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Liberal Controlled Newberg Schools Board Revokes Parents Rights Policy in Violation of Law

At the July 11, 2023 Newberg Public Schools Board Meeting the newly elected liberals voted to revoke the Parents Bill of Rights policy without providing advance notice of this change as required by Oregon state public meetings law.

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The Newberg Schools Saga continued last night as Progressive Yamhill members (who tricked voters into electing them by falsely claiming to be moderates) violated Oregon state public meeting law ORS 192.640 by repealing a Newberg Public Schools District policy, the Parents’ Bill of Rights, which had been passed on June 27th by the outgoing conservative majority school board. The law was violated because they did not provide the public advance notice that this change would be on the agenda. The repeal also violated the Board’s own District policies and bylaws, section BFC – Adoption and Revision of Policies, as this discussion and action was not listed on the agenda of the meeting packet and presented in writing, and the outlined sequence for changes to a policy was not followed.

The language of the policy which the liberals revoked is available on the Newberg Public Schools website, and is as follows,

The Newberg School District commits to:

     1.) Recognize the primacy of the parent-child relationship (to include all primary guardian-child relationships) and the central role of the family to the educational process.

     2.) Recognize the right of the parent/guardian to:

        a.) Be informed as to changes in the physical or mental health of their child, as permitted by Oregon State law.

        b.) Direct the moral, religious, and ethical upbringing of their child, and to remove them from any lesson or training they find objectionable.

        c.) Be informed and active in their child’s education, including having transparent access to curriculum, learning plans, and class materials prior to their use with the child.

        d.) Be informed of any violent incidents involving their child.

        e.) Be informed as to what reading materials are available in their child’s school library.

        f.) See and examine the District’s budget.

        g.) Expect equal treatment of and opportunity for their child, while recognizing that special accommodations for specific learning needs of individual students are sometimes necessary.

Statement of Severability: If any provision of this policy is found to be illegal, unconstitutional, or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining portions of the policy shall remain in effect.

Witness for yourself newly elected director James Wolfer (who I previously exposed as having been fired from the Grand Ronde police department for tasering a surrendering suspect and then lying about it to his superiors) make the motion to revoke the policy, which the other newly elected liberal board directors voted in favor of. By jumping to 1:23:08 in the YouTube video you can witness the liberals vote to rescind the policy after previously talking about how they wanted to protect activist teachers and librarians, and don’t want parents to have any right to stop the political indoctrination of their children. That is, they don’t want parents to have any rights over their own kids. They don’t say it quite that bluntly but that is what all their words actually mean as evident by their actions.

Despite the radical leftist directors constant posturing during the meeting that the policy they are revoking was “politically motivated” and their revocation of it was not, the reality is they revoked a policy that gave parents the right to be informed about the mental health of their children and which prevented school employees from hiding things like transgenderism transitioning / using gender identity pronouns at school from the parents. The policy also gave parents the right to know what books are in the school library, be able to see class materials and opt their children out of controversial lessons such as those which indoctrinate children into Critical race theory and gender identity pseudo-sciences.

Revoking this policy is not the act of a ‘moderate’ board, but instead it can only be seen as the actions of people who are aligned with extreme leftist political activists who wish to permit the grooming of children into radical political ideologies and introduce them to sexual fetishes while hiding this activity from parents, as has unfortunately become commonplace in Oregon’s public education system. By revoking this Parent’s Bill of Rights policy they have shown they are political activists who serve the Democrat machine, and not conservative or even moderate candidates as they claimed during their campaign for elections.

Lastly as mentioned at the beginning of this article, their vote violated ORS 192.640 because the public was not provided sufficient notice of this dramatic change to district policy as required by state law. No opportunity was given for public input or comments either. The evidence that the law is violated comes from the agenda packet for the meeting, which makes no mention of a discussion related to this policy and a vote to repeal it. See for yourself by clicking here to see the agenda packet on the school district website,

This just further proves all their claims about wanting to be responsible and being upset about supposed law breaking by the former board was nonsense. The new liberal directors very first act as a board was to violate the law; a law which they are all well aware of because they constantly accused the former conservative majority board of breaking it (which, by the way, the conservative school board never did).

I warned voters about the true nature of the Progressive Yamhill backed candidates and what their motivations for running for the school board were in my April 16, 2023 article, Liberal Newberg School Board Candidates Gaslight Voters, Lie About “Non-Partisanship” During Forum. I warned voters that they were liars. And so, things have played out as I said they would and sadly, they will likely get even worse for the children of the Newberg Public Schools District because these people have no interest in anything but serving the agenda of the Indivisible movement. These people are more than happy to exploit their own children to impress their radical leftist friends on how ‘woke’ they can be. They care nothing about anyone else’s kids, except for how to groom them into crazy ideologies so they will grow up to be Democrat voters who will help them turn the USA into a Marxist utopia. And they despise parents who won’t go along with their radical crusade and want to deprive them of any rights they have over their own children, and this is their first step toward that.

Progressive Yamhill members recently bragged about how they got away with having a secret drag queen show for children at the Chehalem Cultural Center. They’ll probably do the next one inside one of the grade schools’ gymnasiums as a mandatory participation event.

Their next step will be them finding a way to fire Newberg Schools Superintendent Dr. Phillips, solely because he is a conservative and not one of their Progressive Yamhill puppets.

What Can Be Done?

I am constantly asked by parents what they can do to protect their kids and stop the indoctrination of their children by leftist lunatics.

What you can do is start getting involved in politics. Show up to public meetings for your city, school, county, special parks districts etc. and speak out against what you don’t like. Get involved in political parties. Run for election yourself.

Per ORS 192.680 file a lawsuit against the Newberg Public School District and the directors for violating the state law. Hold them accountable for taking away your rights as a parent over the direction of your child’s education.

Stop caring so much about what happens in TV shows and videogames. Stop making the purpose of your life how much fun you can have doing leisurely activities and hobbies while expecting the public school system to raise your kids for you without you having to pay attention to how that school operates. Instead start doing your duty as an American citizen and get involved in your local politics, like every past generation of American did. It’s because the majority of you are distracting yourself from politics that things are getting worse in this country, and we’re now at the point that parents are losing rights over their kids even in small towns like Newberg.

We live in a democracy and democracies do not work if the majority are not active in politics. Your lack of participation in your own local community is what results in the worst, most unqualified people making laws and policies that impact your life and revoke your rights.

If you want the insanity to stop, then stop it. You have the power to do so as a citizen by using our democratic process. Stop allowing the liberals to convince you otherwise. Stop making excuses about how you might fail if you try to do anything, just so you don’t have to feel bad that you’re watching TV shows instead of doing something useful and meaningful with your time that actually matters.

Stop letting evil people bully and intimidate you into being silent against what you know is wrong.

The radical leftist activists school board can be recalled in a few months. If you want change, then organize and recall them out of there, and then run for election as a school board director yourself so you can be the change you want to see. Stop expecting other people to save the day for you, and do it yourself.

The Yamhill Advocate can expose the corrupt and evil, but it takes YOU to do something with this information to make a real difference. So get to it!

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Thanks for exposing the Newberg school board’s deception, and the path to filing a law suit.

Dylon Chad Williams

If the progressive nihilistic attitudes prevail in Newberg & Yamhill County in the future, this county is done.

Ignorance and arrogance from puppets that have zero understanding of the history of civilization or the maintenance of civilization, will be the straw that broke the Constitutional Republic’s back.

These idiots are just getting started on their Fools Errands.

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