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Statement By Carey Martell Addressing Slander Spread by NEEd Members

A detailed response to the false allegations made about Yamhill Advocate editor Carey Martell by members of Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill.

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I don’t intend this article to distract from the news coverage I have been providing, which is why I haven’t published this statement until now, even though these slanderous claims have been said for many months by Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) and Progressive Yamhill (PY) members. There hasn’t been enough of a lull in news to publish this article, with other stories taking more precedence to address and inform the public about.

However, I realized I need to eventually publish this article, and so I am doing so. I hope it does not distract from the other news stories I have published today.

I have been falsely accused of a number of things by the members of Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill. I believe the purpose of these false accusations is because they believe that discrediting me personally will discredit all of the reporting I have done on their group and its activities. By addressing their claims at all, they will probably claim this response is somehow proof of guilt; however, I am not concerned about that because they have exactly zero evidence for their accusations against me, because those accusations are lies and there is no evidence for them.

By contrast, I have published over 70 articles with detailed information, often citing primary sources (commonly, their own private communications from their secret Facebook groups) which are the most reliable sources you can quote in a news story. What people have actually admitted to doing is the most reliable.

Not once have they ever said I fabricated or created the screenshots of their secret communications. This is because they know they did indeed post these things into their secret Facebook groups. While they frequently lie and misrepresent facts, even this group will have enormous difficulty maintaining the integrity of the group if their leaders ask the followers to claim all of the screenshots of what they posted are fabricated. They won’t be able to pull that off, and so instead of accepting responsibility for the evil they have done in service to their political agenda, they instead try to fabricate lies about me personally as a way to discredit my exposure of their true colors.

Here is a sample of what I am referring to,

Here is another example,

Here is another one, from the comment section to a post where I asked people if they were interested in joining a new weight lifting gym in Newberg that I am starting, where I will also teach historical fencing classes (by the way, the survey form for those interested in joining is available by clicking here).

(By the way, pay attention to how Kristen Stoller claims she has never danced WITH the High school student who performed in drag at her studio. Obviously, she didn’t dance with him, because drag performances are solo routines. As usual, Stoller attempts to use word play to avoid admitting to things, which is a form of lying.)

The Millennial Gentleman article referenced in the thread is this one, How to Pick Up Women At the Gym. The Millennial Gentleman website is a men’s lifestyle blog I created over a year ago after a conversation with some friends about how men’s lifestyle magazines such as Playboy, Esquire and GQ have shifted their demographics away from traditional masculinity and heterosexuality, and are now catered primarily to radical leftist women, with the goal of de-masculating men using propaganda.

If you have no idea what I am referring to here, here are some pages from an issue of GC,

This is the kind of nonsense that is regularly published in mainstream “men’s magazines” these days. And tragically, it is having a negative influence on many men who care about what is viewed as ‘popular’. The magazines create the perception that it is popular to de-masculinize yourself and that this will make you attractive to women, evolutionary signals to the contrary (masculinity would never have become a popular thing for 250,000 years if women didn’t find it attractive to begin with, because they would not have mated with masculine men in the volumes necessary for the traits to become so widespread across all human cultures).

I created The Millennial Gentlemen as a response to the takeover of once reputable publications, so that I could provide advice about relationships and dating, exercise, health, wealth acquisition and other topics, with the goal of encouraging the positive qualities of traditional masculinity.

The Millennial Gentleman magazine encourages men to….

  • …dress better and to take pleasure in dressing, projecting an image of success that improves the mental condition of a man by increasing confidence and self-esteem.
  • ….participate in sports, fitness and other physical culture recreational activities that promote healthy living.
  • ….date with the intention of entering marriage and starting a family, fathering children who are raised well to obtain their own success in life and inherit their family legacies.
  • ….participate constructively in local communities and society at large, bettering both.
  • ….follow the cultural norms of etiquette and behave in a manner befitting a noble character, which engenders trust and consequently creates opportunities for life advancement that would otherwise be denied when behaving in more crude fashions.

All of these qualities in a man are very instinctively attractive to the majority of women. I stand behind all of the article I have written for MG. The article about how to approach women at a gym and ask them on dates does not advocate for any aggressive strategies, and is actually the same kind of advice that works in just about any situation a man wishes to approach a woman and ask her on a date. There are no special places in daily life where if a woman believes a man is attractive and she is looking to date that she will say no. This idea that men should only ever ask women to date while using dating apps or attending paid singles dating groups (like speed dating) is something that I believe blogs are encouraging readers to restrict themselves to because those blogs earn revenue by advertising dating services, which I do not in my own publication.

Many radical leftist lifestyle blogs have a vested interest in convincing people to not meet in the traditional fashion and to shift the culture to make it socially unacceptable to do what humans have been doing for 250,000 years; meeting romantic partners by chance while going about their lives. MG is not one of those blogs.

Furthermore, the kind of gym mentioned in the article where women can take fitness classes that teach “stripper pole workouts” is not the kind of gym I intend to make in Newberg, because they aren’t the type of gyms I frequent. I attend gyms that focus on body building, power lifting, strong men and martial arts and that is the kind of gym I am seeking to create in Newberg.

So, let me be clear here: the goal of NEEd and PY members is to discredit me with lies or half-truths, designed to convince people to not read Yamhill Advocate articles because my reporting exposes their organized activities which are designed to undermine the majority of the residents in Yamhill County, Oregon. They spread lies about me the same way they do about everyone else who speaks out against them, such as Newberg School Board Directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon.

Furthermore, I have never in my entire life been arrested, charged or even accused of stalking, harassment, or pretty much any other serious crime. The only time I have ever been arrested in my entire life was several years ago when my driver license had just expired. I was arrested in Austin, Texas for an expired driver license, which had expired less than a week prior. It was an honest mistake to not re-register and the charges were dismissed by the judge. I could have paid for the case to be expunged from the public record, but I didn’t see the point because it’s not a serious issue.

As for the accusations they have made about me stalking someone in the Newberg High School when I was still living in Newberg, these claims don’t make any sense;

Firstly, I became a soldier while others of my age group were still in high school (as I was born in December, I was a year older than most of my age peers in the public school system were).

I never attended Newberg High School. I moved to Gaston, Oregon to live with my mother when I was in the 7th grade, and I dropped out about a month into the 9th grade. I earned a GED at 16, and I enlisted into the military at 17, first serving in the National Guard for a little over two years (much of that time was in Virginia, actually, at Ft. Belvoir, because I had transferred to the Virginia National Guard) before re-enlisting into the active component of the US Army where I served an additional 2 and a half years, including a tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Furthermore, no evidence has ever been shown for the claims they have made against me, like the supposed police report they claimed to possess, but in 5 months have never published. Because it doesn’t exist, as the incident never happened.

I have published a detailed biography about myself elsewhere on the internet, but this is the short version;

  • I was born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. I decided when I was a young teenager that I wanted to become a career soldier, so I spent my teenager years preparing for that, lifting weights, studying martial arts, practicing marksmanship and reading lots of field manuals and other books about warfare and leadership.
  • I dropped out of school at 16 and joined the military at 17; National Guard for a little over two years. Re–enlisted and served about two and a half years active duty with 10th Mountain, as part of an attachment to a unit that did armed convoys in Kuwait and Iraq. My primary MOS was 11B (Infantry) and my secondary was 88M (Motor Transport Driver). I initially enlisted as 88M but re-trained as 11B, and then during my deployment was attached to a unit that did armed convoys who needed people, because they had lost people. Weird situation, but it was what it was during OIF. I turned 21 in a dry country (Kuwait) serving my country.
  • After returning from my first tour, I got the 2nd dose of the anthrax vaccine. It was not a very good vaccine, and I suffered a significant immune reaction to it. I was medically discharged in January 2005. I had to find something else to do with my life because what I had planned to do (career soldier) was no longer possible. I worked for about a year as a security guard for Securitas, while trying to figure out what to do with myself.
  • YouTube had launched around this time, and I always had an interest in film, so I decided to do that. I lived in numerous cities around the country pursuing this path, starting several companies in the digital media space as it was emerging. I studied film production in college, and later joined a technology startup accelerator program (Tech Ranch Austin) that I was in for about two years, getting mentorship and training from experienced tech entrepreneurs. I also worked for about two years as a games journalist. I finally made one of my companies (Power Up TV, a YouTube multi-channel network) successful enough that a studio in Los Angeles bought it. I became a vice president at the studio during the transition of ownership and when I exited, I created a startup to develop a video streaming platform called Zenither.
  • Zenither’s offices were based in downtown Los Angeles and I had a nice apartment on the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street (1600 Vine Street) where many Hollywood based professionals in video streaming lived. However, despite having 10 patents, the company had trouble raising additional capital, especially when covid was breaking out. Due to the difficulties I had to lay everyone off and shut down the service, and I moved into my 34 FT Airstream trailer to get out of California, because I could see where things were heading with the lockdowns.
  • After driving around the country a’bit, I made my way back to Newberg, Oregon during the summer of 2020, then in January 2021 went up to Bellingham, Washington for several months for additional supplemental training in my historical fencing instructor certification. I came back to Newberg in July of 2021 and I’ve been here ever since, because that is when I became aware of Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill, and started writing my expose articles about them.
  • My original intention was to go up to Canada when the borders opened up, to continue studying historical fencing. As I believe several of Zenither’s patents are being violated by numerous companies and legal is preparing lawsuits, and I still have been unable to secure funding to resume operations of the streaming service, there isn’t much I can do with it. However, since I started Yamhill Advocate I decided to stay in my hometown area to build the newspaper up because I can see how important it is for there to be a local news outlet who isn’t going to kill any stories about this Indivisible movement group that has seemingly entrenched itself into all of the other local news outlets in Oregon so that they can manipulate news coverage to deceive residents. One of the reasons I created Zenither was because I know many digital streaming platforms replacing traditional broadcasting are blacklisting conservative news outlets, so I understand if I don’t leverage my expertise in this space to create an alternative local news outlet for my home area, there may not be anyone else who does.
  • The Yamhill Advocate has been funded entirely by myself, and it is now acquiring subscribers and advertisers. The news stories are written and edited by me, based on information provided by sources and my own investigations using publicly available resources. Despite claims made by NEEd / PY, Dave Brown and Brian Shannon do not provide me information to report on and I have rarely spoken to either of them.
  • I am starting a weight lifting gym for power lifting, body building, strongman and martial arts fitness because the kind of exercise I like to do incorporates routines from all of these, and there is no gym within half an hour of Newberg that I can do these things at. Also it strikes me as weird that Newberg does not have a bodybuilding gym, because as long as I can remember it has always had one, and it was a popular thing here. So, I basically have to create it myself. I am very used to having to create the things I want when they do not exist, I’ve been doing it for 17 years since I was honorably discharged from the Army. I spent two years in a business incubator program and while I don’t have an MBA because it was not accredited (MBA programs do not specialize in technology startups, which is what I wanted to learn how to build), I have the skillset to start any kind of business because I have been the beneficiary of wisdom from people who have made all kinds of successful businesses. Several of my cohorts in the program had MBAs from well known universities, and they all agreed Tech Ranch Austin was a much better program. Before covid tanked the digital media startup investment market, I was earning $9,000 a month or more working as a consultant for other companies, creating business plans and pitch deck assets for their usage. I have started many businesses over the years, and I presently operate several niche digital publications and e-commerce sites. Planning a new business and scaling it is one of my core skills. This does not mean every business will always succeed but I do have a framework that has been proven to have a high success rate of launching a thriving business.
  • In the nearly two decades of time I have been an entrepreneur, I have never once been subject to any kind of civil complaint or lawsuit, for anything. I have employed people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and political affiliations. In all of my life I have never once been subject to any kind of disciplinary process due to a complaint related to harassment, nor for any other kind of negative performance or action.
  • I am not married and I have no children, but not for lack of trying. I am not religious, and I have found it challenging to find a woman who is also not religious but still shares the traditional relationship values I believe in. It has been my general experience that the majority of women who are non-religious become so because they don’t want to follow any rules, and that makes maintaining a stable relationship challenging, and that is just the blunt truth about that. I have not had a past relationship that I believed was stable enough for marriage and children, and so I have not had either. Spending so much time in Los Angeles has probably not benefited me in this regard, as the majority of women I have dated have been focused on careers, not on having families. Admittedly, I also valued my career more than on settling down, but with the goal of acquiring suitable income to support generations. I want to create a family estate which will never need to be sold, and that requires a certain kind of portfolio to be developed. Yet, it has always been my intention to settle down with a family and raise my children in my hometown of Newberg, Oregon. Therefore, I have a vested interest in Newberg remaining a place that I want to raise my children in, as opposed to other places I have lived where I would not want to raise children, such as Los Angeles.

I believe that this statement is detailed enough to respond to and future proof the claims made against me by the Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill members who have spread false rumors about me. As Oregon has extremely strict laws about defamation and libel that make those cases easy to dismiss, I see little value in filing libel cases against them. I also believe this detailed statement of facts is sufficient to quell their efforts to slander me.

And now, we return our regularly scheduled programming of local news about things that impact the lives of the residents of Yamhill County, Oregon.

Edit: This is exactly what kind of slander I am talking about and who is saying it.

Here is another example, where more members of NEEd / Progressive Yamhill make up lies about me “harassing” people because I dared to expose what they have been doing that is unethical and probably illegal,

Despite the hundreds of pages of their private communications and even showing a video from a Yamhill County Democrat party that clearly shows that Progressive Yamhill members are running the recalls against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon (because they talk about the progress they are making; Kristen Stoller, not Zach Goff, gives the detailed updates about the next steps of plans for the Recall efforts), they still believe they can blatantly lie and slander me.

Pollinate Flowers is ran by, from my understanding the polyamorous gay thruple Jeremi Carroll, John Peterson and Zach Goff. As I mentioned before, Zach Goff is technically the petitioner but he is not the one organizing the recalls. Both Jeremi Carrol and John Peterson are members of Progressive Yamhill and NEEd, and the Pollinate Flower shop is used by the group for purchasing and selling promotional products, as well as a place to gather signatures for the recalls. I‘ve shown the evidence for all of this in prior articles.

Furthermore, Pollinate Flowers has been involved with Kristen Stoller in the social activism, contributing to pretty much all the events put on. Again, they are part of the conspiracy against residents to push a fringe ideological agenda that is completely inconsistent with the traditional values of this town with the goal of shifting the voting culture through indoctrination of the school children.

Here is yet more,

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Jennifer Moore

I think it’s pretty clear that you have hit a nerve with these people.
They can talk all the smack they want to talk but their screenshots just don’t lie and that right there is the only reason you are being seen as the enemy.
Thanks for trying to clear things up but it wasnt necessary because we can see who you are.
You have put a lot of time into defending the kids of Newberg and the fact that they are trying to turn that into something bad says more about them than it does you.

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