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Truth Revealed: Recall Dave Brown Organizers Are A Radical Extremist Group in Newberg, Oregon

The organizers of Recall Dave Brown have been running deceptive TV ads. They are lying to the residents of Newberg. This article reveals the truth about who they are and what they want to do in Newberg, Oregon.

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This article is about the ongoing saga taking place in Newberg, Oregon, a literal battle for the soul of the city against an insidious group of people who are trying to exploit children for their own political ends, and lying to residents so they will support their efforts to recall Newberg School District Board Chair Dave Brown and his fellow School Board Director Brian Shannon.

An effort that, if residents knew the truth, they would not support.

This article is going to list several facts — indisputable facts — which other local media outlets are not reporting. One of these facts will explain to you the reason why the other media outlets are not reporting these facts to the residents of Newberg.

The organizers of Recall Brian Shannon campaign have now started yet another campaign to recall Dave Brown, the Newberg school board chair. As part of their campaign they have published an assortment of lies, all of which I will expose in this article that uses their own communications to demonstrate they are lying and reveal their actual motivations and agenda.

The organizers of these recall campaigns are hoping that you will not read my articles, because they do not want you to know the truth. But you deserve to know the truth.

After reading this article, I suggest you re-share it on social media and via email, immediately.

What Is Happening In Newberg, The Short Explanation of the Timeline of Events

Some people are still not aware of what is happening politically in Newberg right now, so I’ve written this as a short summarized version of events (evidence for all claims shown later in this article).

Extremist Groups in Newberg That Have Existed For Years Took Over the Schools

(Note: The following is an incredibly condensed paraphrasing of the contents of my very lengthy (4-6 hours long read) expose article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders.

You don’t have to read it to understand this current article about Recall Dave Brown, I’ll explain the important parts as we go)

The first thing you need to know is that there is a group called Newberg Equity in Education (that uses the acronym NEEd) that operates a secret Facebook group of the same name. The group consists of nearly 700 people, almost all of whom are members of the Newberg teacher union, Newberg Education Association, but also includes other people who are either parents or have some involvement in local politics.

Until the last election in August, all of the school board members except Dave Brown and Brian Shannon were members of NEEd, and the group completely controlled the Newberg school district, by controlling both the school board and the teacher union, in violation of numerous public meeting laws.

It’s important to understand that the Facebook group Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) was formed around August 2020 as a consolidation of several prior existing Critical race theory activist groups such as Black Voices Speak, I Have a Dream Newberg, Newberg Peace & Justice Action Group, The Wellness Collective, Newberg Education Foundation and Anti-Racism Action in Newberg Public Schools. Because those prior groups have overlaps with the teacher union, Newberg Education Association, that means most of the faculty joined NEEd.

Another important thing to be aware of is that Wayside Friends Church is deeply involved in NEEd, with all of its pastors and other essential officers members of it. Wayside Friends Church was created in 2017 when several members of the Newberg Friends Church caused a fracture in the Newberg Quaker community because they wanted to teach Critical Race Theory in the church. More on this later in the article.

One more group that is part of NEEd is PFLAG Newberg, a chapter of a radical social activist group called Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) that teaches what is commonly referred to as Gender Identity Theory, a pseudo-science invented by John Money in the 1960s. Gender Identity Theory was originally intended as a form of treatment for children (primarily boys) who had disfigured genitals, as a means of conditioning them to identity as the gender opposite of their birth. Money claimed his psychological treatment techniques would allow children with deformed genitals to have “normal lives” by simply changing their gender, and his research was widely cited and became mainstream among psychologists treating transgender patients, but in 2000 it was revealed Money lied about all of his research results when the primary subject he claimed was a “success story” came forward (You can read more about this at the Arizona State University Embryo Encyclopedia website article about John Money). Consequently, Gender Identity Theory is a discredited pseudo-science and it is not legitimate healthcare information. Yet, it is has been adopted with a religious fervor by PFLAG and consequently, others in the NEEd group, because it is specifically designed to convince a child to change their gender identity and sexual orientation, which serves their political agenda.

Lastly, some of their members are also involved in local Antifa chapters, with all of the members in favor of the movement to “defund the police” and who write words like “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) on the sidewalks and buildings in Newberg whenever they hold protests by the flagpole in the center of downtown.

In short, in August of 2020, NEEd consolidated the membership rosters of all these other social activist groups into a single group to make coordinated activities between them much easier.

The NEEd group is also a chapter of the Indivisible Movement, as a sub-group in the hierarchy to Progressive Yamhill, which is the county wide group that operates throughout all of Yamhill County, Oregon and coordinates other groups in other cities.

(The goals of the Indivisible Movement are explained in detail in my article, Part 2: Meet Progressive Yamhill, subsection Who Is Progressive Yamhill?. The short summary is the Indivisible movement is a nationwide extremist group that engages in paper terrorism — frivolous lawsuits, blackmail, spamming template emails to public officials every day that must be responded to, etc. — to bully public officials and private companies into supporting CRT aligned policies. Some of the leaders here in Newberg have been trained by the Indivisible organization in these tactics, which is why NEEd uses paper terrorism in its “activism”. More on this later in the article.)

I think it is worth mentioning that even before the creation of NEEd, when the Newberg teacher union contract came up for renewal in August 2019, the teacher union got everything it wanted, including huge benefits increases, because the people who were supposed to be separate parties are actually members of the same Facebook groups. You can read about this for yourself in the Newberg Graphic article on the topic. So that’s the financial motivation for the teacher union members to have formed this secretive conspiracy group with members of the school board. But there is far more to these social activist groups and their activities.

Last year in June 2020, the Newberg School board voted to implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a curriculum to be taught in the school district. The school board attempted to obscure this was their goal by using code words in their policy, and labeled it as an “Anti-racism Resolution”, a common tactic by CRT activists to hide what they are actually doing.

However, it was clear that they were teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT). In fact, the School board directors who drafted and voted in favor of the policy, such as Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros, are all members of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), the secretive Facebook group whose mission statement is to get CRT into the schools. The mission statement posted into the Facebook group is a very long document but I’ve highlighted the relevant section here,

‘NPS’ means Newberg Public Schools. So it’s crystal clear they meant Critical Race Theory (CRT) when they drafted the resolution, because that is what they said in their private discussions about the school board policy.

(You can read my first article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, sub-section Newberg Equity in Education Exists For Teaching Critical Race Theory to Kids, to see the entire mission statement for the Newberg Equity in Education group this screenshot was taken from, but keep reading this article first to understand what is happening in Newberg at present.

Also if you are unfamiliar with Critical race theory, you can read this section for an overview of it. The short explanation is that Critical Race Theory is a quasi-religious belief system that masquerades as a political theory. It is designed to convince “whites” that they owe a blood debt to “black” and “browns” so that they will support the creation of a “black utopia”. Consequently, it’s not a political theory. The belief in blood debts makes CRT a quasi-religious belief system designed to indoctrinate people for the benefit of militant black separatist groups such as Black Lives Matter and the Black Nationalism groups they are heavily associated with.

CRT does use Marxist ideas in its framework, which causes many to confuse it for merely being a form of Marxism, but it’s far more than that. CRT has taken a lot of different ideas from many different sources and mixed them together into a new kind of religion. Again, blood debts are a religious idea, not a political one. The most important idea to CRT is the concept of blood debts owed by “whites” to other ethnic groups for wrongs committed by other “whites”. What confuses the average person into thinking CRT is a form of Marxism is because they use political sounding terms like ‘equity’ and ‘systematic racism’ to obscure that they are actually talking about quasi-religious ideas like blood debts, and unless you’ve actually spent the time to read many of the CRT authors like I have, you won’t recognize that they are using these terms in a very religious way, and not as a genuine political theory would.

Basically, CRT is very similar to Scientology, in how Scientology pretends to be a form of science in order to deceive and recruit people into its cult. CRT does this by pretending to be a political theory, sometimes as ‘anti-racism training’ even.

With that in mind, the only logical conclusion is that CRT is a type of cult that is more quasi-religious than it is political, even if its members don’t acknowledge they are in a cult.

Cult members never realize they are in a cult until they finally leave the cults.)

Local Residents Opposed the Extremists to Take Back Control of the School Board

Over the summer of 2020, in response to the teaching of CRT in the schools, concerned citizens, mostly parents and former teachers, formed groups such as Save Our Schools Newberg and Newberg Dundee Strong, to oppose the teaching of Critical race theory (CRT) in the school system, and some of the candidates they supported won seats — Trevor DeHart and Renee Powell.

By contrast, two members of NEEd lost seats, and one of their members gained a seat, Ines Pena.

So now NEEd only had Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena and they lost control of the school board to Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart.

This loss of control over the school board provoked an immediate response, as the members of NEEd organized harassment against Dave Brown and co., who sought to undue their policies and stop the indoctrination of children into CRT. The members of NEEd knew this, because that is what the newly elected members campaigned on doing if they were elected.

I’ve shown evidence for the harassment organized by NEEd with the full knowledge of Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena, by publishing the private Facebook communications of the NEEd group from when they planned and strategized the harassment campaigns as an organized effort.

Much of the evidence can be read in the article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, subsection Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign but you can also read more examples later in this article.

The short summary is the harassment involved not only bombarding their email inboxes with hundreds of generic template letters every day (a paper terrorism tactic, since Dave Brown and others have to respond to every email, which creates a lot of work for them) but also included contacting employers, friends, relatives, business partners, even harassing them at church. They stalked them and they spread lies about them to get Brian Shannon unjustly fired by his employer, and Renee Powell to lose business relations. And this is all PRIOR to the vote to ban political symbols being made, which only happened recently. This harassment was way back in August (I have the emails from public records requests that verify everything I am saying here).

After I published my article, Dave Brown and others who were harassed filed a lawsuit against several members of NEEd, as I explained in my article, Everything You Need to Know About the Newberg School Board Lawsuits That The Newberg Graphic Isn’t Telling You.

It’s important to understand that the harassment of Dave Brown and others started BEFORE the school board voted to ban the display of political controversial symbols (such as the BLM and transracial-pride flags used by the pro-CRT cultists to indoctrinate kids).

The harassment of Dave Brown and others started when the NEED group lost control of the school board, and it is not specifically because of the ban. That is just the excuse the cultists are providing publicly to justify their harassment, now that they have been exposed by my articles.

The Present State of Affairs in Newberg, Oregon

This brings us to the present. I started publishing articles in September 2021 exposing the group after I was able to infiltrate Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill. I went through several years of communications, spending about three weeks organizing everything into articles to publish their secret communications, revealing what they are actually doing and what they have done.

Meanwhile, NEEd members continue to lie to the public, forming a Recall Brian Shannon PAC and now a 2nd one for Recall Dave Brown after Joe Morelock was terminated as superintendent. Joe Morelock was hired by the previous school board directors as an ally for their agenda, and he allowed teachers to do everything from bully students to remove American flags from classrooms in violation of Oregon state law.

Morelock is also a board member alongside other NEEd members in private companies such as Newberg Education Foundation. Because the teacher union members who are in NEEd relied on Morelock to not enforce state laws and district policies so that they can exploit children, the group is very angry that Morelock was fired and they fear the appointment of a new superintendent who will actually enforce state laws and policies, holding them responsible and terminating the employment of those who have been part of the conspiracy.

This is why they are spending tens of thousands of dollars in misleading TV ads, trying to make it seem like Brian Shannon and Dave Brown are the bad guys, when in reality, Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena are the school board directors who need to be recalled for their participation in NEEd and its unethical and illegal actions.

The teachers union, whose president (Jennifer Schneider) and vice president (Andrew Gallagher) are both members of Newberg Equity in Education, also filed a lawsuit against the school board directors who voted for the controversial symbols ban (Dave Brown and co.) when they finally did vote to implement the ban on politically divisive symbols.

No one has been terminated for breaking the policy, but they filed a frivolous lawsuit anyway as a means of further harassment and intimidation. Several of their members also filed a separate lawsuit against Dave Brown and co. for what they claim are violations of public meeting laws in how Tyler Smith was retained as an attorney to provide advice on the drafting of the policy, but having reviewed the lawsuit in a past article (which I will link to later) I believe this is yet another frivolous lawsuit they have filed as part of their paper terrorism tactics. The lawsuit claims that the public should have been allowed to comment on the hiring of Tyler Smith, and there is no evidence that this was required at all.

With this introduction out of the way, here are some important facts you should know.

Fact #1: Dave Brown is Not a Racist or a Homophobic Person

Dave Brown is not a racist, nor is he homophobic. This is an outright lie that is being spread by people who are the real racists and bigots in the Newberg community, because they want to confuse and deceive the residents of Newberg for their personal gain.

In fact, none of the school board directors who voted to remove controversial political symbols and flags from the Newberg school district are bigots.

If that sounds confusing because other media outlets are claiming they are racist bigots, read on, because I’ll show you the truth with hard concrete facts taken from the secret communications of the organizers of Recall Dave Brown that expose them and other media outlets, showing they are intentionally lying to the public in order to serve a diabolic plan to exploit children.

tl:dr Dave Brown is not the bad guy. He’s actually the good guy. The bad guys are the ones lying to you. That goes for Brian Shannon as well. He is not a bigot, either.

Fact #2: Dave Brown Did Not Create The Controversy That Resulted in the Lawsuits Against the School District, The Organizers Did

The NEEd group who is organizing the recall against him and Brian Shannon falsely claim that they started the recalls because the ban on political flags are causing expensive lawsuits against the district.

This is an absurd claim, because the very same group of people who are organizing the recall are the ones who filed the lawsuits against the school district in the first place.

This is not being reported by other news agencies, but it’s obvious if you simply look at who is in the NEEd group and see for yourself that the people filing the lawsuits ARE the leaders of NEEd, and the people organizing the Recalls are the same people, too.

Basically, they have filed lawsuits and then claimed they are recalling Dave Brown and Brian Shannon because their actions have caused lawsuits. Yet, in reality the lawsuits were created by the organizers of the recall so they could justify making the recalls!

In fact, I’ve even published them talking about how they were planning to file lawsuits as soon as they lost the election, in my previous articles.

The lawsuits are just part of the paper terrorism tactic of Indivisible aligned groups, which NEEd is among. They are trying to deceive the public using unethical, and probably illegal, tactics that violate campaign finance laws.

All of the evidence for this is in my previous articles, especially, Analysis of the Newberg Teacher Union Lawsuit Against the School District For Banning Political Symbols and Everything You Need to Know About the Newberg School Board Lawsuits That The Newberg Graphic Isn’t Telling You.

Fact #3: Recall Dave Brown is Organized by the Same People as Recall Brian Shannon:

I previously talked about the organizers of Recall Brian Shannon and their agenda in, What Every Newberg Resident Should Know About Recall Brian Shannon School Board Campaign.

The Recall Dave Brown and Recall Brian Shannon PAC are organized by the same people, who are all members of NEEd.

Here are the listings for the Recall Brian Shannon and Dave Brown PACs from the Oregon Secretary of State government website,

As you can see, the listed petitioner for the Recall Dave Brown campaign is the same person as the Recall Brian Shannon PAC — Zachary Goff, a photographer and sometimes actor who recently starred in HBO Max’s 12 Dates of Christmas, a “reality TV show” dating contest.

Zachary Goff is quoted in a recent NBC article propaganda piece about Newberg as saying the following,

So, by his own admittance, Goff has never gone to school in Newberg and has no kids or intention for any kids. He’s a recent arrival in Newberg. He’s the petitioner because of the social clout this will bring him with the fellow cult members, and that is the only purpose he has for his involvement in the recalls.

In a previous article, Recall Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer PACs Exposed, I pointed out the legal problems of PACs that pretend to be separate but are actually the same thing, with the same people running them and doing all of the organizing, while serving the same purpose. As there is enormous cross-over between both PACs, I believe that they created multiple recall PACs to try to skirt under Oregon campaign finance laws, so they won’t have to report the names of large donors on ads while also deceiving the public about the people who are behind the PACs themselves.

Furthermore, the treasurer for both PACs is Jef Green, who does campaign consultancy work for the Oregon Democrat Party, including for Kate Brown. The NEEd group is also a subgroup for Progressive Yamhill, which in turn is a group controlled by the Yamhill County Democrats.

In fact, the organizers of the recalls meet during Yamhill County Democrats meetings and report updates. This shows that a partisan political party is behind these recalls, the Yamhill County Democrats, and they are not properly disclosing this in their state filings, in violation of Oregon campaign finance laws related to non-partisan elections.

Here is a snippet of one of the meetings, where Kristen Stoller (a big leader in NEEd who is a main organizer of the recalls) gives an update about the recall Brian Shannon status and explains their goal is to indoctrinate children in the Newberg school district as a way to change the voting culture of the city.

(You can watch the full video of the meeting by clicking here, if you want.)

They are focusing so much effort on Newberg because Newberg is the largest city in the gerrymandered district lines, so consequently the most radical aspects of the Oregon Democrat party are assisting the NEEd cult.

Again, from within their own group communications,

That is a post from Megan Corvus, who is the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrats. As I have reported in previous articles, she is one of the main ring leaders of the conspiracy against Newberg. She is also a self-admitted racists per the beliefs of her religion, Critical Race Theory,

This is the truth about who is pulling the strings of the Recall Dave Brown and Brian Shannon campaigns; self admitted racists who want to use the Newberg public school system to groom kids because they believe it will give them more political power.

There are even Hollywood celebrities donating to the PACs, to help fund those TV commercials you are seeing,

Fact #4: The Organizers of Recall Dave Brown Organized a Campaign of Harassment Against Him

As I previously reported, using the secret Facebook group Newberg Equity in Education (which over 600 people participate in regularly), the supporters gathered personal information about Dave Brown, and other school board directors Renee Powell, Trevor DeHart and Brian Shannon for the explicit purpose of trying to force them to resign.

This information was used to conduct a large volume of phone calls and emails, even in-person visits, to overwhelm their employers and business partners with angry false accusations of the school board directors being racists and homophobic, and falsely claiming they were endangering children.

And they hadn’t even implemented the ban of any flags yet when this harassment started; this harassment started just because the NEEd group lost control of the school board to Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Trevor DeHart and Brian Shannon.

I have provided detailed evidence from within their secret Facebook group that proves this is what they did, Exposing Liars: How the Newberg Equity in Education Cult Harassed School Board Directors In Their Private Lives.

The organized harassment took place before a vote was even made to ban the flags from the school; the policy was only being considered while they organized this campaign of harassment against them.

The NEEd cult members shared information about Dave Brown and other directors personal lives, including what churches they attended. They even harassed former students of Dave Brown, to pressure them into giving any information they might be able to use against Dave Brown.

Yet, these efforts were unsuccessful, because Dave Brown is not a bigot. That’s why they are only using poorly edited commercials with him saying “No” to Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros constantly demanding to pre-maturely end a board meeting every 5 to 10 minutes as a way to delay the firing of Joe Morelock later that night.

The creators of the TV commercial for Recall Dave Brown have edited the video to make it appear different than what actually happened, and you can see for yourself what actually took place in my article that shows the portion of the meeting, Newberg School Board Fires Superintendent Joe Morelock.

Fact #5: The Organizers of Recall Dave Brown Are Members of a Cult

The residents of Newberg may find it difficult to believe this, but it’s completely true as far as I am concerned.

I mean, here is a message from inside their secretive Facebook group, Newberg Equity in Education, where they even discussed partnering up with the Church of Satan as a way to harass and bully Dave Brown and other school directors,

What kind of group partners with the Church of Satan to harass elected officials? It’s certainly not one who is just a mere social activist group, I can tell you that.

As I previously explained in detail in a previous article, What Critical Race Theory Actually Is, Critical Race Theory (CRT) pretends to be a political theory, the same way things like Scientology pretend to be a science. CRT cultists try to disguise their religious ideas using political terms like ‘equity’ and ‘racism’ that have very different meanings within the cult. When they say ‘Equity’ they mean it as a code word for racial segregation, and when they say ‘racism’ they mean every ‘white’ person is a racist. So when they say Dave Brown is a racist, they are saying he must be racist because he is ‘white’ and not because of anything he has actually done that is racist.

The organizers of Recall Dave Brown assume ALL “whites” are racist. That is one of their quasi-religious beliefs.

Publicly, the cult is deeply involved in the Wayside Friends Church, which was created when community members such as Greg Koskela (who is also the Communications Director and Bond manager at the Newberg public school district) fractured the long-standing Newberg Quaker community over the demand to make Critical Race Theory central to the teachings of the church.

Here is proof that Koskela is a member of NEEd,

And here is proof that Greg Koskela is an important leader in Wayside Friends, even if he’s not listed on the website as one.

This video was posted originally to the Wayside Friends church Facebook Page, and it is a live sermon via Zoom where Koskela gives a lecture about how Jesus will still love you even if you do really terrible things to other people and get fired from your job.

You should also notice how Koskela introduces his gender pronouns, and then goes on to say he is the “heathen” who fractured the Newberg Friends Church community to start Wayside. Also pay attention to his overall deranged way of speaking, with his tone of insincere happiness and positivity, while simultaneously occasionally making angry rants. This is the kind of sermon that cults give to their members to reduce their initial resistance to participating in evil things, such as the NEEd group engages in routinely.

Now, I want you to look again at that post inside the NEEd group that Koskela is a member of, about working with the Church of Satan.

I don’t believe that any legitimate Christian Quakers would consider cooperating with Satanists to achieve political goals, especially when it involves grooming children into fringe ideologies, such as the Wayside members are doing.

So, in my opinion, Wayside is neither a Christian nor Quaker church. It’s a cult of people who worship Critical Race Theory as their god, and they simply try to justify their beliefs by twisting Bible passages to confuse and trick people into worshiping their true god, Critical Race Theory, to serve the political goals of the cult leaders.

By the way, the Wayside Friends cult meets at Joyful Servant Lutheran Church on Villa Road every Sunday at 5 pm, but pretty much all of their church members are also members of the Newberg Equity in Education group. They don’t hide this at all, and the Facebook group is mentioned on their website,

Several of their advertised programs are even publicly using Critical race theory code words that plainly explain that they are using the church to spread CRT ideology,

I think it is important to mention that the members of Wayside are not a cult because they are Quakers; they are a cult because they have made Critical race theory their religion, and they are only using the cover of a Quaker church to obscure what they are actually doing and teaching, the same way other CRT groups use the cover of parent groups or social justice or mental healthcare clinics and so on, to pretend to be something other than what they actually are.

I would not regard these people as actual Quakers anymore; after all, they split the actual Quaker church in Newberg to form this new one for the specific purpose of teaching Critical Race Theory in the church.

Do you know what kind of group can cause a church to fracture in half? A cult can, and that is what it is.

Again, consider the fact that they organized a campaign of harassment against Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart which included everything from stalking them at churches to even trying to break up Brian Shannon’s marriage. Does that sound like something actual Quakers normally participate in? It’s obvious they aren’t Quakers anymore. The Wayside members are “social justice warriors”, the “ally-accomplices” for radical militant Black Nationalism groups like Black Lives Matter, who seek to cause a collapse of America so it can be rebuilt into a racially segregated world of ‘equity’, as I explained in my prior articles.

Here is a list of the Wayside “pastors” and other key leaders from their website. I’ve highlighted in yellow the names of everyone who is a member of Newberg Equity in Education / Progressive Yamhill Facebook groups where their plots are planned and schemed in the shadows of our city,

I have previously published their names in a prior article, along with evidence for their participation. Here is the link to that section, The Full List of NEEd Mafia Members.

That these people are members of Newberg Equity in Education is indisputable. It is a fact.

I also want to point out that although some of these people may appear to not be members of the secret Facebook groups, that doesn’t mean they are not. Almost all of the non-highlighted people have spouses and other relatives who are in the groups. Their lack of membership in the Facebook group may be more indicative of their lack of use of social media than proof they are not part of the cult. I consider everyone in Wayside to be part of the cult, as I have been able to verify that so many of them are.

I think this is sufficient proof to demonstrate that the Wayside Friends Church is in fact just another public cover for the cult to operate without people realizing what they are actually are. These racist CRT cults subvert language, symbols and even organizations to bend them toward nefarious purposes that serve the goals of the cult, which I have previously explained in detail with evidence, is to dismantle and rebuild America into a racially segregated society referred to as “black utopias”.

Bear in mind, not all members of the cult are in Wayside. It seems groups like Wayside are viewed as one type of recruitment center for the cult, and there are members of the cult in other churches in Newberg who are working to convert those churches into funnels for cult recruitment as well. More on this in a future article.

My opinion based on the conclusion of my research, is that the Newberg Quaker community has been heavily fixated upon by the cult because they are trying to take over George Fox University, which is a Quaker school. As the Critical Race Theory conversion process relies heavily upon a classroom environment with an authority figure who can use their position of authority to indoctrinate people into the cult’s ideology, schools are one of the main recruitment centers for the cult.

Several GFU professors are members of the cult already, as I will explain in more detail in a future article about this topic.

Fact #6: Dave Brown And Brian Shannon Are Fighting to Protect the Children of Newberg Against Those Who Are Exploiting Them

It’s indisputable that the cult is, right now, using our public schools to indoctrinate children in a way that I consider to be child grooming. The accusations by Recall Dave Brown and Recall Brian Shannon that the organizers of he recalls are trying to “protect children” are absolutely false, because they do the opposite.

The NEEd group and their supporters are the ones who are exploiting and harming children. They are making the schools unsafe.

Many parents, even current students, have sent me emails and messages telling their experiences about how teachers are bullying the students using critical race theory and fringe gender theories of John Money. I cannot publish those stories without the kids becoming identifiable by the cult, but what I can show is this.

Evidence for the grooming of children is in my previous article, where I talk about how they got a High school student to perform for their cult in a “fundraiser” for Recall Brian Shannon, as a drag queen who danced in lingerie for their amusement. You can read that article by clicking here,

You can also see this TikTok video where Newberg teacher Angie Spracher shows a classroom where the American flag has been removed and in its place, numerous trans-racial pride flags are hanged.

Furthermore, they have also created new kinds of symbols, such as the “Better Together” t-shirt campaign, to try to obscure and trick people into supporting them. You can read more about that in the article, What The ‘Better Together’ Campaign By Newberg Equity in Education Actually Means.

The cult is venomous in their attacks, and they intentionally manipulate the facts because they are counting on the local conservatives not being well organized and having the necessary skills to expose what they are doing. They were not expecting someone such as myself, who worked in journalism in college, to be in Newberg and able to piece this all together.

Even when the cult is exposed, local media outlets such as the Newberg Graphic, News-Register, The Oregonian and so on, do not report these exposures and instead they publish heavily biased articles that publish defamatory statements based on accusations with no evidence. (More on this later)

I provide evidence for every claim I make against the group and its members. I show their secret Facebook communications that are evidence of not just unethical behavior, but actual crimes.

I mean, here is Kristen Stoller, one of the leaders of Newberg Equity in Eduation, during a recent Yamhill County Democrats meeting. She explains plainly that the group’s plan is to indoctrinate the children in the school district so that once they turn 18 and become voters, they will help them change the “voting culture” of Newberg,

You can also read my article about how Kristen Stoller hosted a Drag Queen Burlesquer dance performance at her children’s gymnasium / dance studio, Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, where a current Newberg High School student performed an exotic dance in lingerie for Kristen Stoller and other members of the cult, which included many faculty of Newberg public school system,

If this isn’t concrete evidence of child grooming, I don’t know what is.

This is what the cult is doing in Newberg, Oregon.

This is what Dave Brown is trying to stop — the exploitation of children by a cult using our public schools.

The cult which has seized control of the teacher union, some of our local churches, and other groups in Newberg while nobody else was paying attention. Now they are using those groups to harass anyone who opposes them.

No matter what your political affiliation is, be it Democrat or Republican, what the cult is doing is evil. I am a registered Democrat and this disgusts me.

This is not about whether or not people can be gay; it’s about grooming children so they will serve the agenda of a bunch of adults who have lost their damned minds to an evil cult. John Money’s theories were quackery designed to exploit children for his personal gain (wealth), and other adults are using them for the same purposes, too. You can read a longer essay about Gender Identity Theory in my prior article, Newberg Schools Indoctrinate Children Into Pseudoscience Designed to Change Children’s Sexual Identity. It is well cited!

Fact #7: There Were Plenty of Reasons for Joe Morelock To Be Fired as Superintendent

Joe Morelock knew everything that I have published in my articles and he did nothing to stop the cult.

He also serves on several private corporate boards with key members of the cult, such as Kristen Stoller, and as I published in previous articles, members of the NEEd group constantly posted about how Morelock was so great for them because he never punished them for violating school policies. They viewed him as someone who would “protect” the teachers in the cult from the consequences of their unethical and illegal activities.

I have written in detail about Morelock’s mistakes in the article, Newberg School Board Fires Superintendent Joe Morelock, which I linked to earlier. It has the evidence for all of that.

Morelock not only has extremely close, unethical ties to people such as Kristen Stoller, but he was intentionally dismissing parent complaints about legitimate safety issues in the school. He also was fully aware that the ban on politically divisive symbols is very likely to uphold in court; the attorney he chose to review the policy told him this much.

The situation continued to spiral out of control, on Morelock’s watch. And I think it’s because he is sympathetic to the cult and their agenda, which is why he decided to speak at a protest rally about his firing on Veteran’s Day, distracting local media away from actual Veteran organizations holding events right down the street.

Even after being fired, Morelock has continued to enjoy access to his work emails and make decisions on parent complaints, as I exposed in my article, Newberg Superintendent Joe Morelock Defies Firing, Continues to Make Administration Decisions While Posing With Kids in Political Campaign Photos.

Fact #8: Other Local Media Know The Truth And They Are Intentionally Withholding it From You

Everything I have shown you, I have sent to other so-called “journalists” at publications at the Newberg Graphic, News-Register, The Oregonian, KATU2, KOIN 6, etc. etc.

They are not reporting it. And here is why.

As I previously showed in Members of the Press Who Are Part of the Mafia, many journalists are members of the Newberg Equity in Education group. One of them is Andrew Selsky, who is a reporter for the Associated Press. He’s written many propaganda pieces for the cult, which are regurgitated by other outlets, including the Oregonian.

Additionally, Ryan Clarke, an ex-writer for the Newberg Graphic, recently went to work for The Oregonian as a sports writer. But he’s been writing propaganda pieces for the cult there, too, spreading misinformation and lies to help them. I’ve criticized him in previous articles for doing this.

Here’s a quote from Ryan Clarke, which he said to me via Facebook prior to my creation of the Yamhill Advocate, when I called him out for not reporting the full facts.

And after I published my articles that proved there was a conspiracy, this is what the editor of the Newberg Graphic wrote back when I asked them to retract Ryan Clarke’s articles, because it was clear he was using unreliable sources (the NEEd cult) and spreading misinformation,

We stand behind our reporting“, said Gary Allen editor for the Newberg Graphic.

They will not tell you the truth.

Furthermore, here is Ossie Bladine, the editor for the McMinville based News-Register, having some public spats with me over his reporting. This shows that he is well aware of all the information I have reported that shows the truth, and he’s not reporting it, either.

This is why I had to create the Yamhill Advocate.

Social activists who support Critical Race Theory have taken over once reputable and trusted sources of local news, masquerade as journalists to violate the SPJ Code of Ethics, and are using those trusted publications of local news to deceive and manipulate voters in the area to support causes they otherwise wouldn’t if they knew both sides of issues.

They publish propaganda and they intentionally omit facts that are not helpful for their political agendas. They are NOT journalists.

I may have a bias in my reporting, but I make it plainly obvious, and I show the other side’s writings in such detail my articles become very long reads. I abide by the SPJ Code of Ethics by making my bias known but still presenting the other side’s views– the others pretending to be journalists do not do this. They mislead you into thinking they are neutral when they are not and they withhold the full facts of situations from you.

The cultists are trying to destroy people like Dave Brown and Brian Shannon who are actual champions for children, because Dave Brown and Brian Shannon are standing in the way of the exploitation of the kids.

And let’s be frank here- it’s evil to exploit children in the way the cult is doing it. Let’s not pretend this is some partisan political issue, because it’s not.

It’s evil.

  • Kids do not know how to protect themselves from this kind of manipulation.
  • Kids don’t know enough about critical thinking nor about history, and they have very limited life experiences. They only know what adults tell them.
  • Kids can’t easily protect themselves from a teacher who will give them an F in class if they refuse to write an essay about how they are a secret racist person or participate in the mob mentality of the cult.
  • Kids don’t know their history classes are teaching them a fake version of events designed to make them hate America and support groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The cult is using teachers to groom kids as young as grade schoolers into fringe gender ideologies, whose purpose seems to be to cause a collapse of our society by splitting families apart and causing kids to want to go onto hormonal treatments that will sterilize them. This serves the agenda of the cult, because they want American society to collapse so it can be rebuilt into racially segregated “utopias”. Destroying the American middle class is necessary to do that.

This is an example of one of the books being distributed to grade schoolers,

As far as I’m concerned, they are distributing pornography to kids as part of their grooming efforts.

The actions of the cult are sinister and they are evil. And they need to be stopped using every means that is legally possible, and step one is to end the exploitation of children in our schools by banning the cult symbols from the school campuses.

That is what Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart are trying to do in the board – end the exploitation of children.

They are heroes for facing against the evil of the cultists.

Creating a policy (the ban on politically divisive symbols) that allows the cult members who are indoctrinating kids to be identified and removed from the school system is a necessary step in getting this cult out of power in our school district, since they have taken over the entire teacher union.

How You Can Help Dave Brown

I am outlining some steps for people to take after reading this article, so that you can take meaningful actions to help combat the cult and its agenda.

Action item #1: The first and easiest thing you can do is send a message to local newspapers that you will be unsubscribing from them. I believe they are not going to report both sides of the issue until they face real consequences, and the only consequences that matters to them is loss of revenue.

Then you should subscribe to the Yamhill Advocate with a monthly donation (as low as $1) so I can hire more writers to cover more topics. I am having to focus all of my time on these editorials because there is no one else to do this kind of investigations and reporting.

To date, I have single-handedly written 54 articles in the span of two months and a week. Yet I have still not published even 10% of everything I know about this group and what they are doing. It takes me a long time to write these articles, and as they keep taking new actions, I have to stop writing some articles and instead write new articles like this one to respond to their latest actions, such as the creation of the Recall Dave Brown campaign. That limits how much new information I can release, as the unpublished 90% of what I have require lengthy essays to explain their context.

I need to hire more staff for the Yamhill Advocate to help me, and once there are enough subscriptions I will start a printed newspaper that will be delivered to subscribers doorsteps. It will not only cover this political saga but also have the normal kinds of news stories you’d expect from a local newspaper.

We do not have to keep supporting local news that exists to deceive and manipulate people for the benefit of an evil cult. We can replace those institutions. Help me do that by supporting the Yamhill Advocate as your local newspaper.

Action item #2: You can visit the Newberg Dundee Strong website. Send them an email asking how you can help support the school board directors.

Newberg Dundee Strong is the only group I know of who is resisting against the schemes of the cult. Support them.

Action item #3: Re-share this article, and my other articles here at Yamhill Advocate, so that all the residents of Newberg learn the truth. If you don’t see 30,000 views on this article yet (tracker is at the top of the article, right hand side, the eyeball icon) then re-share the article. Let’s get the entire population of Newberg to read it!

Share this article on your Facebook wall, send it to your friends and relatives via email. Tell your buddies at the bar or next BBQ about the Advocate.

By educating the residents of Newberg about who is in the cult and what they are doing, this will cut off the cult’s ability to deceive other residents of Newberg, diminishing their ability to recruit new members and manipulate city politics. They rely on YOUR votes and your ballot signatures to cause change. They cannot succeed if everyone knows the truth about them.

The cult has been aggressive, even going so far as running TV ads, designed to trick people. The only way to combat this is with the truth and you have to spread it, because I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to run TV ads.

What I do have is this article, and people like yourself who made it to the end of this article.

Take action. Save our schools and save Newberg. Reshare these articles and bring these people into the light. Help me expose them and in so doing, help save the children of our school system from the schemes of a sinister cult.

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Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.
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