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Why Newberg, Oregon School Board Directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Peña Should Be Recalled

I believe the best solution for ending the Newberg Schools Saga is for the recall of the school board directors who caused the crisis: Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena.

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Since last August, Newberg, Oregon Public Schools Board Directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart have been under fire by journalists working for publications such as the Newberg Graphic, News-Register, The Oregonian and Willamette Weekly, as these publications have printed an entirely one-sided coverage that misrepresents the facts of the situation.

They print half-truths about School board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, and quote members of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) without permitting any other voices to be considered.

By contrast, the Yamhill Advocate has, to date, published over 60 articles that expose the truth about the activities of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), a secretive Facebook group consisting of over 600 members, which demonstrate that Newberg School Board Directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena have colluded with school district employees, the teacher union, and other social activists to manipulate public perception and paint the other school board directors as racist bigots, when the truth is far from that. Just the opposite, actually.

As prior Advocate articles have shown, Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Trevor DeHart and Brian Shannon are actually trying to help the students and their parents remove an insidious infection from the school district, as the teacher union and most of the district administrators have become zealots for a group of fringe social activists who are indoctrinating children in Critical Race Theory for the stated goal of changing the voting “culture” of Newberg, on the belief that once the students graduate and become voters, they will vote for the fringe political ideologies of the group. As absurd as it sounds, here is Kristen Stoller, one of the main leaders of Newberg Equity in Education, admitting to this very thing during a Yamhill County Democrats meeting,

The group has been at this for a long time, using the schools as a means to indoctrinate the children. Here is another example posted by Newberg City Councilor Stephanie Findley, who demanded an “audit” of the public school libraries to justify adding CRT aligned books to their shelves,

So, the weight of the evidence is beyond dispute; NEEd exists for the sole purpose of indoctrinating the children of the Newberg school district into Critical Race Theory. That is its mission, as shown in the Facebook groups actual mission statement.

With that in mind, in this special article I will lay out the case for why I believe Newberg Public School Board Directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena should be recalled by the voters of Newberg and Dundee, which I believe will help resolve the conflict taking place in the schools and allow the other four school board directors to restore order without any further interference by the members of NEEd.

(Note: This is another lengthy article with a great deal of information. If you cannot read the entire article in one sitting, please use the Table of Contents links below to click on different chapters and return later to where you stopped reading. The ToC is like a bookmark for you. )

The Evidence is Overwhelming that Newberg Equity in Education Is Colluding With Penner, Piros and Pena

In past articles the Advocate has revealed that Newberg Equity in Education is a sub-group to Progressive Yamhill, whose stated mission goal by one of its co-founders, Megan Corvus (presently, the Recording Secretary for the Yamhill County Democrat party) is to manipulate politics throughout the entire county,

And Megan Corvus is, by the way, a self-admitted racist,

Her special brand of racism is Critical Race Theory, but racism is racism. There is no good kind of racism. Any ideology that encourages children to judge themselves and others based on ethnicity is a bad one that should have no place in our modern school system.

Evidence exists that Newberg Equity in Education is a group Megan Corvus is heavily intertwined with, and some of the communications in Progressive Yamhill indicate she may actually be the person who brought its leaders together.

Furthermore, the evidence that NEEd / Progressive Yamhill is responsible for the organization of the recalls against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon is also overwhelming; in fact, here is Chelsea Shotts discussing the formation of the recalls on August 24th (keep in mind, Chelsea Shotts is also one of the several members of NEEd / PY who have filed lawsuits against the Newberg school district)

Additionally, if you go even further back to July 14, in a thread made in the Progressive Yamhill Facebook group the day after Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart were sworn in as new school board directors (the same meeting where Brian Shannon made the motion to open discussion on banning teachers from using political divisive symbols, such as BLM and pride flags) you’ll see that Brandy Penner herself participated in the discussion to form an organized group effort to file lawsuits claiming public meeting law violations and also form recalls,

The document Megan Corvus shared in the last part, Newberg Needs Love and Action Now” is the following,

As you can see, the document is a series of instructions for members to send emails to all kinds of groups, including to press, with talking points.

Therefore, Brandy Penner was involved in these organized efforts from the beginning, and has conspired with the NEEd and Progressive Yamhill groups to manipulate public perception about what has transpired in Newberg.

By the way, Brandy Penner isn’t the only one who is a member of Progressive Yamhill; Ines Pena has been a member of Progressive Yamhill since April 20, 2017.

Furthermore, (as if I needed to provide it again) here is the proof that Penner, Pena and Piros are members of NEEd,

The evidence I have provided about this collusion between Brandy Penner, Ines Pena and Rebecca Piros and these social activists should be enough to justify a recall against them.

Yet, there are even more reasons, and I would like to make the case so that the residents of Newberg and Dundee can consider these facts and decide if a recall election against these three is something the community wants to do as a way to resolve the conflict.

Indeed, it is clear by going through the messages posted into NEEd’s Facebook group that all of the problems in the school district can be sourced back to this group of people, who have gained enormous influence by having elected officials, school board directors and teachers as members.

For example, their own messages show that the NEEd group was behind the pro-CRT resolution, as detailed in the messages from that time period posted into the NEEd Facebook group,

The Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group was also used to coordinate the harassment of school board directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart, as I detailed in Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders subsections Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign and Why the Newberg Mafia is an Actual Mafia Per RICO.

Here is a small sample of some of the posts made into the NEEd group showing the evidence,

This organized harassment resulted in Brian Shannon becoming fired by his employer as the group bombarded their telephone and email inboxes with false accusations that Brian Shannon was a white supremacist, and Renee Powell and her husband also lost business relationships with a similar false accusation made against hem.

The harassment even extended to making a list of what churches they attended, so they could be harassed while attending services,

For those unfamiliar with the people in the post, these are their identities:

  • Kim Warrington McDonough is the wife of Jeff McDonough, a school counselor,
  • Elaine Haworth Koskela is Success Coordinator at Catalyst High School and the wife of Gregg Koskela, the Communications Director for the school district,
  • Elizabeth Rogers Curtis Gemeory is a former Newberg City Councilor

There was also another similar post, made by Kristen Stoller,

These are but a few of the hundreds of members of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) who assisted with the harassment of Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart (a downloadable spreadsheet of their membership roster can be read by clicking here). By my estimate, almost the entirety of the Newberg school district teacher union has participated in NEEd and its activities. This is a serious problem because the stated purpose of NEEd is to teach Critical Race Theory to children in the Newberg school district.

Furthermore, neither Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros nor Ines Pena have ever condemned the actions of their fellow NEEd members to harass the other four school board directors; in fact, Penner, Piros and Pena have continued to maintain membership in the group, participating in the activities they organize, such as the Veterans Day rally they held in September to protest the firing of Joe Morelock as Superintendent,

This by itself ought to justify any recall against them, but there is more. So let’s talk about the reasons why each individual director should be recalled.

Reasons Why School Board Director Ines Pena Should Be Recalled

First of all, Ines Pena is a member of Newberg Equity in Education, just as the other three are, and she is also a longtime member of Progressive Yamhill, as I showed evidence for previously in this article.

Originally, Pena was appointed to the school board in 2019 and then she won re-election this past August 2021, but I think if residents of Newberg and Dundee had known more about her then she would not have won the election. So here are some important facts about her.

Ines Pena Does Not Disclose Her Relationship To NEEd Members

During school board meetings, Ines Pena does not disclose her relationship as a member of both Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education, even when it is very relevant to what she is talking about during a meeting.

As an example, here is a clip from the August 24th meeting where Ines Pena refers to information she was sent by Kristen Stoller, a pivotal member of both groups, without disclosing that she is doing this to serve the agenda of the social activist group she is a member of,

Ines Pena Refuses to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance at Every School Board Meeting

Near as I can tell, she has never once participated in the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the school board meetings.

Furthermore, she has a long running habit of wearing t-shirts with political activism statements on them during the meetings, using the school board to push her personal political agendas.

It’s clear that Pena has no respect for the policies of the school board, nor any for the country she lives in. I can at least say that Penner and Piros make a token effort to show respect for the country they live in by reciting the pledge of allegiance, but Pena makes no effort and instead uses the pledge as an opportunity to engage in her own personal political rebellion against our republic.

Ines Pena Disrupts Meetings by Seeking to Control Other Directors’ Language

Ines Pena has a habit of disrupting meetings to chastise other directors for using so-called “gendered language”, such as Dave Brown referring to the group as “guys”. However, the term “guys” used in modern English is a gender-neutral term for a group of people and this is well understood by pretty much every English speaker today.

Pena knows this as well, yet she is intentionally seeking to find some flaw in her fellow school board directors as a way to harass them during meetings, and draw those meetings out longer in an effort to frustrate them.

The most absurd thing about this demand is that Pena is a native speaker of Spanish, which consists of almost entirely gendered language for nearly every word that is spoken. Yet she is trying to control how English speakers talk during this board meeting, even being so ridiculous that she suggests they read a booklet and maybe even having the school board hire a consultant to teach them how to speak,

Pena is under the incredibly mistaken idea that her narcissism is something that everyone else has to accommodate. In reality, Pena does not get to decide how the English language is spoken by the majority of people who speak it, nor get to justify her bullying of others by feigning that she has been “offended”. What is actually offensive is that she wastes the public’s time with nonsense and uses her seat to push her personal social activist beliefs.

Why School Board Director Brandy Penner Should Be Recalled

Firstly, let’s kickoff this dissection of Brandy Penner by highlighting one of her social media posts which was reshared inside of the NEEd group,

I want you to take special notice how Brandy Penner claims that the will of voters is not being listened to.

Well, in reality, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell, Trevor DeHart and Dave Brown have actually ran and won their seats in an election.

By contrast, Brandy Penner has never ran for election; instead, she was appointed to the school board in 2017 by her buddies, and then quickly became its chair. Normally, it would be odd to see a non-elected director become a Chair, but I believe this is further evidence for how deeply Brandy Penner had wormed her way into the various social activist groups in our city that seek to control the institutions of Newberg as part of the Indivisible movement agenda.

I believe Penner’s appointment to the school board was in service toward this agenda, as it is the only explanation for why someone so completely unqualified for the office (prior to her social activism, she worked as a flight attendant) was also made its Chair.

Consequently, Penner does not represent any voters, because she was appointed to the board, not elected. And now she is organizing recalls against people that actually were elected to the board, because she does not like what voters in Newberg wanted.

Penner is a member of NEEd, and she pushed the Critical race theory agenda (which she labels as ‘equity’) of the school board as a member of the group, such as shown in this post from January 2021,

Here is yet another post by Brandy Penner from June 2021, thanking members of NEEd for sending in emails she can present to the public during board meeting as support for her ideological positions, without ever disclosing these emails all came from a group she belongs to and is a leader of, and that she asked for these emails to be sent by the members of NEEd to her inbox,

Here is another one from October 2020,

I think this is pretty self-evident; there is no way for Brandy Penner to claim she has no association with NEEd or Progressive Yamhill, her social media history proves she is very involved in this group that has harassed her fellow school board directors in their personal lives, and for which she has never condemned.

Brandy Penner Frequently Berates and Insults Other School Board Directors During Meetings

Brandy Penner is a rather ridiculous person that seeks to get her way by throwing emotional tantrums full of lies and false accusations. She has a habit of constantly accusing the other school board members of meeting behind the board’s back, even though she has no evidence for such a thing ever occurring.

Brandy Penner also routinely claims decisions made by the other board directors are illegal, even when there is no proof for these claims, and she never explains why she thinks something is illegal. She declares something must be illegal whenever she doesn’t like what the other directors do.

Here is an example from the August 24th School Board Meeting, where she claims that she cannot trust the other school board directors (Brown, Shannon, Powell and DeHart).

Keep in mind that as she accuses them of being untrustworthy she is secretly colluding with the group of people who are harassing the other school board directors with the intention to force them to change their minds about rescinding the pro-Critical Race Theory (CRT) resolution she passed in 2020, when she was Chair of the board,

Brandy Penner has no business claiming she cannot trust the other directors when she is the one who is truly untrustworthy.

Here is another example from the same meeting, where Brandy Penner insults her fellow school board directors once more,

Here is yet another time where Brandy Penner insulted the other school board directors, this time from the November 9th meeting where Joe Morelock was fired.

(As a side note, take notice of Ann Ziehl, Director of Special Programs for the Newberg Public School District, nodding her head in agreement with Penner the entire time. )

I believe that the reason Brandy Penner claims that the termination of Joe Morelock will lead to more litigation is because she is a member of the group of people who are filing all of the lawsuits to begin with. Consequently, I believe she is not making a prediction but is actually making a threat against the other board members, that there will be more lawsuits because of what they have done.

Brandy Penner’s crocodile tears are nothing more than another attempt to manipulate public perceptions, because she is part of the group that is causing the loss of school funds from the lawsuits and the recalls — the recall elections of Brian Shannon and Dave Brown will cost the district approximately $60,000, according to the Yamhill County Clerk’s office.

Brandy Penner’s Idea of “Equity” Is Racial Segregation of Students

Brandy Penner, like every other member of NEEd, is a racist who believes in racial segregation. The type of racial segregation is outlined in Critical Race Theory ideology as a way to provide special benefits to people of certain ethnicities, and CRT advocates attempt to hide that racial segregation is their true goal by rebranding racial segregation under the term of ‘equity’.

If you have trouble believing this, well here is an example of their concept of ‘equity’: the NEEd group formed a “Black Student Union”, a racially segregated student group that operates in the Newberg school district in violation of Supreme Court decision Brown V. The Board of Education and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

As you can see, Brandy Penner “loved” this post that announced the creation of a racially segregated student activity group in the Newberg public schools, which violates federal laws designed to protect students.

This is who Brandy Penner truly is: a racist who is using the schools to indoctrinate children into her brand of poisonous racism. That is what her goal as a school board director is to achieve, to teach racism to the children of Newberg and Dundee.

Again, all of her crocodile tears and tantrums during public board meetings are an act meant to deceive the public about her true agenda and goals. You should therefore not listen to what she says and instead focus on what she and the others in the schools are actually doing.

They are actually engaging in racial segregation of students in the Newberg school district, which puts the district into danger of losing its federal funding for violations of these federal laws designed to protect students from people like herself.

Brandy Penner Has Repeatedly Violated Public Meeting Laws

Brandy Penner has repeatedly violated public meeting laws by using the Newberg Equity in Education group to manipulate public perceptions of support for the policies she already wants to do.

As an example, here she is asking for members of NEEd to provide her with “questions” to ask at a meeting, in violation of public meeting laws because she is providing a large group of residents (around 600 people) special access to her as a public official and which the general public does not get access to, and she also respond to their questions related to school board matters in a way that cannot be subject to public record requests,

Now I should note that at the time I took these screenshots, Brandy Penner had temporarily left the Facebook group but she later rejoined it; it is my belief that Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena attempted to delete their past messages inside the Newberg Equity in Education group by leaving sometime in September and then immediately rejoining it during the time that I was inside the group taking these screenshots. Yet, I was still able to find many of these posts they had made, which is why I have so many of them to share in this article.

So, here is yet another Facebook post Brandy Penner made inside the NEEd group,

And here is yet two more posts where Brandy Penner coordinated with staff for school board business, outside of a school board meeting in violation of the law,

By the way, the members of NEEd are aware that using these Facebook groups for the directors to communicate with them about school business and other matters are a violation of public meeting laws. As an example that proves they are aware what they are doing is illegal, here is a post made by one of their members, former Newberg City Councilor Elizabeth Rogers Curtis Gemeroy, which I find to be ironic, considering that Brandy Penner, Ines Pena and Rebecca Piros are all tagged in the comments to this post that discusses how the kind of communications they engage in using NEEd are illegal,

And yes, these activities are illegal. From the Oregon School Board Association website,

These secretive, back-channel communications are violations of ORS 192.630 Meetings of governing body to be open to public,

All meetings of the governing body of a public body shall be open to the public and all persons shall be permitted to attend any meeting except as otherwise provided by ORS 192.610 (Definitions for ORS 192.610 to 192.690) to 192.690 (Exceptions to ORS 192.610 to 192.690).

Per case law, you don’t have to have a quorum for this section to be violated,

Prohibition that quorum of governing body not “meet” in private for purpose of deliberation may apply to deliberation other than “meeting.” TriMet v. Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757, 362 Or 484, 412 P3d 162 (2018)

Furthermore, their use of electronic communications (the Facebook group, and possibly, also their personal Facebook Messenger communications with one another) are in violation of ORS 192.670 Meetings by means of telephone or electronic communication,

(1) Any meeting, including an executive session, of a governing body of a public body which is held through the use of telephone or other electronic communication shall be conducted in accordance with ORS 192.610 (Definitions for ORS 192.610 to 192.690) to 192.690 (Exceptions to ORS 192.610 to 192.690).

(2) When telephone or other electronic means of communication is used and the meeting is not an executive session, the governing body of the public body shall make available to the public at least one place where, or at least one electronic means by which, the public can listen to the communication at the time it occurs. A place provided may be a place where no member of the governing body of the public body is present. [1973 c.172 §7; 1979 c.361 §1; 2011 c.272 §2]

The public was not allowed to participate in these private Facebook groups. Only members of the conspiracy, creating invisible government, were permitted to participate in these discussions between elected officials, committee members, school district employees and others about their duties and matters they have governance and jurisdiction over.

Furthermore, any records requests a person makes to Brandy Penner, Ines Pena and Rebecca Piros related to their conversations with district staff and other parties, would not have covered these Facebook communications, because the public generally wouldn’t know about it. So, I believe this law has been violated.

Brandy Penner does not care about the laws that she breaks, because she is a “Defiant human”, as detailed in her Facebook post rant about the topic,

That ought to give you some insight into what goes through the mind of Brandy Penner when she engages in her virtue signaling, which is just a form of pseudo-altruism for her.

While I am not a psychologist, I do know quite a lot about psychology. After having read so many of Brandy Penner’s secretive communications to her conspirators, I believe I have gained some special insight into the tantrums she throws during school board meetings. My conclusion is that she projects a false concern for others in order to justify herself, in this case trying to use children as a shield to justify her evil behavior that is really just a manifestation of her own narcissism. This is why she can so easily speak out of both sides of her mouth. She is a very troubled person who needs some major counseling for her problems and she does not need to be on the school board where she causes so much damage to our community by using her seat of office as an outlet for her narcissistic inclinations.

Brandy Penner Is Disingenuous and Manipulative

Even among the many narcissists in the NEEd group, I believe that Brandy Penner is one of the most vile people among them. She is a pathological liar who has no business on a school board, let alone anywhere near the education of children, for the only thing she has to teach them is how to be cruel and immoral.

For example, Penner has claimed that because the Newberg school district is currently facing lawsuits this is proof that the decisions of the other directors are bad and that they should be recalled,

Yet, during her School Board rants, Brandy Penner never discloses that she is deeply involved in the organizing of those lawsuits in the first place, because she is a member of NEEd which as a group is coordinating the lawsuits against the school district she serves. It is obviously not in the interest of the public school district for a school board director to be encouraging and assisting others in filing lawsuits against that district.

The people filing the lawsuits are not unaffiliated; these lawsuits are part of an organized campaign of harassment by the NEEd group against the school board directors who oppose their political agenda to indoctrinate children.

For example, here is McMinnville City Councilor Remy Drabkin recruiting NEEd members for a ACLU lawsuit,

It is clear by these communications, and the many others I have already published, that NEEd is deeply involved in the ACLU lawsuit; indeed, the plaintiff of the ACLU lawsuit ended up becoming Chelsea Shotts, a fellow member of NEEd.

In fact, all of the people who are suing the district are members of NEEd, which Brandy Penner herself is a member of, as I have previously reported in the articles, Everything You Need to Know About the Newberg School Board Lawsuits That The Newberg Graphic Isn’t Telling You and Analysis of the Newberg Teacher Union Lawsuit Against the School District For Banning Political Symbols.

So, as a member of NEEd, Brandy Penner coordinates with the vey same people who have filed the lawsuits against the school district, and then she turns around and attempts to use the lawsuits as a way to justify her accusations that the decisions of other board directors are wrong.

And never once has Brandy Penner ever acknowledged that she is deeply involved with the organized group of social activists who are filing the lawsuits!

Then, Brandy Penner goes to school board meetings and has the audacity to make the outrageous claim that she would never do anything to harm the district or cause it to lose money, making emotional rants about how noble and virtuous she is, and how terrible the other school board directors are — all the while, she is in the shadows working with the people filling the lawsuits against the district that is causing it to lose money, so that she can use those lawsuits as justification for her accusations against the other school board directors.

Oh, they also file frivolous complaints as well,

Yet, here is an example from the August 24th board meeting of Brandy Penner claiming she would never do anything or support anything that would harm the district,

In yet another example from the same school board meeting, Brandy Penner proposes that public comments on meetings should be made by students, teachers, parents and then others, in that specific order.

What Brandy Penner does not disclose while making this proposal is that the reason she wants public comments to be provided in this order during meetings is because Newberg Equity in Education, the group she is a member of, has complete control over the teacher union. The group encourages students to speak at meetings on their behalf, knowing that if any kids speak out against their agenda they will be penalized by the teachers. Furthermore, having the teachers speak after students, this means that they can monopolize the public comment section of meetings with the entire roster of the teachers who are members of NEEd, ensuring that no one else gets to ever speak during the public comment section of the meetings except their own 600+ membership roster. This is the reason why Brandy Penner made that suggestion.

The group has also talked about lots of different ways to overwhelm their opinions during board meetings, such as this childish tactic,

So, Brandy Penner is extremely disingenuous, and this is more than enough justification for recalling her, as it proves her only objective on the board is to derail it because she lost control and is no longer its Chair after the last election, because the voters of the Newberg school district decided they did not want her social activism anymore. The voters elected new directors to get the political activism out of the schools. She and the other members of NEEd refuse to accept this.

Because Brandy Penner is not getting her way, she has decided to break the laws and scheme in the shadows against the other school board directors. That is the bottom line.

Oh and just so you’re aware, absolutely no tactic is too extreme for Newberg Equity in Education to consider; here is one of their members suggesting they reach out to the Church of Satan for assistance.

Just so that you are perfectly aware of the caliber of people that participate in the NEEd group that Brandy Penner, Ines Pena and Rebecca Piros are members of.

Brandy Penner Has Used Her Position to Promote Private Businesses That Agree With Her Agenda

Brandy Penner has in her capacity as a public official, asked for the general public to provide patronage to private businesses that support her social activist agenda and she did not disclose that the owners of these businesses are also members of and/or affiliated to Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) which she has a relationship to.

This is a violation of law, 5 CFR § 2635.702 – Use of public office for private gain,

“An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity, including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations.”

This post made by Brandy Penner, and others like it, are violations of 5 CFR § 2635.702 and show clearly that she has no intentions to follow the laws. Brandy Penner speaks out of both sides of her mouth, chastising the other school board directors with groundless accusations they are violating the laws while simultaneously breaking very serious laws herself.

Why School Board Director Rebecca Piros Should Be Recalled

Piros is, like the other two, also a member of NEEd. That in itself ought to be enough, but there is of course additional reasons. Let’s discuss some of them.

Piros Attempts to Use Her Disability to Derail Meetings

Most noticeably, during the very last school board meeting, Penner attempted to use Piros’ vision impairment disability to insult Robert Hess, one of the bidders to perform a superintendent search, by claiming that he did not provide special accommodations for Piros’ blindness.

However, based on my sources, Robert Hess was never notified about any impairments before he made his proposal to the board, which is the duty of school administrators. Yet Brandy Penner made the accusations against him anyway as a means of trying to distort the facts,

Here is the important context though: although Rebecca Piros is technically legally blind, she is not completely blind. She can in fact read computer screens, which she frequently does during meetings when reading her prepared statements. When she reads, she leans in closer to the computer screen to improve her vision.

Here is an example, you can clearly see her eyes moving left to right as she reads her statements,

Furthermore, as a member of NEEd she has made posts into the Facebook group as well. Here is one example,

As you can see, she has no issues using computers to access Facebook, read messages posted in the NEEd group and write her own comments. She clearly can do these things.

I think it is indisputable that Piros has limited vision that may impact her ability to do things such as operate a car, but to claim she cannot read a computer screen when she very obviously can and to then use this false claim to insult a contractor is exploitation of a disability to serve the political agenda of her social activist buddies.

And I believe that agenda is to derail the process of hiring a new superintendent because they think they will recall Dave Brown and Brian Shannon next month, and then re-hire Morelock. That is the most logical conclusion of their behavior, based on the available evidence.

Piros Uses The NEEd Group to Manipulate Public Perceptions, Too

Much like Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros also uses the group to flood the public comments sections with support for things that will benefit her. Here is an example,

And did Rebecca Piros disclose that she asked this private group of people to send in letters as public comments? No, she did not, because her membership and activities in the group are supposed to be a secret, because that is how conspiracies work.

Piros Enjoys The Attention

Piros speaks to the press, and her husband calls it “her exciting day” and you can see the big smile on her face as she talks to the press about what she claims is a horrible thing, racism in Newberg.

And as you can see, her fellow NEEd conspirators cheer her on for helping spread their propaganda as part of their efforts to harass and intimidate the other school board directors into giving in to their demands.

Consequently, I believe Rebecca Piros is an incredibly disingenuous person. If she truly believed that what was occurring was terrible, why is she smiling while talking about it? It’s because she, like the other two, is a narcissist who is getting her ego fed by the attention she is receiving as a supposedly woke social justice crusader against the other directors they have painted as racists and white supremacists.

In Conclusion

To finish this article out, I want to share the video clip of what happened after Joe Morelock was fired. Watch the reactions from Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena. Observe how they insult the other school board members, and how Brandy Penner declares that the school board will never achieve anything together again,

In an emotional outburst at the end of the meeting, Penner declared the board will never function again, and NEEd then implemented a plan to prevent future meetings, which did result in one meeting being canceled.

Firstly, board secretary Jenn Nelson went on holiday leave until January, but has told the press that she resigned, placing enormous confusion over the situation. This is because the board cannot meet without a secretary.

Secondly, sources have told me that Greg Koskela, former board secretary and current communications director, (who is also a member of NEEd along with his wife) has used multiple tactics to attempt to prevent board meetings from occurring, first by refusing to act as a board secretary until heavily pressured to do so, and then by leaking emails to the press (outside of a public records request, on Thanksgiving holiday) to claim that him being asked to be a secretary is somehow illegal, because there is no superintendent to make such requests. Sources have told me that he has also not passed on any of the applicants to the job opening for a part time secretary, because he claims that it was illegal for him to be asked to make the listing in the first place.

Thirdly, Derek Brown, who was the assistant superintendent who would normally step into the duties of a superintendent until an interim is chosen, refused to perform his job duties and resigned.

All of this is indicative that NEEd has worked together with school administrators who are members of their group to make good on Penner’s declaration that the board will never function again.

And the reason why they were so upset is not because they felt it was unfair for Morelock to be fired.

It was because, as revealed by communications from inside the NEEd group, they believed Joe Morelock was protecting NEEd members who are teachers and employees of the district, by refusing to hold them accountable for any of the violations of district policies. Here is one example of the threads where Morelock is discussed as their protector,

Here is yet another,

Elaine Haworth Koskela is incorrect; it is the job of the Superintendent to represent the board, not for the board to follow the orders of the Superintendent.

And that is why Morelock had every reason to be terminated; he refused to enforce the district policies, even when these screenshots were sent to him that showed the collusion and organized efforts to violate district policies. He punished no one and continued to protect the group. That, I believe, is why he deserved his termination.

I also believe that should Brian Shannon and Dave Brown be recalled, it is the intention of the group to re-hire Joe Morelock and that is the reason why they are trying to obstruct school board meetings with delays on even beginning the search to hire a new superintendent. They have convinced themselves that Dave Brown and Brian Shannon will be recalled in January, because they think they are so clever and smart that they can trick everyone in Newberg and Dundee into supporting their evil agenda to indoctrinate the children into their fringe ideologies.

What Are The Next Steps, Now That You Know the Truth?

I believe most reasonable people in Newberg and Dundee understand that successful recalls against Brian Shannon and Dave Brown never going to happen, now that the conspiracy has been exposed. I severely doubt Brian Shannon and Dave Brown are going to be recalled, given that conservatives outnumber liberals 10:1 in our school district.

So, the next steps are rather simple; form a recall campaign to remove Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena from the Newberg Public Schools District Board.

That will largely solve the problem, because it’s only because these lunatics believe they can regain control over the board by recalling the other directors that they will keep harassing them. Once they realize the people of Dundee and Newberg are not going to tolerate their crap any longer they will stop wasting our school resources with frivolous lawsuits and recalls. The resignation of staff will continue as they flee the sinking ship they created, like the rats that they are, and the new Superintendent chosen by Brian Shannon, Dave Brown, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart can hire replacements who aren’t lunatics that want to teach racial segregation to the children.

And the best way to send the message that their nonsense will no longer be tolerated is by pulling their representatives off the school board. So do it. Take action.

Put an end to this Newberg Schools Board Saga by getting the people causing the problems out of our schools. Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena should be recalled.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Joe Jumalon

The idea of allowing teachers to advocate their political bias in classrooms is absolutely wrong. Schools need to be neutral places of objective learning, developing critical thinkers.

Dylon Chad Williams

I’m an advocate for a non ideological or apolitical education sector.

This organized stupidity that the education sector is currently engaged in, is only going to get worse in the near term.

If it is allowed to continues it’ll destroy the public education system.

Kerry Wolfe

Yes ! This is the only solution !

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