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Progressive Yamhill Members Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros Resign from Newberg School Board

Ines Pena, Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros have all resigned from the Newberg, Oregon public schools board, thus removing all Indivisible influence over the Newberg Public School District's governance.

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As long time readers of the Advocate will know, on February 8th Ines Pena resigned her seat on the Newberg school board. This was a month after the publication of my article, Why Newberg, Oregon School Board Directors Brandy Walker Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Peña Should Be Recalled, which highlighted the relationship of school board directors Ines Pena, Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros to the Indivisible aligned activist groups Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) and Progressive Yamhill. In the article I showed evidence that these three were deeply involved in the activist groups responsible for organizing the recall elections against their fellow school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, and that the groups were also responsible for large-scale harassment campaigns against Brown and Shannon that led to the firing of Shannon by his employer by bombarding his employer with phone calls falsely accusing him of being a “white supremacist”. Newly elected school board directors Trevor DeHart and Renee Powell (who defeated NEEd / PY associated candidates in the elections) were also heavily harassed as well.

Now, at last night’s school board meeting both Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros resigned from the school board, vacating their seats effective by the end of the night.

To make it more convenient for readers, I have uploaded the section of the recording of the board where Penner and Piros resigned so you may hear their stated reasons for resigning.

Immediately after Piros and Penner announced their resignation, Jennifer Beaver Schneider, the president of the Newberg Education Association (the local teacher’s union) feigned crocodile tears — acting as if by resigning Piros had died or that Schneider would otherwise never see her again.

You can watch the video of Jennifer Beaver Schneider’s comments below,

As previously reported by the Advocate, Jennifer Beaver Schneider is a member of both Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill, the groups which both Piros and Penner are members of.

I believe these statements made by Schneider, Penner and Piros may have been coordinated within the NEEd group as yet another means of virtue signaling and an attempt to manipulate public perceptions with yet more propaganda. After all, all three of these women actively assisted with the organization of the recall campaign against Brown and Shannon. So in reality, as members of this secretive Facebook group, Schneider is highly likely to continue to have regular interactions with both Penner and Piros. I see no reason to not think they will continue to plot together inside this Facebook group despite Piros and Penner’s resignations from the board.

As for an explanation of why Penner and Piros may have resigned, I believe they may be wanting to avoid disciplinary penalties for their behavior during past board meeting, as both Piros and Penner have frequently violated board policies to publicly disparage fellow school board directors and even the recently hired Superintendent Dr. Stephen Phillips. The Advocate has been informed several parties have filed ethics complaints against them for these statements, so it stands to reason their sudden resignations may be motivated in evading the consequences of their outbursts during past meetings.

Furthermore, the Advocate has been informed that these resignations come on the heels of Brown, DeHart, Shannon and Powell winning lawsuits against several members of NEEd who shared their private information inside the NEEd group for the express purpose of that information being used to harass the school board directors last summer.

Since losing the recall against Brown and Shannon, numerous teachers and school district staff who were either outright members of NEEd / PY or who are heavily involved with these groups have also resigned their positions, with many of these activists moving to positions at other schools in surrounding cities like Sherwood and McMinnville. Both cities have Indivisible chapters active in them, with Progressive Yamhill members operating out of McMinnville and groups like Our Indivisible Revolution – Sherwood operating in Sherwood, Oregon.

(There are of course many other Indivisible chapters in Oregon, which is why I encourage readers to download my spreadsheet of every registered Indivisible chapter in the USA and search for your own city and surrounding cities so you can identify those who are interfering in your local schools and government to push their radical agendas.)

Now, the question remains; will Brandy Penner be turning her Facebook Page over to the Newberg school board given she has registered her Page’s URL as , which is a claim to the public that she represents the board. As Penner has resigned and no longer represents the board in any capacity she legally cannot continue to advertise her views and opinions while claiming to be a representative of the board. However, to date Penner has continued to use the Page to express her opinions and views, with new posts as of two hours ago, more than 18 hours after she resigned her position on the board.

It seems clear to me that Brandy Penner is continuing to be “defiant” by making false accusations against her political rivals and will probably continue to use the Page whose URL address represents itself to be an official social media Page of the school board, in an effort to continue to pout and cry about how her fringe extremist group did not get their way.

In conclusion for this article, I will embed the response of Newberg Superintendent Dr. Stephen Phillips to the resignations of Rebecca Piros and Brandy Penner so that readers who may have missed the board can hear his statement.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Good riddance. Newberg schools can hopefully start to dig out from the hell that NEEd has created, our kids having had paid the highest price.


Bye bye!! Finally we can take a victory against the groomers and communists!!

Dylon Chad Williams

These two won’t be missed and their replacements should be better, with an extremely “low bar” set by Penner & Piros.
Two woman with zero talent, but complete blowhards for woke ideology.

These wokester types like “nonpartisan” races where they can be ambiguous about their politics & beliefs.

For instance we have a new liberal on the City Council named (Jeff)erson Mildenburger, who moved back to Newberg from Multnomah County. We actually graduated in the same class at NHS(1989)

It just amazing that conservative Yamhill County & conservative Newberg have these liberal morons all over their elected government.


What happened to “Better Together”? If they truly cared about the kids they would stay and fight. Nope, they didn’t get their way and they are taking their ball and going home. What a sad couple of hypocrites.

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