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Mainstream Media Newspaper Calls Oregon November 2022 Election For Tina Kotek Despite Half the Votes Still Not Counted Yet

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The Oregonian newspaper is “calling” the 2022 Oregon Governor election for Tina Kotek despite knowing less than 50% of ballots have been counted. Many counties such as Yamhill have not finished even counting the ballot boxes yet let alone the mail in ballots.

The election can still go either way.

Why is anyone still reading The Oregonian when you can get accurate news information from sources like the Advocate? Do you just enjoy being lied to and deceived?

Watch the video report embedded below for more detailed information on how absurd it is to call such a close election when so many ballots are still uncounted.


The Oregonian has, via its Twitter account, provided a defense for its inaccurate reporting by admitting they are engaging in speculation.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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I think the percentage you were looking at is the voter turnout percentage, not the percentage of ballots counted. I agree that they shouldn’t be calling the race yet, but I think that is the voter turnout percentage.


ITS who counts the votes , I had a discussion with a, liberal he said was in the middle until I asked name one republican that did anything in the last 40 years that cause any of what’s going on in Oregon or in any large city especially on the west coast with the homless or riots or socialists. One. He went off screaming like they had all the control (Republicans) I said when was the last republican gov? when was the last time the republicans had a super majority ,The conversation didn’t last long . A dem cant blame a republican for anything in the last 50 years .. We had no power. and still dont. they are NOT democrats, and the democrats( in name only) dont even know they are socialists. Or Marxists and Progressive in america is called communists in everywhere else in the world. . They don’t know because they dont know what being and American was all about to begin with. They will need to feel the pain of what made America to see the truth of the why.

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