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Newberg Public Library Offers Gay Pornographic Books To Children

Indivisible political activists are using institutions such as public libraries to indoctrinate children into fringe social and political ideas. Some of their propaganda is hardcore pornography written for children.

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Note to readers: This article will contain censored pornographic images from a book that is presently in the Newberg Public Library and is marketed toward minors. This book, and all other books mentioned in this article, are also available in other libraries participating in the Chemeketa Regional Library Service, which includes McMinnville and Salem Public Libraries in the state of Oregon.

The reason why I am including photos of the pages is because I understand many readers will have some initial difficulty believing that the public libraries have become infiltrated by extremist social activists who are exploiting public institutions such as libraries to push their ideological agendas and groom children into sexual fetishes at a young age. They will find it difficult to believe pornographic books are being offered to children by their public librarians unless I show the evidence.

Consequently, I am showing the evidence so that parents and other concerned citizens can see with their own eyes that the claims made in this article are genuine and true. The only way these extremists can be stopped is by first exposing what they are doing and that is what this article is written to do.

I do want to note a few things before I dive further into this article: I am not a homophobic person. I am a fairly politically moderate person, and I believe that two consenting adults have the legal right to do what they wish in the bedroom. I have gay friends and have employed gay people in the past. I do not place inherent moral judgement on someone simply for their sexual orientation alone.

What I am is someone who holds people accountable for the decisions they make that negatively influence other people’s lives because they believe they have something to benefit from that influence. As it relates directly to this article, there are adults who view children becoming homosexual and/or transgender as a positive thing for their political crusade against traditional American culture, because these adults are members of groups that target vulnerable populations of disenfranchised people for recruitment. Becoming gay and/or transgender will always result in some social disenfranchisement because these lifestyles require one to abandon traditional societal norms, and these adults know that. It is the reason why they are encouraging children to abandon the societal norms in the first place, so that these children will be easier to recruit into their groups when they are older.

Consequently, I find it disturbing that so-called “social activists” are trying to intentionally encourage children to become disenfranchised in our society, because they think these kids becoming disenfranchised adults will benefit their political agendas. As I have written in a prior article where I exposed a local dance studio owner, Kristen Stoller, I regard these activities not as legitimate social activism but instead a form of child grooming.

It is one thing for, while growing up, that a child decides organically they are gay, but it a very different matter if adults are actively encouraging a child to become gay and/or transgender because the adults believe there is some value in that child adopting an alternative sexual orientation and cultivating various sexual fetishes at an early age. The latter is extremely disturbing to see in people who are supposed to be protecting and guiding children in a responsible way, and it makes those kids vulnerable to exploitation by pedophiles.

It is my sincere belief the people mentioned in this article do not have the best intentions for the children in our communities, and that they should not be allowed to interact with children. While I have no evidence they have directly abused any children sexually, psychologically the contents of the books they have curated for children are harmful. Some of the books are, in my opinion, designed to introduce children to fringe sexual fetishes and lower their inhibitions by normalizing this sexual behavior. Again, while I have no evidence for any direct sexual abuse of children in the library, where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Content that is designed to lower the inhibitions of a child’s sexual behavior usually only serves the interests of one particular type of group, and that group is pedophiles.

This article has been written to accomplish two main goals;

  1. Provide overwhelming evidence that books featuring hardcore pornographic images are on the shelves of public libraries in Yamhill County, Oregon.
  2. Explain why these books have been curated by local librarians and how they are meant to serve a political agenda designed to poison children against their families, their own ethnic lineages and their country, the United States of America.

By the end of this article I believe you will come to the same conclusions I have reached.

Who Has Taken Over Our Libraries?

In past articles I have written extensively about the activities of Progressive Yamhill, a registered chapter of Indivisible, which is a national organization of radical extremists who engage in paper terrorism tactics against both private citizens and elected officials as part of intimidation efforts to push their ideological agendas. In my February 19th article I demonstrated that Progressive Yamhill is responsible for the recall campaign against Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer and that Progressive Yamhill’s leadership has admitted they don’t have any evidence for the claims they have made against Berschauer. In that same article I demonstrated that the real motivation for the recall is not because Berschauer has actually done anything unethical or illegal, but instead because Berschauer won the 2020 election instead of their preferred candidate. Progressive Yamhill simply wishes to regain control over a part of local government they lost, and that is the only reason they are spreading lies about Berschauer.

I have also written numerous articles about the Newberg Schools Saga, which shows that via a sub-chapter group, Newberg Equity in Education, that Progressive Yamhill has orchestrated the recalls against Newberg school board directors Brian Shannon and Dave Brown, for a similar reason; they lost control of the Newberg public school board in the last election and they want to regain control by removing people opposed to their agenda.

Several of my past articles show proof that Newberg school employees indoctrinate children in both Critical race theory and the gender identity pseudo-science of the discredited former John Hopkins researcher John Money, who admitted to fabricating his research results to serve his own agenda (so when I say ‘discredited’ I am not being sensational; it is an indisputable fact that Money’s research has been discredited because he was a self-admitted fraud). In fact, one of my articles shows Newberg school counselor Madeline Kozloff wearing propaganda t-shirts.

Photo of Madeline Kozloff, a School Counselor at Chehalam Valley Middle School in Newberg, Oregon, taken inside a classroom.

In some of the articles related to the schools saga, I exposed the members of Progressive Yamhill who are elected officials. This proves that Newberg City Council is controlled by people who are either members of Progressive Yamhill’s Facebook group or who have close ties to them. These individuals are Mayor Rick Rogers and Councilors Stephanie Bell Findley, Elise Yarnell Hollamon, and Denise Bacon. Recently resigned Councilor Bryce Coefield is also a member of Progressive Yamhill. Furthermore, most of the members of Newberg City Council committees are also members of Progressive Yamhill or have some kind of affiliation to them. Other Progressive Yamhill members have also taken seats in other city government, such as in McMinnville and Carlton.

Consequently, it should come at no surprise to see that institutions such as the public libraries have been turned into a vehicle to promote the Indivisible aligned agenda. Just as when Newberg public schools district was completely controlled by Progressive Yamhill members (via both the board and the teacher union) and they use the classrooms to promote their Critical race theory and gender identity ideologies, the public libraries have also been subverted to indoctrinate children. I can say this confidently because Suzanne Meenahan, the Newberg public Library Committee Chair is a member of Progressive Yamhill, as is the Children’s librarian Korie Jones Buerkle.

Here is proof of their affiliation, from the group user lists,

Here are some screenshots of public posts that Korie Jones Buerkle has made of herself promoting books such as Anti Racism Baby, a book that has been designed to guide parents in how to raise a young child in Critical race theory ideologies,

I will also mention that Interim Newberg City Manager, Will Worthey, is also the Newberg public library director.

Here is a video of Worthey from 2017 explaining his favorite children’s book to read to children as a librarian is “And Tango Makes Three“, a controversial story about two gay penguins who adopt a chick to form a “non-traditional family”.

This book, categorized as a ‘children’s picture book’, is available in the Newberg library and others throughout the district. You can see this for yourself by visiting the online directory.

While Mr. Worthey was not a member of Progressive Yamhill or Newberg Equity in Education Facebook groups during the time I infiltrated them and created my list of their membership, according to numerous sources who provided tips to the Advocate, Mr. Worthey has refused to remove the books featured in this article when concerned parents and other residents brought the matter up to him. The sources have told me that Mr. Worthey claimed the concerned parties were wanting to “censor” the books and he refuses to “censor” anything.

As you will soon see, these books should never have been in the library to begin with. Given his refusal to remove the books and his active participation in the curation of these books that serve the agenda of the group, it is my belief Will Worthey is a sympathizer of the Progressive Yamhill activist group, even if he is not active on social media.

What Propaganda Books Are In the Libraries Right Now?

Let’s first examine the makeup of the libraries so you can understand how insidious these library curators are. They have organized the library so that children who are not looking for these books will find them. I will use the Newberg public library as an example, but my understanding is all of the libraries are similarly organized.

As most Newberg residents know, the Children’s section occupies the first floor of the building, and since the remodel most of the floor space is devoted to book shelves. The Teen reading section has been moved upstairs. However, ‘Teen’ and ‘Children’ are subjective labels, with books for Preteens often categorized as ‘Teen’. An example would be manga and comic book / graphic novel collections, which occupy space in the Teen section of the library. This means that if your elementary school student wants to read some manga about their favorite anime, they must go to the Teen section to find those comics. Most of the books featured in this article, including the political books, are sitting in shelves next to all of the manga and comic books.

Among the graphic novel books in that “Teen” section that are available for children to read is Gender Queer: a Memoir, a graphic novel by Maia Kobabe. The book features the semi-autobiographical stories of the author, a female to male transgender who began “transitioning” while a teenager. The book was published in 2019 by Lion Forge Comics (which, after shutting down and laying off all employees, was merged with Oni Comics in 2019 to form Polarity).

Here is proof that the book is in the Newberg public library and other associated libraries, such as in McMinnville and Salem,

Here are several pages from inside the book,

For those who are unaware, the page above romanticizes ancient Greek pederasty, which was a sexual relationship between an adult male (the erastes) and a younger teenage male (the eromenos), with the sexual relationship ending once the boy became an adult. Pederasty was practiced by an extreme minority of Greeks during the late 7th century BCE. but was discussed by several notable writers, such as Plato and Plutarch, whose accounts have survived to present day, as has a handful of depictions on murals and ornamental vaces.

While ancient depictions of pederasty are often utilized today by social activists to justify a claim that because homosexuality is an ancient practice it is therefore a morally acceptable behavior (a logical fallacy called appeal to tradition), in actuality, pederasty was often criticized by ancient writers because it was frequently an abusive relationship between a man of a higher social status and young boys of lower social status who were pressured into these relationships and unable to refuse. Pederasty could be regarded as a form of rape, as young slaves were often forced into these relationships.

Consequently, the page from the book Gender Queer is an idealization of pedophilia.

Here is another page from the book, which is much more explicit,

The above page features two characters, both minors, with one performing fellatio on the other. Consequently, this is a form of child pornography.

The book has more pages showing graphic depictions of sex, as well as the author (a female to male transgender) masturbating,

There are more pages like this, but you get the idea.

Again, this book is available in all libraries within the Chemeketa Regional Library Service, which includes Newberg, McMinnville and Salem Public Libraries. It is shelved in the Teen section of these libraries.

The Gender Queer book also features pages devoted to introducing children to alternative religious lifestyles,

Normal, sane people will quickly realize this is not the type of book that should be inside a public library and certainly not one that a responsible librarian recommends to children. This is because public libraries are funded by the local communities and are intended to reflect the cultural values of those communities. The values expressed by the book Gender Queer are, in my opinion, obviously not the values of communities like Newberg, Oregon but they are the values of groups like Progressive Yamhill and their social activists.

It seems clear to me the goal of having this book and others like it in our public libraries is part of the same effort to normalize this kind of behavior through the exploitation of children; in a past article I showed a video clip of Progressive Yamhill member and Newberg Equity in Education leader Kristen Stoller admitting the goal of their group is to indoctrinate children in order to change the voting culture of Newberg. The libraries appear to be one of the avenues to accomplish this.

There are other books I was able to locate on the shelves of the Newberg library as well which seem to be part of this effort.

Here is another graphic novel that features a cross-dressing superhero, Power Up by Kate Leth and Matt Cummings,

I found that the Newberg public library has several graphic novels of the Lumberjanes series created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooklyn A. Allen and ND Stevenson. The stories feature a group of lesbian girls attending a summer camp,

Near these graphic novels are shelves full of what I can only correctly label as third wave feminism propaganda that are designed to indoctrinate young girls into experimenting with transgenderism, homosexuality and which encourage misandry (hatred of men), primarily by blaming heterosexual Caucasian men for all of the problems anyone suffers in life.

Here are some pages from one of these books, s.e.x. by Heather Corinna. The author is a self-described “queer, rabblerousing, polymath” who identifies as “non-binary”. The book purports to be a guide book for teenagers about sex, but in my opinion, it has been written to encourage children to, like the author, become transgender; it has an entire section with talking points devoted to how to convince parents to let the child transition. The book also encourages kids to make pornography and provides advice about it.

Unsurprisingly, there are no books on the library shelves advocating for young boys to cultivate the qualities associated with traditional masculinity or that promote heterosexuality. instead, the shelves have been curated to spread Indivisible ideology and its third wave feminist aligned agenda.

Disturbingly, I found that the Teen section also has books encouraging teenage girls to develop eating disorders like “vegetarianism” and “veganism” by indoctrinating them into the pseudo-scientific idea that eating meat is unhealthy (in actuality, there are several vital nutrients which humans need for optimal health that can only be found in animal sources, the most important of which is Vitamin B12. If a human does not eat food containing Vitamin B12 they will inevitably develop significant health problems. Vitamin B12 deficiency has also been linked to developing mood disorders. Irresponsibly, anti-meat activists often claim that pseudo vitamin B12 supplements harvested from algae can replace animal based B12, but the reason it is called ‘pseudo’ is because the human body cannot process it, and in fact, consuming pseudo Vitamin B12 makes it more difficult for your body to process the real thing. )

An example of a book in the Newberg Public Library Teen Section designed to encourage teenage girls to develop eating disorders.

This same section of the Newberg public library also has books that are clearly written with the intentions of recruiting children into political activism. For example, a copy of Ibram X Kendi’s Stamped (For Kids): Racism, Antiracism, and You, which is a version of his previous book, Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. Kendi is a Critical race theory (CRT) advocate and the children’s’ version of his first book is designed to indoctrinate children into CRT by presenting a timeline of historical events ( often without the full context of these events explained) and it also blatantly lies about many of the things it claims are facts. Stamped is a piece of propaganda widely used by CRT advocates to justify their political activities and it should alarm people to see this has been curated by the librarians and offered to children,

There are also several other books targeted at teenagers, such as Rise Up!: How You Can Join the Fight Against White Supremacy. This book was published on October 21, 2021 — it is a very recent addition to the Newberg Public Library and I believe it has been expressly written to recruit children into the Indivisible movement.

Here are some disturbing pages from it, that prove beyond all doubt it was written to get Critical race theory propaganda into the hands of kids,

This page of the book introduces Kimberle Crenshaw and her “intersectionality” framework, which was really just Critical race theory ideology designed to infect academic feminist circles in the 1980s. Crenshaw has also written numerous books about Critical race theory, and is a widely cited “CRT scholar”.

The book is obvious in its intentions; it wants children to become political activists aligned with Indivisible causes. And why children? Because children do not yet fully understand how the world works and they frequently will parrot everything that has been taught to them, unquestionably. I believe this book was written to provide children talking points to push for Indivisible aligned agenda at an early age, becoming social activists while still in elementary and middle school.

Reading through the book, I can see it has been crafted to convince children that former President Donald Trump was a racist white supremacist, and it uses the false claim that “hate crimes” increased during his presidency,

The claim is false because what increased was reports, not actual convictions; that is, there was an increase of people accusing others of hate crimes, and that is not the same thing as people actually becoming arrested and convicted of hate crimes, as the book falsely implies.

Here is another section from the Rise Up book,

I believe the objective of this chapter of the book is to pressure children to turn against the American government, encouraging them to think of our country as illegitimate because the land was “stolen” from indigenous native tribes who, the activists claim, supposedly lived in peace with nature until the European colonization of the Americas.

In reality, indigenous people engaged in warfare against other groups and did so for almost two hundred thousands years until Europeans arrived. Just as other groups in Europe, Asia and Africa did, American indigenous peoples practiced everything from forced marriages to human ritual sacrifice to slavery, and they did so long before Europeans arrived on the American continent. They were not peaceful and the territories each tribe claimed control over were obtained through cycles of constant war against other rival groups. Consequently, the conflicts between indigenous peoples and colonists were only a continuation of the constant cycle of warfare over resources between rival ethnic groups which humans have practiced for 250,000+ years. Institutions like the United Nations had not been formed to create democratic means of countries resolving conflicts and it is unfair to judge past generations through the scope of modern institutions. Yet, this is what this book and others like it want children to do; unfairly criticize the actions of past people who did not live in largely stable societies like we enjoy today.

Furthermore, while it is impossible to summarize several hundred years of history in a single paragraph, it is a historical fact that the vast majority of indigenous people did not die from wars with colonists but instead from diseases like the measles, smallpox and the common flu, which they had no resistance to. Most scholars believe 90% of the indigenous American population died this way, from diseases. Not war. Consequently, most tribes did not lose their claims on territory from war with Europeans, but rather because their populations dwindled to the point the tribes became extremely reliant on trade with settlers and they entered into treaties, trading the rights to lands in exchange for supplies and protection.

(As an aside, this is what happened to the Kalapuya people who once lived in the Willamette Valley. This fact is apparently ignored by the social activists hanging “This is Kalapuya land” signs all over Newberg. In reality, the land Newberg sits on was not “stolen” from the Kalapuya; instead, they nearly went extinct from diseases and famine; the loss of life from disease resulted in their tribes suffering a severe lack of manpower to obtain resources like food and maintain the safety of their homes. In 1885-6 the Kalapuya and several other similarly devastated tribes entered into a treaty with the federal government, relinquishing all claims to the lands of the Willamette Valley in exchange for resources such as money and medical care. This treaty consolidated the survivors of the different tribes on a single reservation. If the tribes had not done this, they would have all went extinct because their numbers were fewer than 100 at the time this treaty took place. They would have died out.)

These facts about the complicated history of the colonization of the Americas is ignored by Critical race theory proponents because it does not fit the narrative they wish to indoctrinate people into as part of their plan to poison the minds of children against the country they live in. They must convince children that the United States is an illegitimate country so these children will help dismantle it. The social activists do not actually care about the problems affecting the modern day descendants of indigenous people, and are instead twisting the story of history to serve their insane political agenda.

Before I finish this section, I want to mention one last thing. I saw a book in both the Teen and downstairs Children sections of the Newberg public library that I think is worth mentioning. The book is a history of the Hitler Youth scouting group.

I can only assume the reason this book has been included in both the Teen and Children sections is because Critical Race Theory relies on convincing people to confront “white supremacists”, often labeling them as “Nazis”. I think the library curators chose this book to educate children about what Nazis were because it’s quite impossible to be groomed into CRT propaganda without knowing what Nazis are. CRT relies heavily on labeling anyone who disagrees with them as these kinds of groups, and making a person fearful to be called things like Nazis is a necessary component of its indoctrination process. So obviously, they have to teach kids what Nazis are in order to indoctrinate the kids into CRT. That much is easy enough to understand for why they would put a book about Nazis into the children’s section of a public library.

But why this book? It is a peculiar choice to use a book about the Nazi version of the Boy Scouts to teach kids about what Nazis were, and I will admit that I don’t fully understand the rational behind it. Is it to show children that other kids can be Nazis? If so, that is very warped.

Personally, I would not consider teaching kids about the minute details of World War II like the Hitler Youth brigades to be something that should be taught to elementary or middle school children; young children, especially in our society, do not have the maturity to handle this difficult part of human history, and I think this sort of material should only be taught after they have already become versed in logic, which doesn’t normally happen for a student until at least the high school years (that is, if logic is taught to them at all).

Also, I find it alarming that this particular book, which features photos of Hitler Youth scouts participating in warfare as child-soldiers, is being handed to children so readily with no proper context or guidance from a responsible adult. I think this book sitting on the public library shelves for children to randomly “discover” is incredibly irresponsible of the librarians to have curated; children who read this book may, and probably will, emulate some aspects of the Hitler Youth that they should not (I found this book sitting on the shelf in the same area where books about medieval knights and other things children emulate can be found).

Similarly, in the Teen section alongside the books about Critical race theory is one about the history of the Ku Klux Klan. Again, I find this to be irregular and disturbing that such books are sitting next to comic books and manga. It appears the curation of this section has been designed to catch the eyes of teenagers looking for popular fiction, and to lure them toward this kind of literature by being in close proximity to manga and comics.

Why Are These Books in the Children Sections of the Libraries?

As I have mentioned before, the goal of these CRT activists is to dismantle America into racially segregated mini-states, where communities are governed only by those of the same ethnic group. In fact, one of Progressive Yamhill’s members, Tai Harden-Moore, co-authored a manifesto submitted to the City of Portland calling such a thing “Black utopia”.

I realize it sounds outrageous, but so is the porn in the public library. As insane as it is, it is true.

That is the end-game goal of these social activists, to collapse our country to create racially segregated communities. By spreading their propaganda into classrooms and libraries they are able to worm their ideas into young children’s minds, forming their perceptions to hate America and support their desire to dismantle our country. To embrace lifestyle choices that will alienate them from their families and communities, and create disruption. The Indivisible activists recruit people into their extremism by labeling anyone who disagrees with them as a ‘white supremacist’ or a ‘racist’ or some other insult, and compare any dissent to their agenda as being of the same scope of violence as the evil activities of groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. This is irresponsible and disgusting to teach to children, who do not know enough about the world to realize these books are designed to trick them into supporting a segregationist movement.

Yet, that is the reason why they are so fixated on exploiting children. They know that children have limited intellectual ability to resist this kind of propaganda. Progressive Yamhill and other Indivisible groups are waging a war on our communities and our country through exploitation of our youth, and they have been winning because their activities have gone unchallenged.

Yet, they must be stopped.

I believe strongly that all Progressive Yamhill members need to be removed from public office as soon as possible, and the institutions like the libraries must become purged of their propaganda that is designed to groom children into their extremism. It is clear to me that they want kids to become gay and transgender in order to distance them from their families and their peers, because their movement relies on having a group of unhappy, socially isolated people they can exploit. They need younger generations to hate their own family ethnic lineages; to hate their own families and hate themselves so much they will dismantle our country.

This is an election year for all city councils in Yamhill County, and I sincerely hope the residents of Yamhill County are waking up to what is happening. If you don’t see someone running for City Council to remove a Progressive Yamhill member from office, you should probably announce your candidacy and run against them to remove them from office. They will never stop using public institutions like libraries to groom children until they lose control over city governments and can no longer do as they wish unopposed.

Indivisible activists have been getting away with this crap for four years. There is no doubt in my mind many kids have already been permanently poisoned against America through these efforts, as it is extremely difficult to unlearn this kind of insidious propaganda when it has wormed its way into the mind from an early age.

Reader, are you going to let them continue ruining people’s lives? Are you going to do something about it? If not you, then who? We are in a perilous time of American history, and if younger generations grow up hating their country it will not endure.

If you have made it to the end of this article and you share my criticism of the contents of the libraries, I implore you; run for office. Indivisible will continue to exploit children until they lose their power over local government and the only way to get them out of office is to vote them out. They have to see local communities reject their ideologies for them to stop.

I hope this article has informed you about how the public libraries are used to exploit children and recruit them into extremist ideologies. Now, go do something about it!

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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James R

Excellent and well documented article. Unbelievable that we have allowed these crazy social activitst zealots to take over our libraries, school boards, and our Newberg City Council while we sat on our sofas thinking everything was OK. While we were snoozing the zealots ran unopposed for local government slots. Similar things are happening everywhere; Canada, Australia, Germany…Please, everyone, wake up and get involved. No one else is going to pull our butts out of the fire. Its time to fish or cut bait. Thank you Mr Martell.


Is my friend & County Commissioner Mary Starrett aware of this?

Newberg Citizen

Every library advisory group must listen to public comment. I would recommend that local citizens respectfully comment at their monthly meetings. Do not attack, but share your personal opinion. Your comment does not have to be long and drawn out. Simple is best. (Meeting information is below)

“The Library Advisory Board (Board) is made up of 5 citizens, usually four city residents and one resident from the surrounding area. The board consists of one Student Representative as available.
The Board makes policy for the library and provides citizen input on library operations.

Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. To make a public comment at a meeting, please send a request to Interim Library Director Korie Buerkle at 
Check the library calendar for dates and for the agenda and packet information for each meeting. 

Board members are appointed by the City of Newberg Mayor and confirmed by the Council with four year terms starting January 1st, or at other times due to openings on the board.

Announcement of openings are made on this website, in the Library eNewsletter, and posted at the Library and City Hall.”

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