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What is Critical Race Theory And How Does It Influence Decision-Making?

Detailed essays discussing what Critical race theory is that point out its flaws, and clears up misconceptions spread by activists.

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This article has been written to make it easier for future Yamhill Advocate writers to cite information about Critical race theory (CRT) without having to re-write descriptions about it every time it is discussed.

One of the reasons why so many of my investigative reports are lengthy is due to the need to provide detailed descriptions about what unique and esoteric belief systems such as CRT are, as there is a good deal of misinformation about them online, which can make it difficult to understand them. So, in this article I have collected information about CRT so that I can instead reference this page with a direct link, instead of constantly needing to rewrite information I have already discussed at length.

Much of this article has been repurposed from sections of my previously published work, although these past essays have been supplemented with some additional information now that I am free to focus specifically on the subject of what CRT is and what kind of decision-making it encourages in its adherents without the restraint of the original article’ intended purposes.

This article is expressly about Critical race theory itself.

James Lindsay’s New Discourses Seminars About Critical Race Theory

Since the publication of my first articles last September, James Lindsay (co-author of the book Cynical Theories) has produced a comprehensive analysis of what Critical race theory is in the form of lectures delivered at his Resisting Critical Race Theory Workshop in February 2022. I have embedded the videos into this article for others to watch if they desire a detailed dissection of CRT and its history, although I should note that Lindsay primarily focuses on the 1980s emergence of CRT through the writings of radical black activists such as Kimberle Crenshaw. My writing has focused a great deal more on the more direct sources of the ideology from the 1960s-70s whom influenced Crenshaw and these later writers, so if you want to know more specifically about the development of third wave anti-racism ideas and their integration into the American public education system, you will need to read the next section to understand that as Lindsay only briefly touches upon this area of CRT history.

These are the videos from James Lindsay’s Resisting Critical Race Theory Workshop from February 2022,

For those who don’t want to sit down and listen to the seminars (which I do encourage everyone to do for a full explanation of what CRT is) a summarization of Lindsay’s work is the following:

Critical race theory is a faith based system founded on the belief that the fundamental organizing principle of society is racism created by white people for the benefit of white people.

It’s beliefs are,

  • a belief that racism is ordinary and permanent in society;
  • the acceptance of Derrick Bell’s interest-convergence thesis (a belief in material determinism by racial category);
  • that race is a social construct and society imposes racial categories;
  • belief in structural determinism by racial category;
  • as a consequence of the latter, they believe in a unique voice of color (positional standpoint epistemology, which originated in 1980s feminism);
  • due to the belief in the latter, they advance their ideas through storytelling, narrative weaving and counter storytelling (anecdotes) as opposed to empiricism and logic (evidence-based methodology i.e. the scientific method);
  • the form of storytelling is largely historical revisionism such as 1619 Project;
  • anti-racism as praxis (which requires that those teaching the theory must also put that theory into practice);
  • intersectionality as sensibility for society.

CRT is predominantly a refutation of classical liberalism (especially Enlightenment philosophy) and the foundations of liberal order, and claims that ‘whiteness’ is a form of property so that it can criticize the concept of property rights in classical liberalism. This is also why CRT is not genuine ‘liberalism’, even though it has been widely adopted by people who have co-opted the label of ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’; that is, CRT is actually ideologically opposed to genuine liberalism.

Instead, CRT is heavily influenced by Marxist thought, most specifically Critical theory. In fact, the framework was labeled ‘Critical race theory’ by Kimberle Crenshaw because it is critical theory applied to the subject of race activism through the lens of the black separatist movement and its offshoot, black feminism. Consequently, CRT is heavily influenced by Marxist radicalism, in particular the writings of the Marxist Antonio Gramsci, who provided instructions about how revolutionaries can go about creating revolutions in his “Prison Notebooks”. Gramsci’s theory on how to best cause a revolution instructed that revolutionaries must undermine the hegemony (ideological and moral leadership of society which is reinforced through shared national identity i.e. being an American, and having an identified set of shared American values) by revolutionaries creating their own ‘counter-hegemony’ that will break the public away from the hegemony of the nation’s leadership. Gramsci was deeply influential on 1960s counter-cultural Marxists, especially those in academia within numerous groups, including gender studies (academic feminism). The takeover of universities to indoctrinate students into Marxist ideologies to create new counter-hegemony, often referred to as “the long march through the institutions” is an application of Gramsci’s ideas and CRT is an example of one of these counter-hegemonies developed for the purpose of causing revolution.

Again, I encourage you to watch James Lindsay’s comprehensive videos for the full timeline of how Marxist ideologies influenced the development of Critical race theory (CRT).

The True Origins of Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism Training

On September 4th, 2021 I published a lengthy essay titled The True Origins of Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism Training on the Millennial Gentleman website. The essay was written to refute the claim that CRT’s framework was developed in the 1980s within legal studies scholarship by Derrick Bell, with contributions by others such as Kimberle Crenshaw. Whereas the latter certainly invented the name ‘Critical race theory’ while discussing Bell’s writings, neither Bell nor Crenshaw originated the fundamental ideas of the framework. What Bell and Crenshaw did is popularize it.

My essay focused primarily on the writings of Patricia Bidol and those she directly inspired. In the essay I demonstrate that Bidol is the originator of numerous phrases used by Critical race theory writers, such as “prejudice plus power equals racism” and is the architect of the framework that later authors like Kimberle Crenshaw borrowed and repackaged as “Critical race theory”. My essay dissects Bidol’s 1970 book, Developing New Perspectives on Race: An Innovative Multi-media Social Studies Curriculum in Racism Awareness for the Secondary Level, which was designed as a teaching manual for educators in the American public school system to teach her brand of ‘anti-racism training’ and her later writings throughout the 70s. Some writers, such as John McWhorter, refer to the framework that Bidol created as ‘third wave anti-racism’.

My essay also discussed Judith Katz, who in 1978 wrote the first “diversity equity and inclusion” (DEI) training handbook that incorporated Bidol’s framework. This book is White Awareness: A Handbook for Anti-Racism Training. Katz’ handbook advertised the anti-racism theories of Bidol as a means for corporations to combat racism. The material in Katz’ book serves as the basis for all “consulting firms” in America that teach CRT under the label of ‘anti-racism training’ or “diversity equity and inclusion training”, or “Racial sensitivity training”. In fact, Katz’ primary occupation since the publication of this book has been with with consulting firms that teach this so-called ‘training’.

Next, my essay briefly touched upon how Bidol’s ideas inspired sociologists such as David Wellman, influencing his 1977 book Portraits of Racism.

Lastly, my essay provided a brief overview of how Derrick Bell, Kimberle Crenshaw and others incorporated these past works into their own writings and eventually labeled it as ‘Critical race theory’, which is what third-wave anti-racism is popularly known as today.

I encourage you to read my essay if you have not done so, as I cover material that many critics of CRT such as James Lindsay don’t frequently discuss as much.

Why Critical Race Theory is Nonsensical

In an article published last September I provided a critique of Critical race theory from an epistemological perspective, pointing out it possesses a critical flaw in the structure of its claims about how societies operate, this flaw being that CRT authors frequently mix descriptive and normative statements while making a single claim. This is a special kind of logical fallacy usually referred to as the “is-ought problem”, which is a fact-value distinction error in reasoning. This logical fallacy is frequently made by CRT advocates as a consequence of their attempt to engage in an Orwellian style double-speak redefinition of words in order to win ideological debates, and if you can spot it you will win a debate with them every single time they make these types of claims.

I have reposted this essay here so it can be more easily discoverable, especially as this failing about CRT is one that is rarely pointed out.

Explaining Why Critical Race Theory Is Erroneous (A Response to a Rebuttal)

The exchange I want to show you illustrates why people who believe in Critical Race Theory (which also masquerades under the title of ‘anti-racism training’ and ‘diversity, inclusion and equity training’, ‘whiteness studies’ and other names) should actually read what it is I am writing and then form a decision.

There is no way for anyone to break free of a cultish framework that has indoctrinated people into fallacious ways of thinking unless you are introduced to counter-arguments based in logic and evidence-based approaches to investigating truth.

Here is my exchange with the only person in town (so far) who was willing to defend Critical Race Theory in a way that attempted to use the framework to refute my claims, instead of just trying to insult me. This is the kind of response I was hoping Tai Harden-Moore would make, so that we could have a proper debate.

Everyone should read it.

This is a really important distinction that, due to current trend of the dominance of sociological approaches (descriptive) to investigating truth, many are overlooking. A claim can only endorse a normative or a descriptive viewpoint; it cannot claim them both simultaneously. You are either claiming that something should be normal and this way things should be is correct (normative), or you are claiming something is normal and correct (descriptive). In this case, CRT claims it has a correct perception of how America is (descriptive) yet uses redefinitions of words to have new special meanings to justify its conclusions (normative). That is contradictory.

The other, very obvious problem with CRT is that it claims present-day systems of privilege are still used for the same purposes they have been used in the past. This is simply untrue, which is why slavery isn’t legal in America anymore and laws that did not exist in the past exist today to protect against discrimination, and old discriminatory laws were repealed. When new discriminatory laws are passed, they get contested and nearly always repealed by either the judicial branch or the executive branch of government. CRT has no explanations for these things, or at least invents reasons rooted in motivated reasoning to claim they are actually sinister in nature.

As mentioned in previous articles, I am not an academic. I am a high school dropout who joined the Army at seventeen years old. I am also a film school dropout, who left film school to start a video production company. I am not a politically active person historically, and my background is in digital entertainment and media.

There is no excuse for a person such as Tai Harden-Moore who holds a doctorate in law and a bachelors in psychology, and who has been very involved in politics for many years, to avoid debating me on this issue. If I am mistaken and what she teaches is a genuinely useful framework for understanding America that produces true claims about it then she should easily be able to refute what I say using that framework, instead of just insulting me.

I am self-educated about these topics. Tai Harden-Moore has spent years of studying the same subjects I have only been an occasional dabbler in. Why then will she not debate me?

I believe that the exchange I have shown you in this essay is the reason why. After having had her short interaction with me, she now knows she cannot win the debate with me if she attempts to use CRT’s framework against my claims. She is aware of the folly of what she teaches, and my articles have told her I familiar enough with the material to be able to discredit it. Thus, instead of debating me she would like no one to hear what I say. In her own words, she has said that debating me will “elevate my platform”, that is, more of her cult followers in Newberg, Oregon will see what I am writing about her political beliefs and activities in our town. She does not want that because she cannot refute what I say in any coherent, logical way. She will lose the debates, and in this loss, she will lose her grip of power over the minds and hearts of others. They will leave her cultish support base.

What Critical Race Theory Ideologies Want People to DO

The following section is a republication of several sections of my lengthy (4 to 6 hour read) investigative report, Meet the Newberg Mafia.

I am republishing it here because I use examples from within a pro-CRT activist group, Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), to demonstrate how CRT activists behave and what negative impacts this activism has on children within school districts. This is demonstrated by showing examples of their own writings describing their beliefs, and showcasing the type of actions they took in service to those beliefs.

What follows is the relevant sections of my previous article.

What Is the Goal of the Newberg Equity in Education Mafia Cult?

Control, of course. All the other crap they spout is nonsense.

The goal is always control for social activism groups that employ motivated reasoning to create hysteria. “Chaos is a ladder”, and all that.

How they go about this control is what is important and requires lengthy explanation because their beliefs are very complicated and contradictory. I will try to simplify it as much as possible for the average person.

The main strategy for the NEEd group’s quest for control is to create division in Newberg so that citizens cannot unite against their tyranny. This is done by indoctrinating the most number of people they can into hating America using a belief system commonly referred to as ‘Critical race theory’ to distinguish it from other kinds of anti-racism training, such as that using a Common humanity approach that teaches not to judge people by ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation and instead to base judgements on a person’s character and talents — meritocracy based judgements. This Common Humanity approach allows for a shared American identity rooted in the principles of our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, and other Enlightenment era philosophical thinking about liberty and justice.

Please understand when I say ‘anti-racism training’ henceforth, and when you see the screenshots of NEEd members talking about racism and anti-racism, these terms are not used the same way that anti-racism that was taught in schools during the 1980s to the 1990s. The kind being discussed is the Critical Race Theory version of “racism” and “anti-racism”.

Put simply, if you believe in Martin Luther’s King Jr’s vision for America, the one where he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” then you are a Common Humanist person, and you believe the same things about race that I do.

In contrast, Critical Race Theory and its brand of “anti-racism training” is ideologically opposed to Martin Luther King Jr’s vision for America. Critical race theorists have the objective of re-introducing racial segregation to America to allow for “marginalized” groups to self-rule themselves. This is what I am criticizing. It is pseudo anti-racism. It is not what you believe in.

What Critical Race Theory Actually Is

Critical Race Theory does not employ a Common Humanity approach. Instead, it advocates a Common Enemy one, where it says that people should tribalize themselves into groups whose cultural identity is based on factors such as ethnicity or gender or sexual orientation, and that a person’s merits or quality of character have little to do with morality. This is because moral judgements are made within CRT’s framework based on whether someone belongs to one of these tribal groups formed along sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. Some tribal groups are viewed as less moral than others based on gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation, thus the moniker of Common Enemy.

This leads to the critical race theorist becoming bias against, for example, heterosexual “white” males who, according to their Common Enemy framework, have as an imagined tribal group unjustly taken power in America and gained special treatment and benefits by virtue of their ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation affiliation with other members of the “cis white male” tribe. Consequently, being “cis white male” is viewed as possessing inherent negative moral qualities, unless you have adopted CRT beliefs and are using your “privileges” to benefit the cult.

Tai Harden-Moore, explaining that her branch of “anti-racism training” teaches a Common Enemy philosophy that pits “colored” against “whites” , and if you disagree with her you must be a racist i.e. Critical Race Theory

This of course explains why Mayor Rick Rogers refers to himself as a “straight white male” with disdain in a recent YouTube video and the City of Newberg YouTube channel also promotes books for children that teach Critical Race Theory. This is how influential the NEEd group has become at pushing their agenda.

In summary, Common Enemy frameworks blame a single group for all of the problems of society — in this case, Critical Race Theory blames “white people”, and to some extent, specifically “white” heterosexual men. In this regard it is not much different than the Nazism that blamed ethnic Jewish people for the problems in Germany.

There are numerous kinds of claims made by the Critical race theory framework, which I have discussed in detail in my past articles. However, the specific claims it makes is not what is most important to understand about its ideology. Instead, what should be looked at is what its effects are on people; what does the ideology want people to DO with the beliefs. By examining what behavior it expects and demands of its believers we can actually see what Critical Race Theory is really about.

It is critical to always judge a belief system by the actions it encourages its believers to take instead of judging a belief system only by how pleasing the words it uses sound. Many people often have trouble determining the trustworthiness of others, because they confuse words with being the same as actions, and this allows them to ignore the contradictions between another person’s statements and that person’s actual actions; this gap between words and actions is what actually determines trustworthiness. In reading the rest of this article you will see what the actual actions of the NEEd group as a collective are, and how these actions are contrary to what the members say their actions are. The way in which I will point out the contradictions is by showing how their actions are crimes and the damage they are doing to other people, such as the children they are teaching.

I believe the most difficult thing for many people who try to debate with Critical race theorists is that the average person lacks a couple of things that are necessary to refute Critical race theory’s claims,

  1. You must possess substantial amounts of general knowledge about world history dating all the way back to 5,000 years ago. Specifically, you need knowledge about the evolution of legal systems and how these changes over the centuries have influenced the present day American legal system and form of government. You also need to know the finer details about the institution of human trafficking and slavery over the span of the past 5,000 years. You also need to know a lot of minute details related to American history to catch the errors made by CRT writers.
  2. You must possess a substantial amount of general knowledge about philosophy (epistemology), especially Enlightenment era philosophies that deeply influenced the formation of American government. Our legal system was designed to create an ideal society based upon Enlightenment era principles. Enlightenment philosophers, notably Immanuel Kant, Adam Smith and Dennis Diderot, actually rejected the colonialism that CRT frequently accuses Enlightenment philosophers of supporting but you wouldn’t know this unless you’ve read them.
  3. You must be very well versed in the employment of logic and how to use your knowledge of world history, the history of law (specifically the evolution of legal codes in America and its many states), the history of slavery in America and conflicts with indigenous peoples. As said before, you also need to understand Enlightenment era philosophy, too and be able to use that knowledge to support your arguments.

These three things are areas the average American is largely unaware of. Outside of academia there is almost no useful purpose to know these things, as they are not required for any work besides teaching and authorship in these subject areas. I would go so far as to suggest most lawyers don’t fully understand the history of law in America, because it’s not essential information for the occupation; lawyers study current laws, not past laws. Knowing all three of the subject areas needed to counter the claims of CRT in a detailed way is only of interest for historians and philosophers. Sadly, when this group of academics speak out against CRT, they get censored by the universities and/or fired.

I cannot be censored nor fired. These subject areas happen to be things I have been very interested in since I was a teenager. I never studied these things in a higher education setting, because I had no interest in pursuing a career as a historian or philosopher. It’s rather difficult to make a living in those careers. Yet, because I have a hobby interest in them, I have continued to read about them throughout my life. I would hardly say I am an absolute expert in every aspect, but I know enough to see contradictions and glaring errors when Critical race theorists talk about these subjects and construct false narratives to win their ideological debates. I know where to look to find credible information that refutes their arguments. This is more than the average American can do.

Critical race theorists often seek to confuse people about what it is they are teaching, by claiming they are not teaching it. They say instead that Critical race theory is a “legal framework”, or something along those lines, that is distinct from “anti-racism” and “diversity and equity training”. This is a lie. When looked at from an epistemological viewpoint, Critical race theory is the root framework and it is merely applied to subjects such as law, history, anti-racism training, diversity training and so on. While the term ‘critical race theory’ is a term invented by Kimberle Crenshaw a decade after Bidol and Katz wrote their books that Crenshaw and others built upon, neither Bidol nor Katz gave any unique special name to their ideas and instead merely redefined what ‘anti-racism’ and ‘diversity’ meant. Critical race theory is thus the best term for this framework that is applied to many different fields.

In my personal opinion, having examined its literature for around a decade, I think many aspects of Critical Race Theory has been designed to intentionally exploit the average American’s lack of knowledge in these subject areas and utilize the scant amount of information they do know to manipulate the average American. It constructs narratives using the small amount of “common knowledge” people are taught by the public education system and then weaves elaborate framework designed to mislead them. In this way I believe it is very sinister in its design as something specifically intended to trick Americans. It then presents itself as a framework for detecting the otherwise ‘invisible’ racism that exists everywhere in American society by mixing descriptive and normative concepts together, a mistake in reasoning which goes unnoticed by anyone who doesn’t have a background in philosophy (specifically, analyticity for linguistic meaning). Because the average American has never read the works of philosophers such as David Hume, they don’t know about things like the is/ought problem and fact/value distinctions, therefore they cannot see how Critical Race Theory repeatedly makes this mistake.

The rhetoric of Critical Race Theory is rooted in motivated reasoning (that is, ideas that sound correct because they make your pre-existing beliefs feel confirmed and validated, and not because there is any evidence for them). Anecdotal situations, such as past conflicts with people who were “white”, will be used to justify the racist beliefs, while dismissing any similar disputes a person might have had with anyone who is not “white”. Within the Critical Race Theory framework, the conflict with the “white” person will be blamed on racism and the conflict with someone who is not “white” will be disregarded as having another cause. This frequently results in a single cause fallacy made by the Critical race theorists, who never considers any other explanation for why the conflicts occurred.

The primary method of motivated reasoning is to create new Orwellian-ish doublespeak definitions for what words like ‘racism’, and ‘equity’ have commonly meant. In the CRT framework, ‘racism’ is not merely having racial prejudice but also requires you to be someone who is ‘white’.

Tai Harden-Moore explaining that her use of the word racism means ‘prejudice plus power’. That is, because she believes only “whites” have “power” through benefit of a socially constructed racial hierarchy, this means only “whites” can be racist. The only thing she has done here is draw the explanation out using more concise language which means the same thing as ‘prejudice plus power equals racism’, seemingly in an effort to make the idea sound more academic and legitimate than it actually is.

Therefore, when the Critical race theorist performs “anti-racism training” seminars and writes books, they make it appear they are teaching people to not be racially prejudiced against others with the label choice they use (e.g. racism, anti-racism), when in fact, their framework encourages racial prejudice against people who are “white”. CRT is designed to brainwash “white” people into believing they owe a blood debt to people who are “black”, for things like slavery that existed many past generations ago and no longer do in America. Similarly, it wants people who are “white” to owe a blood debt to “indigenous” peoples because their ancestors lost wars against the American government and were relocated into tribal reservations (which they self-govern) as a means of preventing further warfare . Historical events are frequently interpreted in a way that takes only parts of the story and organizes the details in a way that supports the racist views of the Critical race theorist, which means history is viewed out of its proper context and inaccurate conclusions consequently are drawn from it.

An example of a NEEd member who has been convinced he owes a blood debt because of his gender and ethnicity

As an example, Critical Race Theorists ignore that the vast majority of “white” Americans today descend from immigrants who arrived from Europe after the outlawing of slavery, who came to America to take advantage of the Homesteading Act . Consequently, the vast majority of “white” Americans have no ancestors who enslaved anyone in America, and the vast majority of towns that exist today west of the Mississippi never had slavery, because they did not exist until after the passage of the Homesteading Act.

Furthermore, the vast majority of people who do descend from people that were early colonists never had any ancestors that owned slaves, either. Owning slaves was expensive and something only rich people had the luxury of affording. The vast majority of Americans in the colonial days were farmers who worked their own lands.

Likewise, Critical race theorists look at the history of American settlers and indigenous tribal peoples out of context, ignoring that the temperature of the relationships over several centuries was actually largely beneficial to both sides, and when warfare occurred both sides held at fault in most cases. They ignore that hundreds of years of European-Indigenous contact in the Americas were primarily positive relationships that led to intermarriage between the ethnic groups. Critical race theories ignore that the wars that led to the conquest and sequestering of certain tribes on reservations were wars started by indigenous people against settlers, usually over trade disputes or treaty terms, and the complexity of events taking place during the Sioux Wars, especially the Battle of Wounded Knee and the insurrectionist nature of the Ghost Dance Movement, is greatly downplayed. As part of this desire to paint past Americans as always the bad guys in every conflict, the critical race theorist overlooks that indigenous tribal people were, just like every other human culture pre-20th century, extremely prone toward violence to obtain resources and settle disagreements. Indigenous tribes fought with and enslaved defeated tribes and conquered territory long before Europeans made contact with the groups. This is an unsavory thing to us today, but was considered normal for most of human history everywhere on the planet for most of our known history. Europeans didn’t “introduce” slavery or war to the Americas. Thus, the conclusions Critical race theorists make about historical American interactions with indigenous peoples are factually incorrect.

The Critical race theorists also ignore that war is not the primary cause of the decline of populations of indigenous people, but instead disease from contact with viruses that indigenous people’s immune systems had no prior contact with. This was not the fault of European settlers and traders, as nobody even knew what a virus was during this time period. The other major thing that led to the decline of indigenous populations was intermarriage between American settlers and indigenous peoples as a result of the good relationships between these groups that existed in most parts of the Americas during this time period. When intermarriage is acknowledged at all by Critical race theorists, it is always painted in a negative light to claim the relationships were morally wrong “assimilations” and they reject the notion these marriages were actually consenting, happy unions between lovers to form families for the same reasons people form inter-ethnic marriages today; because two people fell in love and decided to start a family.

Instead, Critical race theorists focus on “declining populations” on certain tribal reservations today, which is partly a consequence of the habit of tribes and the US Census Bureau to not recognize many descendants of tribal people based on what “percentage” of ethnicity they have after intermarriages between ethnic groups (which, in my opinion, is a racist way to view people and I think the US Census Bureau should stop doing this). It is because of a “blood purity” ideology for who is allowed to be considered a real “full blood” member that their recorded populations are reported to be declining, when they probably are not if actual number of descendants are taken into consideration. If these tribes and our Census stopped viewing intermarriage outside their tribes in this way, their numbers would be substantially larger (admittedly, the blood purity concept was introduced to tribes by Americans, and also mistakenly pushed on them legally due to things like the Indian Reorganization Act that have had unintended consequences, but that’s another topic altogether. As I said, I think the practices of the Census Bureau should be reformed).

I am spending a lot of time explaining this for a reason: History is a complex subject and I don’t believe Critical race theorists are interested in genuinely understanding the events of the past. They explore history to find anecdotal examples that support their ideological beliefs and then craft a narrative that leaves important details out that contradict the story they want others to believe. When the kinds of facts I have mentioned are pointed out, they dismiss them and accuse the other dissenter as being racist or lying, usually by claiming they must be lying due to their gender or ethnicity. This is why it’s a cult. When they cannot contest evidence they simply label you morally wrong for disagreeing with them.

It’s also important to understand because the way that indigenous people have been allowed to have self-governance (sovereignty) and special perks (such as gambling casino monopolies in many states) this has impacted CRT. The special status of tribal reservations is a status the black separatists want for themselves. Their concept of ‘equity’ relies entirely upon the special status that tribal reservations have (which is a result of past treaties that ended wars). The way that CRT desires to obtain this special status for “blacks” is by re-implementing segregation into American society to obtain these perks for themselves.

The easiest way to understand the motivation of the Critical race theory ideology is that it is designed to convince a person who is “white” that they owe a blood debt to another person for things that the “white” person has nothing to do with nor any responsibility for. This belief that a blood debt is owed is then used to manipulate the “white” person into becoming subservient to the political desires of people who are “black” or “indigenous” as a way to make amends for real or imagined wrongs committed against the ancestors of the “black” or “indigenous” people who live today.

As an example from within the NEEd group, which demonstrates this is part of their ideology,

(Take note that the Facebook user ‘Lu Pita’ liked this post. This user is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education. Her activities within the NEEd group will be become very relevant later in this article. )

Within the Critical Race Theory framework, “white supremacy” is then redefined to basically be any group of “whites” who rejects the idea they owe a blood debt and will not join their cult.

Thus, Critical race theory is a continuation of ideologies that were fundamental to the black separatist ideologies of the 1960s and 70s that sought to allow “black” communities to self-govern themselves with sovereignty the way that “indigenous” tribes do on reservations. Instead, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed and the Common Humanity approach was taught in schools across America up until most recently.

The thing I dislike the most about Critical Race Theory is that it is counter-productive to what it claims to want to do; if you believe in its perception of America then you must also believe that being a “black” or “brown” person is some kind of disability in society that makes it impossible for a person so afflicted to advance in society the same way that a “white” person can. It requires even its most aggressive adherents to develop a kind of learned helplessness, where they are convinced they must recruit “allies” to help them accomplish goals and that these “allies” owe them a blood debt. What it really does to a person’s mind, especially a young children’s mind, is chain it down. Opportunities are not pursued due to a belief they will fail due to skin color when they may in fact have been successful if they tried, and it interferes with the formation of truly equal friendships and partnerships between people of different ethnic groups who adopt its ideologies.

How the NEEd Group Used Critical Race Theory To Create a Cult in a Small Town That Never Had Slavery In It

Newberg Oregon was founded in 1889 by Quakers, many decades after the end of slavery. Quakers were one of the most influential groups that pushed and led the abolitionist movement to end slavery in America.

The town of Newberg has never had slavery in it. It has nothing to do with that tragic part of American history. Furthermore, due to the influence of Quakers’ on the town’s culture, it has always been an extremely progressive town in regards to views about equality. Until the Critical race theorists came to town it has been very well managed for generations and it has had exceptionally low crime, poverty and other issues compared to surrounding cities in the Willamette Valley.

Instead of recognizing the enormous social progress that was achieved during the 19th and 20th centuries in America that has led us to live in what is basically a utopia compared to the civilizations our ancestors lived in, Critical Race Theory poisons people against present day America and demands it be dismantled and rebuilt to satisfy the desires of its believers.

This user is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education, openly discussing the goals of Critical Race Theory to NEEd members.

The NEEd group, as Critical race theorists, believes that America and many of its principles are actually evil, and that democracy by extent is evil UNLESS it’s being used to give power to “marginalized groups” (black / indigenous tribal peoples, and to a lesser extent, the LGBTQ community). Because the NEEd group framework believes that only “whites” are benefited by the systems of government in America, NEEd tells people who are “white” they should try to use their “privilege” to obtain roles in society and then use those roles to give special benefits to “marginalized groups”. The giving of special benefits based on factors such as ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender is considered to be “equity” within their beliefs, which results in segregation.

This power exchange from “whites” to “marginalized groups” is what they call ‘equity’, and it involves everything from getting the city to force employees to attend indoctrination seminars to populating the library with books that promote their ideology. Most importantly, anyone who is “white” must become subservient to someone who is not, as a way to atone for ancestral blood-guilt called ‘whiteness’ by their ideology.

The ideology of the Critical race theory cult teaches that people who are “black” or otherwise a marginalized group in America has no power at all, and only the majority heterosexual and “white” people do. This foundational belief that marginalized groups need to have other people who are heterosexual and “white” stand up for them is taught to people because this belief must be believed in order to motivate a large number of people to become subservient to the minority (the cult leaders who are using racial rhetoric to incite people to commit crimes that benefit the cult leaders political agenda).

The ideology is designed to stir the cult followers into action by volunteering themselves to do something called “leveraging their privilege“, which in actuality basically just means turn over the decision making of themselves to the cult leaders and become wholly exploited under the false notion that this exploitation is participation in a moral crusade for justice. Here is an example from a recent joiner of the NEEd group,

This “leverage my privilege” concept is the reason why so many people who are not in a marginalized group within the framework become members of this cult. They are brainwashed into believing the only way they can atone for the horrible blood-guilt crime of being heterosexual and “white” is to leverage their supposed “privilege” to do the bidding of the cult leaders, to do “wherever its needed with whatever“.

Now, factor in the rhetoric I have previously criticized Tai Harden-Moore for indoctrinating people with in the town of Newberg, in her “ally to accomplice” presentations, which she explains in this article, Moving from Ally to Accomplice: How Far Are You Willing to Go to Disrupt Racism in the Workplace?,

This is just a sample of what Tai Harden-Moore has taught in Newberg, Oregon under the disguise of being a ‘diversity consultant’. I’ve highlighted the important parts that really illustrate what is actually intended by the framework, so you can understand why so many people involved in the NEEd group have lost good judgement and become hysterical and unbalanced zealots willing to go to any ridiculous lengths for the crusade. This is what the members of NEEd believe, and it is also what they are teaching to the children in the Newberg public school district as ‘diversity and equity’ and ‘anti-racism’.

This is the reason why BLM and pride flags are being banned by the newly elected Newberg school board. The symbols are the symbols of a cult that is brainwashing people into becoming crusaders for a holy war against the republic itself, out of a mistaken belief that the only way to make the world fair for people who are supposedly “marginalized” is for the cult followers to gain access to political power and influence and use that power and influence to do the bidding of the cult leaders while also trying to recruit as many people as possible into the cult.

Basically, I think the writings of Bidol and Katz from the 1970s were seized upon by black separatist thinkers in the 1980s to construct the ‘Critical race theory’ movement, with the goal of teaching the perceived majority (“whites”) to turn against American values, which allows for the collapse of American societies at the municipal level. The goal of black separatists in the 1970s was unrealized — they rejected the Common Humanity approach that Martin Luther King Jr. preached for. Instead of viewing his life’s work as a valuable contribution to America that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Acts, the separatists continued seeking a means to create the kind of country they wanted — which is an “ethnically” pure one they can rule over via segregation.

Obviously, to anyone who really understands our system of government, the ideas of Critical Race Theory are ridiculous. As I have pointed out in my previous article, The True Origins of Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism Training, CRT relies on a cartoon version of America that believes it is a zero-sum game. America is not. CRT does not account for the lack of uniformity of prejudicial attitudes even within ethnic groups and other kinds of subgroups. The CRT definition of racism requires an absolutist regime, which American society is not. Regardless of how marginalized a group may be in America they still are not powerless, because power in America is organized into multiple levels with checks and balances on the limits of this power. We have elections for office, we have term limits, we have the court system that restricts the government and private groups, and people have the ability to participate in the drafting of law. Power is also divided heavily in America, between municipalities (and their subdivisions, such as school boards), counties, states and the federal branch, in addition to courts at multiple levels which can be used to contest decisions made by governments at any level. Power in America is democratic, not absolutist, and so CRT’s claims are without merit.  Consequently, CRT’s beliefs that ‘prejudice plus power equal racism’ are an example of a reduction fallacy, sometimes also known as a single cause fallacy — the creators of the framework assumed there is a single and simple cause for racism, when in reality it can be caused by any number of causes.

Furthermore, it seems clear the framework was developed by people who never accounted for the existence of mixed-ethnicity families, which are more common than the Census Bureau’s methodology for categorizing of families indicates. Many people who are “white” or “black” are actually of a mixed-ethnic heritage. Are the “black” children who have “white” mothers or fathers supposed to regard their own parents as a racist oppressor because of a difference in NCKX5, MC1R and BNC2 pigmentation gene expression? What about for adopted children by foster parents of another ethnicity? Sadly, this is what it convinces these people of and it causes enormous dysfunction in these families as traditional parent and child roles break down under its ideology.

CRT’s framework makes an attribute like skin color all important, and dismisses other factors like actual merit (the skills a person has developed), personality qualities, and so on. It does this to justify its belief that people are socially, economically and legally pigeonholed based on skin color, which is incredibly inaccurate in present day America and has not been the case for half a century at least.

Half a century is culturally a very long time; it’s the difference between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. CRT is stuck in a mindset that black separatists had in the 1960s and 70s, and refuses to acknowledge the enormous social progress that has occurred since that time. Nearly every person who was responsible for the problems in the South faced by the people who became black separatists are long since dead and their ideas died with them. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 substantially improved America, delivering on the promise of liberty and equality made in the Declaration of Independence. Further litigation such as Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and numerous other state laws, have further enshrined this promise.

Thus, Critical race theorists are part of a blood purity cult, trying to re-ignite the last remaining embers of black separatist racism from half a century ago, and in so doing, as a response other disenfranchised racial purity cults (i.e. Neo-Nazi groups) are using the renewed sparks of black separatism to justify their own recruiting efforts. The social unrest of the 60s and 70s is repeating itself when there is in fact no good reason for doing so.

What Critical Race Theory Beliefs Cause Teachers and Parents To Do

You don’t believe what I have said about what Critical Race theory is, that it is a black separatist movement? Okay, then why is the movement of people who are supporting Black Lives Matter here in Newberg creating racial segregation in our school system, such as the creation of a ‘Black Student Union’?

(Please take note that Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla ‘liked’ this post. I’ll talk more about him and his involvement in NEEd’s conspiracy later.)

Heidi Schneiter Pender, an active member of NEEd, made this post to virtue signal in the group. Student unions are an aspect of student government. This is the creation of racially segregated student government in our school district.

By creating a group like this, she teaches kids in the Newberg school system to judge themselves and others based on ethnicity. This to me is undeniably, unquestionably, without a doubt an insanely evil and racist thing to do to children in today’s America. It teaches them that their ethnicity makes them second-class citizens at worst and outsiders at best, when they are neither. Whatever the intentions of the teachers, it results in kids developing a learned helplessness, blaming their ethnicity for any and all problems they experience in life, and to ignore opportunities for self-improvement or social advancement by deciding they cannot succeed at certain things and in certain situations due to their skin color. It teaches them others will hate them who don’t know them, and that they should hate those people in return whom they assume already hate them. I’d go so far as to suggest it teaches children to become fearful of those who may actually be their greatest advocates, simply because the advocates have a different skin color.

Heidi Schneiter Pender is a member of NEEd. She’s part of Tai Harden-Moore’s cult. This is what Tai Harden-Moore wanted of Heidi. This racial segregation in the schools is Tai Harden-Moore’s idea of what is best for the children of America.

It’s not a small group of NEEd members who liked this Black Student Union post, either.

Among the notable names of those who liked this post were,

  • Lu Pita aka Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education
  • Casey Kulla, Yamhill County Commissioner
  • Elise Yarnell Hollamon, City of Newberg Council member & Director, Access Strategies at Providence Health & Services
  • Brandy Penner, Newberg School Board Director
  • Tim Graham, Principal at Newberg Catalyst High School
  • Casey Petrie, Principal at Newberg Chehalem Valley Middle School
  • And of course, Tai-Harden Moore herself.

I cannot stress this enough.

These people want to segregate America along racial lines and they believe it is morally just to do so. This brand of segregation reverses the roles from the Dixiecrat ‘Jim Crow’ era, and re-invents segregation as a means to provide benefits to “marginalized” people purely on the basis of something like skin color.

They are segregating their own children at home and they are teaching them to segregate at school. They don’t just want to re-introduce segregation to American schools, but are in fact already doing it and have been doing it here in Newberg for at least several years by what evidence I have gathered. This is their actual idea of what ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ are. When you see these cultists use those terms, this is what they actually are talking about: segregation.

This is why they are not using terms like ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ in the way the majority of people assume they are, because the majority of people are not part of a blood purity cult that has special definitions for the words they use. They use words like ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ to trick people into supporting a cult they don’t fully understand. When the cult members say ‘inclusion’, they are actually talking about inclusion in terms of societal “power redistribution”, which segregation is considered part of. Their special cult definition of ‘inclusion’ is not about individuals, it’s about groups and the forming of new segregated groups for “marginalized people” to have “power”.

What they are doing is, in my opinion, a form of child abuse per ORS 419B.005 Definitions which says, “Any mental injury to a child, which shall include only observable and substantial impairment of the child’s mental or psychological ability to function caused by cruelty to the child, with due regard to the culture of the child.” Teaching children to be racist is a substantial impairment of their mental and psychological ability to function and is cruel, because kids lack the wisdom to know otherwise. They have little knowledge about the world outside what they are taught and experience. The only ideologies they know are the ones they are taught and making Critical Race Theory their preferred ideology is evil.

(I realize the local law authorities probably won’t agree with that interpretation of the law. But I think I’m right that there is a case for it because of how destructive CRT as a racist ideology is to a child’s mind. )

How Does Critical Race Theory Impact Teacher Decisions In Disciplinary Matters and Policies?

I believe it causes the teachers to go on witch hunts and break laws intended to protect the children, which the teachers view as inconvenient for witch hunting. It pushes the already border-line authoritarian culture of school administration into a hysterical mob obsessed with seeing racism and bigotry in every action and statement a person makes that disagrees with their world view. The teachers then use their positions of authority over the children to bully and intimidate them into acceptance of the cult’s ideology, while also love bombing the kids who have certain ethnicities, genders or sexual orientations. This results in the loss of equality within the school administration under the guise of creating ‘equity’ (which is not used by the teachers to mean what most people assume it means).

For an example, here is a statement from Jeff McDonough, a counselor in the Newberg public school system. That is, his job is to help kids deal with their conflicts with other students and personal frustrations as they grow up. These are the things he believes,

As you can see, Jeff McDonough believes that because a child says something is true that automatically makes it true. This kind of “listen and believe” rhetoric is the same kind of nonsense that allowed Abigail Williams and Betty Parris to send the entire town of Salem into a witch hunting frenzy that resulted in 25 innocent people being killed by their neighbors for something that is literally impossible; cursing people with magic.

Jeff McDonough incorrectly assumes that the existence of numerous people saying something is true means that it must be true. Yet, truth is not determined by what people say, it is determined by what actually is. This is why a person in his occupation is supposed to be extremely well versed enough in logic to be able to conduct investigations to verify the accusations that a person makes using a scientific process of inquiry. In his rant, Jeff McDonough demonstrates he does not understand how to perform this process and in my opinion, that makes him rather dangerous to have in any position of authority over school children. What he determines to be ” de facto evidence” is in fact an example of a questionable cause fallacy. Thus, his beliefs suggest he is prone to making quantitative fallacies. This is alarming because it means as a school counselor he is prone to punishing students based on accusations alone, and not based on considering all other factors, such as a case where a child is being bullied by a group of kids who are lying to teachers to get him into trouble.

The truly alarming thing is that Jeff McDonough thinks his beliefs are organized in a “logical progression”. They are not. As I have previously demonstrated in another article, McDonough does not know what logic is nor how to use it. It is troubling for him and other faculty at Newberg to be in positions of influence over kids, misleading them into thinking their cult beliefs are rational and coherent, when they are actually the opposite.

Jeff McDonough also made an effort to point out that he wants “Equity”, not Equality in the schools. I highlighted this so others in Newberg can see that. Jeff McDonough believes ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender should allow for kids to be treated differently in all instances, and that rules equally applying to all students is bad. This leads to injustice of course, especially in the way Jeff McDonough is advocating for different outcomes and benefits for students based on factors like sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity. It’s baffling that he uses a program like TAG (Talented and Gifted) to justify his racist beliefs about equity; the TAG program provides resources based on merit, not race, gender or sexual orientation.

(As an aside, I was a TAG student when I attended Newberg public schools. I have to wonder whether the TAG program is being responsibly administrated if someone like McDonough so grossly misunderstands the purpose of TAG? )

What Jeff McDonough does not understand is that by implementing these “equity” programs as he desires, it creates inequality where none previously existed. For example, the creation of a “black student union” that only “blacks” can join now has created a group of student government that only members of a specific ethnicity can participate in, which teaches them self-segregation- that if they can’t join another group, it must be because of the color of their skin or other irrelevant status, and the solution is therefore to create their own racially segregated group. This is obviously the wrong message to send to children, because the purpose of student government is to prepare them for participation in our actual government, where segregation is illegal. The existence of these ethnically exclusive student groups therefore creates tribalism that encourages new biases and discriminations they will carry into adulthood; it doesn’t balance out any previously existing biases or discriminations at all. The teachers are dumping oil on a fire; in this case, the last burning embers of racism in America.

As for laws, as you read this article you will see I provide evidence for MANY laws being violated but here is a very obvious example from a Newberg school counselor, Joshua Reid, who violates Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to provide information about a student’s mental health issues and other personal stuff to hundreds of people in the NEEd group,

(Note: the original thread had the name of a Newberg high school student in it. I edited it out.)

What Joshua Reid has done is a FERPA violation.

No one (the other teachers and faculty) has reported him for it, nor even called him out on it.

That is because breaking laws for their crusade is a routine behavior for the NEEd group members. Their ideology encourages it, in fact, because these laws stand in the way of their witch hunting crusade. They don’t believe students have any rights unless the specific expression of those rights align with their cult’s agenda.

Let me be crystal clear; these people do NOT care about the students and they do not care about the laws designed to protect the students. They only care about themselves and what brownie points (such as post likes on Facebook) they can earn by virtue signaling, using their positions as teachers to gain the trust of children, so they can then use those children as props to further their own narcissism. There is absolutely no valid reason for Joshua Reid to share this information on Facebook to people who have no business knowing it, and the law expressly forbids him from doing so. The only reason he has done this is so other cult mafia members could give him applause and tell him how virtuous he is. Joshua Reid did this for feeding his own ego.

As you will see, there is A LOT of posts like this in the NEEd group, where the NEEd group members applaud each other for doing terribly immoral and often illegal things.

They claim they are doing everything for the benefit of the kids. They are not.

They are in a cult that teaches Critical Race Theory and fringe pseudo-scientific gender identity ideologies to further their own political agenda, which is motivated in a desire to gain acceptance and reputation within their NEED cult tribe. They are trying to shove these fringe ideas down everyone’ else’s throat, the laws of our state and country be damned if they stand in the way of that.

What Does LGBTQ Have to do with Critical Race Theory?

The goal with the LGBTQ rhetoric advocated by Critical Race theorists is to further the black separatist agenda. It’s not for the benefit of LGBTQ people at all, unless they are a racial marginalized group within the CRT framework. LGBTQ people who are “white” are still viewed as having inherent racism and therefore can only at best be an “ally” to “blacks” and “browns”.

Tai Harden-Moore chastising the members of NEEd for not including BLM flags as much as they do pride flags. This is because BLM leaders like Tai Harden-Moore view LGBTQ as a subservient group to themselves, a means to an end.

Mainly, black separatists such as BLM and their supporters use LGBTQ communities to help them accomplish their goals, because within their framework they need “white allies” — and the best way to get them is to convert other marginalized groups, such as those are who LGBTQ, into those allies based on having a “common enemy” — “cis white men”. There is consequently a strong motivation to indoctrinate kids into the belief they are gay or gender confused, so that there will be more “whites” in this marginalized group for the black separatists to exploit.

I mean, think about the framework and its message and its activities.

According to Critical race theory, “whites” obviously cannot be “black”. So how then do you recruit “whites” to want to support “blacks”? Well, “whites” can be gay, which is another marginalized group. So, just get the gay “whites” to fight your battles for you. After all, being a “white” and not a “black”, even if they are gay they are still a “white” and have more privilege. A gay “white” can do things a “black” anything cannot do, goes the reasoning, so lets recruit gay “whites” to find a Common Enemy in heterosexual (cis) White males who are ruining everything for everybody else.

I wish that I was mocking the framework with that explanation of their beliefs, because it is so absurd. I’m not. This is literally what their reasoning is.

Besides, the CRT rhetoric is very appealing to people who are gay. This is one of the comments to the statement Jeff McDonough shared that I showed in the last screenshot,

Carley Barnett is not being hypothetical; the two gay moms is her and her wife.

Of course, she loves the ideology because it means she gets special benefits and is considered more important than others due to her sexual orientation, which otherwise would be meaningless in terms of providing her any benefits over heterosexuals. There is no credible purpose or need for the school to hang a flag in the building to honor two people just because they decided to have sex with each other. It’s an incredibly narcissistic thing to believe people have to hang signage honoring your sexual preferences or they are not “supporting” you.

The schools and teachers are supposed to support you by educating your kids so that you don’t have to stay home and do it yourself.

You don’t need a flag in the building anymore than anyone else does.

Critical race theory is consequently a belief system that leverages the greed of groups who view themselves as having something to benefit from by tribalizing along gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Critical race theory has a spectrum of victimhood, and the further down the bottom of the list you are, the more you deserve. “White cis males” such as myself are perceived as having everything and deserving nothing, and people who are gay and black are considered to have nothing and deserve everything. In between these extremes, different ethnic groups have more or less “privilege” than others, based on how close their skin color is to “white”. This framework allows any personal failures to be blamed on racism, and any successes to also be blamed on racism, too. Again, this is a single cause fallacy inherent to CRT.

It’s a pretty absurd belief system when you step back away from the emotional ramblings and rhetoric, and just look at the specific things they believe and what actions it demands of a person.

But, make no mistake, the primary goal of groups like NEEd is to create an America just as with the black student union I previously showed; to bring segregation back to America in a way where “blacks” can rule over themselves and “whites” step aside. Democracy stands in the way of this, and it’s why these kinds of BLM groups actively sabotage and interfere with the democratic process when it does not go their way. This is why I believe they engaged in the criminal actions I have documented in this article here in Newberg; the campaign of harassment against the conservative majority school board members started when Tai Harden-Moore lost the school board election. The school board members want to stop the NEEd group from spreading their ideology in the schools, and needs to ban the symbols associated with these ideologies as part of that.

Unfortunately, because this Critical race theory ideology has been pushed hard for the past 15 years in the colleges, nearly all of the teachers in the district were indoctrinated before they ever came to Newberg. Here is an example of what I mean from Gennie VanBeek, an Associate Professor at Linfield University in McMinville, Oregon,

The NPR article is designed to dismiss parent concerns about Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools as mere “moral panic”. It’s not, as the evidence I showcase in this article demonstrates.

The teacher union is essentially now being used against the town, and in fact, the union members have become these ‘accomplices’ for Tai Harden-Moore’s black separatist agenda in Newberg, even if not all of them realize that.

But I’m getting a’bit ahead of myself.

Critical Race Theory And Fringe Gender Identity Theories is Everywhere in the Education System in America, But Especially Oregon

I’d like to say this is a problem exclusive to Newberg but it’s not. The entire country has been infected. Even the members of NEEd know this,

The Critical race theorists have specifically targeted educators while they attend college, forcing them to pass exams that indoctrinate them into its idealogy if the student wishes to pass the class. The material is often introduced as part of teaching curriculum classes, because indoctrinating the next generation of teachers into CRT is the best way for it to spread as the teachers will indoctrinate their own students into it. It is then reinforced by, as Lu Ann mentioned, regular “equity training” workshops to maintain the delusions and keep involvement in the cults. There are many groups like NEEd in cities in America. Local residents in those towns will need to expose those groups as that particular task is beyond my resources to accomplish. For now just know what I am showing from within the NEEd group is an example of how these kind of groups operate and the things they are capable of doing.

During my investigation I spoke to several concerned parents, who told me that they believe the school is teaching both Critical race theory in the classrooms and that the health class curriculums have also been overtaken by fringe gender identity materials. The parents told me that kids as young as kindergarteners are being taught how to masturbate and about sexual fetishes. I also learned about a class at the high school ran by Assistant Principal Mark Brown called Tiger Time where students are taught CRT materials in the form of instructional videos from YouTube channels.


This article will be updated over time with additional information as I complete more essays discussing Critical race theory (CRT) in detail.

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