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The Four Stages of Internal Insurrection

This is an op-ed submitted by Yamhill County resident Tom Hammer.

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Charlie Kirk did an important radio show on June 16, 2022, carried locally on 1430 KYKN 3-6 pm. daily. He discussed the basics of an internal insurrection. The USA is currently under attack from within. Kirk estimates the attack began in earnest around the year 2000. He further suggests the groundwork for the attack was layed over most of the last  century.

He listed the four stages of internal insurrection and then gave examples of each to explain what we are currently witnessing in our society. The four stages are:                                                                                                          

  • Demoralize 
  • Destabilize 
  • Manufacture Crises 
  • Government control of individual actions.

A prelude to a loss of morale would include disappointment, despair and discouragement. Additionally, loss of opportunity, misinformation, disinformation involving experiences leading to insecurity. Many acquire a belief that self-sufficiency is not possible, that individual actions must be tightly controlled.

A day after thinking about this simple outline for understanding what we see in a country quickly departing its greatness several questions come to mind. Why would any person or persons wish to destroy the USA? Who gains and who loses if the USA is destroyed? Who or what is the power behind the throne calling for insurrection? Who were the early prophets of what we see now? How did those Prophets gain their insights?

One prophet, The New American boldly answers the “Who” question. Their example is BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, who directly and indirectly controls $11 trillion and does it for “Unfettered Control and Power”. With that money there is no one he can’t buy or destroy.  The 2500 member Council on Foreign Relations, including George Soros, help carry out his wishes. Mega-billionaires in tech like Bill Gates are collaborators as are foreign oligarchs. It’s modern day colonialism with citizens being the colonies.

On the radio show Kirk played the voice of a former KGB agent turned defector in the 1950’s. He named the four steps. The KGB was not alone in using the four steps. Our CIA was active in causing insurrections in the decades following WWII. Those covert CIA activities were ostensibly halted in the 1980’s. Regardless, the effectiveness of the four steps has many examples to show they work.

Looking at the USA today we see insurrectionist activity in elected and unelected government officials, government credentialed professionals, public and private schools, the media, the military, the church and corporate America. Is there a critical mass of those in positions of trust, authority and power that have been demoralized? The answer is unknown but we do know the battle rages.

An examination of government shows corruption throughout. The Department of Justice has different justice for insiders than for We the People. The corrupt FBI is their enforcement arm. Those are just two examples of corruption that extend to all governmental institutions. Schools are demanding woke education. The press and movies are in lockstep with critical theory (cultural Marxism) as is our military’s top brass. The SEC pushes ESG corporatism successfully. Church leaders cave in to woke mob pressures. Associations of State certified professional are successfully manipulated.

How can you demoralize?? How long does it take to build or destroy morale, a zest for living? Kirk and his guests estimate demoralization takes 15 years minimum to capture one generation. In 30 years you’ve captured part of two generations. At some point you may have enough people demoralized to begin destabilization. Having the demoralized as government officials (elected and non-elected), journalists, military brass, the clergy and corporate leaders is the best placement. Arguably the most admired group are credentialed, state certified professionals. They often confuse their disciplined skills with wisdom. Close inspection shows many are highly trained, highly paid, but not highly experienced.

Destabilization attacks the foundations of society. It disparages and alters our founding documents, our founding faiths, the nuclear family and free market activity. Crises are manufactured to move expressed destabilization mantra into subversive actions. Government control is declared to protect active demoralization, destabilization and crises from those who identify and resist them. Government control is supported by those who are demoralized. It is necessary to demoralize a sufficient portion of the voting population before moving to government control. Demoralization must be done covertly until that critical mass is attained so resistors are not alert to the threat until they can be controlled by overwhelming force.

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Tom Hammer
Tom Hammer
Tom Hammer is a 75 year old native Oregonian and Hazelnut farmer. His interests include civics and public policy. A member of NFIB small business advocates, he believes free market economics is our common bond.


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James Russell

OK Tom, now you’ve got me demoralized. What must be done? How will the seemingly unbeatable foes be defeated?

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