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The Truth About Recall Lindsay Berschauer Campaign Organizers That All Voters Should Know

The Recall Lindsay Berschauer Campaign is yet another project of Progressive Yamhill, the Indivisible chapter of extremist social activists seeking to change the voting culture of the county through deception.

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(Note: This will be a lengthy article, as it is designed to debunk a very well funded campaign of disinformation and propaganda against Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschaur. Over 2,000 people have participated in the spreading of propaganda as part of this organized effort, and that includes other media publications. The only way I can debunk them is by exposing the entire group of people who are responsible for this propaganda campaign.

A large amount of evidence will be provided, so that the debunking of their activities can be successful, with the goal that voters in Yamhill County can make informed decisions during the upcoming March 22nd election.

No other publication is providing as clear of insight into the operations of the pro-Recall campaign as the Yamhill Advocate is.

Please use the linked table of contents section to jump to different parts of this article if you need to take a break from reading, as it is very long.)

After previously having failed in November to secure enough signatures, two weeks ago the Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC turned in enough signatures to get a recall election on the ballot next month for Yamhill County, Oregon. The cutoff date for mail in ballots to be submitted is March 22nd, 2022. According to information provided to the Yamhill Advocate by County Clerk Brian Van Bergan, this recall campaign is anticipated to cost somewhere between $60,000 and $80,000 from the county’s budget. This recall campaign on the ballot is paid for using the taxes of county residents and it is important voters understand what it actually going on, which is why I have spent the time to write this detailed article.

As previously reported in the October 31st, 2021 article, Recall Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer PACs Exposed, the recall against conservative Newberg school board director Brian Shannon (and later, Dave Brown) were coordinated by the secretive Progressive Yamhill group, which also raised funds and gathered petitions for the recall against Lindsay Berschauer simultaneously, using the same signature gatherers and many of the same individuals as donors.

Progressive Yamhill, for those who are new to the Advocate, is a registered chapter of the Indivisible movement, a nationwide organization that endorses fringe far-left political ideologies such as Critical race theory, the discredited pseudo-science of “gender identity”, black separatism, defunding of the police and closure of all prisons, and other kinds of radical socialist agendas. The group also has strong direct ties to Antifa. As reported by the Daily Signal in 2017, the group has received assistance from George Soros associated funding groups. Progressive Yamhill staged a takeover of the Yamhill County Democrat party in 2018 and at present 100% of that party’s leadership are PY members.

Just as with the Newberg school board where conservative candidates beat Progressive Yamhill candidates in the election and that was the true motive for the recall, Progressive Yamhill is unhappy that Lindsay Berschauer won the seat instead of their preferred candidate. Because Commissioner Mary Starrett and Berschauer outvote their fellow Progressive Yamhill member Casey Kulla on board decisions, they wish to recall Berschauer in the hopes of regaining control over the county government.

In my past 70+ series of articles, I have been exposing the Progressive Yamhill members since September 2021. They are, of course, extremely unhappy about being exposed, especially now that they have seen that the Yamhill Advocate has successfully helped disrupt their recall effort against Newberg school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, by informing local voters about the truth behind their group’s activities.

Why do I say Progressive Yamhill members are very unhappy for being exposed? Well, in a recent thread in the Facebook group Yamhill County News, one of the main leaders, Megan Corvus (who is also the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrat party) cannot hide her disdain for the Advocate‘s reporting,

Yes, as I have pointed out many time, Megan Corvus is a self-admitted racist, as referenced is this post she made inside Progressive Yamhill last August,

Considering that Progressive Yamhill members frequently make the false claim that Lindsay Berschauer is a racist, I find the fact one of their main leaders is a self-admitted racist to be a very revealing fact about their group, and a good way to begin a debunking of the claims made against Berschauer.

The most important takeaway from this (and the reason I am pointing it out) is because the screenshots from the Progressive Yamhill group I have published in this newspaper have been acknowledged as real screenshots of the group’s actual conversations. That is what Megan Corvus herself admitted in this public Facebook post which anyone can read by following that link and digging through the thread.

I am pointing out this detail because I have many more communications from within Progressive Yamhill to publish. In the screenshots featured in this article, I will prove the Progressive Yamhill group (and by extension, the Yamhill County Democrat party they control) is responsible for the recall against Yamhill County Lindsay Berschauer and the actual true motivation for the recall has nothing to do with the public accusations they have made against her.

Based on my review of their internal communications, the actual reason Progressive Yamhill has launched a recall against Berschauer is because their preferred candidate lost the 2020 election to her, and they wish to regain control over the Yamhill County government to continue their political agenda. Primarily, they wish to implement Critical race theory aligned policies in Yamhill County and use the board of commissioners to force all cities to abide by these racist policies. They also wish to revive the Yamhelas Trail Project to serve the personal financial interests of their group members, who believe they would be benefited by the light rail that would accompany the trail, as it might help bring Portlanders to their businesses. I believe these are the true reasons why they have decided to create a recall campaign against Berschauer that will cost $60,000 to $80,000 of the tax payer’s money.

You are extremely unlikely to see the evidence I am publishing in other news media sources in Oregon, as those other so-called “reporters” have thrown their lot in with the Indivisible movement. As an example, here is Progressive Yamhill’s Twitter account thanking Oregon Capital Chronicle writer Tim Nesbitt for a recent hit piece article that presents the recall against Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer as a kind of noble war against far right political activists,

In actuality, neither Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer nor her supporters are politically “far right”. They are actually fairly moderate conservatives. The actual extremists are the ones attempting to recall Berschauer — people such as the aforementioned self-declared racist Megan Corvus, and her likeminded Progressive Yamhill splinter cell of the Indivisible movement.

These extremists believe they can manipulate news coverage of their activities via the biased reporting of sympathetic journalists who work for publications such as the Newberg Graphic, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, Portland Tribune, News-Register, Oregon Capital Chronicle, KOIN 6, KATU 2 and so on. However, the Yamhill Advocate publishes the truth that exposes their deceptions, which is why they hate this publication so much.

Before we dive into the detailed explanations for why the accusations made against Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer by Progressive Yamhill activists are false, Berschauer recently addressed these accusations in a 45 minute long live video stream broadcast on her Facebook Page, which you can watch. I have embedded the video into this article below.

Now, in the rest of this article I will provide the evidence for why Progressive Yamhill is responsible for the recall campaign and I will then address each of the major claims made against Lindsay Berschauer by the Progressive Yamhill activists, debunking them using evidence, much of which comes from their own social media posts related to the recall campaign.

Who is Responsible for the Recall Against Lindsay Berschauer?

As previously explained, the Progressive Yamhill group is entirely responsible for the recall against Lindsay Berschauer. The evidence for this is rather overwhelming.

As I have previously exposed in my prior reporting about this group, Progressive Yamhill frequently creates other kinds of organizations using its members in order to manipulate public perceptions. This is a form of astroturfing, where a single organization creates many different off-shoots of itself which seemingly appear to be unassociated, but in reality are centrally organized via one group.

As an example, the official PAC (political action committee) for the recall against is named Recall Lindsay Berschauer. This PAC has as its treasurer Jarred Taylor and Lynette Shaw as its filer, with Phil Forve as its petitioner.

As previously revealed in past articles, Lynette Shaw is the founder of Progressive Yamhill, being the individual who first created the Facebook group used to bring its membership together. Here is the proof she is a member, and that she founded the group.

Now, getting back to the topic of PACs, Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC is not the only PAC which Progressive Yamhill formed to support their recall campaign. Save Yamhill County PAC was also formed, with Lynette Shaw as the director and Jared Taylor again as treasurer.

Bear in mind, I have published this information in previous articles, and Progressive Yamhill has attempted to use my publishing of this publicly available information to justify the false claim that Lynette Shaw and others involved with the recall against Lindsay Berschauer have been “doxed”. I believe that “doxing” claim may be a reference to my previous articles, such as Part 2: Meet Progressive Yamhill, the Parent Group of the NEEd Mafia Seizing Control of the County, whose information has been reshared by many people.

Here is an example of Progressive Yamhill using the ‘Save Yamhill County PAC‘ Facebook Page to claim their members were unfairly “doxxed”,

In reality, they have not been “doxed”, because the information is publicly available and it is information that voters deserve to know so they can make informed decisions at the ballot box. “Doxxing” only occurs when private and confidential information is published with the intention of encouraging people to harass someone.

However, because it is inconvenient for this information about Lynette Shaw and other Progressive Yamhill members to be spotlighted, they have falsely claimed it means they have been “doxxed” in an effort to generate sympathy for themselves.

An actual case of “doxxing” is better illustrated in observing how Progressive Yamhill, via its Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) sub-group, gathered personal information about Newberg school board directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor Dehart with the goal of harassing their friends, family, employers and so on, going as far as gathering information about what churches they go to, what schools their friend’s kids might attend and so on. I published the chat logs demonstrating this kind of “doxxing” was organized from within NEEd in a previous article.

Another example of the astroturfing is the non-profit group Friends of the Yamhelas Westsider Trail, who is also a big supporter of recalling Lindsay Berschauer. This, again is not surprising once you realize several of its listed membership consists of Progressive Yamhill members.

Yet More Proof That Progressive Yamhill Are the True Organizers of the Recall Against Lindsay Berschauer

Progressive Yamhill, and by extension the Yamhill County Democrats party, are the actual organizers of the recall against Berschauer, contrary to the filings with the state of Oregon. I showed a great deal of evidence for this in my prior articles about Progressive Yamhill’s activities in their Facebook group, in the subsections marked, 5.4 Proof that Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill Are The Actual Organizers of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC5.5 Progressive Yamhill Is Responsible for the Recall of Lindsay Berschauer and 5.11 Campaign Finance Laws Violations.

None of this should be surprising, given the evidence shown in 5.10 Government Ethics Laws Violated by Progressive Yamhill Members. The group has a history of not publicly disclosing their ties to one another when they should.

Here are some of the screenshots I showed in the previous articles from within Progressive Yamhill showing the origins of the recall PACs against both Berschauer and the Newberg school board directors,

However, if you’re still on the fence about if Yamhill County Democrats really are the orchestrators of these PACs, here is a video recording of the October 28, 2021 Yamhill County Democrats video conference where they admit to being the organizers of these PACs. The video is over 30 minutes long but you should listen to it. It will be eye opening for many of you reading this article.

As explained by Lynette Shaw during the video at time stamp 7:48, the purpose of the recall is because they want to try to get their candidates (the members of Progressive Yamhill) into Lindsay Berschauer’s seat on the Yamhill County commission. They have already promoted their candidates during the recall for this purpose.

You will also see that Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla (who, again, is a member of Progressive Yamhill) speaks during the video about what will happen if the recall signatures are approved. He comes into the video around the 25 minute mark. This shows clear evidence he has colluded with the members of the PAC in this scheme they have conjured up. If you want to see more evidence for how I believe Kulla has broken several laws, please read this sub-section from Part 2, 5 Abuse of Elected Offices to Benefit the Criminal Conspirators

Kristen Stoller shows up around 32 minutes into the video to discuss the Recall Brian Shannon PAC progress, confirming beyond all doubt that all recall campaigns in Yamhill County are orchestrated by the Yamhill County Democrats / Progressive Yamhill.

Many of these people do not say who they are during the meeting. The important ones who don’t say their names are,

  • The woman with brunette hair who speaks after Omar Sandoval is Erin Chen, one of the main team leaders for the recall signature collections.
  • The woman in the orange shirt is Dayna Gilbert
  • The woman in the baseball cap (who speaks precisely so as to appear intelligent, but actually says very little that is actually constructive to the meeting) is Kellie Peterson.

Erin Chen is notable here because she was one of the main signature collection team leaders for both the Newberg school board and Lindsay Berschauer recall PACs,

In between the constant self-congratulations and virtue signaling, you’ll see they admit to being the organizers of these recall PACs. So in reality I believe it’s one PAC, not several different PACs, no matter what their filings with the State of Oregon claim.

And they know their astroturfing may be a violation of the laws, and they don’t care.

Progressive Yamhill Rejoices at Being Reported For Their Astroturfing

When they are caught astroturfing, they don’t care. They just keep marching on and it might be by design that they do it.

There is some evidence to indicate that one of the goals of Progressive Yamhill is to utilize unethical tactics against politicians that are designed to force these officials they target to spend resources (time, energy and money) on things such as legal complaints to report their unethical behavior, creating a kind of war of attrition they believe they can win with their strong network of funding and support; the following is a post where one of their leaders, Megan Corvus (the aforementioned self-admitted racist) congratulates the members of Progressive Yamhill for “forcing” Berschauer to hire legal assistance in drafting complaints reporting the Progressive Yamhill group for the unethical way it organized its campaign (using multiple PACs that do the same thing, organized by all of the same people, as a kind of scheme to bypass donation regulations). When Berschauer hired an attorney to draft a complaint to the Oregon Secretary of State (SoS) to report these potential violations of state campaign finance laws, Progressive Yamhill members rejoiced for getting Berschauer to spend money and time reporting them.

The important thing to pay attention to is that during their internal communications there is both an acknowledgement they knew these might be violations and yet they expressed a great lack of concern (possibly because a fellow Democrat, Shemia Fagan, is the Secretary of State and these are PACs working in concert with the Yamhill County Democrat party?).

I believe this kind of tactic is designed to drain their targets of funding and spread their resources thin, fighting on multiple fronts (ethics board complaints, court cases, during public meetings, etc.) in an effort to overwhelm the opponent mentally, and even financially. As you read the thread, consider that possibility,

As can be demonstrated by the Progressive Yamhill member’s communications in these chats, they celebrate being reported for ethical violations and show zero concern for it. I believe that is rather revealing.

Who Else Is in Progressive Yamhill?

As previously reported, Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla is also an active member of the group; in fact, Progressive Yamhill is responsible for his election to the board of commissioners. Kulla was a member of Progressive Yamhill prior to his run for office. Kulla is a mouthpiece for the group and through him they had hoped to take the Governor seat in Oregon. Over the months I have been exposing their activities, Kulla has changed his focus to now run for Labor Commissioner of the state of Oregon.

Similarly, Tai Harden Moore was running for Yamhill County Commissioner, but after the reporting of the Advocate has so seriously exposed her, she has now given up on public office and instead accepted an appointment to the state Department of Education.

My purpose in pointing this out is to demonstrate to readers that Progressive Yamhill is not solely focused on Yamhill County, Oregon; it is part of a radical group of political activists, the Indivisible movement, whose ultimate goal is to gain control over all aspects of American government to push its fringe agenda. Progressive Yamhill’s activities is a problem for every resident of Oregon, not just those in Yamhill County. When one plan fails, they shift focus to another and there are many irons they have warming in their furnace. They seem to have at least a dozen different ‘projects’ going on at any one time over the past four years, and they have become more ambitious as they have gained more seats of power for their members.

The full list of Progressive Yamhill members, as well as a breakdown of those who are elected officials, can be read in this article.

Why Progressive Yamhill Members are Extremists

Previously, I have published several articles that take a close examination of Progressive Yamhill’s idealogies and activities, especially when seen through its sub-group, Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd).

The simplest way to classify their beliefs is that they are pro-Critical Race Theory and pro-pseudo-scientific gender identity, and they are responsible for the recruitment of public school teachers and public librarians to indoctrinate children into these ideologies using publicly funded resources. They also support the defunding of police, shutting down prisons and legalizing all forms of recreational drugs. They also believe in radical restructuring of rural areas, using urban renewal committees to support the creation of high density housing; essentially, they are pro-welfare state and socialism, and generally opposed to capitalism (which I find to be ironic given the number of people in the group who have greatly profited through private enterprise). The group is also aligned with Antifa, having raised funds for pro-Antifa groups in Portland, and I have identified several examples of Progressive Yamhill members assisting Antifa groups that attacked the federal courthouse in Portland during 2020. I will only share a few examples of this though so as not to distract completely from the recall activities, but so that you can still see my claims have evidence for them.

Here is an example of the group donating money to several Antifa aligned groups in Portland, as well as several other pro-Critical Race Theory black separatist groups (including several that specialize in indoctrinating children)

The money donated to these groups was collected through the sale of “In Our America” propaganda yard signs bearing the American flag but that subverts it by featuring Indivisible ideology written on the stripes. They have been selling these signs for several years to raise funds for many fringe Indivisible aligned groups,

(These signs, and others like it, are designed to both trick regular people into displaying Indivisible propaganda signs in their yards and raise funds they can donate to Antifa and other radical extremist groups. Selling these fake patriotic signs is a common tactic of Indivisible groups to exploit the unsuspecting general public into assisting their agenda.)

In another example, here is Progressive Yamhill member Sheila Barnes using the group to organize “supply caravans” to assist Antifa rioters in Portland,

This thread does continue on, but you get the idea. During 2020 Progressive Yamhill organized supplies to assist the Antifa mob that attacked the federal courthouse in Portland as one of its “actions”. I also have screenshots that show several of Progressive Yamhill members admitting to participate directly in the riots, as well as active participation in disrupting Immigrant and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers from doing their jobs. Among these Progressive Yamhill members who are deeply involved in Antifa (through the Antifa group Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance) is current George Fox University professor Cherice Bock, who will admit her association when called out on it, such as in this example from a public Facebook group thread where I did so,

And what do I mean by donning combat helmets? Well, that is what members of the group wore during the attack on the federal courthouse. Helmets with the words ‘clergy’ written on the back, like some kind of grotesque parody. In fact, a photo of their members at the federal courthouse Antifa attacked is on their Facebook page, used to help them raise donation money,

Most importantly, the Progressive Yamhill group encourages its members to hate anyone who is not aligned with their insane political ideologies, going so far as to openly express desires for anyone who is not of the same political ideology to die.

Here is an example of this, from a post within the group made by the same aforementioned Sheila Barnes who organized supply caravans for Antifa rioters in Portland,

This is the same Sheila Barnes whom the News-Register has frequently posted letters from in its pages, as part of the propaganda campaign organized by Progressive Yamhill to manipulate public perceptions of the recall against Lindsay Berschauer. Here is an example of one from last October,

I have a lot more posts like this from Progressive Yamhill members but I am singling out Sheila Barnes here to illustrate a point; now that you first read how Sheila Barnes feels about people who don’t wish to be vaccinated, that they should all just die, you can better understand the letter Barnes submitted to the News-Register about covid vaccine information in its proper context. In her public letter, she is able to feign as a kind of intellectual but in reality, as revealed by her private communications in an environment she feels safe to share her true feelings, she is just another spiteful radical extremist who wishes for anyone opposed to her ideology to just die.

Progressive Yamhill is full of MANY people like Sheila Barnes. They are insane, and they have far too much influence in our county.

Unfortunately, despite News-Register‘s editor, Ossie Bladine, having been made aware of the leaked communications from within Progressive Yamhill that reveals the truth about their group (which I published last September) Bladine has continued to permit Progressive Yamhill members to use his family’s newspaper to spread their propaganda to deceive voters. I believe he has done so because he is also sympathetic to their causes, and I have shown some evidence for this belief in a past article.

Why I Believe Other Publications Have Not Reported the Facts About Progressive Yamhill

While there are some publications, such as the Daily Wire, who have reported on the activities of Progressive Yamhill, almost no local newspapers and none of the local television news stations in Oregon have done so. The News-Register is a good example of a publication which has went out of its way to only report facts that assist the group’s agenda, despite the evidence about Progressive Yamhill’s deceptions fully known to its editor, Ossie Bladine.

I believe Ossie Bladine’s personal political biases explain why he has never published anything that shows these letters to the editor from Progressive Yamhill members are part of a coordinated effort to manipulate the public into supporting political causes they otherwise would not if they knew the full facts of the situation.

I find it to be dishonest for Bladine to publish Progressive Yamhill member’s letters without disclosing to the public the full facts he knows about them — and he knows it, of course, because he is well aware of my articles that show these screenshots. As an example,

Clearly, Bladine believes he can just ignore the Yamhill Advocate‘s reporting, because in his opinion it is not a “newspaper”,

Bladine must believe that the past earned reputation of the News-Register — something he had no part in creating — is sufficient for him to ride on the coat-tails of, to help persuade the voters of Yamhill County to ignore the overwhelming evidence about the group he is sympathetic toward. But I believe that when people see the evidence laid out plainly, they will judge it on its merits and see through the lies they have been told, even if those lies are told by sources they once trusted.

As you read this article, and others on the Advocate, I think readers really need to ask themselves if they want to continue supporting publications like News-Register when it is so obvious they are intentionally hiding information the public deserves to know about the political activities of Indivisible aligned groups such as Progressive Yamhill. I have sent the same information about Progressive Yamhill’s activities to all of the aforementioned publications at the beginning of this article, and they have published none of it.

Debunking the Claims Against Lindsay Berschauer

Now, having addressed the major questions of who Progressive Yamhill is, why their various astroturfing groups should not be trusted and why other publications are not publishing the information I am about them, we can finally dissect each claim that has been made against Lindsay Berschauer to justify their recall against her, and debunk them.

Claim #1: “Lindsay Has Engaged in Nepotism”

This is a common claim made by Progressive Yamhill against the commissioner. As an example, this Facebook post by Save Yamhill County PAC in October 26th, 2021,

They have even made video ads to spread this claim,

The intention of the ads is to make it appear to voters in Yamhill County that Lindsay Berschauer has violated Oregon Government Ethics Laws related to conflicts of interest with regards to relatives and use this to gain signatures for the recall measure of the PACs.

For a more recent example, here is a Progressive Yamhill member posting in a recent thread the accusation that Tyler Smith is her brother in law.

You may wonder why I am singling out Heather Barks West here, but the reason is quite simple: by her own admittance, Heather Barks West is one of the Progressive Yamhill members who canvassed door to door collecting signatures, and she has undoubtedly used this blatant lie to collect signatures from unsuspecting voters.

The truth is that Tyler Smith is not the ex brother in law of Lindsay Berschauer.

The truth is that Tyler Smith is not even a relative of Lindsay Berschauer per Oregon law. Only direct relatives are considered “relatives” for purpose of law. This definition is established under the Government Ethics section of ORS 244.020 Definitions, which details the law for conflicts of interest involving family and defines what a ‘relative’ is in this context,

(16) “Relative” means:

(a) The spouse, parent, stepparent, child, sibling, stepsibling, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the public official or candidate;

(b) The parent, stepparent, child, sibling, stepsibling, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the spouse of the public official or candidate;

(c) Any individual for whom the public official or candidate has a legal support obligation;

(d) Any individual for whom the public official provides benefits arising from the public official’s public employment or from whom the public official receives benefits arising from that individual’s employment; or

(e) Any individual from whom the candidate receives benefits arising from that individual’s employment.

Tyler Smith is none of these things to Lindsay Berschauer.

Tyler Smith is the husband of a cousin of Lindsay Berschauer’s ex-husband, and there is no evidence I could find that they have ever met at any kind of family gathering or have any kind of direct family relationship. Lindsay Berschauer has also been divorced from her ex-husband for at least a decade as well.

In the October 28, 2021 Yamhill County Commission meeting, Lindsay Berschauer addresses this very subject, too. The organizers of the Save Yamhill County PAC are aware that Tyler Smith is not, per Oregon law, a relative of Lindsay Berschauer, yet continue to make this claim anyway as part of an effort to deceive voters into supporting the recall.

In another example, Philip Higgins, who I already showed in prior articles is one of the active members of Progressive Yamhill, has gone as far as falsely claiming Tyler Smith is Lindsay Berschauer‘s brother in law on the Recall Brian Shannon PAC page.

I believe the legally false claim that Tyler Smith is a relative of Lindsay Berschauer appears to be designed to mislead voters into supporting the recall campaign by making voters believe there has been a violation of Oregon Government Ethics Law committed by Lindsay Berschauer, when in fact there has not been one.

And when they are called out on this lie they spread, Progressive Yamhill members try to shift blame, as Heather Barks West tried to do when I called her out on it,

As you can see, when it becomes impossible to continue spreading the lie that Tyler Smith is a relative of Lindsay Berschauer she instead tries to shift goal posts and never acknowledges the lie, still claiming Tyler Smith is a relative such as ‘cousin’ in order for her to justify her false claims of wrongdoing.

Progressive Yamhill members do not care about the truth. What they care about is succeeding in their activism campaign to regain control over Yamhill County so they can continue to use its government to push their radical political agenda.

Claims #2: “Lindsay Berschauer Abused Her Position to Engage in Consulting”

This is based solely on Lindsay having reported that she owns a company called Leona Consulting, which in the past (before becoming elected as County Commissioner) Berschauer provided political consulting services.

When I challenged Megan Corvus about this claim, to prove that Berschauer engaged in political consulting work through Leona Consulting during her term, Megan Corvus admitted they have no evidence to support the assertion they have made against Berschauer,

Furthermore, according to an interview conducted by Newberg Dundee News in the article Fact Checking The Recall Lindsay Berschauer Group, Leon Consulting has been inactive since November 2020.

After introductions Berschauer explained that yes, she owns the business but it has not been active since Nov 2020 because, “I thought it would be completely unethical to operate the business when I’m Commissioner, obviously….”  When asked about her failure to reveal her clients: “Its because the business is idle and my client list is nobody else’s business…! And besides, every February we [elected officials] are required to report our incomes and activities from all sources including stocks. Everything is in there.” Why are you answering the Leona phone? “It’s my phone. My personal cell phone that I use for everything….”

Consequently, Progressive Yamhill members have no evidence for this accusation and have deliberately lied to voters in order to get them to sign a recall petition. If they had any evidence, they would have published it and Megan Corvus, one of the driving forces behind this recall, would have been able to provide it instead of admitting she had nothing.

Claim #3: “Lindsay Berschauer Drove Up The Cost of Newberg’s Urban Renewal Plan”

This is a claim that has been made by the activists, such as in this post,

The reality is that Commissioner’s Lindsay Berschauer and Mary Starrett voted to defer the approval of the Urban Renewal Plan to the residents of Newberg, Oregon. The “cost increase” they are referring to is the cost of the city to ask residents of Newberg to vote on the plan, an opportunity that the Progressive Yamhill controlled Newberg City Council did not provide to voters. And instead of Newberg City Council allowing residents to vote, they are removing county land from the urban reserve proposal so they can force the urban renewal through while Progressive Yamhill still has control over Newberg City Council.

The Newberg Urban Renewal Plan will be the subject of a future Advocate article where I will dissect it in detail, but the short of it is that the plan is designed to add more housing to Newberg so that the City Council can justify state approval of an expansion of the city limits to incorporate county areas beyond Providence Hospital and the airport. Basically, they will incorporate existing County farm land on the outskirts of Newberg into the housing reserve, allowing it to become developed as housing in the future.

Previously, a little over a decade ago, residents in the county area around Newberg rejected the expansion of the urban reserve area to include county area beyond the hospital. The proposed urban renewal plan efforts were killed by the then Yamhill County Board of Commissioners; however there is a way around this by getting the state of Oregon to approve a forced expansion of the area, but to do so the city must must add a great deal more high density housing within its current limits. I believe this is one of the reasons why the Progressive Yamhill controlled Newberg City Council is trying to push through rezoning measures to allow for tiny home villages and apartment complexes in historical parts of the town (such as downtown). The effects of these changes will, in my opinion, result in Newberg having significant sections of the town transform into urban ghettos over the next two decades as over-crowding continues with new construction (the newly constructed apartment complexes next to Springbrook Plaza are a prelude of what is going to occur throughout the rest of Newberg if the City Council’s urban renewal plan is permitted to continue moving forward).

There are also aspects of the urban renewal plan that I believe may provide great financial benefit to many of the people involved in Progressive Yamhill, but that is something I will discuss in greater detail in a future article on the topic.

In a nutshell, I believe this is what the current Progressive Yamhill group is attempting to do with this so-called “Urban Renewal” plan. Consequently, Commissioners Mary Starrett and Lindsay Berschauer deferring the approval of the plan to voters in Newberg (whose daily lives will be impacted by the consequences of the plan) is the correct course of action, as it will dramatically reshape the very nature of what Newberg as a city is. This is no valid grounds for a recall, and it is only because Progressive Yamhill supports the Urban Renewal Plan for Newberg that they consider this deferment grounds for a recall because they fear the voters of Newberg will reject the plan.

Claim #4: “Lindsay Berschauer Wasted Tax Payer Money Spent on the Trail Project”

This is the most important claim the recall campaigners have made against Berschauer and it is as equally false as the rest of them have been.

The reality is that Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) canceled the project after learning about deception committed by the previous Yamhill County employees who were sympathetic to the trail project.  Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) ruled against the County on several occasions after land owners opposed the construction of the trail through their property. ODOT wanted the money it had provided to Yamhill County for the project back, which Starrett and Berschauer agreed to do. This effectively killed the project.

As detailed on the website “Truth about the Trail“,  former Yamhill County Commissioners Mary SternStan Primozich and Rick Olson are responsible for the project becoming greenlit by the County without the property permitting process, and they are the individuals most responsible for its mismanagement that ultimately led to the project’s cancelation.

Mary Stern, by the way, has been a member of Progressive Yamhill since November 16, 2016, having been added by Lynette Shaw herself. This is probably why Mary Stern made a public declaration condemning Berschauer on the Save Yamhill County PAC website.

Proof of Mary Stern’s membership in Progressive Yamhill is embedded below,

At the moment, Progressive Yamhill is seeking to revive the trail project through Chehalem Parks and Recreations District, as it has one member on that board (Bart Rierson) and several other directors such as Lisa Rogers and Jim McMasters are associated with Progressive Yamhill members. Based on past CPRD meetings, the plan is to try to create an additional special district that would fall under the control of CPRD so they could inherent the trail and spend Newberg and Dundee residents money on it, instead of doing things like, for example, maintaining the already existing parks in Newberg they have been neglecting.

As an example, here are some photos from Jaquith Park that demonstrate CPRD has failed to maintain the parks already under its care while it instead spends resident’s tax money on things like the new golf course expansion for tourists, and it now entertains the idea of creating an enormous trail connecting several cities together, one that is nowhere near Newberg. Meanwhile the children who actually live in Newberg (the ones expected to grow up in all of the high density housing with no backyards that Progressive Yamhill members favor) are expected to play in parks that look like this,

Jaquith Park, when I was growing up, was the best park in Newberg. Now look at it. The ghettoization of Newberg has already begun under the governship of Progressive Yamhill.

I will be talking more about Chehalem Parks and Recreation in future articles, but I think it’s important for voters in this recall to understand how incompetent Progressive Yamhill members are when they gain public offices that are far beyond their intellectual abilities, and this is why it’s important to prevent any additional Progressive Yamhill members from gaining any further power in our cities and county. Their members do what the collective hivemind wants, and this results in cities like Newberg slowly transforming into Portland-style ghettos.

We need to get the Progressive Yamhill members who are already in power out of office and replace them with candidates who will fix the problems created by their incompetent style of public management. It is plainly clear to me Progressive Yamhill has no interest in maintaining the legacy of what previous generations have built and they are only interested in reshaping communities to align with their regressive visions, and to spend local residents’ tax money to accomplish this warped vision. They want to build new things for their novelty alone, and to serve certain political agenda. They do not care about the past legacies of our communities at all, and in fact, harbor disdain for them. This is no doubt why they have allowed Jaquith Park to fall into such disrepair, as they instead focus on new things like expanding the golf course and this absurd trail project, where the ultimate goal is build light-rail alongside it, so they can ferry Portlanders to their wineries. Using the public’s money to benefit the private interests of a select few.

Claim #5: “Lindsay Berschauer Abused Her Position In Some Way”

This is meant to sort of grab all the various accusations Progressive Yamhill have thrown at Berschauer.

There is no evidence they have ever provided for the claim Berschauer has engaged in any kind of unethical behavior or abused her authority in any capacity.

In fact, I challenged several Progressive Yamhill members, including Megan Corvus, to provide evidence for these claims. In over a week of time, they have posted NO EVIDENCE.

I think that speaks volumes about how legitimate the claims are. If there was evidence they would be able to easily post it, just as I post evidence for all the claims I make about their group.

Here is the Facebook group thread, and here is the relevant posts from it,

Despite my willingness to wait for them to provide evidence for their claims, and their members having previously spoken with such passionate certainty that there is proof for their claims, not a single Progressive Yamhill member posted any evidence in response.


I believe their silence speaks volumes about what the truth is; there is no evidence that Lindsay Berschauer has done anything to warrant a legitimate recall.

They have lied to the public to trick people into signing signature sheets to serve their personal agenda of replacing Berschauer with one of their own without having to wait for her election term to be up. That appears to be the plainly obvious truth.

In Summary

Now that you have read all of this article, I would like to say the following to every resident of Yamhill County, Oregon:

IF you vote to remove Lindsay Berschauer, you will be assisting a deceptive group of radical extremists aligned with the Indivisible movement. They want to replace Berschauer with one of their members.

That is the goal of the recall.

This is the choice the residents of Yamhill County are facing.

This is an important election. I would strongly encourage you to vote against the recall of Lindsay Berschauer, and do not provide any assistance to Progressive Yamhill and its membership they can use to further their radical agenda.

This election is not actually about Lindsay Berschauer. It’s about Progressive Yamhill. If you oppose their activities, then the obvious choice is to vote ‘No’ and prevent them from regaining control over the county board of commissioners. Their group will only disband when the voters make it clear they will no longer support their activities in this county anymore.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Dylon Chad Williams

The recall of Lindsay Berschauer came to my attention today as I read the ‘Portland Graphic’ March 9, 2022.
In the My View section a Wokecrat named Joni “crybaby” Zimmerman was brought to tears because she saw a number of “Vote No” signs in her neighborhood. The drama queen proceeded to ask herself silly questions like: How can I respect my neighbors?
How can I laugh and talk with them?
How can I think they are good & kind if they don’t support the recall?(She’s laying it on thick now)
She makes allegations of undefined bankruptcy, corruption, and discord to finish off her nonsensical diatribe.
Joni has lived in her neighborhood for 30 years and doesn’t understand that Berschauer was elected by Yamhill County voters because they like her positions on issues.

So I’m going to give Joni a little history lesson on how the County votes in Presidential elections, maybe it’ll help her through her traumatic experience.
2020 Trump Republican won
2016 Trump Republican won
2012 Romney Republican won
2008 McCain Republican won
2004 Bush Republican won
2000 Bush Republican won
1996 Dole Republican won
1992 Bush Republican won
1988 Bush Republican won
1984 Reagan Republican won
1980 Reagan Republican won(Its over 30 years now Joni)
1976 Ford Republican won
1972 Nixon Republican won
1968 Nixon Republican won
1964 Johnson Democrat won(Hey you got one? Oh wait you weren’t here)
1960 Nixon Republican won
1956 Eisenhower Republican won
1952 Eisenhower Republican won
1948 Dewey Republican won
1944 Dewey Republican won
1940 FDR Democrat won
1936 FDR Democrat won(Great Depression is on)
1932 FDR Democrat won (Great Depression is in full swing)
1928 Hoover Republican won(Check out the Minthorn House)
1924 Coolidge Republican won
1920 Harding Republican won
1916 Hughes Republican won
1912 Wilson Democrat won(Teddy Roosevelt cost Taft the win by running 3rd Party Bull Moose)
1908 Taft Republican won
1904 Teddy Roosevelt Republican won
1900 McKinley Republican won
1896 McKinley Republican won
1892 Harrison Republican won
1888 Harrison Republican won
1884 Blaine Republican won
1880 Garfield Republican won

Joni perhaps you are living in the wrong neighborhood for your extreme political views, maybe a Multnomah County neighborhood would be a better fit for your rather thin skin.
Furthermore, if you are taking advice and hanging out with Yamhill County *Democrats & Progressive Yamhill, my advice is to find some new friends because they’re “losers & suckers.”
After Lindsey and friends defeat your silly recall, you’ll be batting 0-3.

*This was a partisan response, so I would like to let Carey Martell know he’s not the kind of Democrat I’m talking about. Carey you’re doing an excellent job and I would like to thank you for the information you provide ,as well as letting me use this forum.

Dylon Chad Williams

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