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What You Should Know About Newberg City Councilor Elise Yarnell Hollamon

Newberg City Councilor Elise Yarnell Hollamon is a member of fringe extremist groups and leverages her positions to advance their agendas. As revealed by the blog she wrote during her college years, she has been an extremist for a long time.

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Elise Yarnell Hollamon is a Newberg, Oregon City Councilor. She is also the Director for Access Strategies at Providence Health & Services in Newberg.

Last year in a secret Facebook group, Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), Hollamon wrote the following comment claiming she had no skeletons hiding in her closet.

As you are about to discover, her statement was woefully inaccurate. There is actually a lot that Hollamon has been hiding from voters in Newberg, Oregon.

Elise Yarnell Hollamon previously attempted earlier this year to run for the Democrat nomination for House District 23 seat but failed to secure the nomination in the primaries. Nevertheless there is information from her campaign or the House District 23 which I believe is rather revealing about her.

According to her campaign Facebook page,

Elise Yarnell Hollamon claims she wants to “end the culture war” but as I will show you in this article, she is an active fighter in that war and she is squarely on the side of the radical extremist groups in our community who started the culture war battle in the first place. I do not believe her desire to end the culture war is sincere and what she actually wants to do is trick voters into supporting someone they otherwise would not if they knew the truth about her.

Proof that Elise Yarnell Hollamon is a Member of an Extremist Group

Even without having seen her private social media posts in political extremist Facebook groups, Hollamon has easily viewable information in the public showing her association to these extremist groups.

For example, Elise Yarnell Hollamon’s Twitter activity, including the accounts she follows, shows clear additional evidence to her ties to the extremist Indivisible movement,

Indivisible is a nation wide organization with numerous chapters across America, with chapters in most large cities. Indivisible supports legalizing all forms of recreational drugs and radical restructuring of rural areas, using urban renewal committees to support the creation of high density housing; essentially, they are pro-welfare state and socialism, and generally opposed to capitalism (which I find to be ironic given the number of people in the group who have greatly profited through private enterprise). The goal of Indivisible groups is to transform rural areas into far left liberal aligned communities that will vote for Democrat candidates.

Hollamon is also following a local Indivisible Twitter account, which is unsurprising because Hollamon is a member of Progressive Yamhill, which is an Indivisible affiliate per the acknowledgement of one of its founders, Megan Corvus (who is also the Recording Secretary for Yamhill County Democrat Party),

Hollamon is both a member of Progressive Yamhill’s Facebook group as well as the subgroup, Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) which focuses on PY’s political campaign activity in Newberg on behalf of the Democrats.

Elise Hollamon is undeniably a member of both Progressive Yamhill and NEEd,

In a previous article about other candidates who are associated with Progressive Yamhill, Candidates for Yamhill County Commissioner Beth Wytoski and Doris Towery Have Ties to Extremist Social Activist Group Indivisible, I showed in detail how these Progressive Yamhill members provided support to violent Antifa cells in Portland as they attacked the federal courthouse during 2020. I will not re-post that information here and suggest you read that article if you want to see the evidence for how dangerous Indivisible is and why it is an extremist group.

I do not see how someone who is a long-time member of an extremist group that provides funding to Antifa can meet anyone in the “middle” politically.

According to this post Hollamon was apparently involved in getting Providence Hospital to put this sign up that advocates for Critical Race Theory ideologies and which also features the colors of the trans-racial pride flag created by antifa activists. This sign greets everyone who enters Newberg coming from Sherwood.

This shouldn’t be surprising, given that Hollamon is co-founder of the Community Wellness Collective alongside Kristen Stoller. In a previous article, Kristen Stoller Threatens to Sue Yamhill Advocate For Exposing Her, But Here’s The Truth, I exposed the activities of this nonprofit which Hollamon co-founded with Stoller and how it is designed to indoctrinate Newberg school students into fringe political ideologies such as gender identity pseudo-science. For brevity I will not repost that information into this article but if you have not read it, I suggest doing so after finishing this article about Hollamon specifically.

The important thing to note is Hollamon is President of the Community Wellness Collective and is also involved in numerous other groups as well that Progressive Yamhill members control and use to promote their fringe ideologies by exerting influence in the community.

I have previously written a detailed article exposing the activities of the Community Wellness Collective via its Wellness Center that operates in the Newberg High School, which I suggest reading for more information.

Elise Hollamon’s Involvement in the Peace Trail Village Project

First of all Hollamon is co-founder of the Community Wellness Collective which is a strategic partner for the Peace Trail Village Project, which I previously talked in a prior article about this project. Despite having this vested interest in the project Hollamon voted to provide ARPA funds to it, an obvious conflict of interest.

Also per these posts Hollamon promoted this project during her campaign for the House District,

If you’d like to know more about the Peace Trail Village Project and why it is a terrible idea to construct a tiny home village for homeless drug addicts next to a school, I suggest reading my prior article, Newberg City Council Funds Construction of Homeless Camp Next to School.

Elise Yarnell Hollamon’s College Blog Reveals Her Extremist Ideas

I have done some research into Hollamon’s past and discovered a blog she operated which I believe further exposes her true political feelings which she has maintained to this day. I believe her blog helps explain what led her to joining a group like Progressive Yamhill.

According to the blog entries, while Elise Yarnell was still in college and before she was married she became deeply involved in radical third wave feminism ideologies. In fact, she had an entire blog devoted to her beliefs, The Mind of Elise Yarnell. In many of the posts she details how she became indoctrinated while taking women’s studies classes into what sounds like Critical race theory ideology, which explains why she constantly brings up her Caucasian ethnicity as a negative thing in her postings.

(If you are unfamiliar with Critical Race Theory (CRT) I have a lengthy article about it on another blog, Millennial Gentleman, titled The True Origins of Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism Training.)

Here are some of Hollamon’s writings from her college days,

I find the post “I need courage” interesting because she says she was raised by her family to be very “liberal”. However, in a public post during her campaign for House District 23 she claims her father is a Republican who is critical of her ideas.

What is the truth? Was she lying in her personal diary entries before she was a politician, or is she lying about her past now that she is a politician seeking votes in a largely conservative district she is attempting to present herself as a moderate to?

The claim she made in her diary entry and the claim in her recent Facebook post sound very contradictory, as people who identify as “liberal” in the US are almost never Republicans. My only take-away is that Hollamon’s campaign seems to be trying to present her as a bipartisan candidate who can help bridge the gap of differences between conservative and liberal voters. The problem with this is that Hollamon is a member of a radical extremist movement, Indivisible, and she is a member of the NEEd group that shared information about Newberg school board directors to organize harassment against them last year.

The ideology that Hollamon expresses in her blog posts from her college days mirror many of the posts i have seen from her Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) Facebook group activity.

Consequently, much like Casey Kulla, I believe Elise Yarnell Hollamon is also feigning one public face while in reality, she is nothing more than another Indivisible agent seeking a position in local government so she can, as they like to say, ‘leverage her privilege’ of ‘whiteness’ to secure a seat of power that can be used to push the agenda of the extremist group she is loyal to.

Anyway, returning to the subject of her personal blog from college, it reveals how she was indoctrinated into her extremist ideologies by her college professors,

Just so we are clear, Hollamon has decided to judge all “race relations” between “upper class white” and the “black community” based on a scene from a movie; a fictional story featuring fictional characters which was written by a screenwriter. While The Blind Side is “based on a true story” it is full of fictional events and characters, as explained by Michael Oher himself. This scene never happened in real life.

If anything I find it revealing that Hollamon identifies with the character played by Sandra Bullock, whose personality is a work of fiction designed to appeal to virtue signaling “whites” who have guilt about their “privilege”.

In another post Hollamon finds TV shows like The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to be problematic because it portrays fictional “black” families as stable and successful, instead of as impoverished people in desperate need of charity to survive. Never mind that many of the actors in the shows came from stable families and have gone on to become extremely successful and wealthy people, it’s apparently problematic for media to portray “blacks” in America as anything but poor.

I dispute the idea that showing stories where people of different ethnic heritages can all get along and be normal Americans united under the common ideals of our nation causes people to become callous and heartless. I think this is an insane thing for Hollamon to suggest.

Here is some more insanity where Hollamon admits she became obsessed with thinking about “race” as a consequence of her college studies,

First of all, who cares if some girls didn’t want to play volleyball? Hollamon apparently does, and has engaged in a reduction fallacy to find fault where there very likely is none.

A reduction fallacy is when a person assumes that there is a single, simple cause of an outcome when in reality it may have been caused by a number of causes. In this case, Elise has decided that “black” girls didn’t apply for the same sport teams that she chose in school because of “stereotypes” encouraging those girls to not want to pursue these sports.

This is a nonsensical notion though, because there are obviously many “black” female athletes who play these sports. In fact, in schools that consist primarily of “black” student demographics arguably the majority of girls on these sport teams are “black”.

If there were not as many “black” female students as “white” female students attending the same school as Hollamon, obviously you would end up with more “white” girls on the teams than “black” girls. This is because within any population of students you are going to find a large number who are simply not interested in playing sports.

Furthermore I think it is pretty shallow to assume that just because Hollamon is “confused” when a “black” girl likes country music that all “white women” must be as well. This is obviously not the case, since there have been “black” women who have had successful careers in country music long before Hollamon was even born; Linda Martell is a notable example. This shouldn’t be surprising, since country music is a subset of blues and southern gospel music, which is very popular among “blacks”. While many of the most popular “black” singers today sing R&B and rap, that only represents the top percentile of artists and doesn’t represent the vast majority. Elise’s viewpoints represent a largely sheltered existence; it’s clear she has not traveled and interacted with enough people to have formed the kinds of conclusions she has made. In my own experience, if you visit bars or nightclubs in areas that have a large population of “blacks”, you’re very likely to find women who are “black” and wear urban western clothing and like country music; in fact, I’ve dated a few of them. I would argue the more further to the south you go in the States, the more unusual it would be to find a “black” girl who doesn’t like country music, mostly because southern girls tend to like all kinds of music.

Hollamon’s writings expose her as a confused girl who became obsessed with finding fault in even mundane aspects of American society. I sincerely doubt the average person could rant and rave about these things with the kind of focus she has on them,

Hollamon also appears to believe the tired tripe that video game characters are designed purely as fantasy objects for men and that no female gamers like their depictions, which is utterly false as anyone who has ever attended a fan convention and seen all the women cosplaying as scantily clad female characters knows,

It may be hard for someone who is obsessed with finding fault in every aspect of American society to accept this, but a lot of women like to feel sexy and they find escapism in video games that allow them to play a sexy character. There is nothing wrong with that escapism, since it’s a video game.

Interestingly, one of her blog posts from September 2009 foreshadows many of the events Hollamon would become involved with in Newberg, such as the drag queen shows her future friend Kristen Stoller would put on,

In another article, Hollamon explains how television shows like Sex and the City have greatly informed her worldview. Stories which, it should be reminded, are fictional events depicting fictional characters who were written by real people; such as the show’s creator Candace Bushnell who has publicly stated she now regrets glorifying the lifestyle of the ‘career woman’ because she ended up divorced with no children and is “truly alone” at 50.

At any result, Hollamon appeared to be disappointed in the conclusion of the main character’s story because it ends with her getting married to a rich white man who does a quicky wedding in a courthouse instead of a more traditional ceremony with their families.

Ironically, Hollamon views the women on the TV show as “in control of their lives”, but are they really? They are fictional characters. They do not exist. The characters in Sex and the City have been written and portrayed by actresses to sell impressionable young women on the virtues of the modern “independent woman” lifestyle, where women should abandon traditional ideas of motherhood and trade it for consumerism; a life spent acquiring money for the sole purpose of spending that money on personal indulgences. That’s just hedonism and that’s nothing to admire. If everyone did that then the human race would end. And the lifestyle glamorized by this TV show does not lead to long term happiness; again, the creator of Sex and the City is an incredibly unhappy woman because she tried to live as her characters did, and now finds herself, in her own words, “truly alone”.

No one wants to spend their life with the real life Carrie Bradshaw, because the TV series character is a fantasy dreamed up by an unhappy woman who tried to convince the whole world a hedonistic lifestyle would result in the same happy outcome as a more traditional housewife. She was wrong and now it’s too late for her. You don’t get back the opportunities which are lost to time. Humans are not immortal and we don’t have infinite possibilities, which is why we’re supposed to use the time that we have wisely.

Reading further into her blog, Hollamon also finds fault with Disney movies for depicting traditional values of love, loyalty and friendship,

There are more posts like this from the young Elise Hollamon that expose the flawed world views she learned from her gender studies professors, but you should get the idea by now.


I believe that Elise Yarnell Hollamon is a pseudo-intellectual who does not employ the use of logic to guide her decision making. Her worldview is heavily influenced by popular media such as TV shows like Sex and the City, and the opinions of third wave feminists she perceives as reputable based solely on their popularity. In the formulation of her core beliefs Hollamon makes enormous errors of judgement yet has devoted her life to these beliefs. It is clear to me she is trying to force these beliefs onto others through the political campaigning she participates in and she is leveraging her positions to advance a radical agenda in the Newberg community in cooperation with others in Progressive Yamhill.

While there are more posts from Hollamon made in the Progressive Yamhill and NEEd Facebook groups that I believe further expose her, I will show these posts in the article about her accomplice Newberg City Councilor Stephanie Findley, as they also feature her activities in them.

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