact that this attack was perpetrated against our library, which only exists because of and to protect our first amendment right to express our opinions without the fear of retribution, is abhorrent.

Please join us in condemning this evil act and let’s move Forward Together.

Bill Rosacker


City of Newberg

Forward Together!

My Opinion on the Display of the Pride Flag in the Newberg Public Library

I don’t support vandalism of private or public property.

I also do not believe our public buildings should be flying political flags that represent anti American socialist movements, which the trans racial pride flag was created for promoting.

“Gay Pride Month” is not a real holiday. It is part of a political movement that encourages divisive class warfare on the grounds of sexual activity. It is a symbol of Intersectionality, Critical Queer Theory, and Critical Race Theory.

These are all socialist movements because they use Critical Theory as their basis, which is a socialist political framework. They use Critical Theory to convince people that they should primarily form their identities based on sexual orientations, ethnic groups and gender identities, and they also claim society is a struggle for domination between these groups in a contest over finite resources. They convince people that “their” group is oppressed by other groups and the only way to advance socially is by taking resources and power from other competing groups.

But this is NOT how America works at all. Our society is not a zero sum game of class warfare where one group can only advance through the fall of another. America is about liberty, about forming government to protect the rights of all citizens equally and ensure equal opportunities. It is not about oppression.

Flags about sexual activity and political movements are fine to fly on private property but they have no business on public property, especially when they represent socialist anti American political movements that intentionally promote class warfare and division.

To be clear, my criticism is not against homosexuality. My criticism is against the socialist political movement that has hijacked the gay rights movement in the USA and seeks to convince LGBT people that the only way they can thrive in American society is by engaging in class-ware against heterosexual people. It is a movement that rejects the liberal idea that people should not be be judged by their sexual orientations but by their merits. This socialist movement rejects merit based identity construction to instead suggest sexuality is the most defining quality about a person. This socialist movement attributes moral qualities to sexual orientation such as bravery for being gay, and associates heterosexuality with evil. It is a socialist movement that encourages class warfare based on sexual orientations and so it is a movement of hatred and prejudice, and it rejects the equality values of classical liberalism that legitimate gay rights activism in the USA is aligned with.

Socialism has nothing to do with the legal reasons for why LGBT people have civil rights in the USA. The US Constitution is a classical liberal document that awards these rights. Socialism was expressly created to reject this liberalism and LGBT activists who support socialist ideologies have been deceived into supporting a political framework that would not actually have resulted in the kind of gay rights that exist in the USA at present. Communist countries are among the worst offenders when it comes to human rights violations against LGBT people. Countries rooted in the principles of true liberty such as the USA are the best countries in the world for LGBT people to live, as they are the only countries where they have guarantee of civil rights at all.

Yet, the method of protesting the display of fringe political movements in publicly owned buildings is not with violence or vandalism but instead to use the tools of democracy. Unfortunately, due to the corrupt bias of judges in the Oregon state judicial system (such as Judge Easterday who ruled against the Newberg school district for its policy prohibiting the display of political flags inside classrooms by teachers) the Newberg City Council cannot simply vote to order library staff to remove the trans-racial pride flag display from the library. This would just result in another ACLU funded lawsuit by Progressive Yamhill members who work at the library (namely, Library Director Korie Jones Buerkle, who I exposed in a prior article about the gay pornographic books the Newberg Library is providing in the juvenile section. )

Unfortunately, so long as the Democratic Party controls the state of Oregon they will use the state government to spread these socialist ideologies using our public resources such as libraries and schools. They will use taxpayer funded institutions to spread anti-American progressive socialism until they are legally prevented from being able to do so. So, I think it will not be until the Republicans can take back the state government and pass new laws that prohibit the display of non-US government and state flags inside public buildings that this problem can be resolved. This is the unfortunate state of politics in Oregon at the moment. The only way to course correct is for more individual citizens to become versed in the actual political philosophy of our country, classical liberalism, and champion for it to push back against the socialist efforts to reshape our democracy into a socialist tyranny.

You can learn more about what classical liberalism is from a recent video essay I published last week.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.
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