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George Fox University Professors Cherice Bock and Melanie Springer Mock Exposed

In this article I will provide evidence that George Fox University professors Cherice Bock and Melanie Springer Mock are supporters of the Indivisible movement and its agenda in Newberg, Oregon.

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This investigative report relies upon primary sources. Primary sources are the most reliable kind of sources to use in journalism, because they are things a person has said and admitted to doing and thinking. The act of writing your thoughts and publishing them on social media is indeed an act that can be used as a primary source. I am pointing this out at the beginning because half of this article criticizes an individual who fancies herself to be an expert in journalism, and she will no doubt protest that this article is somehow inaccurate despite showing primary sources to support the conclusions I have made about her and others mentioned in this article. This supposed ‘journalism expert’, Melanie Springer Mock, will no doubt attempt to leverage her supposed ‘expertise’ in journalism to engage in a logical fallacy called appeal to authority, claiming that because she believes she is an expert in journalism that she can simply declare this article as unreliable and it therefore should not be considered credible. I believe this because she has used that tactic in the past to attempt to discredit the Yamhill Advocate.

However, the reliability of a news article is based upon the kind of sources the article uses to support its claims. As mentioned, I use primary sources in my reporting — what people have actually said and admitted to doing. This is why the Yamhill Advocate has quickly gained a reputation as a reliable source for information, and it is the reason why you should read this article in its entirety.

In a previous article I exposed that a political cult formed in Newberg and split the Newberg Quaker community to create Wayside Friends Church, and that this group has been instrumental in the formation of the Indivisible aligned Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group responsible for the indoctrination of Newberg public school children into fringe extremist political ideologies such as Critical Race Theory.

As many people already know about the history of Marxist activism in the United States, in the 1970s, when the terrorist bombings and assassination attempt efforts of the Marxist-aligned black separatist group Weather Underground failed to bring about the desired political-social change in America, these fringe social activists shifted strategies and became inspired by the writings of Marxist writers such as Rudi Dutschke and his “long march through the institutions” tactics. This meant creating a long term strategy that encouraged their activists to take over academic institutions such as universities and use their resources to recruit more members who would be sympathetic to their causes. This organized strategy is the reason why American universities today have become over-saturated with fringe Marxist activists who control many of the boards and teach most of the classes. Over the past few years as these activists have embraced Critical race theory, it has become a major issue of discussion because the indoctrinated students now take these fringe ideas with them to the private sector, as well as to public schools when they become teachers at them, such as we have witnessed in Newberg at present.

George Fox University has built its historical reputation as a conservative Christian university. It is so conservative in its policies that it is still a ‘dry campus’ which does not even so much as allow its students to hold fraternity parties or visit local bars. Yet, George Fox University is not immune to the infiltration efforts by these fringe groups, and in fact already employs several such individuals in key positions and has for many years. As an example, one of the major leaders of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group I have been covering, Tai Harden–Moore, worked at George Fox University for several years and used the university’s network to build up her powerbase of influence in the area.

In this article I will talk more about two current George Fox University professors who I regard as being important advocates for the NEEd group on the university’s campus, to expose their activities and beliefs. It is my opinion these two professors are important chess pieces to the Indivisible movement in Yamhill County and their efforts to infiltrate George Fox University, and use its classrooms to indoctrinate young conservative students into fringe regressive ideologies such as Critical Race Theory. It is my hope this article may hinder their efforts to lure more students into their extremism.

To begin with, I will say that it is my opinion George Fox University has a serious problem with the employment of individuals as staff, especially teachers, who are very obviously unqualified for the positions they hold, as their personal beliefs are very contradictory to mainstream viewpoints of the fields they teach. If you are a current student at George Fox University who has one of these individuals mentioned in the article as your teacher, I would seriously re-consider continuing to participate in their classes. Based on the activities and statements these individuals have participated in, I believe you will not receive a quality education from them in the fields they teach. They are representatives of a fringe extremist group whose ideologies are not mainstream, and it is my understanding that they use their positions to indoctrinate students into their madness.

As an example, you will see evidence of Melanie Springer Mock, a professor of journalism at George Fox University, who advocates for censorship of any news outlets she disagrees with and who blatantly lies about people such as Newberg school board director Dave Brown, even making the outrageous statement that he controls Proud Boys followers. Mock has also spread lies about me, personally, and believes I should be arrested for my reporting.

Many of the public statements Mock says have zero evidence for them, and as someone who is supposed to be familiar with investigative journalist methodology in order to have a position to teach journalism, I believe she is violating not only the SPJ Code of Ethics by these statements she has made, but is also behaving in such an unethical and reckless manner that she ought to be fired as a professor for clearly being unqualified to teach the subject of journalism in any meaningful way. She has also claimed she has used my articles to teach lessons in her classroom, encouraging her students to disregard newspapers such as the Yamhill Advocate as mere ‘blogging’ and declared that it is not real journalism.

I cannot see how any student could ever learn to be a journalist from someone like Melanie Springer Mock; I think the only thing you can learn from her is how to be an embarrassment to your employer.

I would suggest every reader of this article to email this article’s link to the Board of Trustees at George Fox University, as they are probably the only entity that can stop the takeover of the university by the Indivisible group in Newberg.

While I am only focusing the scope of this article on two professors (Cherice Bock and Melanie Springer Mock), there are many other George Fox University employees I have identified as associated with the Indivisible movement. A full list of the identified Indivisible movement members can be found in the following spreadsheet lists,

Who is Cherice Bock?

Cherice Bock works as a professor at George Fox University in the Theology department, and from my understanding uses her position as a platform to recruit students from the university into the fringe radical extremist groups she is involved with, such as an Antifa.

In yesterday’s article about how the Indivisible group Cherice Bock is a member of, Progressive Yamhill, is responsible for the recall effort against Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer I pointed out the group provides funding and other resources to Portland based Antifa groups. The specific evidence for this is available to read by clicking here.

In my personal opinion Cherice Bock is one of the more vile members of Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education. She is also deeply involved in Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends (SCYM) and Wayside Friends Church, which is used by the groups to indoctrinate young Quakers into extremist political movements and ideologies such as Critical Race Theory. Here is a screenshot from the linked bio page on the SCYM page,

Involvement in Antifa and Other Extremist Groups

The main reason why I say that Cherice Bock is vile because she is involved with Antifa and based on communications I read from within both NEEd and PY Facebook groups, she has been one of the most aggressive pushers for the groups to adopt Antifa style protesting,

As an example, here is Cherice Bock talking about shield wall training for the flagpole protests she helped organize in downtown Newberg, although she doesn’t outright call it shield wall training. I will explain as we go through her posts why it is indeed shield wall training she was meaning,

As a reminder, the Heather Anne speaking here is this same Heather Anne who I have shown in prior articles as suggesting the NEEd group work with the Church of Satan to harass Newberg school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon last year,


Note that in the above screenshots that Cherice Bock says “de-escalation training” but then says it’s “important to stand up to white supremacists”. That sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Again, she’s not talking about actual de-escalation training. Instead, Cherice Bock is using special Antifa code words to obscure the actual intentions behind the training.

This is a video that shows an example what the so-called ‘de-escalation training’ actually is, from one of the protests Cherice Bock helped organized in Newberg. As can be seen clearly in the video, the strategy is to surround anyone who disagrees with them, crowding them. When the man tries to move away from the protestors, they follow him, going as far as to block his path and push him into the street where he is almost hit by a car. The man then defends himself by punching one of the protestors to force them to get away from him, otherwise he will be hit by oncoming traffic.

This is not what ‘de-escalation’ actually is, and they are merely claiming it is ‘de-escalation’ when it is actually intended to provoke this kind of self-defense response so the group can ‘frame’ their opponents negatively in the press, as ex-Newberg Graphic reporter Ryan Clarke did; he only talked about how the man punched a protestor, and ignored that the reason he punched was out of self-defense for having been shoved into oncoming traffic.

Furthermore, the reference to ‘Wall of moms’ made in the previous screenshot is notable for deciphering what is actually meant by the conversation within the NEEd group. ‘Wall of moms’ is in reference to the creation of a human shield wall by Antifa to attack the Portland courthouse, using a wall of women to shield protestors throwing Molotov cocktails, firecrackers and bottle rockets, and using laser pointers to permanently blind police officers attempting to protect the courthouse from becoming burned down.

I believe this kind of human shield wall formation tactics is what they were planning to do in Newberg, until I published my article and exposed them last September.

Here is another example of this planning,

The website that Cherice Bock linked to, Up in Arms, is designed to encourage people to form angry mobs to protest and counter-protest other activist groups, specifically militia groups associated with the far right. That is, the group encourages violent clashes with other citizens in the streets as a form of political protest. The Up in Arms website is also designed to encourage people to use physical violence against Immigration and Customs Enforce (ICE) immigration enforcement officers.

Like many of these Antifa groups, you must focus on the consequences of the actions people advocate for, and not what words they specifically say to describe what they are doing. These Indivisible agents are very well versed in propaganda, and teach each other how to frame their words to obscure their actual intentions, as shown in this part of that “guide” from the Up in Arms website Cherice Bock linked to, that discusses how to ‘event frame’,

Framing is a propaganda technique. If they really intend to be peaceful, why must they specifically say marketing materials must be framed to appear peaceful?

Here are some additional quotes from Cherice Bock from inside the groups,

Here is yet another thread where she admits her connection to Antifa when I publicly called her out on it,

From my research the main Antifa group which Cherice Bock is associated with is Portland (PDX) Interfaith Clergy Resistance, whose members notably donned combat helmets during Antifa’s 2020 attack on the Portland federal courthouse. Apparently they felt this was okay to do though, because they made sure to write “Clergy” on the back of their helmets with duck taped labels. I believe this group is another of these “event framers” who, much like the “Wall of moms” group, attempts to subvert pre-existing ideas and symbolism (such as clergy being peaceful) and use it to push for violence and extremism,

But don’t be fooled. If they are genuinely peaceful, why the combat helmets? It’s obviously because they expect to be involved in violent confrontations. Genuinely peaceful protestors do not go in search of violent confrontations and dress in a militant fashion.

Here are some examples of Cherice’s association with this Antifa group,

Here is her admitting she participates in their “protests”,

I was able to locate a photo of Cherice participating in “protests” with this group, too.

That is her on the left, in the purple jacket. While her back is turned to the camera, it is very obviously her. Here is another photo of Cherice Bock from a few months later, so you can see her hair and body shape match,

And here is the proof that this fake “clergy network” is actually just a cover for Antifa activities. This is a tweet made by the PDX Interfaith Clergy Resistance account that encourages people to not call the police and instead contact Rose City Antifa to report “hate crimes”, no doubt so that Antifa members can deliver vigilante style “social justice” to those accused.

No courts, no laws. Just angry psychos taking matters into their own hands to attack people in the streets and smash the windows of private residences and businesses. That is what PDX Interfaith Clergy Resistance is actually about.

Rose City Antifa is, obviously, an Antifa group; one that has engaged in extremely violent attacks on residents of Portland. This is something Rose City Antifa admits on its own website,

Here is a YouTube video of Rose City Antifa members attacking people in the streets of Portland.

Here is another.

And here is another,

I suppose it is also worth mentioning that Cherice Bock is involved with several other extremist groups as well, not just Antifa. These groups are radical “climate change” environmentalist activists. There are several social media posts she has made over the years that show she has traveled to other states to participate in these groups that form encampments to protest oil companies from constructing new pipelines.

One of these groups is Divest Oregon, which is lobbying for Democrats in the Oregon state government to cease state employee retirement fund investments into all fossil fuel companies,

So, Cherice Bock is yet another of these radical extremists who has leveraged the reputation of George Fox University to build a network she can use as a platform for her fringe political beliefs.

Feigns Victimhood When Challenged About Her Beliefs

You should also know that when Cherice Bock is confronted about her extremist viewpoints, or even just merely disagreed with, she has a strong tendency to feign victimhood, usually in an extremely childish way. One of her most used lines is to claim the other person is not treating her like a “human”, as shown in this example from an exchange I had with her in a public Facebook group,

As evident by this exchange, somehow this “professor” is incapable of defending her viewpoints using an evidence based methodology. Her only tactic is to attempt to shut down the discussion using logical fallacies such as ad hominem, accusing those who disagree with her as not treating her like a “human”, in an effort to portray those who disagree with her as bullies.

This is the sort of tactic used by very young children who have not yet learned critical thinking skills, and it is embarrassing to see in someone who is a professor at George Fox University.

Expressing Disdain for Conservative Values and American Industry

Cherice Bock also makes it plainly evident she harbors disdain for America and our democracy, such as in this comment she left on a post by her fellow PY member Beth McDonough Woolsey (who is also involved in Wayside Friends),

I honestly do not understand why someone with the personality of Cherice Bock is employed as a professor at George Fox University, which markets itself to conservative students. She has no conservative values whatsoever and has open disdain for anyone who regards themselves as conservative.

As an example, here is a thread from within Progressive Yamhill where Cherice Bock bragged about harassing a flag vendor selling out of the Fred Meyer parking lot, because he dared to sell Trump 2020 Campaign flags,

From Cherice Bock’s Twitter feed we can also see more examples of her insanity. She apparently believes living in Newberg, Oregon and having the comfortable job of a professor means she is living in a “apocalyptic hellscape”,

Here are some additional posts Cherice Bock has made that reveal she is a radical and involved with Antifa groups, and uses her reputation as a George Fox University professor to spread their propaganda,

This last tweet I will share is rather notable, because based on posts from within the NEEd group, Cherice bock is the one behind the “Newberg hates white supremacists” accounts that falsely claim Newberg has groups of white supremacists, so this is an example of her astroturfing.

I don’t know how George Fox University expects to maintain a reputation as a destination for conservative Christian students with professors like Cherice Bock employed at it.

Who is Melanie Springer Mock?

Melanie Springer Mock is employed as an English teacher at George Fox University. By her own admittance she also teaches journalism at the university. She also apparently writes Christian romance fiction, although given her very negative comments about Christianity (you’ll see) it’s questionable whether it’s genuinely Christian or not.

She doesn’t appear to be a member of the Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education Facebook groups at the time that I had infiltrated them last August, but as you will read in her public posts, she is aligned with their agendas.

(Update: Looking closer, she actually was and I had overlooked her in my screenshots. Here is the proof that she is a member of NEEd


Here is her bio page from the George Fox University website,

Melanie Springer Mock is married to Ron Mock, a professor of politics at George Fox University who is also a director of its so-called ‘Civility Project’, which he claims is to help stop conflict in political discourse as he believes it is not presently respectful enough. However, I think based on some of his tweets the actual motivation was to create more “ideological diversity” on the George Fox University campus, which I believe is just code phrasing to give equal credibility to the fringe beliefs he and his wife advocate,

And what do I mean by fringe? Well, he has a problem with using “gendered pronouns” to refer to the Christian God,

You should keep this in mind as you read the statements of his wife in this article.

Ron Mock is also a former Newberg school board director who lost to Trevor DeHart in the 2021 election, and served on the planning commission of Dundee from 2001 until 2013. Melanie Springer Mock’s husband losing his school board seat appears to me to have greatly colored her viewpoints on the Newberg School Saga.

The important takeaway here is that despite Melanie Springer Mock’s biography page presenting her as a reputable and professional teacher, I don’t believe that she is. I think she is instead a nutcase who harbors an open disdain for Christians, and the majority of the residents in Newberg, as well as believes in censorship of any news outlets who do not agree with her personal world views. I believe she is yet another one of these Wayside Friends people who have adopted Critical Race Theory as her actual religion, as I have mentioned in prior articles discussing that group.

These are extraordinary claims, and I have the proof for these claims I have made about her. Let’s dig into it, using the following primary sources — her own public statements.

As I said at the beginning of this article, primary sources are the most reliable because they are things a person has said and admitted to thinking.

Advocating for Censorship of Journalists Who Disagree With Her

Here is an example from a Facebook group thread where Melanie Springer Mock claimed that the Yamhill Advocate is not a legitimate newspaper and does not deserve “protections” afforded to journalists.

Please note that in the United States, journalists are not afforded any additional legal protections that the average citizen does not possess. The fact Melanie Springer Mock does not understand this implies her depth of knowledge about the field of journalism is rather shallow.

The article I linked to in my reply to her is U.S. Court: Bloggers are Journalists by The Atlantic. Here is a quote from it,

I mentioned in the above screenshots that Melanie Sprnger Mock made her Facebook profile banner the ‘Better Together’ banner. Here is proof for that.

As readers of the Advocate may note, in a previous article I explained how this ‘Better Together’ campaign was created by Newberg Equity in Education as a way to skirt under the rules of the Newberg school board policy to prohibit the display of political symbols.

For some additional proof that Melanie Springer Mock advocates for the censorship of any journalists that she disagrees with simply because they post stories she does not like, here are some posts from her Twitter account,

Look closely at that last tweet of hers I have shown above, where she blatantly lies, accusing me of threatening and intimidating school employees because I have dared to publish the truth about their political activism. She once again has refused to acknowledge that I am a journalist, instead referring to me as a “blogger”.

Bear in mind that Melanie Springer Mock teaches “journalism” at George Fox University. It is outlandish that someone who is teaching journalism would use my articles in her classroom as materials in her lesson plan to push her personal politics onto the students, especially as my articles cover events she is so personally deeply involved in. I believe her sole motivation in doing this is because she does not like that her friends have been publicly exposed by my articles.

Any students of Mock (and any parents paying for their tuition) should ask themselves why is George Fox University employing her to teach journalism when she is clearly biased against independent journalists who don’t agree with her, and uses her classroom to spread her propaganda? If this is the kind of thing she says on her Twitter account, one can only imagine what other kind of warped nonsense she is teaching in her classes. It’s clearly not an objective overview of how journalism is conducted, that much is certain.

And that “friend” of hers she is defending, Elaine Koskela, openly advocates for government censorship of any journalists she does not agree with. The company Mock keeps speaks volumes about her.

Just for the record, the news story that claimed Fox News was banned in the UK was a fake news story. Fox News has not been banned in the UK.

As per the Associated Press,

This is an excellent example of why Melanie Springer Mock is too incompetent to teach journalism at the university level.

Melanie Springer Mock is so incompetent at journalism that she cannot identify credible news sources, and appears to judge credibility solely based on how much the stories appeal to her personal political viewpoints.

I have posted below the entire Twitter feed thread featuring the comments I showed before, with some additional posts made by Elaine Koskela (who works at Newberg public school district, and is the wife of Gregg Koskela, both fellow Wayside church members, too),

I will also mention here that another George Fox University employee, Paula Hampton, an Administrative Assistant at George Fox University, liked Melanie Springer Mock’s post supporting censorship of news outlets she doesn’t like.

Which isn’t surprising given that Paula Hampton also believes people who are supporters of the Republican party should all be arrested,

Paula Hampton is, however, not that important to the scope of this article. Let’s get back to a focus on Melanie Springer Mock.

Examples of Melanie Springer Mock That Prove She is a Pathological Liar

Melanie Springer Mock has also made false accusations about me, personally. She wants me arrested for my opinions and reporting, arguing I am a danger to the community. Here she is retweeting posts from a fake account (MareyCartell) which the NEEd group runs to troll me.

It’s interesting how they selectively edit my statements, cutting parts of them off in order to misrepresent the facts. The original article with that statement is here. And no, I don’t care what happens to child groomers when they are discovered. I don’t care if they lose their friendships, their business and go to jail. I don’t care. These Indivisible members have frequently claimed I am ruining their lives by reporting the truth about them, and I plainly do not care about the social impact of the truth becoming widely known. And neither should anyone else. If you sow evil, you reap evil.

Here are some more cases of Melanie Springer Mock blatantly lying about the Newberg school board recall, spreading propaganda aligned with Progressive Yamhill,

This last one is particularly disturbing, since there is zero evidence Dave Brown has any association with Proud Boys. Melanie Springer Mock is blatantly lying.

Here is another very relevant tweet from her, where she thinks Kyle Rittenhouse should have been found guilty of murder for what was obvious to everyone who watched the court case to be a situation of self defense against an armed Antifa member who was pointing his gun at Rittenhouse.

I have no idea why someone like this is a professor of journalism at George Fox University, or why she is even employed at all by it, since it markets itself to conservatives.

I would ask for a refund if I was a student forced to attend her classes, because she clearly has no idea what journalism is about if she is retweeting accounts calling for me to be jailed as a “danger to the community” for my reporting of facts just because she does not like the spotlight on her and her ally-accomplices.

Melanie Springer Mock Displaying Hostility to Christianity

I have several examples of cases where Melanie Springer Mock is more than happy to throw followers of the Christian faith under the bus in order to try to win an ideological debate on the internet.

In a previous article I pointed out how Kristen Stoller and other Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) members have, in my opinion, groomed children via the schools and other facilities, such as Stoller’s dance academies. I posted the link to this article onto various Facebook groups, and many of the people involved with NEEd came to Stoller’s defense

Melanie Springer Mock is one of these people who defended Kristen Stoller. Mock, for some inexplicable reason, decided to make the disturbing counter-argument that it is somehow okay what Stoller is doing because some Christian church leaders have in the past exploited children. Her thought process is not altogether coherent and it is very disorganized, as you can read below.

Here is another example.

In this post Melanie Springer Mock compares a racially segregated student group in the Newberg public schools that has been created by NEEd, to another Christian student association that allows all students to participate regardless of ethnicity.

Lastly, I must mention that Progressive Yamhill members have created several troll accounts that pretend to be me on Twitter. I know they are responsible for it, because PY members constantly re-share the tweets these accounts make and are clearly visible as followers to these fake accounts.

I am bringing this up because Melanie Springer Mock has ‘liked’ posts made by it,

And here is proof of the account pretending to be me in order to deceive a campaign volunteer for Republican primary candidate Marc Thielman,

These are just a few of the many social media posts I have from publicly made statements by Melanie Springer Mock that demonstrate why she is unfit to be a professor at George Fox University, or really, anywhere, as it relates to the field of journalism. And probably the English language, too. It seems clear that she is primarily interested in promoting her fringe ideological beliefs and has used the university’s reputation as a platform for her nonsense, assisting her with getting more attention to these ideas than they would ever warrant.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, these are only two of the professors I have identified who are publicly admitted supporters of the agenda of Indivisible aligned Newberg Equity in Education / Progressive Yamhill group. It is my opinion that George Fox University has a serious problem on its hands if it desires to continue marketing itself as a conservative Christian university, because the employment of individuals such as Cherice Bock and Melanie Springer Mock is empowering people who use the university as a platform to elevate their fringe ideologies and causes. They also influence students who must take their classes in order to earn their degrees, and in the case of Melanie Springer Mock, it is clear she has opinions about the field of journalism that are not mainstream and indeed undermine the democratic process of the United States, as she believes journalists who report facts she does not like should be banned and jailed.

I would publicly ask the university’s Board of Trustees to involve themselves more closely in the affairs of the university, because it seems clear to me that George Fox University is becoming swept up in fringe activism on their watch.


Since publishing this article, Progressive Yamhill members have decided to congratulate Cherice Bock and Melanie Springer Mock for having become the subject of this article. I thought that normal, sane people might be interested in witnessing firsthand how Progressive Yamhill members behave when they are exposed.

The following are screenshots of their comments from the Yamhill County News and Discussion Facebook group,

I’m going to pause here for a moment, so you can see why Mock is indeed a liar. By her own admittance on her personal blog, she does write Christian romance.

The problem with people such as Mock who are pathological liars is they have a strong urge to lie about things that they have admitted to in the past when they feel pressured by the weight of the truth. The lie doesn’t even have to make any sense to what they are being accused of, because the lying is a coping mechanism to deal with the stress they feel. That’s why it’s called pathological lying; it’s a compulsion as part of a mental illness.

Continuing on,

Also there is a continuation to the Twitter thread where Elaine claimed I was a danger to the community and suggested I should be banned and arrested,

This is what they do when they have been exposed. They feign victimhood and lie about people in an effort to try to discredit them. And they will continue to abuse the positions of influence and power they possess so long as institutions such as George Fox University permit them to do so, and so long as voters do not remove the Progressive Yamhill associated elected officials using recalls.

Don’t be content to only know the truth. Take meaningful action. Don’t allow a fringe group of radical nutcases to continue to terrorize our communities. They can’t bully everybody and they cannot bully me.

The reporting shall continue.

Cherice Bock also had this exchange with me over Facebook,

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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A couple things… I didn’t read this entire article, way too long. It’s very hateful and honestly bizarre that you would take SO much time stalking people online and publicly shame them like this. Seriously who does this? However, I do completely agree with you about the agenda of liberal professors at GFU. For being a “conservative” Christian college, they sure have a lot of far left professors who literally do not care about Christian morals/values. I graduated from Fox in 2013. I went from a conservative Christian kid to a raging liberal who nearly lost her faith. Because of my professors at Fox and what they taught me, I made God into who I wanted Him to be rather than who He is. Biblically, homosexuality and transgenderism are clearly not okay. And yet I had many professors say they were perfectly fine, they should be accepted and celebrated! Gender is only a social construct, I was taught. These professors clearly do not actually read scripture. There is no way they do because what they teach and believe does NOT line up with God’s Word! After graduation, I can’t even tell you how many of my peers came out as gay. Why do you think that is?! They were totally indoctrinated… at a “Christian” university! I’m addition to that, out of everyone I knew in college, very VERY few of them are still Christians. Nearly everyone I know from school walked away from their faith. It is very sad. Thankfully my raging liberal phase didn’t last long after graduation. I started actually reading the Bible and listening to sermons. But, 21 year old GFU junior me would’ve totally been down there at antifa and BLM protests. So, while I think you are a jerk for publicly embarrassing these women and there was no need for that, I do agree that GFU has some hidden agenda or something, or they at least need to be smarter about who they hire.

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