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How the Yamhill County Democrat Party Organized the Lawsuits Against Newberg Public Schools

A lengthy but highly informative article that proves the Yamhill County Democrat Party organized the lawsuits against the Newberg Public School District because they desire to indoctrinate students in their fringe political ideology.

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This article is an update to my previous articles related to the lawsuits filed by NEEd / Progressive Yamhill members against the Newberg School District

1. Everything You Need to Know About the Newberg School Board Lawsuits That The Newberg Graphic Isn’t Telling You

2. Analysis of the Newberg Teacher Union Lawsuit Against the School District For Banning Political Symbols

3. Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Filed Against Newberg School Board Directors

Why You Should Read This Article In Its Entirety

Do not skip or skim over information. This article is lengthy for a reason. The group of political extremists this article exposes are well organized, and you cannot decipher their operations in 5 minutes. This article is lengthy because it takes a lot of time to explain their operation.

By the end of this article I will prove beyond all doubt that the display of gay pride flags, Black Live Matter flags and other similar signage in the Newberg Public Schools was the result of organized efforts by political organizations that are an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat Party and consequently, these signs and flags are not protected by Oregon’s freedom of speech laws as they are illegal to be displayed by public employees in school classrooms per state laws that place restrictions on political campaigning by public employees while they are at work. I will also prove that is was necessary for the Newberg School Board to pass its policy prohibiting political signage in order to put an end to this widespread illegal behavior that was disrupting the mission of the school by causing parents to file numerous complaints and withdrew their students from the district en masse.

Some of the information featured in this article has been previously published before by the Advocate, in the large investigative reports Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders and Part 2: Meet Progressive Yamhill, the Parent Group of the NEEd Mafia Seizing Control of the County. This article is a streamlined version focusing specifically on information related to the lawsuits. In my opinion it features information that should have been reviewed by the court before an opinion was rendered.

Background Information

There are four different lawsuits that involve the ongoing feud between the conservative majority of the Newberg public schools board and the sinister mafia-esque group called Newberg Equity in Education, which as I have previously reported, is a splinter cell of Progressive Yamhill AKA Save Yamhill County PAC AKA Yamhill County Democrats, led by Lynette Shaw and Megan Corvus, with the involvement of over 2,000 other individuals.

  • The first lawsuit is the one filed by Newberg public school board directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart against Debbie Tofte, Katherine Barnett, AJ Schwanz and Tamara Brookfield, who are members of Newberg Equity in Education.
  • The second lawsuit is filed by Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) members Beth and Greg Woolsey, Jeff and Kathleen McNeal, Stefan Czarnecki and Meghan Rogers-Czarnecki, and Elizabeth Gemeroy against the Newberg public school board directors for hiring attorney Tyler Smith, which they claim was done in violation of public meeting laws.
  • Third lawsuit filed by the the teacher union Newberg Education Association representatives ( Andrew Gallagher, Jennifer Schneider, Katherine Villalobos and Sara Linnertz ) against the district for the recent implementation of a policy to ban politically divisive symbols causing chaos in the school district, such as the Black Lives Matter and pride flag variations. As this article will prove these representatives for the teacher union are members of NEEd.
  • A fourth lawsuit filed by Chelsea Shotts, a former teacher who is also a board member at PFLAG Newberg. Schotts is also represented by the ACLU. Shotts is also a member of NEEd, too.

As this article will demonstrate, all of the lawsuits filed against the school district were filed by members of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd). This is not a coincidence but in fact a result of the group’s concerted efforts to disrupt and sabotage the Newberg School District in collusion with the Yamhill County Democrat Party leadership because they are angry their members lost their seats on the school board in the 2021 election season. As I have shown evidence for in previous articles, members of NEEd began harassing directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart in their personal lives as soon as Powell and DeHart were sworn in, and the members of NEEd who were employees of the school district have been sabotaging the district in retaliation for not getting their way.

(As a side-note, it is my opinion these efforts to sabotage the district include the problems which students have experienced with the new bus transportation contractor, and I will talk more about that in a future investigative article. For now I will simply say that the people who recommended the school board hire a new contractor were in my opinion members of NEEd who suddenly resigned from the district after the selection of the new contractor they encouraged the board to hire, and these employees did not provide the new contractor the information needed to fully serve the buses, which has resulted in the transportation problems students have experienced. It is my opinion this was intentional because the NEEd group desires to win the next school board election in May ’23. I believe NEEd want the current school board to fail so they can drum up support for their members who will run as board candidates in ’23 and they are willing to ruin kids’ lives in the process if it helps them get parents angry at the board.)

Lists of Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education Members

It is important to know who are members of Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education to understand their influence and power.

You can download this excel spreadsheet of the members of the Progressive Yamhill group to see this for yourself. This spreadsheet is more raw than the one I made for the first expose, as it only links to their chats within the group itself and not their primary profiles. However you can use their Facebook user ID in the URL chain to locate that one, if you really want to.

As an example of how to do this, take Kristen Stoller’s URL in the spreadsheet,

707431587 is her username ID in Facebook’s database.

So if you enter,

That URL will link directly to Kristen Stoller’s Facebook profile.

Easy, right?

You can also download a list of the members of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) by clicking here.

What This Article Will Prove

Before we dive into the more scandalous stuff it is important that I establish proof for the claims I am making here.

I will prove the following things:

  1. That Progressive Yamhill is an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat Party that is used to communicate, strategize and coordinate with other front groups for the party.
  2. That Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) is a subgroup to Progressive Yamhill
  3. That the Newberg Education Association teacher union is controlled by NEEd members who filed their lawsuits in cooperation with YCDP leadership.
  4. That the Transracial Gay Pride and BLM flags are viewed as political symbols by the Yamhill County Democrat Party
  5. That the Yamhill County Democrat Party was using these flags to indoctrinate children into their partisan political ideology
  6. That the NEEd group was used to organize the lawsuits filed against the Newberg School Board for their policy attempting to stop them from indoctrinating children using these partisan political symbols
  7. That Judge Easterday who recently ruled against the school board in one of the lawsuits has association to one of the leaders who helped organize the lawsuits, Kristen Stoller.

Let us begin this deep dive into untangling the plot of this group of extremist political activists who have wrecked havoc on the school district in retaliation for losing political control over it.

Proof that Progressive Yamhill is Controlled by the Yamhill County Democrat Party

Progressive Yamhill’s leaders have in the past attempted to claim they are not an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat party despite being completely controlled by the officers of the YCPDP. This is a lie and I can easily prove it is a lie by looking at some of the earliest posts within the group.

Here we see Megan Corvus, who is an officer of the YCDP as Secretary, showing that her goal was to compete in numbers against the Yamhill GOP. This clearly shows it was always her intention for PY to be a partisan political organization.

Furthermore, the Facebook Page for the Yamhill County Democrat party is a member of the Progressive Yamhill Facebook group,

Please take note that the Facebook Page added itself to the group.

They also advertise programs only for registered Democrats,

Here is a post where admin Megan Corvus recruits PY members to help collect signatures for the recall of Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer and clearly shows the recall has been organized by the Yamhill County Democrat party.

Sometimes PY members try to claim the group is just social in nature and that they just discuss politics, but per a post by Megan Corvus the group is not for just talking about things but to take political action.

In her own words,

Here is another series of posts by Megan Corvus where admits the purpose of the Progressive Yamhill group is to get Democrat’s elected,

Still unconvinced? Here is a post where Megan Corvus asks Progressive Yamhill members to volunteer for a phone bank to call Democrat voters and ask them to vote for their candidates,

Unless you want to believe that the Megan Corvus the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrat Party is leaking the party resources to non-party members. Would she share this information in the PY group if it had Republicans in it who could then contact her party’s voters who hadn’t voted yet and ask them to vote Republican? I doubt that greatly. The obvious conclusion is that PY is an extension of the YCDP and is not a bipartisan / nonpartisan group whatsoever.

Another post.

Do you accept that Progressive Yamhill is an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat party yet? The evidence is rather overwhelming that this is the case.

I have additional information about the origins of Progressive Yamhill and how it became an extension of the YCDP, which you can read by clicking here.

At any result, Progressive Yamhill is also deeply involved with the Indivisible movement, which most definitely is a political organization for the Democrat party.

At this point I believe I have shown sufficient evidence to prove that Progressive Yamhill is an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat Party and that its officers such as Megan Corvus use the group as a kind of volunteer force to engage in political campaign activity on behalf of the YCDP. No other political party has any control or influence over the group in this way; that is, it does not do volunteer work for anyone except YCDP. This obviously means it is an extension of YCDP.

Proof that Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) is a Subgroup to Progressive Yamhill

I will now prove that that Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) is a subgroup to Progressive Yamhill, which is actually very easy to do because it has its origins in Progressive Yamhill Facebook threads from many years ago,

Take special note that Beth Woolsey is one of the people who commented on this thread to receive instructions from Megan Corvus.

As you can see from these screenshots, on July 8, 2020 Progressive Yamhill admin Megan Corvus (who is also the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrat Party) organized members who lived in Newberg into a group to take actions in Newberg on behalf of the YCDP.

Among these members was all of the future leadership of Newberg Equity in Education ( NEEd), including Beth Woolsey, who is the founding admin that created the Facebook group and set its mission statement on July 13, 2020.

As I showed earlier, Megan Corvus created a thread for Newberg based PY members to receive instructions from her on July 8, 2020, just days prior to Woolsey creating NEEd. In that thread Corvus linked to a document that had a list of ‘actions’ for members to take, but unfortunately it was not retrievable when I had infiltrated the group in August ’22. It is my belief that, based on the activity, one of those actions was to create the NEEd group.

Lastly, here is a post by Megan Corvus where she leverages her role in the YCDP to recruit NEEd members to go canvassing to collect signatures for a recall petition on Brian Shannon, which proves the YCDP organized the Newberg school board recalls and used NEEd as an extension of their political party activities,

I believe this is further evidence of the Democrats steering the teacher union toward serving their political agenda and the union actively participating in that. NEEd appears to have been organized expressly to control the Newberg Education Association teacher union and activate its membership to serve the political interests of the YCDP.

Proof that Newberg Education Association is Controlled by NEEd Members

Now that I have established my proof that NEEd is a subgroup for Progressive Yamhill, here is proof that the Newberg public schools teacher union, Newberg Education Association, is controlled by NEEd members. This is important because the teacher union organized a ton of political activity on behalf of the Yamhill County Democrat Party via its association with Progressive Yamhill and the lawsuits it has filed were organized in cooperation with them.

Here is proof for who the union leaders are,

Andrew Gallagher posts as ‘Drew’ on Facebook but I matched his photos to his Linkedin page so I am pretty sure it’s him.

Jennifer Beaver Schneider Facebook page is here, and here is the proof that both Gallagher and Schneider are members of NEEd,

There you have it, Andrew Gallagher himself virtue signaling inside the NEEd group about the teacher union filing lawsuits and encouraging other teachers in the group to do so.

Here is another post of him admitting this again,

I find it hilarious that Gallagher claims their lawsuit is not political while he is posting inside a group that is an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat Party’s political campaign activities.

There is also a post where it is pointed out that Jennifer Schneider was involved with the ‘Better Together‘ t-shirt political campaigning, which is designed to get all the students in the Newberg high schools to wear pride flag colored t-shirts to school as a form of protest against the school board vote to ban political symbols such as the pride flags.

Here’s another screenshot showing a crossover between the teacher union and the NEEd group activities,

As you can see, the union vice president Andrew Gallagher made a declaration that rallied the NEEd memberbase and when asked what is going on, another member points to the union’s call for a protest rally, which is why the members are making signs. Several union members such as Maddie Koslov participated in the thread.

Here is a post about the teacher union putting pride flags colors on the teacher union logo as a means to try to get around the board’s policy,

Furthermore here are members of the NEEd group talking about intentionally harassing the school board officials who voted to ban the politically divisive symbols from school campus with emails using a tactic known as ‘paper terrorism’ that is designed to waste the time of public officials and therefore the resources of a public agency as a means of harassment and intimidation,

They are even discussing a strike involving “students and teachers”,

And once more we have Kristen Stoller involved in the organization of political activity in the schools in response to the board policy. Keep that in mind for later in this article.

Proof that PFLAG Newberg is an Extension of Yamhill County Democrat Party Operations

It’s not just the NEEd group that is an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat party operations; other groups that “cooperated” with the recalls are also completely controlled by them as well, one of the most notable being PFLAG Newberg.

Here is proof that PFLAG Newberg, which formerly held its meetings at Newberg schools, is a front for Progressive Yamhill AKA Yamhill County Democrats and that PFLAG activity in the schools was actually political activity since it was organized in coordination with the Democrats. Naturally this means all of the Newberg school board recall activity PFLAG was involved with was a project coordinated by the Democrats, too.

Rebecca Swindle has been a PY member since 2016, having been added to the group by Yamhill County Democrats Recording Secretary Megan Corvus herself. She is also a board member of PFLAG Newberg.

Proof that the Transracial Pride Flag is Viewed as a Partisan Political Symbol by the Yamhill County Democrat Party

The last and probably most important thing we need to establish beyond all doubt is that, contrary to claims otherwise, the gay pride flag is indeed a partisan political symbol used by the Democrat party. It is not a politically agnostic symbol that is unassociated with them. While I could talk at length about how the original gay pride flag was created by Democrats in San Francisco during the 1970s, some would claim that the newer transracial pride flag is a totally different symbol and therefore that history does not matter. Fair enough.

Here is Democrat Casey Kulla’s wife Katie using the trans-racial pride flag in his campaign merchandise in a post from within the Progressive Yamhill Facebook group, which again as already established is an extension of the activities of the Yamhill County Democrat party.

If the transracial pride flag is not a partisan political symbol associated with the Democrat party then why is it appearing on a prominent Democrat’s campaign merchandise? It’s obviously because it IS viewed as a Democrat symbol by other Democrats and Kulla knows this.

Even if you wish to argue that ‘not all Democrats’ view the trans-racial pride flag in this manner, the important thing here is that this group of Democrats involved in the organization of the Newberg school board lawsuits to definitely do.

I have additional evidence that the organizers of the lawsuits view the gay pride and Black Lives Matter flags as extensions of the Democrat party branding and this evidence will be presented toward the end of this article.

Now I will present the evidence for how the Yamhill County Democrat party are the true organizers of the lawsuits through their subgroup, NEEd. This will require a more lengthy explanation to demonstrate this connection.

Evidence that NEEd is a Political Group That Organized The Lawsuits

As I have demonstrated in my past investigative articles concerning the cases, all of the lawsuits were organized by NEEd members as a collective, as part of their “streamlined process” of responding to the new policy,

In fact, as shown in Meet the Newberg Mafia, Section 13.12 NEEd Encouraging Members to Get the ACLU to Sue The School McMinnville City Councilor Remy Drabkin, a PY member, helped recruit teachers to join the ACLU lawsuit,

Remy Drabkin is a member of both PY and NEEd, and she also leveraged her role as a McMinnville City Councilor to talk to media about how they were organizing these efforts against the School board,

Remy Drabkin was added to the NEEd group by none other than Kristen Stoller herself,

Based upon the posts of their leaders I regard NEEd as a radical political group which encourages its members to hate others who disagree with their politics. As you can see in this post by one of their leaders, Beth Woolsey, part of membership is agreeing that all retaliation against their political opponents is permitted so long as they can label them a ‘racist’ and nothing they do no matter how bad can be perceived as ‘hate’.

Proof that NEEd is a Political Group

One of the reasons why I confidently believe NEEd is a political activist group is not just because their leaders ar very active members of the Yamhill County Democrat party but also because the NEEd group was also used by the Yamhill County Democrat party to organize the recall of Lindsay Berschauer, which had nothing to do with the Newberg public schools.

Megan Corvus was not a “volunteer”; she was and still is an officer of the Yamhill County Democrat party.

NEEd also provided training sessions to members to participate in Democrat party political activity,

NEEd members also coordinated with journalists to manipulate the news coverage to negatively paint the Newberg school board directors,

In fact, Andrew Selsky, a journalist for the Associate Press who wrote an article about the Newberg school board policy, is a member of NEEd which he didn’t disclose during his coverage.

So it is quite clear that the NEEd group is not just some rag-tag group of concerned parents and teachers, but is in fact a sophisticated political organization that is very influential through its membership roster.

Here is NEEd member and Newberg teacher union vice president Drew Gallagher admitting that he views his political opponents as ‘Republicans’. Gallagher is one of the plaintiffs of the lawsuit filed against the school board.

These posts show that the Newberg teacher union had been infilitrated and taken over by activists working as agents on behalf of the Yamhill County Democrat party to use their positions in the school district to indoctrinate students in their partisan political ideology.

Furthermore one of the first posts made in the NEEd group dating back to 2020 admits they discussed organizing a recall against Brian Shannon and Dave Brown and as a group decided not to do so. That is, the group was organized for political action. They later during 2021 did attempt to recall Shannon and Brown.

The group also selected candidates for the Newberg school board from within their ranks and NEEd members campaigned for them, all coordinated through the Facebook group,

Here is another post where NEEd member and former school staff David Jaimes used his access to minors to recruit students into political advocacy for the group (David Jaimes is also on the Tigard Schools Board)

So let’s be clear; NEEd is a political organization, and this political organization uses symbols like pride flag rainbows and Black Lives Matter flags and other Marxist symbols like raised fists to spread their ideology and give symbols that those who share their ideology to recognize one another by.

And it is not just the public schools that NEEd has sought to infilitrated to spread its partisan political message, they have also sought to infiltrate the churches to use them as well.

After reading years of their posts, the purpose of the NEEd group is quite clear to me; it exists solely to spread the political ideology of the Yamhill County Democrat party into every institution in Newberg, ranging from the public schools to the churches, the Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, and any other organization they can get their members into. They are insidious in their approach, giving the impression these organizations have organically become more partisan political when in fact it was an organized effort.

involve advertising campaigns rejected by government bodies that were submitted by private citizens. The cases have nothing to do with public employees having their political activity restricted by a public employer.

The posts from their group demonstrate the the political signage in the school was organized by them as a collective group, which even includes Guadalupe Martinez, the current Chair of the Oregon Board of Education (who posts in the group using the username ‘Lu Pita’). In this post by NEEd leader Beth Woolsey she acknowledges that NEEd created the ‘equity groups’ in the school.

Based on the leadership I believe these groups include PFLAG Newberg and Black Student Union, which I showed in previous articles were created by members of NEEd, Joshua Reid, Sarah Linertz and Heidi Pender.

In fact Oregon state law is quite clear that employers can do this and the state handbook about ORS 260.432 even recommends them to have policies such as what the Newberg school district has.

ORS 260.432 has never been held to violate Article I, Section 8.

ORS 260.432 carves out an exception for the rights of public employees to
“express personal political views” while at work.105 The Oregon Secretary of State
interprets this exception to mean that a public employee may communicate verbally about
politics and wear buttons, t-shirts and other political clothing, and may post campaign
signs in their workplace.106 However, this expression can be limited by content-neutral
local policies, particularly where the employee becomes a disruption to the workplace or
to the organization as a whole

The truly ironic thing about the lawsuits is that it was the NEEd group who created the policy that restricted language and banned flags such as the Confederate flag from the campuses. Now that they lost control over the board and found their own symbols were also included on the list of controversial symbols that should not be on campus, they filed lawsuits. But they are the ones that created the bans in the first place.

NEEd Members Discussed Public Meeting Law Violations as They Strategized for Lawsuits

One of the claims in Shotts’ lawsuit was that the school board violated public meeting laws by hiring Tyler Smith.

This claim originated from threads in the NEEd group, and here is one of them (there are more but this should be enough to prove they as a collective group organized the lawsuit claims),

As can clearly be seen by the posts made by Kim Warrington McDonough, she used the collective “we” and Steve Sherwood asked which one of them was going to file the lawsuit. This was coordinated by the NEEd group, which as I mentioned earlier is a subgroup to Progressive Yamhill which itself is a Facebook group controlled by the Yamhill County Democrat party.


How Judge Easterday Is Connected to Lawsuit Organizers

First of all, Easterday is a Critical Race Theory advocate who has participated in panels about “social justice”. Unfortunately ran unopposed for election in 2010 and is currently running unopposed again this year.

Easterday’s judicial candidate questionnaire response sheet says she is an a founding board member of ‘A Family Place’ and she is also listed on the leadership council page for their website alongside notable Progressive Yamhill member Kristen Stoller.

(If you are unfamiliar with Kristen Stoller and her activity as a leader in NEEd / PY then I suggest you read the following past Yamhill Advocate article, Kristen Stoller Threatens to Sue Yamhill Advocate For Exposing Her, But Here’s The Truth. )

While there are MANY things Stoller has had her hands in the most relevant to this issue is that Stoller helped organize the recalls against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon as a member of the NEEd group, as these posts from within the group last year demonstrate. She was also the point of contact for gathering candidates to run for election for their seats if the recall proved successful.

In fact, here is a thread with a post started by Chelsea Shotts herself, posting as “Chelsea RS”.

For proof that Chelsea RS is Chelsea Shotts, here is another post from within the group,

As you can see in the featured photo for the article, Chelsea Shotts has draped herself with a pride flag at a rally while also raising a Marxist power fist in the air. If the flag is not political then why is she using it in a political way?

Chelsea Shotts is not only a member of NEEd; she is also a member of the Progressive Yamhill group as well. Here is a post by her from within the Progressive Yamhill group about how she was involved in the organization of the recall against Brian Shannon. You can clearly see Kristen Stoller was organizing the recalls as well.

Additionally, if you go even further back to July 14, in a thread made in the Progressive Yamhill Facebook group the day after Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart were sworn in as new school board directors (the same meeting where Brian Shannon made the motion to open discussion on banning teachers from using political divisive symbols, such as BLM and pride flags) you’ll see that the NEEd group began organized group effort to file lawsuits against the district. Kristen Stoller was involved in this discussion.

There is another thread from within the Progressive Yamhill group where Chelsea Shotts and Newberg City Councilor Elise Hollamon talk about Chelsea speaking with a “contact”, which I assume refers to an attorney. The entire thread is very long so I won’t post it, but here is the relevant section of it,

Here is a thread where Kristen Stoller stated that she would be filing a complaint against the School board for the policy to the Oregon School Board Association

And here is a video of Kristen Stoller declaring during a Yamhill County Democrats meeting that she wants to destroy Dave Brown,

Here is a screenshot of Kristen Stoller tracking down information on what churches Dave Brown attends,

Perhaps most importantly, here is a post where Kristen Stoller provided members of NEEd a guide list providing them a list of steps to take to oppose the Newberg school board directors,

And here is what the guide says,

Given Stoller’s deep involvement as a leader in NEEd and a Progressive Yamhill member who spoke about her involvement in organizing the recall campaign against director Brian Shannon and the harassment of Dave Brown during an actual Yamhill County Democrat Party meeting, wre we to think that Stoller did not ever talk about the lawsuit with her acquaintance on a nonprofit board, Judge Easterday? Stoller has clearly done anything she possibly can to sabotage the school district and to think she wouldn’t go so far as to ask for the Judge to rule in favor of a lawsuit she helped organize is to me very unlikely.

Here is another thread where the NEEd members discussed filing Freedom of Information Act requests on the emails of school board directors as they fished for things to file lawsuits about,

And as I have previously posted, the NEEd group even organized harassment of the school board directors in their personal lives, getting Brian Shannon fired from his job with false claims he was a racist and getting winery showrooms to remove Renee Powell’s artwork.

A list of notable members who ‘liked’ this post,

So basically, Judge Easterday, who ruled against the school district, is directly associated to a leader of the group of people who not only organized the lawsuit but also harassed the targets of their lawsuit in their personal lives.

As I explained in detail by showing the social media postings, the plan to sue the school district originated in Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) and Progressive Yamhill, both of which are organizations Kristen Stoller is a notable leader within. I even showed a video of Kristen Stoller herself giving updates about their plans to harass the conservative school board directors. Furthermore the leaders of Newberg Education Association teacher union who filed lawsuits are also members of NEEd with Stoller and participated in the group in a political capacity.

As a side note, the most absurd thing about this lawsuit is that if what Easterday ruled were true it would mean the Progressive Yamhill controlled Newberg school board also violated state law by banning Confederate flags, yet none of these activists filed a lawsuit against their friends when they did that.

Oregon’s court system is unfortunately full of many political activist extremist judges but even here there is such a thing as justice.

I fully expect an appellate court would overturn this insane ruling. One would hope they would also reprimand Judge Easterday for the ruling, especially given her close association to a leader of the group of people filing the lawsuit in the first place.

NEEd Members Were Coordinating with ACLU from the Start

Here is a post from August 8 2021 where a NEEd member says she wants the school board to be told the ACLU will sue them if they change the Anti-Racism Policy to include all political symbols, not just the Confederate flag. How did she know what the ACLU would do if NEEd members were not working with them from the beginning?

Of course this is Brandy Penner, a former School board member who was colluding with the filers of the lawsuits, who created the thread.

Oregon School Board Association Connections to NEEd

Here are some additional insights into the case which may show that the Newberg School Board has not had adequate representation and that the NEEd group’s reach has spread into their own counsel.

Rebecca Piros, a member of NEEd and a former school board director, sits on Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) and Willamette Education Service District (WESD) committees; WESD provides legal services to the Newberg Public Schools District and OSBA owns the insurance company the district uses.

Here is a post where Piros admits these associations during the recall against her peers on the school board,

Furthermore another post inside the NEEd group from Brandy Penner shows she was deeply involved and influential in OSBA, having helped create their pro-CRT training programs,

Brandy Penner was, by the way, a Neighborhood Leader for the Yamhill County Democrat Party, as revealed in a post she made in the Progressive Yamhill group on October 26 2020,

Now that we have established NEEd / PY member Piros and Penner’s connections at WESD and OSBA, I want you to look at this post from NEEd member Remy Drabkin, the same person who I showed posts from earlier recruiting teachers for a lawsuit to be filed by the ACLU.

Remy Drabkin revealed in her post inside the NEEd group what the WESD hired attorneys were going to tell the Newberg school board before the meeting even took place. I believe this is clear evidence that Drabkin and others in NEEd were leveraging their social reach to influence the attorneys that WESD providing to the board.

Other posts Drabkin made in the group show that she was keeping track of the complaints filed by members of NEEd against the board directors, as well as giving them orders on what complaints to file.

Now as for OSBA; OSBA owns PACE which is the insurance company that state law requires all OSBA school board members to use for insurance. That means PACE has a monopoly in school insurance and their contracts do not allow school boards to choose their own attorneys if they want the insurance policy to cover cost of litigation.

Now let’s talk about the attorney defending the school board in the lawsuit, Karen O’Kasey.

Karen O’Kasey is a Partner at Hart and Wagner, whose website has a ‘Diversity and Equity’ policy full of CRT buzzwords. It claims over half of its partners are women and yet “more needs to be done”. One can only assume this is meant to mean they wish it were 100% women, which would be the opposite of genuine diversity BTW.

I find it hard to believe that a law firm with pro- Critical Race Theory language on its website is adequately representing the Newberg School District Board which is being sued for a policy that stripped pro-Critical Race Theory language from a previous policy and banned the symbols of a pro-Critical Race Theory activist group whose members have influence in the parent company of the insurance company that hired them.

Evidence that the Pride Flag Signage in the Schools is Politically Motivated

Now let’s talk about why pride and BLM flags ended up plastered all over the Newberg school classrooms in the first place.

Members of NEEd and PY frequently claim these flags are not political symbols. However, if they aren’t political symbols and viewed as such by the people displaying them in the schools then why is a group of political activists started by the Yamhill County Democrats showing off their photos of these flags inside their political activist group to virtue signal to one another?

Why are members of this political group demanding that BLM and pride flag signs be displayed on school campus if they do not view them as political symbols?

Why are they, as an organized collective effort, displaying rainbow themed pride flags and other rainbow themed signage promoting the recall campagna signs if these are not actually political symbols?

I think the answer is clear; these activists are using these symbols to support political campaign activity such as recalls because these symbols are political symbols that represent a political ideology which they recognize.

This is why they created new rainbow themed branding with the ‘Better Together’ campaign,

Here is a well received post from within the Progressive Yamhill group where it was proposed they just redefine how they speak about political issues so they can claim they are not political, which is basically just a way for them to try to win an ideological debate by changing the narrative — re-framing, basically.

Here are some additional posts they made in the NEEd group showing they distributed these political symbols in the schools as part of the group’s political activism,

NEEd member Cherice Bock, who is a professor at George Fox University.

State Representative Courtney Neron, who is a member of NEEd,

Here is a post of NEEd member David Jaimes, who also worked at Edwards elementary, bragging about upsetting people who see a trans-racial pride flag in the window of the school (bottom left of the photo)

With all of this evidence that they are using these symbols for a political cause, I believe the NEEd members are intentionally lying when they claim these are not political symbols they are using as part of political campaigning. They are trying to claim they are not doing something they very obviously are doing when you read their own secret communications to one another which the general public was unaware about.

From this post in Progressive Yamhill’s Facebook group, it shows clear proof that PY members raised money to buy “Better Together t-shirts” to distribute to teachers and students in the Newberg school district. As previously mentioned PY is the parent group to NEEd, and PY is a Facebook group controlled by the Yamhill County Democrat party leadership,

For yet more proof that they are knowingly lying about these symbols not being used in a political way by them, here is a post within the NEEd group where they discuss how to create the ‘proper narrative’ about these symbols, which I view as an acknowledgement that their claim these flags are not political is just a story they have crafted and they do realize they are political symbols.

After all, they are a political organization using these symbols to indoctrinate children into their political ideologies in the schools and have been doing so for years. In fact they use their own children as tools to spread this ‘narrative’, which shows they are using it to indoctrinate kids.

Finally, NEEd members celebrated when one of their members, Gail Grobey, gained media coverage for removing the American flag from her classroom at a Newberg school. The comments made by the members of NEEd prove that it is an anti-American political organization seeking to replace the American flag with their own symbols such as pride flags and Black Lives Matter flags,

Here are some members who ‘liked’ the story,

And what was the motivation for all of this? Well, as Kristen Stoller herself put it during a Yamhill County Democrat meeting, I believe the goal was to indoctrinate students in the Newberg public schools into their partisan ideology so that when the kids become “recently graduated” they will change the voting culture of Newberg to be more Democrat than Republican.

I believe the evidence I have shown here makes it unquestionably clear that the pride flags and Black Lives Matter flags are being used by a partisan political organization (NEEd) which is itself an extension of the Yamhill County Democrats to promote their partisan political agenda inside the Newberg school district.

Because of this unlawful activity it was necessary for the Newberg school board directors to implement a policy to remove these partisan political symbols from the school, especially as it was causing the school employees to prioritize their personal political agenda over the needs of the students.

Black Lives Matter is a Political Organization Anyway No Matter How You Think About It

Some people often claim Black Lives Matter is not a political organization and does not have a political ideology, but this is a false claim. The Black Lives Matter organization supports a radical political agenda. Its co-founder Patrisse Cullors has in interviews said, “We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.” Furthermore on its website, the Black Lives Matter organization states its belief in wanting to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

Marxism is a political ideology. When the founder of BLM says their group does have an ideological framework and then names a political ideology like Marxism, that means it is a political organization. It doesn’t matter if one person views it as political or not; what matters is how the founders of the organization view their work with that organization.

Besides this, here is a post from within the Progressive Yamhill group where they discuss organizing a BLM protest in Newberg after organizing some harassment of a former Yamhill County Sherriff Deputy who dared to speak out against them.

This thread and others like it demonstrate that Progressive Yamhill views BLM flags as a political symbol as well.

PS: Portland Association of Teachers is Associated with NEEd

Interestingly, whoever is the social media manager for the Portland Association of Teachers union was added to the NEEd group.

I believe this shows that what is going on in Yamhill County is not isolated, but rather part of a larger network of teacher political activist groups which are using the public school system to indoctrinate students into their fringe ideologies.


I believe the totality of the evidence I have presented indicates that not only did Judge Easterday not give a fair due process ruling to the Newberg School district in the lawsuit filed by Chelsea Shotts but that Easterday’s ruling ignores Oregon state law that limits political speech of public employees while they are working. It is not intended by the State that public teachers should be able to indoctrinate other people’s children in radical fringe political extremist ideologies.

I believe I have shown overwhelming evidence that the Yamhill County Democrat Party not only organized the display of political symbols in the Newberg Public School district via its subgroups Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education, but also organized other activity such as the recalls against School Board Director Brian Shannon and Dave Brown, and the lawsuits against the board as well.

I would encourage the Newberg School Board to appeal this decision all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court if need be, because I do not believe Easterday’s ruling will stand in light of all of the evidence here I have presented that this lawsuit was politically motivated to permit an actual political party — the Yamhill County Democrat Party — to indoctrinate students in the public schools into radical fringe extremist ideologies using political symbols associated with their party.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Been trying to expose these MFs for a year now … You’re still my superhero Carey, expose the shit out of em!!

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