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Liberal Newberg School Board Candidates Gaslight Voters, Lie About “Non-Partisanship” During Forum

Debra Bridges, Jeremy Hayden, Nancy Woodward, James Wolfer and Sol Allen claim to be nonpartisan but are in truth agents of Progressive Yamhill AKA Yamhill County Democrat Party.

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Yesterday, George Fox University’s Civility Project, the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce and Newberg City Club hosted a Forum for candidates of the Newberg Public School Board race to answer questions. Per the rules of the event, audience members were provided no time to ask questions and all questions were prepared ahead of time by the event organizers. The audience was also asked to refrain from any providing any feedback to candidates, such as clapping. I livestreamed the event, an archive of the video you can watch embedded below.

I believe it is worthwhile to point out that the Civility Project and the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce are controlled by Progressive Yamhill members. I’ve provided evidence for this in previous articles already ( Newberg City Council Spends Covid-19 Recovery Funds On Progressive Yamhill Members’ Private Businesses and George Fox University Professors Cherice Bock and Melanie Springer Mock Exposed) so I will refrain from reposting the evidence again. I will instead focus on the primary topic of this article, which is to expose the candidates who misrepresented their allegiances and affiliations during the forum yesterday.

What is Oregon Cares PAC?

Oregon CARES PAC is a political action committee created by Progressive Yamhill members for this year’s elections, specifically the Newberg Public Schools and to some extent, Chehalem Parks and Recreation District (CPRD) board director elections. This article will focus on the Newberg Public Schools Board election candidates and a future article will cover the CPRD election candidates.

The Oregon CARES PAC Facebook Page clearly shows a slate of candidates who they endorse and have provided funding to, and performed marketing on their behalf. So they are undeniably a slate of candidates.

The Oregon CARES PAC represents itself as “non-partisan” but this is an obvious lie given their treasurer is Jef Green, a political consultant whose firm works exclusively for the Oregon Democrat party.

In fact this detail has been noted by other publications, such as Willamette Week, because Green is a Democrat party power player who handled the finances of campaigns for former Oregon Governors John Kitzhaber and Kate Brown, as well as pretty much every other Democrat in the state of Oregon. I believe that to say Green’s firm works exclusively for Oregon Democrat Party members is an accurate statement and I think the main reason the Democrats use Green so much is to ensure they can funnel money with ease between numerous nonprofits and PACs their members control. I say this because what normally happens with the unused money from one Jeff Green affiliated PAC after an election, is that money is diverted over to yet another Jeff Green affiliated PAC for a Democrat candidate or slate of candidates. This allows the Oregon Democrats to divert money across the state into local elections, as they take donation money from one region and shift them over to other regions as needed.

Contrary to what Debra Bridges and other Oregon CARES candidates claimed during the forum at George Fox University, all of them are affiliated with the Democrats and they are not conservatives. In the case of Bridges this is easily provable due to the fact she is a member of Progressive Yamhill and its subgroup, Newberg Equity in Education. As I have previously proven in prior articles, Progressive Yamhill is a social activist group controlled by the Yamhill County Democrat Party, a registered chapter of Indivisible, which is an exclusively Democrat organization. Indivisible’s literal purpose in creation was to oppose the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump and other Republicans. its method of doing so is to use local activists to flip rural conservative counties to vote Democrat. This is achieved by its agents engaging in a wide array of dishonest, possibly illegal tactics ranging from targeted harassment to gaslighting residents by fooling them with blatant lies about candidates intentions, to even funneling money to groups such as Antifa to apply pressure on voters using violence.

For those unfamiliar with the insidious nature of Progressive Yamhill and the Indivisible movement, and the chaos they have caused in the Newberg public schools, please read the article, How the Yamhill County Democrat Party Organized the Lawsuits Against Newberg Public Schools.

Proof of Debra Bridges membership in the Progressive Yamhill subgroup Newberg Equity in Education is embedded below,

Here is one of the posts which Bridges made into the Newberg Equity in Education Facebook group on August 24, 2021 while she participated in Progressive Yamhill’s organized rallies in Newberg, Oregon.

Here are some additional screenshots from Debra Bridges Facebook profile which plainly show she is a progressive,

James Wolfer is another obvious progressive as well, given he too is a member of Progressive Yamhill / Newberg Equity in Education, as I have detailed in my article about his gaslighting, The Truth About Newberg School Board Candidate James Wolfer.

Sol Allen‘s wife Amanda Allen is also a member of Newberg Equity in Education Facebook Group and they are involved with PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Newberg, which is another one of the groups Progressive Yamhill controls. So that is another blatant lie from Sol Allen that he is nonpartisan. He’s not.

Here is proof of Amanda Allen’s membership in NEEd, a screenshot from the list of everyone with an ‘A’ in their name (you can download the full image by clicking here)

And here is her reposting PFLAG info,

For those unfamiliar with PFLAG Newberg’s activities, the short version is that it is a chapter of PFLAG, a national group heavily associated with the Indivisible movement and whose primary purpose is to recruit children into the LGBTQ lifestyle so they will become political activists for the Democrat party. One of their common tactics is to target young girls of single parent households and convince them to become transgender, and this unfortunately happened to a Newberg parent who shared her heartbreaking story in this video of how PFLAG Newberg exploited a difficult time in their lives to manipulate her daughter in this way. Of important note; PFLAG Newberg used to operate out of the high school until I exposed that connection in a previous article. Now they meet at the Newberg Library and United Methodist Church ran by Casey Banks, another Progressive Yamhill endorsed former candidate.

Raising Transgender – My Daughter’s Story, Adrianne Bonsey, Parent from Parents' Rights in Education on Vimeo.

The current President of the Board of FLAG Newberg is Lynette Shaw, who is one of the founders of Progressive Yamhill group. Here’s a recent newsletter from Shaw,

While neither Jeremy Hayden or Nancy Woodward were members of Progressive Yamhill when I infilitrated their secret Facebook groups in 2021 and downloaded an archive of all their posts over a four year period, given both of them are on the slate controlled by the group and both of them espoused CRT rhetoric during the candidate forum yesterday, it’s pretty obvious where their politics align. As I have pointed out in many prior articles, Progressive Yamhill does not endorse, provide money or any support to people who are not members of their group. The fact that PY is providing them support strongly implies they are trusted members of the group who, if elected, would vote the way PY wants them to.

Furthermore, Hayden and Woodward’s PACs also have Jef Green as treasurer, clearly showing the Oregon Democrat Party is in control of the purse strings for their campaigns,

In fact, with the exception of Sol Allen (who is acting as his own treasurer) all of the Oregon CARES PAC candidates have Jef Green as treasurer for their individual PACs,

But don’t think that we cannot tie Sol Allen’s finances to Democrats just because he isn’t using Green; the donations Allen has received are from Progressive Yamhill bigwig Stephanie Findley, Oregon CARES PAC, Oregon Education Association PAC and Casey Banks’ PAC from her run for Newberg City Council (and who previously I have proven is aligned with Progressive Yamhill)

As for the Oregon CARES PAC itself, I find it interesting that Rick Rogers for Mayor (which at present has Rick Rogers wife, Lisa Rogers, as its treasurer) dumped $1,500 of its funds into the Oregon CARES PAC. Nancy Woodward’s PAC (which, as a side note, has raised some substantial donations from senior citizens who live at Friendsview Retirement Community) has also dumped $5,000 of the money her campaign raised into the Oregon CARES PAC as well.

Newberg Teacher Union Endorsed Candidates

The Newberg Education Association (NEA) teacher union placed the following postcards into the school mailboxes of all employees on March 7th. As previously mentioned the NEA is controlled by Progressive Yamhill members Jennifer Schneider and Drew Gallagher as President and Vice President, respectively. The postcard endorses the Oregon CARES PAC candidates.

This endorsement of the extremist candidates is nothing unexpected, since both NEA and the Oregon Education Association union have been endorsing Progressive Yamhill’s candidates and causes such (as the failed recalls against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon) in the past several years of elections.

Why Progressive Yamhill Must Not Regain Control Over the Newberg Schools

For those unfamiliar with the activities of Progressive Yamhill, I highly suggest you take the time to read my past article How the Yamhill County Democrat Party Organized the Lawsuits Against Newberg Public Schools to familiarize yourself with their past activities and so you can clearly understand they are in fact synonymous with the Yamhill County Democrat Party. It is not a nonpartisan group and any effort to represent it as such is a blatant lie intended to deceive voters. You will also plainly see that when candidates such as James Wolfer reference the lawsuits against the Newberg Public Schools district that they are citing lawsuits they helped organize against the district in the first place precisely so they can later use those lawsuits as justifications for why they should have their candidates take office. But what they don’t volunteer is that they are members of the group that orchestrated the lawsuits, with their members openly brainstorming legal strategies for suing the district inside the secret Facebook group they belong to.

They also do not admit that teachers and other staff affiliated with them abuse their positions to use the resources of the school to push political agendas. For example, I previously published an article that shows overwhelmingly evidence (their own email communications) showing that Newberg school employees colluded with Democrat party officials and Oregon wineries to organize a boycott of local Newberg business Allegra Printing when the owner refused to print gender identity propaganda posters for display inside the schools. So when candidates like Sol Allen claimed that it is a myth that Newberg staff have not been pushing politics in the schools, they are blatantly lying and Allen of course knows this is a lie because his wife is a NEEd member and NEEd was created for the sole purpose of recruiting teachers into becoming political activists and introducing extremist politics into the school system.

Furthermore, as I previously pointed out, the subgroup Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) posted a mission statement when the group was first created which plainly stated their goal was to implement Critical race theory ideology into the Newberg schools. And contrary to what Sol Allen claimed during the candidate forum, teachers in the Newberg Public Schools District not only were teaching Critical Race Theory ideology to students but they did so as part of a collusion between Newberg Education Association leadership (the teacher union), the Progressive Yamhill members that were Newberg School Board directors (such as Brandy Penner, Ines Pena, and Rebecca Piros) and the Yamhill County Democrat Party leadership. This is all easily provable by simply reading the articles I previously published and have linked to. Review the evidence for yourself.

When the Oregon CARES PAC candidates reference teachers who resigned from the district, you should know they are talking about people who either were outright members of Progressive Yamhill or those who sympathized and aligned with their politics. It is no great loss to the Newberg School District for all of the people indoctrinating students into extremist anti-American rhetoric to leave the school district. Additionally, the claim that the Newberg School District is lacking teachers as a result of these resignations is not true, as all those positions left by the resigned teachers and other staff have been filled. Progressive Yamhill aka Yamhill County Democrat Party want voters to believe their scorched earth policy against the Newberg School District that was designed to bankrupt it and leave it in shambles was successful. It was not because Dr. Philips, the incumbent school board directors, and the administrators who stayed with Newberg, successfully guided the District through the crisis created by the Progressives even though they encouraged their members to mass resign and engaged in other subterfuge.

What other subterfuge am I referencing? Most Newberg and Dundee residents are aware that early in the school year the School district encountered bussing transportation issues after the mass resignations but do not understand the relationship between the bus issues and the resignations. The connection is that former administrators HR / Finance Director, Nikki Fowler (Tucker) and Food Service Director, Shiloh Ficek were responsible for the hiring of the new bus company vendor Student Transportation of America (STA). Shortly after they convinced the Newberg School Board to hire STA and end the contract with the previous vendor, First Student, Both Ficek and Fowler (Tucker) immediately resigned after the board decision to switch to STA, which they had championed.

According to credible sources from within the Newberg School District both individuals resigned without ensuring the new vendor STA had sufficient information about the District’s needs and so the new vendor was not prepared for taking over the routes when the school year started. Had Fowler (Tucker) and Ficek simply recommended the district continue with First Student then these issues would never have occurred. And given Fowler and Ficek’s affiliation with Progressive Yamhill members, the entire ordeal looks intentional to me, especially since many Progressive Yamhill members have used the bus shortage issue as “evidence” that the School board should be replaced with their members. Note: Both Fowler and Ficek are being sued along with the school district for 1.2 million dollars in reference to a wrongful termination lawsuit of one of their subordinates that was fired under Fowler and Ficek’s recommendations.

The idea that Progressive Yamhill members would devise such a scorched earth policy against the school district, to intentionally deprive it of teachers and reliable bus transportation, purely out of a spiteful motivation to have ammo to fire during election season, shows how despicable and evil this group of people really is. I do not believe they care about the students. They only care about winning back control, at any cost, for their own nefarious self-serving purposes and they will throw the district into chaos to achieve these ends.

By the way just so everyone is aware, Shiloh Ficek has donated to Sol Allen’s PAC,

The Truth About Newberg Schools Financial Challenges

Additionally, contrary to what Oregon CARES PAC candidates have claimed about the financial condition of the Newberg School District, the financial problems faced by the District are not a consequence of lawsuits (the majority of the legal expenses were covered by insurance) but instead due to mistakes in the administration of the district under Dr. Morelock. According to credible sources, much like with the financial crisis the Sherwood School District is experiencing, in past years under Dr. Morelock’s stewardship of the District, the Newberg Schools greatly over-reported the number of students attending the district and so received more money from the State than it was supposed to, which resulted in the state desiring reimbursement through reducing how much it provided this year. This resulted in significant shortage of the budget and is the actual cause of its financial setbacks. Dr. Phillips and his staff were able to successfully navigate through this shortage of the budget without any layoffs or cutting the calendar year short, unlike in Sherwood. Furthermore Dr. Phillips and his staff were able to successfully negotiate a pay raise for teachers and avoid a strike with the Newberg Education Association union, which cannot be said for Dr. Morelock at his new employer, Woodburn School District, as he is presently unable to come to agreement with the Woodburn teachers who are preparing to strike and Morelock has admitted in his own memo this will result in the shutdown of the Woodburn school district next week.

While it is true that the Newberg Schools District has lost many students and remaining students are not doing well academically, these are issues that started many years ago under Dr. Morelock’s tenure. They are not a consequence of Dr. Phillip’s tenure and in fact, the situation has become better under his stewardship of the district as parents are re-enrolling their students into the public schools as shown by the increase of projected enrollment numbers for the ’22-’23 school year of over 175 new students.

The harsh truth is that when Progressive Yamhill controlled the Newberg Public Schools, many teachers were failing their students by focusing on preaching identity politics instead of teaching genuine academics, and this caused poor academic performance and many parents took their kids out of the district and placed them into home schooling or private schools.

So, the present state of the Newberg School District and who is responsible for the problems is being blatantly misrepresented by Oregon CARES PAC candidates aligned with Progressive Yamhill. Their motivation for the gaslighting is obvious; they want to retake control over the School District at all costs. They do not care if the current administration of the schools is good, because it has never been about whether the school district is well administrated. Their only interest in the schools is to transform them into recruitment centers for the Democrat political party, to raise other people’s children to vote Democrat via Critical Race Theory indoctrination and encouragement for students to identify as LGBTQ so they will feel alienated from the Republican party. They do not care about whether the LGBTQ lifestyle will actually result in long term happiness or stable success in life. They do not care about whether administrators like Dr. Morelock are actually competent at their jobs, only if they will turn a blind eye to their activities.

If Progressive Yamhill was still in charge of the Newberg School District then Newberg would probably be facing the same problems Woodburn and Sherwood are with shutdowns. It is also worth mentioning that the new school building construction would still have “all gender” bathrooms and locker rooms in their designs. The District was not being ran in a responsible way and was instead ran by people who desired to sacrifice the children of Newberg and Dundee at the altar of wokeness. They care nothing about the long term consequences their insane ideas have in the community, as they are predominantly interested in doing things that will impress Democrat party leaders so they can gain more clout and advance their own political and personal careers. They do not care about your children, and I daresay, I doubt many of them even care that much about their own. They view children as a resource to serve their own agendas.


Oregon CARES PAC is just another of these PACs which Progressive Yamhill aka Yamhill County Democrats created to gaslight voters, just as they tried to do with its predecessor, Newberg First PAC and also Voices of Newberg PAC, which I previously exposed during the Newberg City Council elections last year. They are not a nonpartisan group and their affiliation with the radical extremist group Indivisible via Progressive Yamhill is plain to see.

Newberg and Dundee residents should not be fooled by their candidates efforts to claim nonpartisanship or feign conversative leanings in an effort to trick residents into voting for them, nor should residents be deceived by their false claims about the state of the Newberg School District. They are colluding with the teacher unions such as Oregon Education Association (which is funneling money to their candidate campaigns), which have lost their focus as advocates of worker rights to instead become fixated on pushing extremist political ideologies onto children solely to serve the long term interests of the Democrat party desperate to maintain control over Oregon.

I have used strong words to criticize the subjects of this article, but I genuinely believe they have nothing but malicious and evil self-serving intentions for the students of the district, and that their only desire to win this election is so they can advance their own careers and aspirations with the Oregon Democrat Party. They do not care about the students, they just care about themselves and what they think will gain them more clout and impress the other members of Progressive Yamhill. Tragically these things are indoctrinating children into extremist political ideologies like Critical Race Theory using schools and groups like PFLAG, confusing children into becoming transgender and desiring to self-sterilize themselves, which causes families to in-fight.

Progressive Yamhill should never regain control over the Newberg schools and quite honestly, voters elsewhere in Yamhill County (such as in McMinnville, Dayton and Yamhill) need to also organize against them to remove their control as well.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Dylon Chad Williams

When conservatives sit out non November Elections, bad results happen, like electing 5 liberal clowns to the school board.

These clowns with ‘progressive views’ on matters related to Newberg should provide plenty of entertainment in the near future.(They always do.)

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