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Newberg Schools Indoctrinate Children Into Pseudoscience Designed to Change Children’s Sexual Identity

A detailed article exposing how the Newberg Equity in Education cult is grooming children in the Newberg, Oregon school district for their political gain.

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(Editors note: This article includes some information from a section in a previous article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, sub-section 8.7 The “Health Class” Curriculum Taught to Newberg School District Kids Is Disturbing. It has been reprinted here into a stand-alone article to make it easier for people to locate and share. I have also included new information specifically about John Money, the originator of the theories)

This article will be an editorial, as I will share some of my opinions on the communications in order to provide some further context to them. All of the legal disclaimers from my previous articles apply to this article, too.

I am not an attorney and my comments shouldn’t be regarded as legal advice. They are, however, my opinion based on my interpretation of the laws and backed by the evidence I have shown in this article.

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During my investigation into the activities of Newberg Equity in Education, I spoke to several concerned parents, who told me that they believe the Newberg school district is teaching fringe gender identity materials designed to groom children and convince them to be gay and/or transgender.

The parents told me that kids as young as kindergarteners are being taught how to masturbate and about sexual fetishes. I also learned about a class at the high school ran by Assistant Principal Mark Brown called “Tiger Time” where students are taught these materials in the form of instructional videos from YouTube channels.

I looked into this and found the claims to be true.

The “Health Class” Curriculum Taught to Newberg School District Kids Is Disturbing

I was able to obtain proof that the Newberg school district is in fact teaching these things. This is a copy of an internal email communication from the school district, which is from Shanna Andres, whose job title in the Newberg school district faculty directory is listed as the administrated assistant to the Superintendent Joe Morelock. In this email, she is communicating with Gregg Koskela (Community Relations Coordinator), Derek Brown (district office, director of assessment) and Joe Morelock (the superintendent).

Before we continue, I need to point out that Gregg Koskela is a member of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd),

The links from the email are


Reviewing the curriculum, such as the course about Sexual Identity and Gender Identity, it is very obvious that it uses the pseudo-scientific and discredited research of John Money, a fraudster who conducted unethical experiments on children, who later committed suicide as a consequence of the trauma Money inflicted on them. You can read more about the details of Money’s research by reading, David Reimer and John Money Gender Reassignment Controversy: The John/Joan Case, an entry in the The Embryo Project Encyclopedia operated by US National Science Foundation and by Arizona State University.

The important thing to know is that the “health class” material taught by Newberg school system is teaching school children a framework created by an unethical child abusing monster who photographed two brothers masturbating and sexually posing together, and called it “science”. Money also defended pedophiles by creating new categories of pedophilia, such as “Affectionate pedophilia”, in an effort to normalize it. There is a whole rabbit hole I could go down just about Money himself and the evil nonsense he did. None of this belongs in the public school system masquerading as a legitimate science-based health class. This is an area of abnormal psychology inappropriate for teaching to children, especially in the way it is being done to suggest Money’s theories are normal.

Who Was John Money?

Many people are unfamiliar with the work of John Money and his theories, and because they do not know the origin of his work, they do not understand how it was expressly designed to change a child’s sexual orientation and for what purpose.

John Money’s theories of gender identity were intended to change a child’s sexual orientation. This is an indisputable fact, because Money developed his theories specifically for treating children (primarily boys) who had genital deformities at birth, to raise them as members of the opposite gender and adopt the corresponding sexual identity. This was viewed as a form of “treatment” for these deformities, intended for them to have a “normal life”.

The central premise of Money’s theory was that sexual orientation can be culturally conditioned. This theory was formed for the purpose of altering a child’s sexual orientation predispositions from those inherent to their biological gender, so the child would conform to the gender role they would be raised as.

I must stress this: The methods Money created for convincing the child they are of the opposite gender they were born as, were originally created specifically as a form of “treatment” for children born with genital deformities, with the claim it would result in the child growing up to be able to have a “normal life”.

However, there is nothing normal about lying to a child about their biological gender and socially conditioning them to be gay.

You do not have to take my word for what John Money did; many other news agencies have reported the truth about his work and have done so long ago. It is not brand new information and has been known for over a decade.

For example, the BBC has this news documentary program you can listen to, Mind Changers: The John / Joan Case, by clicking here.

BBC also aired a 46 minute television program special about the truth of the John / Joan Case, as well, featuring interviews with one of the subjects of his experiment, David Reimer.

I believe the facts speak for themselves; John Money is yet another example of quack psychologists diverting from the actual scientific method to conduct highly unethical experiments on children, who then lie about their research results for profit and to push a social agenda. Today, LGBTQ social activists frequently try to obscure and cover up the truth about the origin of their “gender identity” quackery because they have a goal and that goal is to indoctrinate children to increase their ranks. They do not care if the ideas were based on lies and fraud. They do not care if their methods result in children becoming suicidal and having other psychological problems. All they care about is winning their culture war.

John Money joins the ranks of other sexology quacks, such as Alfred Kinsey, who also fabricated his research results; in drafting his famous The Kinsey Reports, Alfred Kinsey interviewed prisoners who had been arrested for sex crimes and then failed to disclose in his books that these were the source of the information in his reports. He also interviewed people that were pedophiles, and did not report their crimes to the police.

Kinsey inappropriately distorted the data to make it seem as though a fringe group of people and their sexual fetishes were representative of the larger population, and in so doing, made it appear that what was actually the behavior of criminals was commonplace among all Americans. It was not. We know these things about Alfred Kinsey and his methods, because the truth came out in the 1990s, as reported by The Washington Post in the December 8, 1995 article, KINSEY REPORT, FAST AND LOOSE?, by Marc Fisher.

People have become afraid to talk about this stuff openly, because the social activists just accuse you of being “homophobic” when you show where their ideologies come from and what they were intended for doing. However, I am not afraid of speaking the truth about the origins of these theories and criticizing them. They are being passed off as “scientific”, when they are not.

I don’t care if someone is gay; I do care if you try to pass off the pseudoscientific ideas of quacks and charlatans as something appropriate for teaching to children in place of legitimate biology curriculum in the schools.

The important and indisputable takeaway here is that the theories and methods of John Money were expressly created to culturally condition a child to change their gender role and sexual orientation from that of their biological gender.

By using John Money’s work to build curriculum to indoctrinate kids, that is what they are doing.

The Curriculum Is Designed to Brainwash Children Into John Money’s Ideas

On the website linked to by the Newberg school administrations email for their health class curriculum, you’ll also find videos such as this one titled, “Love is Love: Free to be Me” that uses inspirational music coupled with anecdotal stories of children “coming out” as gay to friends, which seemingly has been edited in such a way to encourage children to do the same thing.

Based on my professional experience as a film-maker, I believe the video is designed to encourage action (coming out as gay), which can then be reinforced by the teacher in the classroom the video is being shown in, who rewards the student with praise for taking the desired action. This is positive reinforcement, an aspect of behavior modification therapy that has been twisted to encourage children to self-identify themselves as ‘gay’.

In another video as part of the course, Finding an Adult That You Can Trust, children are discouraged from talking about sex with their parents and instead to find another adult they can trust who gives “good advice”, which I can only assume was designed to discourage kids from talking about the class materials with parents and instead look to the teachers as these ‘trusted adults’. It also makes the kids more susceptible to grooming in my opinion. The message of this video is the exact opposite of what the school should be teaching.

In yet another video, Bodies: Different Shapes and Sizes. All Beautiful!, children are basically told that using shampoo is bad and it’s socially acceptable to be a greasy, overweight person. This is horrible advice for children.

Some videos in the series are not wholly terrible, but do feature incorrect information. For example, the video Consent Explained: What Is It? is mostly fine, except it claims that if a person is drunk they are legally unable to give consent to sex. This is false; there is no law in the US that says a person who is drunk is not legally responsible for their choices, which is why people are arrested for drunk driving and other crimes of public drunkenness. The message seems to be pushing the trending trope of women accusing men of “rape” because the women regretted having a one-night stand after a night of partying, despite that both parties who had sex were drunk (under their logic, only women couldn’t give consent but men somehow could despite being drunk as well, which is contradictory). This narrative encourages irresponsible behavior in girls, as many girls then believe that, because they couldn’t consent to sex while drunk, this allows them to blame others (specifically, men) for the consequences of their drunken behavior, despite that they chose to get drunk in the first place and being drunk doesn’t make a person no longer legally responsible for their behavior. While it is possible to be sexually assaulted while drunk and it makes one more at risk for this to occur, simply being drunk does not mean any sex while intoxicated is automatically sexual assault. Actually, now that I really think about it, I don’t think this video should be shown at all for kids this young, as they aren’t supposed to be drinking in the first place and the nuances of the laws related to this subject are not treated with the seriousness they should be.

The videos used in the course all come from the channel, which very clearly has an ideological agenda rooted in pushing fringe gender identity pseudo-science based on the work of John Money, as previously explained.

The Curriculum Uses Cult Tactics To Indoctrinate Children

Even worse, the structure of the curriculum is designed for the health teacher to first recruit and train a small number of students who will then be “Teen Leaders” to instruct the other students in the classes,

That is, they have weaponized the social phenomenon of peer pressure to assist the teacher in indoctrinating children into the pseudo-scientific information created by a sexual predator (John Money).

According to the website, there is a more sexually graphic set of lessons not available on the website and are only sent to educators.

Sexual images and messages found in technology” sounds to me like a very long winded way of saying the word ‘pornography’.

This “health curriculum” is, of course, not unique to Newberg; the materials are created and distributed by the Oregon Department of Education. This is what is being taught in all the schools in Oregon, apparently, or at least is what the Department wants to be taught.

This is some photos from a book that is on the recommended reading list for the curriculum. A concerned parent told me this book is being given to elementary kids.

Do you think a book with illustrations of kids masturbating should be in your elemental school library or given as homework assignments? I certainly don’t.

It is important to know that when the parents ask the teachers to show them what material they are teaching the kids, the school administrators tell them they have to fill out general public records requests as a way to throw barriers up. When they ask to see what books are in the school libraries, they are told they are not allowed to come onto campus to see what they are. I asked for proof of this and the parents said the school avoids any email or paper communication about these issues, only doing conversations over the phone and via in person meetings, seemingly in an effort to avoid creating a paper trail.

The only reason I gained access to the curriculum and evidence this is what they are teaching is because of an insider leak.

Newberg High School Student Performs in Drag Show at Kristen Stoller’s Dance Studio For Children

As I previously reported, a current Newberg High School student performed in a drag queen show as members of the audience, who are all involved in Newberg Equity in Education, threw dollars at him for the purpose of raising money for the Recall Brian Shannon PAC.

The high school student had only turned 18 years old a few days prior to this event, and as I showed in the article, the student has been practicing drag for at least a year prior while still a minor. This was not something they spontaneously decided to do, and the venue was performed in a dance studio owned by Kristen Stoller, which is supposed to be for children. Now it has apparently become also a strip club for drag queen burlesque dance performances.

The “Wellness Center” Ran by Kristen Stoller In the Newberg High School Pushes John Money’s Ideas Onto Children

There is more.

As I previously reported in prior articles, such as Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, the Community Wellness Collective was founded by Kristen Stoller and City of Newberg Councilor Elise Yarnell Holliman.

The Wellness Center is a “school based health center”.

Here is Newberg school board director Brandy Penner discussing a “School based health center” in a post from within the Newberg Equity in Education group,

At the time that Brandy Penner made this post, she was the chair of the school board. I can only assume that the School Based Health Center she is referring to is the Wellness center, and if so, that means it was setup to obtain a grant. Okay…..but, why do we need such a thing in our school when we have such a very excellent hospital in town?

Why do we need a private clinic practice in the school when we already have school counselors who are public employees and bound by these rules?

Why do we need to have private individuals with what seems to be no formal medical training or expertise (Kristen Stoller) on the board of such a thing, and who is free to pay herself a salary as part of being an executive officer of a nonprofit corporation (and set these salaries to be literally whatever she wants them to be with no public oversight). While there seem to be people who have expertise in these areas, I find the entire situation to be very unusual and unnecessary. When things are both unusual and unnecessary, my general experience has been there is a reason for it that is more about the people running it than for its claimed purpose.

These remain unanswered questions about the operation of this Wellness center thing. If anyone would like to share me further information, I would be interested in knowing it.

What I DO know is that NEEd is involved with the Wellness Center and I believe is using it as part of their indoctrination of the school children into their political ideologies. I believe this based on communications within the NEEd group, here are a few,

Gender affirming care” is a code word for John Money’s fringe ideas.

In my prior articles you’ll notice I have embedded a video of a Newberg parent whose child was indoctrinated into the fringe ideologies of John Money, and she shares her heart breaking story about that. She specifically mentions that PFLAG Newberg was responsible.

I have been told that Kristen Stoller is the person who was most responsible for convincing her daughter that she was really a boy.

Bear in mind, Kristen Stoller has also been caught on video during a recent Yamhill County Democrats meeting, discussing the indoctrination of students in the Newberg high school so that once they graduate they can be recruited as a means of changing the voting culture of Newberg,

You can view the entire meeting video I have uploaded that features Stoller and many other members of the Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill which reveals that Yamhill County Democrats are the ones behind all of these groups. The political party has been completely taken over by a cult.

PFLAG Newberg also has a Facebook Page, and it’s clear they are huge advocates for John Money’s fringe ideologies, with many local businesses supporting them,

And they are operating inside the Newberg schools,

In Conclusion

The evidence is overwhelming on what Newberg Equity in Education is doing, and why they are doing it. It is not about “love”, or “acceptance” or all of this other nonsense they claim.

What they are actually doing is grooming children so they can change the voting culture in Newberg, because they believe it will give them more political power.

That is the only goal.

And the definition of “grooming” is well understood, here’s the top Google result for “What is grooming”,

This is what they are doing in our public schools, using your public money, to the children of the town.

Are you going to let them continue to get away with it by doing nothing to stop them?

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