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Retired Newberg Police Chief Brian Casey’s Opinion on City Council Elections

The following is an op-ed submitted by retired Newberg, Oregon Police Chief Brian Casey.

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During my 28 years with the Newberg Police Department, I worked directly with the City Council and 5 Mayors for 20 years including 13 years as Chief of Police.

City Councilors are supposed to be non-partisan and non-political. In my opinion the council and mayor have a socialist political agenda they are forcing onto the community whether we like it or not.  

I believe the majority of the City Council wants Newberg to look like Portland and Rick Rogers wants to be Newberg’s Ted Wheeler, even though Ted Wheeler knows to keep the homeless population away from schools and children. Which is exactly why Mayor Wheeler ordered all homeless camps removed from school routes.

I recall Rick Rogers ordering me (Chief of Police) not to remove an illegal homeless camp from our beloved Memorial Park. Out of concern for my job I complied. It wasn’t until the campers started committing crimes, intimidating park visitors and citizen complaints that Rogers finally allowed the police to do our job. It was very disrespectful to our veterans for Rick Rogers to allow this. Note, Rick Rogers was the only Mayor to ever give me directive(s) which is illegal and violates City Code. 

Vote for Bill Rosacker, Derek Carmon, Robyn Wheatley and Peggy Kilburg.

Brian Casey

Chief of Police, (Retired)

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I want to thank Brian Casey for exposing the outrageous conduct of Newberg’s mayor Rick Rogers, he needs to step down, but I saw him out canvassing the other day, he has no shame, he needs to be shown the door and any others who participated in his wrongdoings and benefited from his favoritism and poor judgement.

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