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Kristen Stoller Plans Racist Anti-American Rally on Veterans Day in Newberg

Recall Brian Shannon AKA Newberg Equity in Education attempt to use Veterans Day to push removal of American flags from school classrooms, teaching children racial segregation and other evil things.

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This article will be an editorial, as I will share some of my opinions on the communications in order to provide some further context to them. All of the legal disclaimers from my previous articles apply to this article, too.

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Earlier today, Kristen Stoller publicly announced that she and the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) plan to hold a rally tomorrow on Veteran’s Day to protest the firing of Joe Morelock as superintendent. Stoller has attempted to frame the rally as protesting racism, which is the norm for her group, but as I have shown through hundreds of screenshots from their private Facebook groups they use to plan their racist, Anti-American activities, which also includes teaching children ethnic segregation, child grooming and to hate American shared values. To achieve this, they plan to exploit an aging member of our community who happens to also be a veteran, so they can pretend the event is aligned with American values when it is the polar opposite. The group is mad because they suffered a major blow last night, when Superintendent Joe Morelock who is friendly to their cause, was fired by the Newberg school board.

The manipulation of other people as pawns and the subversion of shared American values, such as holidays like Veteran’s Day, is a common tactic for this group of racist people. If you participate in this rally, you are supporting their group ideology and actions, and this article will reveal to you what the group actually believes and what they do in our town.

And they are racists. Despite their claims of “fighting racism“, in reality, they are the actual racists in Newberg and they will admit to this when questioned. Among their members is Megan Corvus, the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrats, who is a self-declared racist. She is a key member of Newberg Equity in Education

I have been able to get several other key members of their group to also publicly admit themselves to be racists, too.

For those who do not known, Erin McCarthy is the person who erected the huge Black Lives Matter and Trans-racial pride flags on her property in view of the Newberg High School, as mentioned in a previous article.

It is possible for these people to admit to being racists yet claim they are fighting racism, because the group members are in a cult whose ideology is a continuation of the black separatism ideology of the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground from the 1960s, which is currently known as Critical Race Theory. Within this ideology, people who are “white” are brainwashed into believing they are racist people who owe a blood debt called ‘privilege‘ for offenses past generations of “whites” have done which they have benefited by, and the only way they can repay this blood debt is by becoming an “anti-racist racist”.

Being an “anti-racist racist” does NOT mean they stop being a racist. Rather it means that they organize into groups to fight other “white people” who have positions of power and authority, with the goal of gaining political and societal power and using that power to re-implement racial segregation in a way that would benefit “black” and “brown” people, as a means of “compensating” for things people did hundreds of years ago.

This is because in the ideology, “white people” are always racist, because they are born racist. Racism is considered a mental illness that all “whites” have and which they can never be rid of. At best, in their beliefs, the only thing a “white” can do is become subservient to “blacks” and “browns” to help them create a black utopia, so that other ethnic groups can self-govern themselves. That will create “Equity”, in their ideology.

The creation of a “black utopia” as the cult’s goal is outlined in a document co-written by Tai Harden-Moore, one of the co-leaders of the cult with Kristen Stoller,

This goes as far as teaching children in the district to self-segregate themselves by the creation of ethnic exclusive student activities groups, to prepare for this change in society,

This all sounds crazy, and yet it is true. The evidence is overwhelming.

The Critical Race Theory ideology is fully explained with screenshots of their own communications about their beliefs, as well as other key facts about their group in my past article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, in subsection 8 What Is the Goal of the Newberg Equity in Education Mafia Cult?

A more summarized version of what the beliefs of the cult are can be read in, What Every Newberg Resident Should Know About Recall Brian Shannon School Board Campaign.

Kristen Stoller Exploits Veterans Day To Push Her Cult’s Agenda

With that introduction, here is the post that Kristen Stoller made on her personal Facebook profile announcing the rally,

Ian D. McDonough is an old man who may not even realize what he is endorsing, since the group subverts language and is led by pathological liars such as Kristen Stoller.

I can only assume the other relatives of Ian McDonough that are members of Kristen Stoller’s cult, such as Jeff McDonough, a counselor in the Newberg public school system, have made Ian McDonough an offering to the cult, so they can justify having a protest on Veteran’s Day; a holiday for remembering the sacrifices of American servicemen and women, and which has nothing to do whatsoever with Stoller’s goals.

I have previously shown that Jeff McDonoug is a member of Newberg Equity in Education and how the belief causes him to harm students in, 8.4 How Does Critical Race Theory Impact Teacher Decisions In Disciplinary Matters and Policies?

To be crystal clear, Veteran’s Day is being exploited by the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group, which is organizing the Recall Brian Shannon PAC. None of these people actually care about veterans or shared American values, even if a few of their members are veterans themselves. Again, they are cult members before they are anything else.

The Group Is Extremely Anti-American in Their Values

The Newberg teacher’s union has almost all of their members in the Newberg Equity in Education group, where Kristen Stoller is one of the main ringleaders. The group openly promotes the removal of the American flag from classrooms and replacing them with Black Lives Matter and the Trans-Racial Pride Flag, as detailed in How NEEd Felt About Gail Grobey Removing the American Flag From Newberg School Classrooms.

Here is a video posted by Angie Spracher, a teacher and member of Newberg Equity in Education,

This video shows what Kristen Stoller and all the other members of her cult want every classroom in Newberg to look like, and what many of them currently do under Superintendent Morelock’s administration of the school system. They remove the American flag from Newberg classrooms, in violation of ORS 339.875 Procurement, display and salute of flags.

The Newberg Equity in Education group is motivated to do this for the stated goal of “changing the voting culture in Newberg” by exploiting the students. Kristen Stoller herself admitted to this on camera during the last Yamhill County Democrats meeting, which was recorded and sent to me.

The way in which they do this is by subverting the traditional education curriculum so that students do not learn critical thinking and logic, or accurate information about history and our government. Instead, the students are taught emphasizing the teaching of fringe ideologies such as Critical Race Theory and the discredited “gender identity” theories of John Money. This results in the group holding a rally for Recall Brian Shannon where a high school student performed in drag as members of the teacher faculty threw dollars at the high school student who performed a burlesque striptease show, as I show video footage of in my article, Newberg Student Performs at Drag Queen Show at Officially Recognized School Program Dance Center.

Here is additional video footage from the drag show event that shows Kristen Stoller giving a speech to the members of the teacher union in attendance. Stoller makes it clear that she wants the conservatives in Newberg to leave, so that her cult can take over the town.

Furthermore, the protest is only designed to serve their agenda of trying to trick Newberg residents into signing their signature recall forms for removing Brian Shannon from the school board, so they can replace him with one of their own members again. The group is motivated to recall because several of their members lost their seats on the school board in the last election for implementing Critical Race Theory into the school system. Their recall efforts started as soon as they lost election seats, as I showed in detail in What Every Newberg Resident Should Know About Recall Brian Shannon School Board Campaign, subsection 5 What Is the Goal of Recall Brian Shannon?

I believe this protest rally on Veteran’s Day by a group of people who hate American so much they are removing American flags from our classrooms is yet another of their disgusting tactics, whose only purpose is further harassment of the school directors who oppose them and voted to fire Morelock last night, as detailed in Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign, which shows the cult Stoller leads has gone as far as trying to break up Brian Shannon’s marriage to achieve their goals.

The Newberg Equity in Education group leaders also advocate for complete and total defunding of police as part of their agenda to create black separatism, as I have shown in prior articles. The two relevant sections of past articles are, Obviously, Progressive Yamhill Members Hate the Police and Trash Talk America on September 11th and Members Involved With NEEd Who Are Veterans, the latter of which shows how the group brainwashes veterans into believing in their madness.

You might also want to read the what another leader of the cult, Tai Harden-Moore, said about the funeral procession motorcade honoring deceased Beaverton police officer and Newberg resident, Brian Gaunt. After all, Tai Harden-Moore is the person the cult wants to take Brian Shannon’s seat on the school board so you should be aware what kind of person they think would be better than Brian Shannon.

Furthermore, here is a post from within Newberg Equity in Education where Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Board Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata advocates for the dismantling and rebuilding of America (she posts in the group as the user Lu Pita),

You can read the full thread where she ranted about this by clicking here.

In Conclusion

Residents of Newberg, do not bee fooled by this cult that brazenly subverts holidays such as Veteran’s Day to push their agenda, who exploits aging members of our community, using them as tools to further their evil nonsense in our town.

Kristen Stoller, Tai Harden-Moore and the other leaders of Newberg Equity in Education are the actual racists. If you participate in the rally, you are assisting all of the evil things they believe and want to do in Newberg. This evil includes everything from harassing school board directors in their personal lives to grooming children using our school district, so they can exploit them once they turn eighteen years old.

If you previously signed your name on a Recall Brian Shannon ballot, I would suggest demanding that signature back or asking for it to be disregarded at the county office, by telling them you retract your signature.

We cannot allow Kristen Stoller and her cult of racist, America-hating lunatics to continue getting away with what they are doing.

Update: Statement from Ian D. McDonough

This is an update to include a statement from Ian D. McDonough that he made in response to this article being posted into a Facebook group.

Being a veteran is not a free license to support Anti-American activities, such as Kristen Stoller’s group is actively engaged in. I still believe he is being exploited by the cult, and whether he is willing in that exploitation does not change what is occurring.

The event is not about Veteran’s Day. It’s about the cult. They would be doing this event no matter what day it was.

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