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Newberg School Board Fires Superintendent Joe Morelock

Newberg School Board Directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart voted to terminate the employment of District Superintendent Joe Morelock.

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Note: In full disclosure, this article has been marked as an editorial, because there is no way I can report on this with any impartiality. I provided public comments at this school board meeting and I asked for the termination of Superintendent Joe Morelock’s employment. Based on the packet information provided before the meeting, I thought this might be a topic of discussion for the session and I wanted to provide public comments.

All of my writing (including this article) are created of my own volition, with my own words, using my own money to fund the operation of this website.

This article will be an editorial, as I will share some of my opinions on the communications in order to provide some further context to them. All of the legal disclaimers from my previous articles apply to this article, too.

What Happened at the School Board Meeting Last Night

The Newberg School Board of Directors had a lengthy meeting last night. As detailed in the agenda, they had a Special Board Meeting for Executive Sessions that started at 5 PM, with a public session that was expected to start at 7 PM, but actually didn’t begin until around 8:30 PM. These private executive sessions were not available to the public, per ORS 192.660, Executive sessions permitted on certain matters, with reasons A and B specifically described in the meeting packet as the reasoning provided for their private nature. These sections have to do with the hiring and termination of employees.

At the start of the public session, two student representatives from the school district were sworn in, Rowan Myers and Madison Klink. They are both students at Newberg High School.

Later in the evening, a session was held to vote on the termination of Superintendent Joe Morelock. The motion passed in a 4-3 vote, with Directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart in favor. Directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena were opposed, and heavily protested before and after the vote. In fact, several times earlier in the public session, motions by these directors were made to end the meeting early, with a claim that the meeting was running late into the night, but my takeway is that these were attempts to delay voting on this topic.

No cause was provided for the termination by the board of directors. Morelock has an at will contract, which means he can be terminated at any time for any reason with 10 days advance notice. Under the terms of his employment contract he will be provided 6 months salary and benefits as severance.

You should be aware the vote has already been reported by other news outlets, such as KGW, with a short article posted by Destiny Johnson, and the KOIN article by “KOIN 6 News Staff”. I have sent numerous emails to the newsrooms at both KGW and KOIN 6, with evidence from the Advocate about the conspiracy formed by Newberg Equity in Education, and they have never once reported on any of it. Instead, they have published a press release written by the “Superintendent Cabinet of district administrators“, whatever the hell that is; a Google search for this “agency” turns up absolutely nothing other than their press release and the KGW news story.

If other outlets are going to be that partisan in their reporting, I think they should at least disclose this to the public, instead of masquerading as an impartial news outlet. This is why I have called them out and will continue to call out news outlets that fail to disclose they are a partisan newspaper, news channel or other media. I have bias, but I at least make it clearly known, and I do publish dissenting opinions. I believe I am providing more transparency in my reporting than the other local media is doing for the town of Newberg, as I intentionally make my biases clear while other outlets reporting on these events with the Newberg school district are obscuring them.

With that in mind, the following video feature the public comments I provided during the meeting,

And this next embedded video is the segment of the school board meeting where the vote to terminate Joe Morelock’s employment as Superintendent was decided,

(Note: As you watch the next video, please keep in mind that all of the alarmism that Brandy Penner says during the meeting of what terrible things will happen if Morelock is fired, are the statements of a person who is a founding member of Newberg Equity in Education, who has used the Facebook group to strategize and plan the implementation of Critical Race Theory indoctrination into the school district, has cooperated with the teacher’s union in their lawsuit and so on, as detailed in one of the first articles on the Advocate, specifically the section of that article marked, Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by NEEd Members to Manipulate Public Perception of Past School Board Meetings. )

My Personal Opinion On the Vote

I believe school board directors Brown, Powell, Shannon, and DeHart have done the right thing. I hope the residents of Newberg and Dundee can understand that it is a necessary step to restore some sanity to our school district. As I previously reported, Morelock has been dismissive of complaints from parents and the Newberg Equity in Education group has relied heavily on him to shield the faculty from complaints as they indoctrinate the students in the district into fringe ideologies such as Critical Race Theory. The problem will not be resolved without a new administrator for the district who will enforce the policies of the school board, as well as other policies.

I would also like readers to take notice at the demeaner of school board directors Penner, Piros and Pena. I believe you should pay attention to Penner especially, as she insulted the other school board directors, calling them cowards while she simultaneously threatened them with lawsuits and demanded the end of the session, declaring that “nothing constructive will happen with this board again“, which to me sounds like a threat. The school board directors who are members of Newberg Equity in Education cult clearly plan to continue to obstruct the school board meetings any way they can, while also working with the teacher’s union to sue the school district. Which is what they were probably planning to do anyway, but now Penner finally got mad enough to admit it, during an actual public meeting on camera.

On that note, I want you to see a post that Brandy Penner wrote on her Facebook profile not long ago,

Personally, based on what she has said here I believe Brandy Penner is a terrible mother who is raising children who will grow up to be jerks that are incapable of working with others, and will likely struggle in life as adults, unless they can somehow overcome her bad parenting on their own.

There, I said it. Someone had to.

I get that people are squeamish about criticizing how people raise their kids, but we’re talking about some pretty horrible things here. People like Brandy Penner will keep using their children as shields to justify themselves if you never call them out on their nonsense.

Brandy Penner has no business on the school board, making policy decisions that impact the lives of thousands of other students and the parents in the district. Most people want their children to be disciplined and respectful of others, not to be jerks who rebel against all authority whenever they don’t get their way, and compare themselves to Gandi and Martin Luther King Jr. to justify their nonsense.

Furthermore, Brandy Penner is best buddies with Megan Corvus, the Recording Secretary of the Yamhill County Democrats, and a self-declared racist,

You cannot compare yourself to Gandi and Martin Luther King Jr. when you hang out with self-admitted racists. I’m also pretty sure that neither of them would have thrown dollars at a high school student dressed in drag, which is what the Newberg Equity in Education group did last Saturday.

Brandy Penner doesn’t even believe what she is saying anyway, because she does not want others to defy her authority when she has it. And that is what this is actually about for her; when she was Chair of the school board, nobody was allowed to defy her and the other members of her cult. When Penner was Chair, the members of Newberg Equity in Education cult would trash talk Dave Brown and Brian Shannon in threads Penner participated in, and they did it constantly every board meeting. Penner loved the peanut gallery nature of the group, because it benefited her.

But now, after the last election cycle, the cult lost seats on the school board for pushing Critical Race Theory and fringe gender identity nonsense into the school district. Now Penner wishes to reframe herself as a rebel fighting a holy war for justice. In reality, Penner wants her side to rule through fear and tyranny, which is why they are using unethical and I believe illegal tactics to harass the other school board directors in their personal lives, even going as far as trying to break up Brian Shannon’s marriage to do so, as detailed in Part 1, subsection 13.7 Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign.

After the vote to terminate Morelock’s employment, Brandy Penner tried to use her children as a shield to justify why she should get her way and the other directors’ votes should not matter. However, Penner is free to home school her children if she wants them to grow up to be jerks. She does not have to enroll them into the Newberg school district as a means of justifying her desire to push her political agenda down the throat of everyone else in the school district.

Penner has no good justifications for what she wants to do. Her only real justification is that she wants to score brownie points from the peanut gallery that is the Newberg Equity in Education group she serves, and who she believes are the only people who should have a voice in our town.

Likewise, Directors Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena are of the same mind. They are members of Newberg Equity in Education and they don’t care about the laws, or damage they do to others lives. All they care about is having control, feeling important and getting applauded by their fellow cult members for carrying out the will of its leaders.

After having watched numerous past school board meetings and cross-referencing them to past communications inside the Newberg Equity in Education group that are related to those meetings, I am of the opinion that Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena have evil hearts, and this is why a group like Newberg Equity in Education attracted them in the first place. I believe they pretend to be good people in public, when they are actually very terrible people who ae morally bankrupt. I hope their remaining time on the Newberg school board will not be for much longer.

I understand some of these people have done good things at one time for some people. Narcissistic people can do good things. But, if they find an easier path to obtaining the prestige and applause they crave, they dive into it, as narcissists have a tendency to take the path of least resistance to obtain what they want, which is that applause. They aren’t actually interested in making anyone’s life better, that’s just the route by which they gain the recognition they desire. This is probably the hardest thing for many people to understand about those who have joined Newberg Equity in Education, Progressive Yamhill and other groups like this.

They aren’t actually good people. They may not ever have been, which is how they got sucked into this path in the first place. Genuinely good people do not join racist cults that want to bring back segregation, or who think throwing dollars at high school students in drag is totally normal. They don’t try to break up people’s marriages because they think it might give them leverage in school board politics. Good people don’t do stuff like this. They have proper frames of reference for good behavior. They won’t do these things, even if nobody is watching them, because they know it to be wrong.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Good job, Carey! Thank you!

Last edited 2 years ago by Taft

Very well writen article. We need somebody like you in our small community. Glad to see steps in the right direction for Newberg schools. Keep up the fight for good.

K Rush

Thank you for this article. I found it in the FB group “Parent’s Rights in Education”. I don’t live in Newberg, but neighboring towns are watching what is going on very carefully. Keep fighting the good fight!

Last edited 2 years ago by K Rush
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