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Exposing The Supporters of Kristen Stoller

Part Two of the Yamhill Advocate's exposé of Newberg Equity in Education leader Kristen Stoller and the grooming of children for political gain by her fringe cult.

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These are some of the responses to the article, Kristen Stoller Threatens to Sue Yamhill Advocate For Exposing Her, But Here’s The Truth.

The highlighted comments I will show are by supporters of Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill, along with some information about the individuals, so that residents can learn who in our community is supporting the grooming of children.

To be clear, these are people who read an article that showed evidence for the following things:

The individuals featured in this article you are about to read are replying to my article showing all of the above things and they still decided to defend her.

The claims I have made are 100% true, because the claims are literally quoting what she and they have said publicly.

So, let me make this crystal clear to everyone

If a person supports child grooming in any capacity, such as by defending Kristen Stoller’s actions, helping her fundraise for her events designed to exploit minors, and other participation in anything that benefits her goals to change the voting “culture” of Newberg via exploitation of children by introducing them to fringe sexual fetishes, then they will be exposed by the Yamhill Advocate.


And I don’t care what happens to them as a consequence of their exposure. Whatever happens to them, they deserve, because they are doing evil.

This is not about a person’s right to marry, have a sexual orientation or whatever they attempt to distract with. We are not talking about the decisions made by adults in their own personal lives and which only impacts themselves.

I am not a politically conservative person; I am a moderate. I don’t have issues with the legality of gay marriage or homosexuality, and although I may disagree with it, if an adult wishes to modify their body they have a legal right to do it. That is not the issue here.

What I have a problem with is a group of adults thrusting their nonsense onto children because those adults see the children as an asset to exploit for their own ends.

This is about the exploitation of children solely because a fringe group of evil people believe they will gain more political and financial power in a small rural community via the exploitation of children, primarily those of other families whose children are being subject to this exploitation often without those families being aware.

Many are betraying the trust of children to gain social clout with their friends in the NEEd cult. This will ruin those children’s lives.

I hope law enforcement and other activist groups investigate all of them, thoroughly.

As far as I am concerned any child anywhere near this group and its membership is in danger.

The downloadable spreadsheets for members of Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill can be obtained by clicking here. Many of the people mentioned in this article here are members of one or both groups, although it should be noted they have gained around 100 additional members since the creation of this list. I have not yet updated it.

(Edit: As some of the people included in this list have made erroneous claims that it is somehow illegal for a newspaper to republish their own publicly made statements and information, I direct you to the legal disclaimers clause of my original investigative report about many of these individuals from last year.

Facebook posts, being a social media platform, is not private information and per United States v. Meregildo, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when you use it to communicate with others. Anything you publish on it is public information — even that which you publish in so-called “private” Facebook groups.

Furthermore, ORS 31.150 Special motion to strike is the state’s anti-SLAPP law, which prevents Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. The Yamhill Advocate is a newspaper that has provided detailed investigations into an organized group of people who have done and said the things showcased in these screenshots, as well as other articles on the Advocate.

Oregon case law is clear that you cannot use lawsuits to censor a news outlets right to freedom of speech when reporting on individuals and events of the public interest, and your images can be reproduced (Mullen v. Meredith Corporation, 271 Or App 698, 353 P3d 598 (2015) )

This article is of the public interest and consequently protected speech.)

Erin McCarthy

As a reminder, this is the same Erin McCarthy who has erected huge BLM and trans-racial pride flags on her property in view of the Newberg High School and is the subject of a past article.

Tiffany Olea

By the way, here is a comment from a thread where Tiffany Olea encourages a father looking for a counselor for his troubled daughter to go to the Youth Outreach center and the Community Wellness Collective, which as i previously showed in the article about Stoller, is being used by her group to indoctrinate children.

These people are insidious.

I’m not stalking you. I am exposing you to the light of day, because your neighbors deserve to know what kind of evil you defend and what groups in town causing harm you are loyal to.

Tai Harden-Moore

Yes, the same Tai Harden-Moore as my past articles have discussed.

She is also currently running for Yamhill County Commissioner, so she says, anyway. More on that in a future article.

Jay Wolf

As a note, this is the same Jay Wolf I called out for being a traitor (he is a veteran of the Coast Guard), because he has actively participated in threads where his fellow NEEd members discussed dismantling America. The evidence is available to read by clicking here.

You are a traitor Jay Wolf, and flagging my posts to Facebook admins as “bullying” for calling you as such won’t change this.

Willow Muhr

(Apparently, people should only do business with people of their own faith? This is such a stupid thing to say. Most businesses in America are owned by Christians. Is she suggesting I should boycott them because of people’s faith? That is inconsistent with American values, in my opinion. )

Morgan FossBurger

Carla Tindle Thaler

Bart Rierson

Kim Kent

Mickey Anderson

Ally Webb

Mikey Caruso


Kymberly Brand

Nathan Zahm

Rachel Batchelor

Jennifer Koertzen

Samantha Orion Lange

As a note, they have not existed for “thousands of years” despite what Wikipedia claims.

Transgenderism is a specific theory that is extremely modern, as are its procedures for “gender transition”.

What has existed in the past and is often claimed to also be transgenderism are various forms of male prostitution that involves cross-dressing.

This is not the same thing as transgenderism at all, and it is only due to propaganda by activists seeking to have their mental illness become accepted that the truth has been distorted.

Samantha Wikstrom

Nicole Chamberlin

This is a nonsensical argument; there is no proof that they survived persecution by “hiding in the closet”. Historically, gender nonconformists were usually always involved in prostitutions and frequently forced into the positions due to their social / economic status, such as being slaves. Those who engaged in crossdressing willingly obviously did so in the privacy of their own homes, because that is how sexual fetishes historically have worked because it was socially unacceptable to display sexual behavior in public until recent far left activists started encroaching on this.

Amanda Renée Pullen Zimmerman

For context, she has called me “Cracker Jack” and “Borat” several times in the past.

And what kind of “professional” advice does she give?

Well, she posts nonsense like this,

That, is a lie. There is no evidence for that claim at all. It’s propaganda.

Seems safe to assume this is her message to kids she comes into contact with; to practice unhealthy eating habits, get an abortion, reject traditional gender roles, and coddle people’s mental illness and delusions instead of encouraging them to get real help to overcome the illness.

Lindsey Palmer Rutten

William Webb Thomas

By the way, this is something he said about Dave Brown inside the NEEd group back in July,

Beth Rankin

Heather McDuffee Birtcher

Nick Banta

Nick Banta has had past interactions with me on social media as well. Here are some of them.

(Note: This is the post from him I embedded


Nick Banta has also posted this about me, obviously because he is upset that he has been exposed,

No threat has been made by me against him or anyone else. What I have done is explain that anyone who defends the activities of Kristen Stoller and her associates that are designed to exploit children will be exposed by the Advocate, and that I do not care what happens to them as a result. Because I don’t.

The Advocate does not encourage violence and I am not responsible for the actions of other people. The consequences I am referring to are, obviously, social ones.

None of this is also voter intimidation, because it has nothing to do with how he votes.

Banta is just upset that his efforts to gaslight people are not being as successful as he wishes and so now he thinks he can try to encourage people to waste their money filing SLAPP lawsuits against the Yamhill Advocate for exposing him and his associates.

Kristen Findley

Just as an aside, I think it’s pretty revealing that she used a photo of her grand child again as a tool to push her nonsense.

Contrary to her claims, the Yamhill Advocate censors photos of minors and their identities as much as possible.

No. Another attempt to shift blame from the actual people at fault, and instead turn it on those who call them out on what they are doing wrong.

I’m not the one exploiting children. I’m exposing the ones who are.

This article will be updated with additional information as it is discovered.


Matt Perry

For the record, I am not. Matt Perry is the one associated with the child groomers. And he frequently makes this false claim about me, despite the fact I have no criminal record for anything except a dismissed charge for having an expired driver license, as I explained in detail in a previous article addressing Matt Perry’s slander.

His goal in his slander is purely to discredit the reporting of the Yamhill Advocate.

Nathan Roberts

Cherice Bock

I have mentioned Cherice Bock in several prior articles. She is one of the individuals responsible for the splintering of the Newberg Friends community and is deeply involved in Wayside Friends Church, which is used by Progressive Yamhill to convert Quakers into critical race theory zealots for their agenda.

Cherice Bock also attempted to train members of Newberg Equity in Education in what she referred to as “de-escalation techniques” but actually meant riot tactics involving shield walls.

She works as a professor at George Fox University.

Full post

I want you to really dissect what Cherice Bock is claiming, because she is lying about the NEEd group’s organized efforts to get School Board Directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Trevor DeHart and Brian Shanon fired from their jobs, lose business relationships and harass them at church.

They even plotted to break up Brian Shannon’s marriage as a way to harass him, because they believed it would force him to need to move out of his district.

Cherice Bock is a liar. Even her fellow cult member Tiffany Olea admits they harassed the school board directors, although she tries to spin it as the fault of the school board directors. She is blaming their victims for the evil they do.

Tiffany Olea is a liar. Dave Brown and co. had not made ANY votes on the school board flag policy when they began harassing them! Their goal was to intimidate them into not voting for the policy. The evidence is clear about this.

Fortunately, they have been called out by others on their lies,

Cherice Bock believes because she is a human that permits her to get away with anything. In reality, she, like all the others, are responsible for the decisions they make and she chose to participate in an evil group of people to do evil things to other people who are also humans.

How is she still a professor at George Fox University despite having such clear and self-admitted ties to this evil, is what I’d like to know.

Here is another thread where she defends Kristen Stoller and her group’s actions, because Cherice Bock is a member of both PY and NEEd,

Remember, the thread in which Cherice Bock claimed she was going to teach “de-escalation tactics” was about how to form shield walls to respond to “Proud Boys” at their flagpole rallies. That’s not de-escalation, that’s escalation.

She and I have had a public argument about this before as well,

As you can see, she admits to her Antifa ties by saying “I can’t imagine someone not being against fascism”.

Cherice Bock, a professor at George Fox University, is an admitted part of Antifa. Just let that sink in for you.

She’s just mad that she her attempt to use Orwellian doublespeak was pointed out. Just like she is an actual racist person and not an “anti-racist”, she is a very involved in Antifa crap

Here is some of her Twitter feed showing her reshare her friends feeds from Antifa rallies in Portland,

Here is another comment of hers from inside the PY group, where Cherice Bock claims anyone who counter-protests or protests against what she believes in is automatically not peaceful and should be viewed as a “direct attack”

Here is a retweet Cherice Bock made of a petition to get Portland Police banned from using tear gas against her Antifa buddies while they attacked the federal courthouse last year with Molotov cocktails and tried to permanently blind police officers with laser pointers, spread by an Antifa group she is a member of that masquerades as a religious organization,

I don’t want to reveal too much of my hand just yet about this Antifa stuff and PY though, and how much I know about their connections. So I’ll leave it at that for now.

I have a future article I have been building up that will show the close ties of Progressive Yamhill to Antifa groups. Expect to see that published once I believe I have identified all of them.

Jeff Musall

He is also on the Newberg City Planning Commission.

Robert Soppe

Former Newberg City Councilor Robert Soppe.

Ryan Howard

Newberg based attorney involved with City of Newberg, is a member of the Historic Preservation Committee.

Ryan Howard is also an active and involved member of NEEd and Progressive Yamhill. He is a registered agent for several of the businesses and nonprofits I have reported on in prior articles, including the Community Wellness Collective.

Ryan Howard knows full well that the group he is involved with, Progressive Yamhill, have made a concerted effort to take over groups and form new ones with the objective of gaining political power, as well as financial benefit, via the influence wielded through these groups.

And if anyone is not aligned with their political idealogy, they harass them relentlessly. It’s no wonder they drive other people out of those community groups.

As an example, Progressive Yamhill went as far as harassing a Chick Fil-A food truck. That’s the kind of psychos they are.

That right there is Ryan Howard defending his cult’s harassment of elected officials to get them fired from their jobs because they wanted to discuss a policy. They hadn’t even voted on anything yet when the harassment began. And Ryan Howard knows this because he is an active member of the group that organized the harassment.

Update: Ryan Howard has falsely accused me of “doxxing” him. The truth is everything is publicly available information he put onto the internet for the entire world to see.

Now he regrets his poor choices, and wishes to blame me for his poor judgement. I have no idea why anyone would hire this guy as an attorney. When he screws up, he’s likely to blame you for it!

Ellen Bilodeau

Windy Gormand

Windy Gormand is the rural mail delivery person for the United States Postal Service. That is, she delivers the mail to rural areas outside of Newberg.

Now after seeing Windy Gormand defend Kristen Stoller, I want you to read these comments posted by Tiffany Olea, where she brags about how a postal worker has been removing mail from Newberg residents mailboxes if it is not aligned with the group’s political agenda; specifically the postcards advertising the Yamhill Advocate,

Food for thought.

Beth Woolsey

This one is special.

Beth Woolsey had the genius idea to actually publish an entire blog article about me, with a bunch of nonsense in it, none of which has any evidence for the claims.

The reality is that Beth Woolsey is one of admins for Newberg Equity in Education, and also one of the leaders. She is the one who wrote the mission statement that clearly shows the group was formed to push Critical Race Theory into the Newberg school system.

Again, Beth Woolsey is the moderator of a Facebook group used to coordinate the NEEd group’s organized efforts to get School Board Directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Trevor DeHart and Brian Shanon fired from their jobs, lose business relationships and harass them at church.

So she is yet another liar as well, and she supports what the cult is doing to the kids in Newberg, Oregon.

Yes, I was on a public video stream organized by Free Oregon, which per its website, “is a registered non-partisan 501c4 public benefit working to defend and advance Civil Rights in Oregon. We represent those harmed by indefinite state imposed restrictions on small businesses, schools and individual rights. We champion measures and candidates that support social freedom, free and fair markets, freedom of speech, medical choice and public safety.”

Contrary to Beth’s claims, Free Oregon is not an extremist group; it funds lawsuits and holds rallies to build awareness of social issues, mostly to defend Oregonian rights against outside interest groups.

The reason Beth Woolsey disliked it is because she thought her group could steamroll over the local residents of Newberg and Dundee with outside help from Hollywood millionaires, and that isn’t happening because people who actually live in Oregon are coming to the aid of Newberg school children to oppose the school board recall. She is upset because my reporting has shined a spotlight on her group’s activities.

Again, Beth Woolsey is a liar. Here she is lying right now,

And here is what she actually wrote in the NEEd group mission statement, that shows she is blatantly lying.

As you can clearly see by her own post, not only was NEEd formed to indoctrinate children with CRT in the Newberg Public Schools (NPS) but it was also formed with the intention to file a recall against Dave and Brian Shannon.

They have been preparing for this since July 2020.

The only purpose in having NPS adopt CRT is for CRT to govern the school, all of its policies and its curriculum.

Beth Woolsey is a liar, and you should not believe nothing she says.

Allie Peak

Jordan Marie

Apparently, this Jordan Marie, who lives in McMinnville, Oregon, also coaches youth sports.

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Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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