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What Every Newberg Resident Should Know About Recall Brian Shannon School Board Campaign

Do you want a racist cult to take over the Newberg public school district? If you vote 'Yes' to recall Brian Shannon, that's exactly what will happen.

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All of my writing (including this article) are created of my own volition, with my own words, using my own money to fund the operation of this website.

This article will be an editorial, as I will share some of my opinions on the communications in order to provide some further context to them. All of the legal disclaimers from my previous articles apply to this article, too.

By the way,

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School board elections once were considered rather mundane affairs. Past generations have long since determined how to effectively manage school districts, and it was not terribly difficult to do so if you simply followed the models developed by past generations of school administrators.

Yet, over the past decade, public schools have become a battleground for a silent war that has been waged against America by a dissident few who believe our system of government — democracy — is unfair. They have decided to use our public education system to win election seats through a scheme to indoctrinate children into their political ideologies, so those children will vote for their political leaders, who then abuse their public positions to make decisions designed to erode the stability of our communities, and in so doing, “dismantle” America so it can be “rebuilt”.

What I have written is not hyperbole or a tin-foiled hat conspiracy theory.

I am quoting the statements of Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education, as she wrote into the private Facebook group Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) only just last month. I infiltrated the group and have written over a dozen articles exposing their schemes and agenda.

The NEEd group primarily consists of the Newberg public school district faculty, including the president and vice president of the Newberg Education Association, the local teacher’s union.

As I detailed in Part 1 of my exposure on the activities of NEEd, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, she posts into the group using the username ‘Lu Pita’,

…..Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is a powerful supporter of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC…..

…because she is one of those public officials who has secretly worked with the group, in violation of the law, ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees, as detailed in subsection of Part 1 of my investigative report, 10.8 Other Important NEEd Members Include County and State Officials.

The other important thing you need to understand about the people who post into the Newberg Equity in Education group is that they are self-admitted racists.

This is Megan Corvus, Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrat party. She is a leader in both Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill, and she is deeply involved in the organizing of the Recall Brian Shannon efforts.

Megan Corvus practices a special kind of racism called ‘Critical Race Theory’ (CRT). This special kind of racism is not the common definition of racism most people use, but its definition is still racism. All forms of racism are bad and all beliefs that encourage people to say something like, “having a racist worldview is not the problem” are also bad.

There are no good kinds of racism, and I hope the majority of the residents of Newberg understand that. Our town was founded by Quakers who opposed slavery and racial discrimination. This is our heritage as residents of Newberg, and that heritage is under attack by this racist cult that has infected our community.

And yes, I do mean “Cult”. This is not “alarmist language”, as others have tried to dismiss this characterization as. It is a movement of people who are indoctrinated using the exact same kinds of psychologically manipulative techniques as other cults, like Scientology. It requires fanatical devotion to its causes, where cult members turn over decision making to the leaders of the groups, which in the structure of its organization, is both the local leaders of the cult and the national leaders (the ones writing the books they treat as a kind of gospel).

Its unusual beliefs involve blood-debts and racism. It causes the cult members to isolate from other family and friends who will not support the cult’s ideology. It encourages extreme behaviors against those who are not members of the cult, such as harassment and intimidation, even if they are elected officials, as shown in sub-section of Part 1, 13.7 Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign.

It even causes the cult to align with other groups of different ideology that may have overlaps in goals with the cult,

Critical Race Theory is not, “politics as usual”. It’s a quasi-religious system. This is essential to understand about it. It merely tries to mask itself by using language that sounds like political theory, in the same way Scientology attempts to use the language of science to obscure what it actually is, too.

The beliefs of Critical Race Theory have many similarities to other kinds of cults that preach discrimination, and it encourages its members to form a conspiracy to engage in organized illegal activities with clear leadership roles. For this reason, I have made the argument they are also a kind of mafia, and I have called them such in my writing.

(Update: Some feedback on this, some people don’t want to accept the group is a cult, because it sounds too absurd for a cult to have taken over City of Newberg government, the teacher union and the Yamhill County Democrats party. Yet, let me ask you this: what other word in the entire English language can better describe what the group is?

And if you truly believe I am mistaken, tell me what other word in the English language can be used to describe a group whose core belief is that everyone who is “white” owes a blood debt to those who are “black” and “brown”, which must be repaid by becoming subservient to their desire to create a “black utopia”. What other word could be used to describe this? Let me know if you can think of one, because I cannot.

I am not using cult in a derogatory sense to dismiss their beliefs. I am using ‘cult’ in the actual academic sense of the word, because they are a literal cult with quasi-religious beliefs in concepts like blood debts and their goal is to create utopias and they adopt other quasi-religious symbolism, rituals and practices. Most people just do not realize it, because they obscure what they do with subversion of language, the same way Scientology attempts to make itself seem scientific. CRT tries to make itself appear academic, because it is primarily taught in seminars and college classrooms.

I have read years of their communications inside their secret groups. I know how fiercely loyal they are to the group and its ideology. CRT has become the most important thing in their lives, above everything else.

It is necessary to understand and accept that the group is a cult. You will not be able to just have a heart-to-heart conversation with the cult members and work out the issues. They have fanatical beliefs about their ideology. Some Church groups in town have already been fractured and congregations splintered because of the cult.

Logic doesn’t work either; in fact, CRT labels people trying to use logic as ‘white supremacy’. It teaches them to believe in personal stories and anecdotes that conform to the cult ideology. The only way to solve the crisis we’re facing is by removing the cult from power in our local government. – CM )

In a previous article on the Yamhill Advocate, I explained in detail the beliefs of Critical Race Theory and what actions the leaders of the cult want their members to do. You can read this in sub-section, 8.1 What Critical Race Theory Actually Is of the article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, which is the first part of my series of investigative articles exposing the group and its activities over the past few years in Yamhill County, Oregon.

To summarize that section, Critical Race Theory is a racist framework that descends from the ideologies of militant black separatist groups such as the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground. The language of CRT has been specifically designed to indoctrinate people who are “white” into believing they are racist by virtue of their birth as “white people” and that they owe a blood debt to people who are “black”(African-American) and “brown” (Native-American / Indigenous) for things such as slavery, the past actions of groups like the Ku Klux Klan, and other things that happened over half a century ago.

It is also vital to know that CRT rejects the Common Humanity approach to diversity that was advocated by civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. , that teaches to judge a person by the content of their character.

Instead, CRT advocates for the creation of a racially segregated society where people of different ethnic groups can self-govern themselves. To achieve this ultimate goal, it recruits “white allies” to help them “dismantle and rebuild” America into this kind of society, by labeling this form of segregation as “equity”. The first phase of the segregation requires “white allies” to obtain special roles in government and private companies and use the influence of these positions to push American politics toward the creation of this form of segregation. The second phase involves turning over all decision making to the “black” and “brown” leaders within their cults, who will implement their programs to dismantle and rebuild America into this kind of society. These programs involve numerous aspects of urban planning, defunding of the police and prisons to collapse our legal system, and the indoctrination of an entire generation of children into the ideologies of the cult, masquerading it as “anti-racism” and “diversity” training.

The activities of this cult of self-admitted racists are fully exposed in my previous articles, but if you have not yet read my past articles in their entirety (they are lengthy, as they reveal years of the group’s activities), please continue reading to learn what you need to know about the campaign organizers of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC and what their intentions in recalling him actually are, and how the Recall Brian Shannon PAC is involved in this plan to dismantle and rebuild America.

I have summarized much of the information I have previously written into a more concise and digestible form in this article.

I have also included new information not available in the prior articles. I have been sorting through years of documentation, piecing together the many aspects of their complex conspiracy and this article has some new details I have unearthed.

Everything here is important for you to read. If you are a Newberg resident, THIS is the article you need to read and share with everyone you know.

Why Is Newberg So Important to the Yamhill County Democrats?

Newberg is important because of the district lines.

The gerrymandering by the Oregon Democratic Party has been in the works for years and it makes Newberg-Dundee a very important area to their agenda.

If they can, as Kristen Stoller declared during a recent Yamhill County Democrats meeting,change the voting culture of Newberg” they will gain control over the entire district. I believe this is largely what is motivating the efforts to expand the city housing, so people from other locations with different politics (specifically, those who believe in CRT) can continue to move to Newberg and help change the voting cultures. Many of the local real estate agents in the city of Newberg are members of this cult.

It’s also the reason why they are indoctrinating the children into their political ideologies, so that once the students graduate and become voters they will vote in alignment with their agenda.

They need to change the voting culture to implement their racist agenda and continue to gain a strong grip on the state of Oregon to transform the state into a “utopia”, as you will see them explain later in this article.

Who Are the Organizers of Recall Brian Shannon?

Officially, the registration of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC is handled by Jef Green, a political consultant who owns the company C&E Systems. His company does a lot of work for the Oregon Democratic party and its chapters.

However, in its actual practical operations, the people who are running the day to day affairs of the recall effort, is the Yamhill County Democrat party, in cooperation with the Newberg Education Association, the teacher union, through organization in the Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill groups.

This is obvious by the evidence contained not only my prior investigative reports where you can read their private communications, but also by watching the video recording from the most recent meeting of the Yamhill County Democrats, where they admit to this over the course of the meeting.

Furthermore, as of today the Newberg Education Association teacher union filed a lawsuit against the Newberg school district and Newberg school board directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart for attempting to ban the political symbols the group holds dear from the school campuses.

(The group did not file a lawsuit against Newberg school board directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena, as they are members of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group that is involved in the racist conspiracy.)

Take notice for how the symbol the teacher union uses to make their announcement of the lawsuit has not only the pride flag colors, but it also has the Black Power fist used by militant pro-black liberation groups such as Black Panther Party and other groups that advocated for self-segregated rule (essentially, to implement a version of segregation where only African-Americans ruled over their own “race”) during the 1960s. As I explained in Part 1, sub-section 8.1 What Critical Race Theory Actually Is, Critical Race Theory is nothing more than the continuation of the ideologies of violent seditious groups like the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground from the 1960s. All they did was rebrand their ideology with slightly different language and incorporated the gay rights movement into it as a means of trying to obscure their actual goals.

Also take notice how the teacher union are taking photos of staff on school grounds for their political campaigning and encouraging members to wear political campaigning t-shirts, in violation of the law, ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees.

Pretty much everything they do these days is a violation of ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees. The teacher union has no regard for the laws and exists solely to fulfil the goals of the cult that has taken it over.

Also, as I pointed out in my article, What The ‘Better Together’ Campaign By Newberg Equity in Education Actually Means, the political campaign created by the teacher union is simply a code word for Critical Race Theory’s agenda. ‘Better Together’ is not intended to be a literal statement; it has secret meaning to the members of the racist cult, who subvert language to organize in public view while obscuring their true intentions from the uninitiated members of their cult, trying to gain political support from voters who do not fully understand what they actually intend. This is an intentionally deceptive tactic.

As I mentioned in Part 1, the activities of the teacher union are violations of numerous laws that prohibit public employees from engaging in political activism in the workplace and their capacity as public employees. This is important, as it demonstrates the group is a criminal conspiracy.

Furthermore, the group is aware that the ban on BLM flags and other politically divisive symbols is a constitutionally valid policy, as detailed in a letter from the district’s own legal counsel, as I previously reported in, Newberg School District Attorney Says Politically Divisive Flag Ban “Most Likely Will Withstand a Constitutional Challenge”.

As explained in that article, they know they cannot win the lawsuit. The lawsuit is frivolous and in my opinion, based on the communications I have reviewed, likely been filed in an attempt to further drain the funds of the school district and school board members with expensive legal fees, as a means of further intimidation and harassment. They will continue to use these kinds of tactics for as long as they are permitted to do so.

As I said before in my article, What The ‘Better Together’ Campaign By Newberg Equity in Education Actually Means, I believe the teacher’s union contract should be terminated with the district and the employees who are members of the conspiracy fired for the many outrageous things they have done, which unions are not allowed to do,

  • The teacher union is encouraging its members to violate the Hatch Act and ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees.
  • The union and its members have conspired with Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice Chair of the Oregon Department of Education, for secret backdoor communications on complaints the union members file. Her directions to them are also seditious comments discussing the ‘dismantling and rebuilding’ of America as the goal they should be working toward.
  • The union and its members have frequently violated FERPA inside the group sharing private student information,
  • The union’s activities has been proven to be directed by the Yamhill County Democrats leaders.
  • The union has been deeply involved in the intimidation and harassment of the school board directors the union is now suing, causing directors to be fired from their jobs and lose their business relationships via harassment of employers and other businesses. They have even stalked them at the churches they attend.

All of the evidence for these claims can be located in the following subsections of Part 1 my past investigative reports,

In Part 2 of my reports, these sub-sections are also relevant for the claims I have made,

Lastly, there is the recent Yamhill County Democrats meeting where it is made crystal clear by Kristen Stoller herself they have been coordinating with the teacher union to harass the school board members. Together they have organized the Recall Brian Shannon campaign and she explains the goal of these campaigns are to personally destroy school board directors who are not part of their conspiracy. Stoller also admits that they are using the schools to “change the voting culture” of Newberg via indoctrination of the children into their political ideologies.

Below, I’ve embedded the YouTube video with a time stamp link, so that you can jump straight to this section of the meeting where Stoller admits this is the goal of the group’s activities. Just click play and it will load from where Stoller starts talking. It starts at 32:18 in the time code.

I believe that all of this is more than enough evidence for the Newberg school district to dissolve the contract with the teacher union.

Unions cannot engage in any of the behavior it has engaged in; these activities are far outside the bounds of fair negotiation tactics.

It is no longer a lawfully operating labor union. It exists only to serve the agenda of the racist cult that desires to overthrow our democracy.

Who Are The Members of Recall Brian Shannon?

The real members of the recall are the members of Newberg Equity in Education and the Progressive Yamhill, which also includes all of the officers and other key members of the Yamhill County Democrat party, too.

You can download these spreadsheets to see the names of all the members,

What Is the Goal of Recall Brian Shannon?

The organizers of the campaign have claimed that the goal is to remove Brian Shannon because he is a “racist” and that his policy is “harming” children.

In reality, the organizers of the campaign are the actual racists and they are the ones who are harming the children.

In reality, Brian Shannon is trying to stop them from their exploitation of the children in the Newberg school district.

To stop the exploitation of the children requires preventing the members of the cult from continuing to use the symbols the cult uses to indoctrinate kids. These symbols include the Black Lives Matter and pride flag variations.

The cult that has taken control over the teacher union are using the teachers to indoctrinate the students into self-segregation in their activities and they are intentionally trying to turn them against their parents and others who are not part of the cult’s ideology. They are raising the children to be racists, like themselves.

Furthermore, as proven by their own secret Facebook group communications that I showed in Recall Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer PACs Exposed, the recall efforts against Brian Shannon started after the very first school board session after the new members were elected. It started right then. So, it really has little to do with the ban on BLM flags on campus. It has to do with the fact they lost control over the school board, which they previously had until the last election.

The relevant subsection I showed is, 3 Evidence of PAC Activity Prior To Filing the Proper Paperwork, which shows the dates of the registration of the domain long before the actual PAC was filed, and the section, that also shows this screenshot, 6 Indisputable Proof that the Yamhill County Democrats are the True Organizers of the Recall Campaigns, that shows they started recall efforts back in August.

The only goal of the group in the recall is to break the majority control of the school board away from the people who are not members of their cult.

They desire to regain control through the organized harassment and intimidation of Brian Shannon and other board members, with the goal of this harassment causing them to become “silent”. The cult believes if Brian Shannon is recalled it will scare the other board directors into submission to the demands of the cult, and they then will be able to appoint whoever they want to replace Brian Shannon’s seat.

The cult leaders, in their minds, believe if they can get Brian Shannon and other school board members to resign or be recalled, they will then be able to have their members who are already on the school board (Rebecca Piros, Brandy Penner and Ines Pena) appoint their fellow cult members to the board and they will once again completely control the Newberg school district again, and continue using it to indoctrinate the kids into their cult without any opposition.

And maybe they will.

If the residents of Newberg do not support Brian Shannon and allow him to be recalled, what reason is there for Dave Brown, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart to continue trying to oppose the cult?

The residents of Newberg have to show their support for Brian Shannon if you want to show the other school board members who oppose the cult that you will support them, too.

Who Do The Organizers of Recall Brian Shannon Want To Replace Him With?

The answer to this question is simple,

Tai Harden-Moore.

She is, after all, one of their queen bees of the hive. She lost the last election and it greatly upset them.

As you have seen, Tai Harden-Moore’s response to losing the election is to accuse the voters of Newberg of being too racist to vote for her. She refuses to accept that the conduct of her group during the election, which also involved stealing campaign signs, might have influenced how people voted. Her viewpoint is exactly as I accuse CRT of causing in a person; all personal failures are blamed on ethnicity and racism, and any success others have are also blamed on racism, too. It is a toxic ideology. This is not what we should be teaching children.

Yet, this is what Tai Harden-Moore does professionally. She is a professional teacher of this evil ideology,

Tai Harden-Moore’s concept of “racism” is one that can only benefit “white people”, because in the twisted beliefs of Critical Race Theory, only “whites” can be racist”. In her mind, any racial prejudice by “non-whites” is not genuine racism.

This is why when they hang up that sign in town by the flagpole claiming Newberg has “white supremacists”, they do not mean actual white supremacist groups, but instead, are calling every “white” person in town who is not a member of their group a “white supremacist”, since in their framework all “whites” are “racist”.

Basically, this sign is meant to say that any “white” person in Newberg who is not part of their group is a “white supremacist”, and that is who they are fighting against,

If you are “white”, a resident of Newberg and you are not part of their cult, they are calling YOU a “white supremacist” with this sign. That is what it is intended to say.

You can read more about Tai Harden-Moore’s unusual beliefs and her unethical activities within the secretive Facebook group in the subsection of Part 1, 13.1 Tai Harden-Moore and Her Activity Inside the NEEd Mafia.

You can also read Part 2, subsection 5.6 Proof that Newberg Mayor Rick Rogers Was Involved In The Hiring of Tai Harden-Moore and That Members of Progressive Yamhill Gain Financial Benefit From Abuse of Positions, to see how Tai Harden-Moore’s membership in the Progressive Yamhill group gave her special access to City of Newberg City Councilor Stephanie Bell Findley and Mayor Rick Rogers, which led to her hiring as a “diversity consultant” for the city and training of employees in her fringe cultish ideologies.

Tai Harden-Moore and Her Involvement in a Black Separatist Group

As many residents watched on the news last year, Portland was beset by violence as a consequence of the organized riots coordinated by various Black Lives Matter groups across America.

One of the main groups operating in our state is Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF), which recently rebranded as ‘Imagine Black’.

This is a press release the group made in June 2020, with a list of demands to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, titled PORTLAND AFRICAN AMERICAN LEADERSHIP FORUM AND UNITE OREGON STATEMENT ON PORTLAND POLICE CHIEF JAMI RESCH’S RESIGNATION.

What is actually being said here is they want to dismantle and rebuild America into a segregated society where the pro-black separatist groups can rule over other people of their ethnicity. That is what will be the result if all of these “demands” are met.

Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) / Imagine Black is part of the larger African American Leadership Forum network. It has recently changed its name to “Imagine Black” but still uses PAALF for some of its organizations.

PAALF is involved with Rose City Justice, the group that was responsible for shutting down traffic in Portland last year as part of the months-long never-ending protests involving BLM and antifa forces clashing with police and other residents of the city.

In fact, Progressive Yamhill provides funding to these groups, too.

It is obvious that PAALF is a black separatist group. They have literally created a document, which can be downloaded from the City of Portland website, that is titled, The People’s Plan. In this document they describe their beliefs, agenda and goals, which is to create a “utopia” for “black people”.

I will review the “plan” in detail in a future article, but the short summary is that it has a lot of subversive language designed to make it seem like it’s just normal advocacy, when it is actually designed to convince politicians to allow the black separatist leaders to self-govern over their “black communities”, a prelude to creating larger autonomous zones in Portland. This is what their “utopia” is.

And yes, the language is subversive. Page 122 of the document has a glossary where they reveal the special, unusual definitions they have for words and phrases used throughout the document.

Now, the reason I am talking about the PAALF and their plan for a “black utopia” is because Tai Harden-Moore helped create the damned thing,

This should not be surprising, given Tai Harden-Moore is a member of the group.

In fact, Tai Harden-Moore is a board member of it.

(Note that recently PAALF changed their name to “Imagine Black”)

Tai Harden-Moore’s training programs uses a presentation called Ally to Accomplice. Here’s an article from Diverse Education featuring her, where she writes that “white people” have to become zealots to fight racism, moving from an “ally” to an “accomplice”.

The word ‘accomplice’ in the English language has only one definition, by the way. Feel free to Google it. You’ll find this,

Which shouldn’t be shocking considering all of the unethical and illegal things the Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill groups have done.

In an effort to keep this article’s length down, I am going to be putting additional information about Tai Harden-Moore’s background and activities outside of the NEEd and Progressive Yamhill groups into a future article. You should just know that I haven’t even cracked the surface in exposing all of the things I know about her.

She is a terrible, terrible person.

What Tai Harden-Moore and Her Other Cult Members Said About Police Officer Memorial Service

However, before I end this section about Tai-Harden Moore, I do want to show some recent comments that she and several other members of her cult made in a public thread in the group Yamhill County News and Discussion Group. At the time of this posting, you can read them for yourself, as to my knowledge they didn’t delete any of them.

The comments were made in response to my publication of a press release, Requests for Mourners to Line Highway 99W to Honor Deceased Police Officer on Tuesday. The press release was for a funeral procession motorcade honoring deceased Beaverton police officer and Newberg resident, Brian Gaunt. I only learned about the press release 10 minute prior to publishing the article via an email I received, and I printed it because I understood time was running out that night to make people aware of the event.

As far as I know, Yamhill Advocate was the only publication to print the press release before the day of the event.

Many NEEd and Progressive Yamhill members were infuriated that I posted this press release, and you can read their comments for yourself,

The prior funeral event I am referring to is mentioned in Part 2, subsection, 6 Miscellaneous Hatred of Christians. When a family member complained about their organizers trying to gather Recall Lindsay Berschauer at a funeral for some of her relatives, the Progressive Yamhill group accused her of lying about it and began harassing her.

And here are the names of the people who liked their comments.

Now that you have read all of that, let me make this crystal clear to every resident of Newberg, Oregon:

IF you vote to remove Brian Shannon, Tai-Harden-Moore will almost certainly take his seat.

IF not her, one of these other people who is in the cult she leads will, and she will control their decision making.

That is the goal of the recall.

This is the choice the residents of Newberg are facing.

Newberg Residents Need To Decide

The question that residents of Newberg must ask themselves is this;

Do you want people in our city and school government who so detest our police officers that the very idea of a motorcade procession to honor one causes them to foam at the mouth and lash out at anyone who shows support?

Because that is what I did; I published a press release that no other publication did, that asked people to wave flags of support. Their response was hatred and ridicule.

You can say that I am divisive in my responses to these people, but I would rather be divisive than compliant to the demands of bullies. I will not be intimidated.

The issues at hand in our local elections are not trivial things; it is not the President of the United States, the Senators and other politicians that really dictate the culture of a community like Newberg. It is our local elections that shape these things. A seditious force has taken root in our town and it seeks to dismantle the very fabric of what makes it great.

  • If you vote to remove Brian Shannon, you are voting in favor of the activities of the people who hate our city and believe all “whites” who don’t join their fringe cult are “white supremacists”, who organize harassment and intimidation, and break so many other laws..
  • If you vote to remove Brian Shannon, you will be allowing the cult to get their way. You are saying you do not want to support people like Brian Shannon who have opposed their activities and is trying to root them out of our school, so they can no longer “change the voting culture of Newberg”, as Kristen Stoller put it in during that meeting of the Yamhill County Democrats.
  • If you vote to remover Brian Shannon, you are assisting the cult in implementing segregation into not only the Newberg public school systems, but in our local government, as the two are inter-related. The goal of controlling the school is to control our local government by indoctrinating children into the cult’s ideology so they will support their desire to create racially segregated “black utopias”.

Time is running out for the citizens of Newberg to stop the plans of the racist cult.

The cult is not just in the schools; members of the cult are in our City Hall, too.

The decisions made by Newberg City Council members who are part of the cult have resulted in rapidly increasing property values and taxes to unmanageable levels. They desire to implement even more taxes (they are, after all, betting that the property values will increase in order to borrow the money to implement the Riverfornt Master Plan) that seem to me deigned to push out long-time residents from the city. Time is running out to stop them.

You need to decide which side of this matter you are going to be on, and you need to decide quickly, while there is still time to act and stop them.

You can stand on the sidelines if you want and support no one, but in so doing, you cannot complain about what happens as a consequence of your inaction.

If the cult wins, gains complete control over the city and schools and they use their power to ruin the things you like about the city, you will be partly at fault for having done nothing to stop them.

Don’t be content to simply be upset about things and do nothing further with those feelings. Take action! You are engaged in a war for the very heart of the city and its children, even if you do nothing. You don’t get to decide if you’re in the war, because the cult has already been waging war against you. You just weren’t aware of it until now.

By doing nothing, you are choosing to let others fight your battles for you, and to possibly lose against the 2,000+ strong members of the conspiracy that seek to ruin Newberg, because they desire to rule over its ashes.

I strongly encourage the residents of the City of Newberg to provide no further support for the people who are involved in this conspiracy against Newberg and against Yamhill County.

Hold them accountable, using our system of government and our courts.

Support the brave members of your community who are willing to fight against the conspirators, and who have lost jobs and business ties for their opposition to them.

Brian Shannon was terminated from his job because of their lies and evil actions, illegally so.

Renee Powell and her husband lost business relationships, because the conspirators intimidated their business partners.

Support school board directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart in their fight against the actual racists in our city, the ones who are actually harming the children in the schools.

The conspirators, acting as a kind of mafia cult, have been successful at damaging the lives of those who stand against them.

Are you going to let them get away with this? Will you stand by, and do nothing, as they seize control over our city using fear and intimidation? That’s tyranny. As Americans, we’re supposed to fight tyranny!

Rise up, citizens of Newberg!

It is time to get deeply involved in local politics.

It is time to take back the city from a racist cult.

Don’t wait for the special election to do so.

Start right now!

What You Can Do To Stop This

These are the actions you can take:

Step 1) Reshare this article on your Facebook wall, Twitter, to your friends via email and everything else. Show this article to everyone you know in Newberg.

Step 2) You can show your support for Brian Shannon by joining his Campaign Facebook Page.

Step 3) You can join the Facebook group I have created to oppose the activities of NEEd, which I am calling Restore Excellence to Newberg-Dundee (RESET-ND). I want the removal of the bad policies that have led the NEEd cult to gain so much power and control over the city, such as the implementation of Critical Race Theory training in the schools and city hall.

We need to push the “reset” button on the policies that are causing the problems and go back to the way things worked for over a hundred years in this town, where we taught a Common Humanity approach to diversity and promoted excellence via shared American values.

Step 4) Create our own recall efforts to remove every elected official from City of Newberg council and committees, and from the Newberg School board, who is a member of this cult and supports its activities. Let’s not wait for “the next election cycle”. They are spending every day working to implement plans that cannot be easily rolled back. They must be stopped as soon as possible.

These are dark times for our city. Let’s create some light.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.
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