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Newberg Superintendent Joe Morelock Defies Firing, Continues to Make Administration Decisions While Posing With Kids in Political Campaign Photos

Recently fired Newberg public school district superintendent Joe Morelock continues to make administration decisions even after his termination. Meanwhile, future school board meetings are canceled due to what could be a plot against the conservative school board members to prevent the hiring of his replacement.

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On this past Sunday, I previously published, Newberg School Principal Casey Petrie Refuses to Remove BLM Flags as Violent Protests Erupt Nationwide, where I showed that a Newberg, Oregon school principal refused to have Black Lives Matter flags removed from classrooms from Chehalem Valley Middle School. As part of that reporting, I noted that the complaint was then sent to the school district administrators and that no further action had been taken on that complaint for nearly 3 weeks.

Later that same day, Joe Morelock responded via his Newberg school district email address to the parent who had made the complaint, which I have embedded here,

Please notice the sent date of his email is November 21 and it was sent at 12:36 pm; so after only a few hours of my publishing of the article that mentioned the administration had not gotten back to the parent, Joe Morelock now responded to that parent’s complaint by issuing a decision to her.

On a Sunday, after he was already fired.

(Thanks for reading my articles, Joe.)

His decision is, obviously, completely invalid, because Joe Morelock’s final day as superintendent was Friday November 19th. Consequently he no longer has the authority to make these type of decisions about complaints.

Furthermore, it is clear that in his own mind, he is still Superintendent and that he has not been removed from his access to the school resources by other administrators implies they also view him as still being the Superintendent, too.

I mean, clearly, he still has access to his district email account. He should have lost access on Friday. That he has been allowed to continue to access his emails speaks volumes about what is actually occurring inside the Newberg public schools district office.

Joe Morelock himself knows that Friday was his final day of employment; after all, the last school district memo from him starts out with acknowledgement that Friday was his last day as Superintendent,

So, Joe Morelock knows he is no longer superintendent, yet he is clearly still using his former employer’s email system and making administration decisions. The only logical conclusion is that he is still acting as superintendent despite being fired.

The Reason Why School Board Meetings Have Been Canceled

Additionally, I want to draw your attention to the announcement at the beginning of the memo, about the cancelation of the Newberg school board meeting that was supposed to occur on November 23rd.

I have been told by a source within the Newberg school district that the reason for this cancelation of the meeting is because Board Secretary Jennifer Nelson went on vacation until January the day after Joe Morelock was terminated, and the school administration, specifically vice superintendent Derek Brown, is refusing to assign anyone as temporary board secretary so that board meetings can be held.

I was able to confirm there is no current board secretary, because Newberg school board director Brandy Penner herself said as much in a public post,

But as I have pointed out, Brandy Penner is one of the leaders of Newberg Equity in Education.

In my opinion, Nelson taking a long vacation the day after Superintendent Joe Morelock was fired and vice superintendent Derek Brown refusing to assign a temporary replacement for her role so that meetings can be held, is a deliberate tactic to prevent an interim superintendent from becoming appointed by the board.

Instead of just assigning a current employee into the position temporarily so that a meeting could be held, instead Derek Brown created a job listing on the Newberg public school district to solicit offers for employment.

I believe this is a tactic by the school administrators to intentionally cause the cancelation of school board meetings, and I believe this because so many of the school faculty and administrators are aligned with Newberg Equity in Education, as I previously demonstrated in my past article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders.

Consequently, I believe this is yet another scheme by the group leaders to prevent the conservative majority of the Newberg school board from hiring a new superintendent, and making any decisions on complaints filed by parents to remove BLM and pride flag variations from the school classrooms, and hold teachers accountable for their violations of state law, such as the removal of American flags from classrooms, as I previously reported as well. Not being able to appoint an interim superintendent also means other actions, such as possibly terminating Kristen Stoller’s COLA business relationship with the district for turning her children’s dance studio into a strip club environment where high schoolers can perform in drag shows, cannot be done, either. This is how Stoller and others who are not members of the faculty are greatly benefited by such delays, and its why they have a vested interest in sabotaging the conservative majority from trying to get the school system back into order. It seems clear to me private business interests, such as those Stoller has, and the political activism to indoctrinate children into fringe ideologies such as Critical Race Theory, are outweighing the mission of the school.

I believe the plan of the conspirators is to obstruct the school board long enough until their efforts to recall Brian Shannon and Dave Brown will be successful, which will result in a special election in January / February so they can replace them with their own members. It is a plan that I believe is doomed to failure, because the conservative majority ran on a platform of removing BLM flags from the schools to start with. They have greatly struggled to get the required signatures and their behavior becomes more extreme as they become more desperate.

(as a note, there are many job openings at the Newberg public school district, for anyone seeking employment. Some do not require a teaching license).

Photos of Joe Morelock are also being spread by the Recall Brian Shannon campaign Facebook Page; they are staged photos featuring children taken within the Newberg school district classrooms, and which are now being used to promote a political campaign to remove a school board director that terminated his employment.

I wonder if the parents of the children are aware that they are being used in political campaign marketing materials?

(Note: Because this is a political campaign’s marketing materials that the kids have been featured in, I am not censoring their faces in my reporting)

If you are the parent of any of the children who have been featured in the marketing materials of the Recall Brian Shannon campaign and their photos were used by their campaign without your permission, I would suggest you consult an attorney immediately.

Furthermore, since these photos appear to have been taken for the express purpose of being used in a political campaign, I believe Oregon ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees has been violated by Andrew Gallagher, who is the administrator of the Recall Brian Shannon Page and vice president of the Newberg Teacher Association, the teacher union. He’s also a plaintiff in one of the lawsuits against the school board directors, too, as I reported in Analysis of the Newberg Teacher Union Lawsuit Against the School District For Banning Political Symbols.

I believe this is a violation of the law because the photos have clearly been taken during work hours, using privileges as a public employee to gain access to the school, and then creating political campaign materials using school time and resources from inside the schools. All of this could be viewed a violation of state campaign finance law.

Pride Symbols Appear on Dundee Elementary School Doors

Meanwhile, the Newberg Equity in Education group continues to indoctrinator children into their fringe ideologies by subverting symbols.

An anonymous source sent me the following photo, explaining that pride flag symbols of dolphins have been placed on many of the windows and doors with windows of the Dundee Elementary school building. Dolphins are the Dundee Elementary School mascot.

I have also been told that BLM and pride flags are hanging inside classrooms as well.

It seems to me that they are emboldened by their plot, feeling they are invincible and can do these things even in the overwhelmingly conservative Dundee. They will not stop until they are forced out of the schools, which will require the appointment of a new interim superintendent who is not from within the existing school district culture and who will start holding employees accountable for their grossly absurd behavior with terminations of employment for violating state laws and school district policies.

I hope it happens soon, so that the Newberg school district can go back to its actual mission of educating children to be law abiding and contributing citizens of the republic.


As I have mentioned in past articles, local newspapers and news programs are not reporting on the truth of what is occurring in Newberg. At present, the Yamhill Advocate is your only source for the truth of what is happening in the city government and the school district. If you’d like to support my reporting and help me hire additional staff so I can increase the number of articles released per week, please consider making a monthly donation via our SubscribeStar account (click here). Thank you.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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a b

not fair to describe a church as “cooperating with satanists” just because many of its members are in a facebook group where one person, with no other established connection to that church, entertains the idea of cooperating with “satanist” groups (actually just secular activists, not the traditional conception of satanists) in a single post “liked” by less than 1% of the group and not otherwise engaged. i don’t disagree with the cult analysis, but that concept applies just as well to the opposing political movement too. lots of other very interesting info tho — especially the presaging role of the friends’ schism and goff’s background. he gives very useful summary of his life/politics here: the angle that he “rebranded” a flower store using the pride flag as its marketing strategy with purpose to fund a pflag chapter, just before the first pride flags showed up in the school, and then the ban passed, is all very illuminating.

a b

“the other side” is proud boys, timber unity, jan 6, bugaloo, q-anon, etc. they are just as well organized, do just as much harassment, intimidation, misinformation, unethical involvement between private commercial entities and government, and recruiting people for dangerous anti-social acts and beliefs. they don’t have public schools, but they have churches, tv networks, PACs, etc. they are executing a nation-wide effort to disrupt public education and school board meetings, and they are very present, active, and influential in yamhill county. here are two of the most dramatic demonstrations i’ve run across recently:

the latest “prophecy update” from athey creek church:
summary of core message, starting at 11:33:
god wants ethnic conflict. if humans all get along, they will realize they can do impressive things without god. but human imagination is always evil. so god wants them not to get along, and uses pious groups to “wipe out” groups that become secular.

re NEED — you’ve helpfully exposed a ton of problematic conduct, which is a great service. but i just want us to retain our critical faculties and evaluate incidents for what they are — a commitment to rationality will convince the public, and is an honorable, constructive (and unfortunately, rare) contribution. so even in a facebook group where bad things are happening, we can’t fairly assert that single posts by peripheral members that get low engagement are somehow representative of the members’ views or indicative of actual likely contingencies.

there is plenty of anti-social extremism that needs exposure, on both sides. i think you’re the right person to bring it to public attention. but if you only expose one side (sometimes going beyond the facts) while excusing the other, no one will trust that this is journalism rather than activism.

Last edited 2 years ago by a b
a b

what exactly is the misinformation in the hcn article? the farmers don’t want the trail cuz they want to be able to spray poisons. trails greatly improve the livability and health of a community. are you against collecting taxes for parks, playgrounds, libraries, hospitals, public transportation, etc too?

i referenced that church because i have leads showing that it is a center for recruiting far right activists to run for school boards with the purpose of destroying public education because it is a secular institution that threatens church values, such as civil rights for lgbtq. i don’t know yamhill churches, but i think you’ll find the same message taught at the megachurches there. if churches are recruiting people to run for school boards to further a church agenda, a fair subject of journalism is exposing exactly which elected officials are members and what beliefs and tactics are being taught/encouraged. i feel anyone who follows the link and listens to the words will see my summary is a straight, fair, almost verbatim account. i hear that you don’t agree, but i absolutely respect and appreciate that you leave the link up right there for people to judge for themselves.

the proud boys are on film counterprotesting at newberg schools and at the pamplin newberg graphic offices. they certainly have an important influence and presence in yamhill county. likewise for timber unity. the registered pacs you need to look into are PRIE and OMU. they are endangering the public by spreading disinformation about covid and engaging in a campaign of coordinated disruption and intimidation at school board meetings.

i agree with you that the NEED group are harming kids and the public. they’re just not the only ones. and the harm they are doing is significant enough that there is no need to exaggerate — consider what it does to your credibility and ultimate effectiveness towards your goals. all of your readers are familiar with facebook, and know for a fact that single posts by peripheral members that get low engagement are not indicative of anything important. keep your eye on the ball.

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