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The Truth About Carey Martell Re: Beth Woolsey’s Blog Article of Slanderous Lies

Responding to the false accusations made against Yamhill Advocate editor and founder Carey Martell by extremists activists who are angry that this newspaper has informed the public about their secret group and its unethical, illegal activities.

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This article will be written in the third person as a means of better signaling to search engines that it is about Carey Martell and the accusations lobbied against him by others.

There are many false accusations that have been made against Carey Martell over the past year since he founded Yamhill Advocate as a newspaper. On January 11th Carey Martell published a detailed response to some of these accusations, and on this same day Beth Woolsey wrote a lengthy blog article filled with accusations against him which are completely false. Carey Martell wanted to specifically respond to these accusations contained in Woolsey’s article, since her article is at present appearing at the top of search engine results for his name.

The motivation for these false accusations against Carey Martell are because Martell published a news article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led By Elected Officials and Other Social Activists which released hundreds of social media posts from a private Facebook group, Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) that detailed a large-scale harassment campaign organized by leaders of the Yamhill County Democrat party against Newberg public schools board directors Dave Brown, Trevor DeHart, Renee Powell and Brian Shannon because they, at the request of a large group of concerned parents and dwindling enrollment numbers, wanted to pass a board policy that would require activist teachers to remove politically divisive symbols from the classrooms such as the Gay Pride Flag, Black Lives Matter Flag, Antifa flags and other kinds of symbols that many teachers were hanging in their classrooms. The article also showed evidence of numerous law violations by members of NEEd, a well as many violations of school district policy by teachers, counselors and other employees of the Newberg public school district — such as, for example, the leaking of private student mental health information by school counselor Joshua Reid to a group of over 600 people.

The article was the result of a month long investigation into the activities of these activists; in August of 2021 Carey Martell infilitrated the private Facebook group of NEEd that was used to organize the harassment. Carey Martell also infilitrated another larger private Facebook group that consisted of over 2,000 members called Progressive Yamhill. It turned out that Progressive Yamhill was responsible for the creation of the NEEd group with the express purpose that it would focus on social activism inside Newberg’s public school system. Carey Martell published documentation proving this claim in his follow-up article, Part 2: Meet Progressive Yamhill.

In publishing these articles, Carey Martell also released other information from within the group that showed undeniable proof that Progressive Yamhill was a chapter of, a nationwide group of extremists who wish to defund the police, close prisons, eliminate all means of border security and immigration enforcement, and that they champion the causes of violent extremist groups like Antifa — and in fact, many members of Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education had directly participated in the Antifa led attack on the Portland federal courthouse during the summer of 2020. As a collective group, Progressive Yamhill members sold American flag signs with the express purpose of raising funds to donate to Antifa groups attacking law enforcement officers in Portland and surrounding areas.

Carey Martell also wrote numerous other investigative reports that showed leaked documents and information, including leaked video footage where Progressive Yamhill and NEEd member Kristen Stoller admitted during a livestream of the Yamhill County Democrat party that the goal of the attempts to indoctrinate children into fringe ideologies is for the purpose of changing the voting “culture” of cities like Newberg, Oregon to be more aligned to the extremist viewpoints of the Indivisible movement. She also admitted one of their goals was to “completely destroy” Newberg school board chair Dave Brown,

It is the opinion of Carey Martell that this exploitation of children is a form of grooming and Carey Martell has sworn to put an end to it by exposing the groomers for who and what they are, so that parents can protect their children from these extremist nutcases. To this end he has published several in-depth articles detailing the ways in which this grooming is conducted and the individuals responsible for it,

As a consequence of having their membership roster and unethical activities exposed, many members of these social activist groups have lost credibility with their neighbors and friends. Some have been ostracized by their families and a few have even become subject to lawsuits filed by those whom they had harassed while thinking their harassment would be anonymous. Some are also subject to criminal investigations. Some of the activists who own local businesses have lost a substantial amount of customers from the largely politically moderate and conservative population in Yamhill County, Oregon.

Most importantly, the election campaigns launched by Progressive Yamhill to recall Newberg school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon failed. One of the reasons why the campaigns failed is because Carey Martell published and distributed a printed newspaper version of the Yamhill Advocate that was mailed to over 20,000 residents in the Newberg public school district; most voters were appalled at the antics of Progressive Yamhill members and rejected the recalls. Additionally, the recall effort against Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer that was organized by Progressive Yamhill members also failed, and because Carey Martell published several articles showing that Progressive Yamhill members were lying to the public about the Commissioner and had ulterior motivations for the recall, Progressive Yamhill members now also blame Carey Martell for their failed recall against Berschauer.

The truth is that Carey Martell cannot take sole credit for the failed campaigns of Progressive Yamhill and the exposure of their group, because Carey Martell is a single individual who writes investigative reports. The reality is that there are many thousands of people in Yamhill County who disagree with the conduct and activities of Progressive Yamhill, and those who agree with Martell’s conclusions about Progressive Yamhill greatly outnumber those who disagree. This is because Martell’s editorial style is to show primary sources — what people have actually admitted to doing — which often takes the form of things which Progressive Yamhill members admitted to when they thought their secret Facebook group would never leak their posts.

There are many people who have provided Carey Martell with tips and information he has used in his investigation against this extremist group and his investigation could not be conducted without the community support he has received from these citizens. Furthermore, there were hundreds of citizens who actively campaigned against the recalls because they voted for and support Dave Brown, Brian Shannon and Lindsay Berschauer in their roles as elected officials. Carey Martell is not an all-powerful being who controls the minds of thousands of people; he is a citizen who has taken on the role of a journalist in order to report truths which other publications refuse to do, because the employees of most news publications in Oregon are sympathetic to the extremist agenda of Indivisible and have close ties to its membership, and often are members themselves of other Indivisible chapters in the state.

However, because Carey Martell is a publicly vocal opponent of their agenda he has become a focus of their harassment, because they don’t know the names of the thousands of other people who are as equally opposed to their agenda as he is.

Because the Progressive Yamhill / NEEd activists are angry at their secret group’s exposure and are angry Carey Martell has created an entire newspaper devoted to informing the public about the activities they want to keep secret, some of the activists have sought to retaliate against Carey Martell by slandering him and making false accusations against him. The slander is intended to harm Carey Martell’s reputation, as this is the only thing these cowards can do in response to their exposure. Several of them have claimed they will sue him for libel, but in the 10 months that Martell began publication none of them have done so, because they know the articles Martell writes are extremely well sourced and everything he says about them is factual in nature, and so any libel cases against him would be dismissed.

Yet, they can post slanderous lies about him on the internet and so here we are.

This article has been written to respond to the accusations made by Beth Woolsey (the admin of the NEEd Facebook group) and Elaine Koskela (a now former employee of the Newberg public school district but whom at the time of the blog publication was a “success coach” at one of the high schools in the Newberg public school district). Both are individuals whose unethical, possibly illegal activities have been exposed by Carey Martell’s news articles.

Who is Beth Woolsey?

Beth Woolsey is the admin and founder of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), a social activist group that was created for the specific purpose of pushing for pro-Critical Race Theory policies in the Newberg Public School District. In her article Beth Woolsey denies this is the reason for why it was formed, but the evidence that it was formed expressly for the purpose of having the public school district adopt Critical Race Theory policies comes from her own social media activity — for example, the mission statement which Beth Woolsey herself created when she formed the private Facebook group contains the following,

In case you missed it, here is the section of the mission statement Beth Woolsey wrote that contains the passage clearly showing the group was created for the express purpose of introducing Critical Race Theory into the schools,

So right from the bat, you can see that Beth Woolsey has lied in her article claiming that it is not the objective of NEEd members to get CRT into the public schools. She herself wrote the mission statement that literally says that is the purpose of the group.

That Beth Woolsey has made such a bold faced lie in her article is unsurprising, because Beth Woolsey is a pathological liar. Beth Woolsey is a stay at home mom who, for some peculiar reason, spends much of her free time creating a “mommy blog” where she also often talks about her struggle with her mental health issues. Among the articles Woolsey has chosen to publish are an account of how she pooped in a closet because she was too lazy to go to the bathroom when she knew that she needed to, which Carey Martell believes reveals an enormous amount about her poor ability to make responsible and mature decisions as an adult.

Somehow, this qualifies her to be a social activist and administrate a group of teachers, local politicians and other vested interests who desire to indoctrinate children in the Newberg public school system into fringe ideologies such as Critical Race Theory.

It is the personal belief of Carey Martell that Beth Woolsey has chosen to become an “activist” solely because she is bored with her life and wishes to gain social clout with her neighbors. And instead of trying to cultivate excellence in herself and her children as a means of gaining this clout, she has instead decided to take the road of virtual signaling on the internet about how “woke” and “progressive” she thinks that she is, because it’s easier to lie to people than it is to genuinely teach your children how to be excellent, especially when you’re a person who lacks genuine excellence yourself.

Who is Elaine Koskela?

Elaine Koskela was, at the time of the article referenced here, a “success coach” at Catalyst High School, an alternative high school in the Newberg public school district. Catalyst primarily is enrolled by students with behavioral issues, often as a consequence of a troubled home life.

In his news articles Carey Martell published several social media posts made by Elaine Koskela in the private Facebook groups that showed she was an active participant in the harassment against the school board directors, providing personal information about them to other activists in the group to assist with the organized harassment campaign.

Nothing that Elaine Koskela claims about Carey Martell should be taken at face value, especially because the evidence that she cites in the article does not support her claims. For example, Koskela claimed that Carey Martell was threatening school employees, and then shows Facebook comments Carey Martell made to school employees that in no way could possibly be interpreted as a threat. For example, from Beth Woolsey’s blog article that contains the claims of Elaine Koskela,

None of the statements made by Carey Martell in these social media comments could ever be considered to be a threat by any reasonable person. The statements are his personal opinion based on assessment of the facts — his publishing of the social media activities of Elaine Koskela and Joshua Reid where their posts should be viewed as admittance to violations of both actual laws and school policies, since that is what those posts are. It is logical then to assume that if someone is caught red handed breaking the law and school policies while acting in their capacity as an employee of the school district that a superintendent who enforces the school policies would then fire them.

In fact, in the time since Elaine Koskela made these claims about Carey Martell she has ceased to work for the school district. This is, in Carey Martell’s opinion, because the Newberg school board fired its previous superintendent, Joe Morelock, for refusing to carry out the district policies and reign in the outrageous behavior of people like Elaine Koskela and Joshua Reid coordinated within the NEEd Facebook group. Elaine Koskela resigned from the district when it become clear that the school board was going to hire Stephen Phillips as superintendent, who had pledged to restore order to the district and require its employees to abide by the policies set by the board. As such, it appears Koskela also agrees that she would be fired for her activities and so instead chose to resign her role in the school district before she could be terminated.

Elaine Koskela is not the only member of NEEd who has resigned from the district; numerous members have abandoned the district because they fear the new superintendent will punish them for their flippant attitudes toward district policies.

Elaine Koskela also claimed in her article that Carey Martell was harassing another school counselor, Maddie Kozloff and a principal, Casey Petrie. The accusation of harassment is false; what Carey Martell actually did is publish several articles exposing Kozloff and Petrie for being members of the social activism campaign to indoctrinate children in the district. You can read the articles yourself at the following links,

It is the belief of Carey Martell that Koskela is angry that she and her activist co-conspirators who are violating school policies to push an extremist agenda onto young children for their personal reasons are being exposed, and instead of accepting that they have been in the wrong they think they can slander Carey Martell and people will then not read his articles.

Unfortunately for Koskela, Woolsey and the others in these extremist groups, Carey Martell has published over 120 articles exposing their activities and will continue to do so until they disband their extremist groups and stop their exploitation of children in our communities.

Carey Martell is not and never will be apologetic for revealing them for the despicable cowardly malefactors that they are, because they have ruined many people’s lives. Carey Martell has been reached out to by numerous parents and students of the public school district, who have shared their tales of these NEEd / PY members bullying students for resisting their attempts to indoctrinate them into pseudo-scientific ideologies, fake histories, and pro-Marxist philosophies, and Carey Martell is not going to permit a small group of lunatics to continue to terrorize the residents of his hometown and their children. He will continue to shine a light on the dark places they try to hide in and expose their activities to the light of day so that the public and proper authorities can hold them accountable.

This is the truth about Carey Martell and the accusations made against him.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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James Russell

Koskela, Petrie, Woolsey: Fanatic social activists who have been destroying our school system because of their bigoted views of American society. They have forgotten our children while pursing their agendas.

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