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Business Owner Organizing Class Action Lawsuit Against City of Portland for Encouraging Lawlessness

A coalition of business owners led by the president of Schumacher Furs is suing the City of Portland and State of Oregon for permitting lawlessness that has led to significant economic damage for the city's businesses.

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A group of business owners have created Restore Law and Order Inc. to file class action lawsuits against lawmakers for purported violations of U.S. Constitutional laws that have led to significant economic damage to the businesses. The plan is for Restore Law and Order Inc. to file lawsuits against the City of Portland, the State of Oregon and government officials for incurred economic damages due to government lawlessness and the lack of upholding U.S. Constitutional Law. Restore Law and Order Inc. is seeking to represent businesses, organizations and individuals in Portland, Oregon harmed by the lack of enforcement of laws.

The founder of Restore Law and Order Inc. is Gregg Schumacher. Schumacher is the President of Schumacher Furs, one of the oldest business in Portland. Schumacher Furs, established in 1895, once operated its flagship store in downtown Portland (SW 9th & Morrison Street) but had to shut the location’s doors due to the high amount of crime in the area, as well as constant harassment from animal rights activists vandalizing the store. Schumacher stated in an interview with the Advocate that the City of Portland did nothing to help him stop the vandalism.

Schumacher said his business was terrorized and protested by radical lawless extremists groups and individuals for two straight years, every day, with little help from law enforcement. Schumacher said that his security team gathered over 520 hours of illegal protesting and terrorists activity, (audio/video) from 1,200 hours of total filming, some of which can be viewed in the video that has been provided to the Advocate. The video shows members of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) preventing access to Schumacher Furs storefront, preventing customers from entering the store to make purchases. Many of the protestors are nude, violating public decency laws, as well as screaming constant profanities, threatening store employees and customers and playing disruptive loud music. The video also shows police telling the protestors to call them if anyone tries to stop the protestors from continuing to harass the store, with an officer handing out his business cards to the protestors to contact him if anyone tries to stop them. The video has been embedded below but can also be be viewed on our YouTube channel, where it has been age restricted by YouTube.

“Our legal counsel are implementing lawsuits against the city of Portland, the state of Oregon and government officials,” said Schumacher. “We have gathered all the evidence, have a legal strategy and a strong public relations campaign in place.”

Restore Law and Order Inc. is looking for businesses in Portland that have been damaged or jeopardized economically due to crime, violence, riots, illegal protests or homelessness to contact them and join their lawsuits as a plaintiff.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.
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