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Newberg Student Performs at Drag Queen Show at Officially Recognized School Program Dance Center

Newberg High School student performs in drag show at officially recognized Newberg School program dance center to raise funds for Recall Brian Shannon Campaign If that sounds like a totally insane tagline, welcome to Newberg 2021. Where the heck have you been?

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This article will be an editorial, as I will share some of my opinions on the communications in order to provide some further context to them. All of the legal disclaimers from my previous articles apply to this article, too.

By the way,

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This past Saturday, the Recall Brian Shannon PAC held a fundraiser at Chehalem Valley Dance Academy in the format of a drag queen show where the audience threw dollars at the performers while they danced and lip-synched to songs.

The top billed performer of the event was “AJ Nox”, a current Newberg High School student.

I can’t even make this goofy stuff up.

During the performances the “queens” removed their robes, revealing themselves to be wearing lingerie. They danced and gyrated around the room to an audience that threw dollars at them, just as anyone would at a strip club or gay bar.

I have also confirmed, with photo evidence, that minors were in attendance, as young as at least grade school, some proof from a publicly available source,

I mean, just watch the videos for yourselves.

Full Video of the Drag Show

(As a side note, although I would like to, I think it’s literally impossible to both report on this event and protect the student’s identity, given this situation. His real name has been made so public already, so I’m not even going to attempt to hide anything in my reporting. There’s literally no way to report on this and protect the student’s identity)

And here are a few additional ones I was able to locate,

(By the way, I have all these videos archived already. I’ll just put them back up if the originals are taken down, so just let me know if they get removed by the original posters.

Fair use for purposes of commentary and review, and all of that).

Who Is Responsible for This?

The host for the event was Kristen Stoller, the owner of Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, which is located in downtown Newberg.

Her husband is real estate agent Francisco Stoller, of the family that owns Stoller Estate Winery in Dayton, Oregon. Francisco Stoller works for Earnest Real Estate.

As previously reported in Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, Stoller is a member of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), the group of teachers and parents in Newberg, Oregon working to implement Critical Race Theory into the Newberg public school district. Newberg Equity in Education also orchestrated a campaign of harassment and intimidation of Newberg school board directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart in an effort to bully them into resigning from their elected seats. You can see the evidence for this in subsection, 13.7 Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign of that article.

Also as I previously reported in that same article, Chehalem Valley Dance Academy is an official COA program for the Newberg Public School system, a homeschooling program operated for by the district.

Chehalem Valley Dance classes are an elective that home school kids can take classes at, paid with by money from the Newberg Public school budget, as the COA program is operated by the Newberg public school system.

This means that Stoller is using public money and access to fund her business, and then turning around and using her business to hold fundraising events for partisan political causes. Very naughty.

The show was advertised as a fundraiser for Recall Brian Shannon PAC, the campaign to remove Newberg school board director Brian Shannon from the board for his vote to prohibit the display of political symbols in the Newberg school system. The board’s vote was in response to the use of Critical Race Theory to indoctrinate kids in the Newberg school system into its ideologies. The group uses both the Black Lives Matter and various variations of the Pride flag as symbols, in some cases even completely removing the American flag from the classroom, leaving only the pride and BLM flags in its place in these classrooms,

As previously mentioned, the top billed performer “AJ Nox” is a current Newberg High School student.

In addition to AJ’s own Instagram account acknowledging himself as a Newberg High School student, Kristin Stoller also acknowledged this over Facebook, on a thread in the Facebook group Newberg-Dundee Info Group, which is a private group, so I cannot link directly to its thread for you. (As a note, I was recently made a moderator in the group, since the mods got tired of hundreds of people constantly reporting my posts in an effort to censor me).

Here are some screenshots from the thread where Kristen Stoller confirms this information,

As evident by the comments left by the supporters of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC in this Facebook forum thread, the performance of the higher schooler is totally okay with them, because the high schooler is now 18 years old. According to sources, “AJ Nox” turned 18 only a few days ago. Furthermore, based on my investigation into the topic, AJ has been doing drag for at least a year, possibly longer, judging by his Instagram account history. These two facts likely means AJ was learning to perform in drag while still a minor.

(Note: I will show the entire thread at the end of this article, so you can see all the people who participated and what they said)

From my understanding, this is not the first time a drag queen performance has been held in Newberg by the Recall Brian Shannon group as a fundraising event, which as previously reported in Recall Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer PACs Exposed, is actually organized by the Yamhill County Democrats political party, which has two Facebook groups called Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill that are used to obscure their connections to these kind of events.

It’s plainly evident from the video they intend to continue hosting these events at Stoller’s dance studio for children.

Drag Performers Have Porn on Their Social Media Accounts Used In Flyers

(This section is an update)

You’ll notice in the flyer that social media usernames are shown beneath the profiles for each performer.

It does not specify a specific platform, since they use the same username across platforms, ranging from Instagram to Twitter.

Some of the performers have pornography on their accounts, at this event that is supposedly “family friendly” (as claimed by some of the Facebook commenters who dislike that I have done this report).

As an example, this is from the Twitter account of the performer who uses the username on social media lylacdoesdrag,

I’ve censored these photos, and I’m not going to show it all. I’ve not provided a direct link here either because, you know, pornography.

This particular performer also frequently asks for nudes on their accounts,

This is probably enough to provide evidence for the claim I am making here, that some of the performers have easily accessible pornography on the social media accounts that Kristen Stoller put on a flyer and then shared across social media channels she had access to, and who performed at her dance studio, which is supposed to be for children, and which no doubt children have been encouraged to see as a consequence.

I think this is evidence that Stoller, as well as everyone else involved in the Recall Brian Shannon PAC, have extremely poor judgement at the least and are intentionally trying to groom children at the worst. Either way, they should not be having access to school children.

Why Was a High School Student Involved In This?

As I reported in yet another previous article, What The ‘Better Together’ Campaign By Newberg Equity in Education Actually Means, Stoller declared during a recent Yamhill County Democrats meeting that the goal of the political party is to “change the voting culture” of Newberg by indoctrinating students into the group’s ideology, so that they will vote in alignment with her group when they turn 18 years of age.

Stoller also stated during the same meeting that the goal of the Yamhill County Democrats involves “destroying Dave Brown“, who is the current Chairman of the Newberg school board. Stoller expressly said she was not going to “recall him”, which I believe means not using political strategies but instead to continue the campaign of harassment and intimidation the group has been using to go after their family, friends, employers and other associates, as I have previously shown in Part 1 of my investigative reports on Stoller’s activities in the Newberg Equity in Education group.

You can watch Stoller say these things herself in the following video. I’ve embedded the YouTube video so that you can jump straight to this section of the meeting where Stoller admits this is the goal of the group’s activities, which begins at 32:18 into the video timecode. Just click play and it will load from where Stoller starts talking.

I believe it is also worth mentioning that Stoller has falsely claimed on her personal Facebook profile that Brian Shannon’s vote to prohibit the display of political symbols and revocation of the “anti-racism resolution” means that Confederate flags and nooses will be allowed to be in the Newberg public schools.

This is false, because the school board has already voted to prohibit these kinds of symbols from display in the school and that resolution is something Brian Shannon himself drafted to ensure these kinds of symbols would be banned from the school. But lying is a common tactic for Kristen Stoller, meant to deceive the general public into supporting her political agenda,

Contrary to what Stoller and others claim, the actual racists are themselves. As an example, here is Megan Corvus, the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrats, admitting to being a racist,

And they have a goal of “dismantling” and “rebuilding” America into a “black utopia”,

You can learn more specific information about the cult’s ideology in my previous article, What Every Newberg Resident Should Know About Recall Brian Shannon School Board Campaign.

Kristen Stoller is also one of the driving forces behind the so-called “Wellness Center”, a private mental health clinic that operates in the Newberg High School building. In subsection 7. A Short Discussion About Kristen Stoller, President of the Newberg Education Foundation, of my past article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, I showed a video of a Newberg parent explaining how PFLAG Newberg, which the Wellness Collective is involved with, indoctrinated her daughter into fringe gender identity pseudo-science using cultish tactics,

I have since been told that Kristen Stoller is the person involved with PFLAG discussed in the video, the person who indoctrinated the speaker’s daughter.

It seems clear to me that Stoller’s modus operandi is to use her access to school children to befriend and then indoctrinate these kids into fringe gender ideologies as part of her admitted plot to “change the voting culture of Newberg”.

I hope that anyone who was still on the fence about whether or not this group is an actual cult will now see with their own eyes that everything I said about their goals and agenda is not merely a bunch of talk on Facebook.

This is what is actually taking place in Newberg.

An actual cult is here, indoctrinating and exploiting the students of the school, to serve their political agenda as soon as they turn 18 years of age. They won’t even wait until they graduate from high school to exploit them.

And they will keep doing it until the citizens of Newberg stop them by removing their access to the school children, which is also going to require, in my opinion, getting current City of Newberg officials associated with their cult out of office, as they have been proven to be assisting them with access to the town’s children via the library. This is detailed in Part 1 subsection 4.8 List of Identified Elected Politicians and Other Key Political Activists and Part 1, subsection 11 List of Newberg Public Library Employees Who Are Participants in the NEEd Mafia.

The Full Facebook Thread Where Participants Rallied to Support Kristen Stoller

What follows is the entire thread from that Facebook group where Stoller admitted the performer is a current Newberg high school student. She’s proud of this. She feels that her plan is succeeding. Her followers believe they are, too.

While the full list of their members are available in the spreadsheets for Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill, many of them also made comments into this thread, too.

Here are many of them,

As you can see, the cult does not like being called out or investigated. Brazenly, they think they can publicly do these things and that everyone else must just tolerate it. They think they can bully everyone into submission.

Well, I cannot be bullied. They do not scare me.

Residents of Newberg who see the same problem with this that I do, are you going to allow them to scare you into submission?

Will you allow your voice as a citizen to be drowned out by those who think they are entitled to do whatever they want to whoever they want, and get away with it?

Will you continue to allow our schools, which are funded by YOUR tax money, to be used to indoctrinate all of the children of Newberg into this kind of madness?

You have a voice. Many of you have lived in Newberg your entire lives. The future of Newberg is in your hands.

It’ll keep getting crazier and crazier until you band together to restore sanity and excellence to Newberg.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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You are ridiculous. Do you even have a child in the Newberg/Dundee school district? If the answer is no then you should probably focus your energy on something that actually impacts your life personally. Your option/concern in this matter is inconsequential. If you turned your focus on yourself and stopped disrupting the lives of people you don’t even know maybe you wouldn’t be so angry. ?

mary cartel

You mean the quote you keep taking out of context? Do you REALLY not understand what she was saying, there? Are you honestly that bad at reading comprehension?


This article is dumb lol you sound like a whiney bigoted baby


Have you heard about the NHS Spanish teacher asking if kids are Republicans or Democrats and that he’s demeaning kids that didn’t get the jab?


What a great article. Can you please continue your reporting by going to dance competitions and examining dance moves to make sure they’re not too sexual?!
Can you check cheerleaders skirts for us?
We need you out there protecting Newberg.

Spicer Matthews

I’m Internet famous now! My Facebook comments made this post.

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