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Hollywood Actors Justin Simien and Rosario Dawson Donate To Racist Anti-American PAC in Newberg, Oregon

Hollywood actors and film directors who work for Disney are funding Recall Brian Shannon PAC, which is ran by anti-American racists grooming children in Newberg, Oregon

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Hollywood Interfering With Newberg, Oregon Politics to Support Racist Anti-American Group Indoctrinating Children into Critical Race Theory and Grooming Them Into Debauchery

This article in part of my ongoing investigation into a cult of racist child groomers in Newberg, Oregon. I noticed in donations to a political action committee (PAC) this cult has formed as part of their agenda to take over the small town of Newberg, Oregon, several Disney employed actors and directors have donated to the cult’s PAC.

According to financial disclosures, Hollywood actors Justin Simien and Rosario Dawson have donated money to the Recall Brian Shannon political action committee (PAC), which as the Yamhill Advocate has reported, is ran by a group of self-declared racist seeking to indocintrate children into racism using the public school system.

Other past Hollywood industry donators include assistant director David Venghaus and film cinematographer Matthew Moriarty and his wife Ingrid Moriarty.

As many people know, Rosario Dawson is currently in pre-production for filming the Ahsoka Star Wars TV series for Disney+, and for Kevin Smith’s Clerks III film, as shown in her IMDb page,

Justin Simien is another Hollywood bigshot, having directed and co-written Netflix’s Dear White People, a show that champions Critical Race Theory ideologies. He is currently set to direct a new Disney movie based on the Haunted Mansion theme park attraction.

These are the financial documents that provide evidence of the donations these Hollywood industry people have made to the racist Anti-American PAC known as Recall Brian Shannon,

David Venghaus, who is also the assistant director for Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie, also decided to donate money, too.

There sure are a lot of Disney employed people donating to a racist political action committee trying to groom children in the Newberg, Oregon public school district, aren’t there?

Recall Brian Shannon PAC is Engaged in Grooming of Children and Indoctrination into Racist Ideologies

As previously reported by the Yamhill Advocate, Recall Brian Shannon is a racist Anti-American political action committee controlled by the Yamhill County Democrats political party, which has been taken over by a group of self-declared racists seeking to “change the voting culture” of Newberg, Oregon through the indoctrination of children in Critical Race Theory.

For evidence of the group having this goal, here is a clip of Kristen Stoller, a leader of the Newberg Equity in Education group whose members run the day to day operations of Recall Brian Shannon PAC, admitting to this on camera during a meeting of the Yamhill County Democrats,

Kristen Stoller’s husband is real estate agent Francisco Stoller, of the family that owns Stoller Estate Winery in Dayton, Oregon. Francisco Stoller works for Earnest Real Estate. As I previously reported, the Stoller winery would not answer my question on if the winery is supporting Stoller’s activities and providing her funding.

It is clear by the donation history to the PAC that outsiders are attempting to influence the political situation in Newberg, Oregon, which is ironic considering that Yamhill County Democrat frequently accuses “outsiders” from the area of interfering with local politics by funding causes by suggesting Oregon-based Timber Unity is doing so. Meanwhile, they solicit donations from California based millionaires.

For those new to my reporting and who are unfamiliar with what has actually been happening in Newberg, Oregon, this is Megan Corvus, the Recording Secretary of the Yamhill County Democrats declaring herself to be a racist. She is also a key member of Newberg Equity in Education, the group ran by Kristen Stoller, a major leader in the Recall Brian Shannon PAC group.

All of these officers of the Yamhill County Democrats are deeply involved with Recall Brian Shannon PAC

Just this past Saturday, the Recall Brian Shannon PAC held a fundraising event where a Newberg high school student performed as a drag queen as members of the teacher union, Newberg Education Association, threw dollars at him as he performed a burlesque dance performance while dressed in lingerie.

The event was held at Kristen Stoller’s children’s dance school, Chehalem Valley Dance Academy located in downtown Newberg. She even spoke during the event!

Yamhill County Democrats operates the group Newberg Equity in Education, which as I previously reported in Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, sub-section 13.7 Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign has engaged in organized harassment and intimidation, and coercion in an effort to force the conservative majority of the Newberg school board to reverse their decision to ban politically divisive symbols from the school campus, which was intended to stop the group from grooming children.

These efforts involved everything from attempting to break up the marriage of school board director Brian Shannon to harassing them at their churches, to even asking the Church of Satan for assistance.

As previously reported by the Yamhill Advocate, Hollywood film cinematographer Matthew Moriarty (whose IMBD credits are here) and his family are a supporter of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd). His wife Ingrid Moriarty is a very active member of the group, whose mission statement clearly says that it exists to push Critical race theory into the Newberg school district,

Beth Woolsey is one of the founders of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), the group who “volunteer” their time to gather Recall Brian Shannon PAC signatures, who host all the events and whose members are the ones actually pushing the group, as part of their membership in Yamhill County Democrats.

Given the evidence, it is beyond contestation that the group exists to indoctrinate children in Critical Race Theory; it’s literally in the mission statement written for the group when it was formed.

The group’s efforts have also included indoctrinating children as young as grade schoolers using books such as It’s Perfectly Normal with graphic images encouraging them to masturbate and other explore sexual fetishes, as the Yamhill Advocate has reported previously as well.

Furthermore, the group is extremely anti-American, whose members have been REMOVING the American flag from classrooms in the Newberg school district and replacing them with BLM and Trans-racial pride flags, for the stated goal of indoctrinating children so they can “dismantle and rebuild” America into a “black utopia”,

By the way, user “Lu Pita” is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education. I have previously shown Facebook group discussions where she advocated for the removal of the American flag from classrooms in violation of Oregon state law.

As for the proof the goal is to build a “black utopia”, I have previously reported on the document co-written by Tai Harden-Moore, one of the leaders of NEEd, which was submitted to the City of Portland,

So, it is beyond contestation that Walt Disney Company employed Hollywood bigshots have donated thousands of dollars to this PAC ran by what I believe is a cult, so that the cult can continue grooming children and harassing people in a small town none of these people have anything to do with.

A cult that wants to dismantle and rebuild America into racially segregated “utopias”.

The Evidence is overwhelming that this is what the Recall Brian Shannon PAC is about.

Let it also never be forgotten that Disney employed actors and film directors are funding a group of people who are grooming children in Newberg, Oregon, a community which has had sexual exploitations of children over the past decade.

A town that previously had almost no history of sex crimes against children now has these abuses occurring; just last week, a Newberg man was arrested for molesting a boy. And a few years ago, a child sex ring was busted by the police, with a member of that ring, Alisa Nice, currently roaming free in town and joining various local parenting and child care Facebook groups.

I blame Recall Brian Shannon PAC members attempts to change the culture by grooming children to contributing to these horrendous abuses taking place in our city.

Newberg does not need to change its culture; it needs to eject these maniacs from our city politics and our schools, and return back to the Common Humanity approach the city has practiced since its founding by Quakers.

I bet Walt Disney would be turning in his grave if he knew what kind of people his company is employing today and the kinds of causes they are endorsing in small towns.

I think the residents of Newberg should inform Disney CEO Bob Chapek about their activities, you can email him at

Make sure you send him the URL to this article so he can see what is happening.

Recall Brian Shannon LIES About Its Objectives

Let me be crystal clear about this: Recall Brian Shannon lies about their activities to help them gain support and money.

What has ACTUALLY taken place is this: Newberg school board director Brian Shannon wrote a policy to ban all divisive political symbols, which includes BLM flags and the Confederate flags, from the school campuses. This policy was passed by a majority vote of 4-3 and adopted by the Newberg school district. The goal of this policy is to end the chaos being caused by Newberg Equity in Education AKA Yamhill County Democrats, as they use the school system to groom children into their fringe cultish ideologies. They have admitted during their secret video conference (which I showed already) that their goal is to exploited the children for their political purposes and change how they vote.

Again, they have admitted this is the purpose behind their grooming of the children on video!

(If you wish, you can watch the entire Yamhill County Democrats meeting video at this link).

The only reason they want to recall Brian Shannon is because the group wishes to control the school board and remove this ban that hinders their ability to groom children.

The recent decision to terminate Joe Morelock as superintendent (a man who was hired by the previous NEEd-controlled school board) is something Recall Brian Shannon is opposed to because they believe Morelock is protecting their members who operate in the school to groom children. This is explained in detail in my prior reporting of the group’s secretive Facebook messages between one another.

And the facts are what they are: Morelock was dismissing parent’s concerns about safety issues for girls, as previously reported by the Yamhill Advocate in Newberg School District Superintendent Responds to Parent Inquiries About Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms. He was also not acting on the policy to remove political symbols from the campuses, despite having been told by the lawyer he hired for the district that it was constitutionally valid and would likely be upheld in court.

In full disclosure, I publicly spoke out about the group’s activities in the last Newberg school board meeting and asked for the termination of Joe Morelock.

Then, after Morelock was terminated, the Recall Brian Shannon PAC held a protest rally on Veteran’s Day, which took news crews away from reporting on actual Veteran’s Day rally put on by actual Veterans organizations American Legion and VFW, which was only a few city blocks away from the Anti-American protest rally put on by Recall Brian Shannon PAC.

You can learn the full story behind the Recall Brian Shannon PAC in my in-depth article about the group, including its ties to Newberg Equity in Education and Yamhill County Democrats,

How the Press Is Deceiving the Public About What is Happening in Newberg, Oregon

The reason these maniacs believe they will get away with what they are doing is because members of the press have been assisting them by preventing the truth to come out while painting the members of Newberg Equity in Education as heroic champions fighting “white supremacy”. In reality, they are the actual villains.

As an example, Andrew Selsky Correspondent for the Associated Press, is an actual member of the Newberg Equity in Education group, a fact he does not disclose while reporting a bias, largely fictitious account of what is actually taking place in Newberg, Oregon.

Andrew Selsky and other journalists are assisting the Recall Brian Shannon PAC AKA Yamhill County Democrats by trying to obscure the truth and make it appear that the group is virtuous, when they are actually extremely evil.

I have reported Selsky to the Associated Press and yet they have permitted him to continue writing articles about Newberg, Oregon that become widely re-circulated by other media, distorting the truth about what is actually happening in my hometown.

I have also shared the truth to all the local media stations, from KGW to KATU2 to KOIN. I have also sent the evidence to Pamplin Media, publisher of the Newberg Graphic, and the News-Register. None of them report the full story, and continue to only report what benefits the cultists.

These other media outlets are intentionally not reporting the full facts of what is happening and instead only showing the press releases that come from the Yamhill County Democrats members and their sub-groups such as NEEd. These “journalists” are intentionally deceiving the public.

The Voters Of Newberg Decide What Happens in Newberg, Not Outsiders

The important thing for residents of Newberg, Oregon to know is that none of this nonsense they are devoting huge amounts of time and money to matters, whatsoever.

Only the ACTUAL RESIDENTS of Newberg, Oregon get to determine its politics and culture. This fringe group trying to use the media to harass and intimidate does not.

Residents of Newberg, I ask you to come together and join my new Facebook group, Restore Excellence to Newberg-Dundee (RESET-ND), to work with other residents to our town. Let us restore excellence and sanity.

Please also re-share this article to everyone else you know in Newberg, Oregon. Let’s not let this cult get away with what they are doing.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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