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Kristen Stoller Threatens to Sue Yamhill Advocate For Exposing Her, But Here’s The Truth

Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education leader Kristen Stoller threatens to sue the Yamhill Advocate for the umpteenth time for daring to speak the truth about her grooming children in Newberg, Oregon for her political benefit. If she doesn't like the coverage then she shouldn't have done it.

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(Editor’s Note: This will be another lengthy article, citing a large amount of evidence for the claims it makes. Please use the Table of Contents links to jump to different sections if you cannot read the entire article in one sitting.)

I’ll get straight to the point: Kristen Stoller, one of the main leaders of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) and a chief architect of the recall campaigns against school board directors Brian Shannon and Dave Brown, has threatened to sue the Yamhill Advocate because I dared to point out her actions in the Newberg, Oregon school district should be regarded as child grooming.

Primarily, it is the publication of my past article, Newberg Student Performs at Drag Queen Show at Officially Recognized School Program Dance Center and the information contained in it, which she has a problem with.

Whenever people refer to the article in social media groups, Kristen Stoller threatens lawsuits. Here’s one example,

Here is another one,

Here is yet another example, from a different thread,

As you can see, I did not back down because what I am saying is the truth as best I see it, and I am not backing down because someone has to expose her for the evil she is doing in our town.

Kristen Stoller is a public figure due to her political campaign activities, and that makes her actions open to public debate and criticism. I am not slandering her or harassing her for exposing what she does and that she is a pathological liar.

After all, she labels herself a public figure on her own social media accounts,

Oregon state law is very clear that lawsuits against participation in the public forum can be struck and that the plaintiff will be required to reimburse for all legal expenses. The statue is ORS 31.150 Special motion to strike.

I have published a tremendous amount of evidence for the claims I have made in my prior articles about Kristen Stoller and her group’s activities in Newberg, Oregon. I stand behind my reporting. There is enough evidence that I feel confident that should anyone I have reported on attempt to file a SLAPP suit against me, it will be dismissed under the provision of ORS 31.150.

By contrast, Kristen Stoller is a pathological liar who can never keep any of her stories straight.

I believe Kristen Stoller is engaging in grooming the kids in my home town to serve her ideological agenda. I’m not backing down on this, because the evidence is rather substantial for the claim. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it was true.

And I’m going to break that evidence down in this article, so that everyone can understand why I believe everything that I said is true.

Edit: To make it easier for people to understand, this article has evidence for the following claims:

What Exactly Is Grooming?

Before we get started into the facts of Stoller’s activities, let’s first define what “grooming” means, as there are several ways a child can be groomed.

Firstly, if you search on Google, “What is child grooming“, you’ll find this answer,

The key component is to build a relationship of trust and emotional connection with a child so they can be manipulated, exploited and/or abused. It does not necessarily mean the individual wishes to have sex with the minor. There are many ways in which a child can be manipulated and exploited, and that is just one of the ways.

For example, the 2009 book Consumer Kids: How Big Business is Grooming Our Children for Profit used the term ‘grooming‘ to refer to the way many companies exploit children to train them to become consumers of products they don’t need through manipulative marketing tactics, with the intention to groom the kids into becoming life-long consumers of their products.

Secondly, the kind of grooming I am referring to here is the exploitation of a relationship as an authority figure, such as a teacher or counselor, with the goal of convincing the child to adopt certain sexual ideologies and practices, and the adoption of these things has some kind of benefit to the groomer, and can harm the child (such as, for example, taking cancer treatment drugs to “block puberty”).

In the case of Kristen Stoller, I am referring to her efforts to indoctrinate kids into the fringe discredited gender identity theories of John Money, so that once the kids turn 18 they can be exploited by Stoller’s organization for political gain. I mean, she said it herself in that video I have shown of her, from the Yamhill County Democrats meeting,

These grooming efforts have gone as far as hosting a drag queen show where a current high school student performed just days after he turned 18, as I showed in the article about that event.

This is one of the pieces of evidence I showed in that article, where she admits to this.

Stoller believes it was okay for her to exploit the student because he had recently turned 18, but the problem with that explanation is that the performance was organized while the student was still a minor with the goal of capitalizing on him just turning of “legal age” as a selling point for the event.

After all, the event was advertised while he was still a minor, that it will be his first performance once turning 18. From my point of view, Stoller was selling a kind of virginity; the first performance of a just turned 18 drag queen. That’s pretty exploitative, in my opinion, especially when you factor in that drag queen performances are an extension of the crossdressing fetish. There are people who participate in the fetish by dressing up in women’s clothing, yes, but more importantly, there are many who participate in the fetish by watching dance performances by those who are crossdressing. That is a huge part of the fetish of crossdressing and a form of voyeurism.

Kristen Stoller marketed her event as the barely legal current high school student performing in drag. That’s a sexual thing to many people, specifically the primary target audience for drag queen shows.

With that in mind, I believe that’s grooming any way you look at it. Lots of groomers wait until a minor is technically “legal” to start exploiting them, and in Stoller’s case it is to use that minor to serve her ideological agenda (a political fundraiser for Recall Brian Shannon, as advertised on the flyer she distributed), because Stoller is one of the leaders of a cult who seeks to gain influence and power by indoctrinating kids so when they turn 18 they will join their cult.

Here are some additional facts which I believe are also beyond dispute, that show this kind of thing is a pattern of behavior with her.

Fact #1: Kristen Stoller Uses Her Children’s Dance Studio To Groom Kids

Stoller uses her children’s dance studio to groom kids. There, I said it, again. And I said it because it is true and I will continue to say it.

Here’s a Facebook post where her dance studio is involved in a “coming out” day, where people are encouraged to “come out” as gay. Stoller and her children’s dance studio is specifically mentioned as a sponsor of the event participating in it.

I ask you, what business does a children’s dance studio have participating in such an event if not to encourage kids to identify as gay and be rewarded with attention by a perceived authority figure, which Kristen Stoller is viewed as by the children in her dance studio? She owns the studio after all, and is a teacher at it.

Furthermore, from a post made by Pollinate Flowers (which is ran by the polyamorist gay thruple of Jeremi Carroll, John Peterson and Zach Goff, her fellow members of Progressive Yamhill. Goff is the petitioner for the Recall against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon) evidence is shown she has been using her children’s dance studio to pressure children to become gay,

So in conclusion, Kristen Stoller is actively encouraging kids in her dance studio to identify as gay to serve her agenda. That is a form of child grooming as well.

She is not doing this to benefit the kids; it’s because she wishes to change the voting culture of Newberg.

Fact #2: The Community Wellness Collective Is Used To Groom Kids Into Fringe Gender Identity Theories

As I previously reported in Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, subsection A Short Discussion About Kristen Stoller, President of the Newberg Education Foundation, Kristen Stoller is the co-founder of the Community Wellness Collective, a private health clinic that operates in the Newberg High School. It was created via a grant which from my understanding was supposed to be used to provide health care to low income students.

Here is proof it has offices in the Newberg High School, a video by Kristen Stoller herself posted to the Community Wellness Collective FB Page,

However, from what I have been told by those in the know, the clinic is actually used to indoctrinate kids into the discredited fringe gender identity theories of John Money, as I have reported in detail in a previous article, Newberg Schools Indoctrinate Children Into Pseudoscience Designed to Change Children’s Sexual Identity. I have also been told that the clinic is also used to encourage pregnant teenage girls to get abortions.

Now, I could share the anecdotal stories of several parents who have spoken to me about the clinic, but as I am protecting the identities of my sources I don’t wish to share the finer details that could expose their identities and those of their children.

What I will show is Kristen Stoller’s own participation in a thread from the NEEd group, where her fellow Community Wellness Collective co-founders admitted they teach these fringe gender identity theories to the kids,

As you can see, Jeri Frankenburger said “gender affirming care”, which is a code phrase for John Money’s theories. This is something anyone can Google to verify for themselves,

“Gender affirming care” is yet another Orwellian double-speak term used by these fringe groups. Much like “anti-racist” does not actually mean to be opposed to racism when they say it, “gender affirming care” when used by these fringe cultists actually means to put kids on cancer treatment drugs (which they claim are “puberty blockers”) and to perform “sex reassignment surgery”, which mutilates a child by removing their sex organs. Both of these things separately lead to sterilization of the children, and in the case of the cancer drugs misleading called “puberty blockers”, the children and their parents are often not told that using these drugs meant for treating breast cancer can cause the children to become permanently sterile even if they take hormones later to trigger some of the effects of puberty. Interfering with the natural process of puberty has serious health side effects and is in my opinion, completely unethical and ought to be illegal. It’s child abuse, in my view.

So, it is clear by their own internal communications from their secret Facebook group that Stoller and her accomplices are using this private healthcare clinic that operates inside the Newberg schools as a way to indoctrinate children into a confusing framework developed by a man (John Money) who was revealed to be a complete fraud, and who exploited children for his financial benefit. In a prior article, I’ve written about John Money and his fraud in detail; it’s beyond dispute that he was a fraud, and we are still dealing with the long term consequences of that fraud because people like Kristen Stoller are using his nonsense to indoctrinate children for her benefit.

Likewise, this group of women operating the clinic are doing so as part of the Newberg Equity in Education splinter cell of Progressive Yamhill, which in turn is part of the Indivisible movement; it is, after all, a registered chapter of Indivisible.

Furthermore, the Community Wellness Collective is used to promote things to the students in the school district that are organized by Kristen Stoller herself via the other “organizations” she is a member of.

For example, the Wine Country Pride event in August 2020 was promoted on the Facebook Page for the Community Wellness Collective,

As explained by the post, the Community Wellness Collective that operates in the high school created Wine Country Pride, which holds events and performances.

This particular event featured a burlesque drag show performance, in an event advertised to children. Seems to be a recurring theme for Kristen Stoller, doesn’t it?

By the way, the kids didn’t even have to ask their parents to attend, because a free livestream was advertised to the kids. The recording of the livestream is still available to watch on Kristen Stoller’s Chehalem Valley Dance Academy Vimeo channel.

(and I downloaded the entire thing, so if this video is hidden after I publish this article, just let me know so I can make it available again by reuploading it. Fair use for purposes of criticism and commentary, and all of that).

Here are a few clips from that livestream video that I think are relevant to the claims I am making about Kristen Stoller.

In this clip, McMinnville City Councilor and fellow Progressive Yamhill member Remy Drabkin introduced Kristen Stoller as the person who took the “reigns” of the event, meaning that Stoller was the main organizer of the entire thing.

As you watch that clip, pay attention to the part where Stoller says she represents the Community Wellness Collective. During her speech, Stoller admits the clinic was created by her not for providing medical care to low income children (as the clinic was supposed to be used for), but to instead serve “underrepresented” groups, which is a code word for the Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender identity stuff, which the clinic promotes in the school.

In this next clip — which again, I remind you is a performance that was advertised to children in the Newberg school district by Stoller herself via the Community Wellness Collective social media page– one of the drag queen performers does a routine you’ve just got to see for yourself, because it has so much sexual innuendo in it.

Drag queen performances frequently possess sexual innuendo, because they are a sub-sect of stripping, also known as burlesque dance performance. Drag in particular is a burlesque dance performance for the sexual fetish of crossdressing. So, it doesn’t matter if they are clothed, because the sexual fetish of crossdressing involves men wearing women’s clothing. These performers are engaged in a sexual fetish whenever they perform, because at its root, a sexual fetish is what crossdressing is; it’s about men wearing women’s clothing.

Also, here is an article by Oregon Arts Watch about the Wine Country Pride event, so you don’t have to take my word for it that this happened and Stoller was representing the Community Wellness Collective, other media has reported this already,

Again, the Community Wellness Collective is a medical clinic operating inside the Newberg High School; a clinic that is being used to promote striptease sexual fetish drag queen shows to CHILDREN as part of yet another organization Stoller and her accomplices have created to market alternative sexual lifestyles to minors.

And what has occurred one year after this promotion of an event where minors were solicited to watch a sexual fetish drag queen performance? Well, as I previously reported, we now have Newberg High School students performing in these sexual fetish drag shows at other events organized by Kristen Stoller.

Which is an obvious logical conclusion to the influence of the group who has been advertising these drag queen shows to minors using the schools. Obviously, some of these kids are going to get into it, because it was marketed to them via the schools.

As the evidence shows, this has been an organized scheme several years in the works. And that is child grooming, too.

The Community Wellness Collective has also made these posts,

Once again, Kristen Stoller herself said it during a meeting of the Yamhill County Democrats; their goal is to groom the kids in an effort to change the voting culture of Newberg to be more friendly to their cult, because they believe once the kids graduate they will become voters of things their cult supports.

(Feel free to watch the entire video of the meeting for yourself, nothing was edited out of context. She said what she said and she meant what she said exactly the way that it sounds).

Another thing to be aware of is that the Community Wellness Collective Page is used to promote other groups who have programs to encourage children to become gay; for example, here is the page promoting the Youth Outreach Yamhill group….

….which itself promotes yet another club encouraging children to become gay and transgender, introducing them to older gay and transgender adults at Linfield University.

They claim it is a “mentorship” program, but this is ripe for abuse. After all, the only tie the group members have to each other is sex.

Think about it logically; the only thing required to be a member of the group is to be interested in gay sex!

Consequently, it is a sex club for children to meet adults at!

And it has been flying under the radar, operating in downtown Newberg, while pretending to be something else entirely.

The building this center operates out of is in downtown Newberg on Main street,

Here is another event they hold targeting kids, this time to teach them to reject traditional gender social norms,

The center has also been training kids to participate in social activism rallies with their so-called “You Matter campaign”, which seems benign until you realize its training the kids to participate in these type of events. I believe this is part of the agenda to change the culture of Newberg, as these types of rallies have historically been extremely uncommon in town until these groups started popping up that are connected to Progressive Yamhill and Kristen Stoller.

Now, I want to point out that the signs are part of the “Don’t Give Up Signs Movement”, as explained on its website. This “movement” of displaying affirmational yard signs and stickers is based out of Newberg, Oregon. So far I have not found that it has any direct connection to Newberg Equity in Education or Progressive Yamhill, other than that several of the groups members have the signs in their yards and the signs have been used for the Youth Outreach center rallies. To my knowledge the founder of the nonprofit, Amy Wolff, is not a member of NEEd or PY.

Fact #3: The Social Media Accounts Kristen Stoller Promoted to Children Has Pornography on It

Also, as I pointed out in that article about the drag queen show Kristen Stoller hosted at her dance studio where a current high school student performed under the name “AJ Nox”, the flyer which Stoller posted to her social media accounts had the Twitter handle of a drag queen performer who had pornography available to view on it.

In fact, this drag queen, “Lyla” regularly solicits people to submit nude photos of themselves and post them as replies to his tweets. Lots of uncensored photos of men’s genitalia can be seen on the profile. For example,

(Note: The porn and profanity has been censored by me, but I still have the uncensored versions, which I will show in court should Stoller attempt to follow through with her lawsuit threats, and it will then become a state public record that she encouraged minors to view this social media account which featured pornography on it)

Again, this Twitter account of “Lyla” was promoted to children on social media accounts with this flyer,

I also want to point out that PFLAG Newberg, a non-profit organization that Stoller is deeply connected to and that operates inside the Newberg schools meeting at them, advertised Lyla’s social media accounts as well,

Consequently, a social media account that asks people to send nude photos of their genitals was advertised to kids by the social activist groups which Stoller leads via Newberg Equity in Education.

It shouldn’t be surprising that “Lyla” solicits homemade pornography from his fans via his social media account, because again, drag queen shows are part of the crossdressing fetish. The entire thing is about sex to begin with! The majority of fans of drag queen shows are people that like to see crossdressing as a fetish, and the men who participate in it get off sexually by dressing up in women’s clothing. That’s what crossdressing is; a sexual fetish! It’s the entire point of the performance.

Furthermore, this “Lyla” is the “host” for the drag show portion of the events Stoller puts on; Stoller has promoted “Lyla” at numerous events Stoller has organized in the past.

Additionally, here is the same high schooler drag queen, “AJ Nox”, mentioning that “Lyla” is very influential in his life,

The evidence is crystal clear.

Stoller has placed these drag queens into positions of influence to Newberg students via her events and her children’s dance studio, and influenced Newberg students they have. The evidence is clear about this. It is beyond dispute!

I think if you were to ask any jury if sending kids to social media profiles where porn is available for viewing is something a groomer does, they’d vote unanimously ‘Yes’.

Likewise, if you were to ask that same jury if promoting drag queen shows to kids that led to a kid becoming a drag queen themselves can be viewed as something a groomer does, they’d also vote unanimously “Yes” as well.

Any sane, reasonable person would, especially when there is such clear evidence for it.

A subsection about the importance of drag queens to Progressive Yamhill’s agenda

It’s not just in Newberg that drag queens have become an important part of the social activist group Kristen Stoller is part of. Yet, it’s happening elsewhere in the state as well.

Here is a Facebook thread from a public discussion group where a book that encourages children to hang out with drag queens was discussed, because it was found in the children’s section of the Hillsboro Public Library.

Keep in mind, all of the people arguing with me about this book are members of Newberg Equity in Education and/or Progressive Yamhill.

The thread does continue on, but I think that’s enough for you to get the point.

It’s obvious that drag queens are perceived as an important asset to the indoctrination of children into fringe ideology of the group Kristen Stoller leads. That is why they are so defensive about any criticism of their efforts to introduce drag queens to children.

I mean, they are vigorously defending a completely inappropriate book being offered to children that teaches them about the sexual fetish of crossdressing. There is no valid reason for this, it is completely agenda driven.

Fact #4 : Contrary to Her Claims, Kristen Stoller Is Deeply Involved in PFLAG Newberg

PFLAG Newberg is the Newberg, Oregon based chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a nationwide group that has become deeply involved in the Indivisible movement, and uses its platform to push the discredited gender identity beliefs of John Money. As the organization exists for the sole purpose of providing support to parents who have gay children, consequently there is a vested interest for it to convince children to become gay and/or transgender, and as far as I am concerned, that is its mission.

This series of social media posts shared on the PFLAG Newberg page by the Trans Army Facebook Page is quite literally a guide on how to raise a small child to become gay and/or trans.

As a reminder, they also made that post from the PFLAG Newberg page encouraging children to participate in drag, and making it sound like having a crossdressing fetish is some kind of socially admirable thing,

For some inexplicable reason, PFLAG Newberg operates out of one of the Newberg public school buildings, Catalyst High School / Springbrook Education Center.

Now, let’s talk about Kristen Stoller’s connections to PFLAG:

Not only is Kristen Stoller one of the main leaders of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) cult that has all of the major members of PFLAG in it, but she is also deeply involved in other groups in Newberg that also have these same members and there is so much cross-over between these different groups they really should just be regarded as the same group.

As an example, the Wine Country Pride group event that Kristen Stoller organized hosts joint events with PFLAG Newberg group as well, since after all, it’s the same group organizing the event to begin with.

PFLAG Newberg, Wine Country Pride, and Community Wellness Collective are all controlled by Newberg Equity in Education / Progressive Yamhill. All of their members control these groups.

As one example, Stoller is on the team of “Wine Country Pride” alongside Sara Linnertz, one of the founding members of PFLAG Newberg, and who is also involved with the Community Wellness Collective. Newberg school counselor Joshua Reid is another founding member of PFLAG Newberg, who is also a member of NEEd as well.

But, if you ask me, Wine Country Pride is really just a fundraising scheme for PFLAG Newberg, as the evidence shows,

The team for Wine County Pride listed on their website is,

  • John Peterson
  • Jeremi Carroll
  • Zach Goff
  • KC Marold
  • Kristen Stoller
  • Remy Drabkin
  • Sara Linnertz
  • Diane Longaker
  • Tayler Brisbin

With the exception of KC Marold, at the time I infiltrated the group all of these people were a member of Progressive Yamhill, and several are members of NEEd. They still are to my knowledge.

And while I have heard rumors that the Stoller Winery family has not assisted Kristen Stoller with her activities, the Stoller Family Estate is listed as a sponsor on the Wine County Pride website,

You’ll also notice that the Yamhill County Democrats party (which, as I previously reported, is controlled by the Progressive Yamhill group) is also listed as a “magnum sponsor” for Wine Country Pride. You might wonder, why is a chapter of the Democrat party sponsoring an event like this if it’s not meant to be a political event? Obviously, it was intended to be one and it was advertised to children via the Community Wellness Collective.

And PFLAG Newberg is continuing to market drag queen shows to children, hosted by “Lyla”, the drag queen who solicits homemade porn from viewers and shows it on his social media accounts,

Fact #5: All of the Organizations Kristen Stoller is Involved With Are Actually the Same Group Publicly Pretending To be Unrelated Ones

So, what we have here is one group of people (Progressive Yamhill) gaining control over existing organizations such as Yamhill County Democrats, and then using these groups to provide funding for other kinds of groups they create like Wine Country Pride, which in turn provide funding for other groups like PFLAG Newberg, and all the while the same group of people control all of these groups they are moving money through.

(As a note, it kind of looks like a not-so-clever scheme to shift money around while trying to dodge campaign finance regulation rules, but that’s a topic for a future article I am still working on)

Lastly, concerning PFLAG specifically, the following video features a Newberg parent named Adrianne Bonsey explaining how PFLAG Newberg members indoctrinated her daughter into fringe gender identity pseudo-science using cultish tactics and ruined her life.

Kristen Stoller is not mentioned by name, but I have been told she is the one whom the Adrianne Bonsey is referring to as the main member of PFLAG who befriended her daughter and convinced her to become transgender.

In the end, they are what they are; a small fringe group of radical cultists who have created numerous brand names throughout Yamhill County to create the perception of being much larger and more influential than they actually are, with the objective of grooming children into fringe alternative lifestyles that are incompatible with the majority of people in Newberg, with the goal of changing the city’s voting culture once the children turn of age. It is a long term strategy but they have been at this for four years, by my count, and have accumulated a large amount of political influence during this time.

The tactic Kristen Stoller and her cult employ is called astroturfing; an organized effort to create the appearance of grassroot campaigns and groups, when it’s really just the same group making new brand names they can publicly pretend are different groups with loose or no association.

In truth, all of these groups created by Progressive Yamhill / NEEd have the same goals and agenda, because they are in fact the same group of people. And the money they raise isn’t coming from random people; it’s coming from the same fringe group of people, over and over again, moving money around from one organization to the other.

It’s really that simple. So long as you reference my downloadable spreadsheet of their group members, you’ll easily detect whenever they create a new group and try to use it to manipulate public perceptions. Because they are a small fringe group of radical leftists in a large conservative demographic area (Yamhill County) they rarely add new members to the cult, so they have to rely heavily on their membership to create these new groups. The only way their tactics can work on you is if you don’t know who their members are, which is why everyone should download those lists and familiarize yourself with their names. They control many of the Facebook groups used for everything from community news sharing to buy and sell trading, and they use those groups just as they do any PAC — to manipulate information, primarily through censorship of anything that goes against the cult’s ideological agenda.

So, whether it is PFLAG Newberg, Community Wellness Collective, Save Yamhill County, Voices of Newberg, Newberg Downtown Coalition, Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley, Recall Brian Shannon, Responsible Citizens of Yamhill County, Stand Up Yamhill County, Remnant Initiatives, Youth Outreach Yamhill and so on, don’t be fooled because all of these supposedly different groups are actually just the same fringe group of people. And Kristen Stoller is pulling the puppet strings behind much of it, because she is one of the main leaders of the cult, alongside Megan Corvus, Lynette Shaw, Brandy Penner, and Tai Harden-Moore.

Fact #6: Kristen Stoller is a Pathological Liar

I’ve said it before but here is the proof of her lying multiple times when she becomes criticized. Because Kristen Stoller is not terribly bright, she seems to believe that simply denying everything regardless of how much proof has been shown is a good tactic to shut down debate. Yet, it is the tactic of a child.

Here is Kristen Stoller lying about her dance studio being in the COLA program, receiving money from the school district via it. She also lies and claims that the drag queen show she hosted at her children’s dance studio was not a fundraiser for Recall Brian Shannon, even though it was advertised it as such, and she literally talked about it during the event on video,

Here is her lying about the event being a fundraiser, again from another thread,

Again, Kristen Stoller is a pathological liar. I have her on video during the drag queen show at her dance studio, where she talks about the Recall Brian Shannon rally and the event being a fundraiser,

I Stand Behind My Reporting

So, go ahead and try to sue the Advocate, Kristen Stoller and friends. And when your lawsuit is dismissed I will publish an article telling the whole world you lost the lawsuit because everything I have said is 100% true and I have enough evidence the lawsuit was dismissed.

Remember, I have a tremendous amount of your own private communications archived and I have published the best pieces that show proof for my claims, but as you all know, there is quite a lot more you’ve posted over the years I haven’t yet published. But it’s coming.

This is what I have to say to Kristen Stoller and her accomplices;

If you don’t like being called out for what you have done, too bad for you.

You shouldn’t have done it to begin with.

You are adults, not children. You are completely responsible for your actions and decisions.

And you shouldn’t have been so arrogant to have left such a sloppy trail that anyone could have followed it, if they had just invested the time to do the tracking.

On that note, any readers that wish to contribute to the Yamhill Advocate‘s legal defense fund can do so via my GiveSendGo account. At the time of this article it has currently raised just over $1,000 of its $20,000 goal from many contributors, and I very much appreciate everyone who has chosen to support my reporting.

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