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Newberg School Principal, Politicians, Oregon Wineries and ACLU Harass Conservative Business For Refusing to Print Gender Identity Posters

Newberg High School Principal Tami Erion, school counselor Sara Linnertz, Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla, McMinnville Mayor Remy Drabkin, Deputy Labor Commissioner Duke Shepard, powerful lobbyists, ACLU and the Willamette Valley Wineries Association conspired against a conservative business for refusing to print six posters.

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A foreword before we get into the heart of this story. I want to explain why it is important for every Oregonian to read and for you to reshare it with everyone you know by social media, by email, by text message, etc.. They tried to jail me before I could publish this article so you better read it and find out what it is they desperately do not want you to know.

Critics of this newspaper claim that by exposing the corruption, lies and other unethical conduct of public officials that I am creating “division”. They believe that the best way to resolve problems is to always form a compromise with those you disagree with. To this criticism I point out it is impossible to compromise here because those I am criticizing are engaged in evil. Those engaged in evil actions are only ever satisfied by getting away with the evil they do and their only goal is to continue to engage in their evil enterprises. The only way to stop them is to stop their ability to do more evil; anything less than that and they will simply continue abusing the power they have.

As the philosopher John Stuart Miller once said, “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

What is done with the public’s money by public officials, whether they be city, school, county, or state officials is the responsibility of everyone. As the owner of a business in Newberg, Oregon I supply the means (taxes) by which evil can be done by these officials and so it is my responsibility, just as it for everyone else, to hold officials accountable by protest, by criticism and ultimately, by informing voters who hold the power to remove these officials from their offices. My role in this is to shine a spotlight of truth on those who lurk in the darkness and carry out their evil actions unbeknownst to the general public.

While many speak out against the evil they do, few employ the defeat in detail strategy that my news articles use, which are very effective. I prove beyond contestation that specific notable individuals are engaged in evil actions. Lacking the resources to expose the entire host of the Oregon Democratic Party I have opted to devote my full energies to expose the Yamhill County Democrat Party, which weakens the state party by showing the kinds of evil actions this large and well funded chapter of the Oregon Democrats has performed. For this they have attempted to jail me under bogus charges but I will not be so easily detained.

As I explained in the article, Newberg City Councilor Elise Hollamon Attempts to Censor This Newspaper With Frivolous Criminal Complaint, last Thursday deputies from Yamhill County Oregon told me I would be arrested by deputies from another County and charged with a Class A misdemeanor (the same class of crime as a first degree assault or a DUI) because I published an audio recording of Hollamon admitting to me that she agrees Progressive Yamhill is an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat Party (which is important because I believe the YCDP is violating campaign finance laws by hiding their true spending through Progressive Yamhill’s activities). I was informed that Yamhill has a conflict of interest and so in a few days deputies would come and charge me. I asked for a copy of the charges but the deputy refused to provide them to me, instead all I received was a piece of paper with ORS 165.540 written out and section C highlighted in yellow marker. I was expressly told Elise Hollamon filed the complaint against me.

Within an hour of emailing the Yamhill County Sheriff my response, Marion County Deputies arrived in a SUV at my place of business, a gym I own in Newberg, Oregon. Having no desire to speak with them and since they had not seen nor spoken to declare their intentions to me, I left the gym and then I left the state of Oregon within the next eight hours. So far my efforts to obtain a copy of the complaint and the charges against me from Yamhill County have been unsuccessful and I am operating on what I was told by deputies.

It is my belief the attempt to arrest me for my reporting is not coincidental; the article for which they are attempting to jail me was published over two months ago. After some thought I believe the real reason they are now trying to remove me from the board is because I recently made a number of public records requests for emails featuring the names of certain public officials related to a particular matter — this story. While I have not yet had that request fulfilled, the reason I made that request is because of a number of emails I received that show how public officials and other major players of the Oregon Democrat party wield the full might of their power and influence to crush conservative dissidents who refuse to participate in their schemes.

Some Progressive Yamhill members (even some the subjects of this story) still work at the Newberg Public school district. It is my belief they learned about my request, figured out what I was going to publish and schemed to have me arrested and imprisoned in another county. But their scheme has failed so I will now share some of what I have pieced together so others may see the truth they wanted you to not know. I believe they tried to conspire to put me in prison so I could not write this article. You should pay close attention and read it in its entirety. It took a lot of effort for me to be able to get to a secure location so I could finish writing it for you.

As long-time readers of the Advocate know this newspaper was originally started to report on the Newberg Schools Saga, a series of stories that exposed that the Yamhill County Democrat Party, through its Progressive Yamhill social activist group, organized the Newberg Education Association teacher /staff union to indoctrinate students in the public schools into fringe political ideologies with the goal of changing the voting culture of Newberg after the students graduate. The stories also exposed YCDP cooperated with the ACLU to organize the lawsuits filed against the Newberg school board after they implemented a policy to prohibit teachers from displaying political symbols on school grounds. I also showed the YCDP, via the Progressive Yamhill group, organized the recalls against Newberg school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon in an attempt to replace them with their own candidates. My articles exposed that other local news media worked with the YCDP to lie and deceive the public about the motivations for the recalls to build support for them and regain control over the school district so the truth about their activities could be buried. My articles also exposed that much of this was part of a plan developed by a national extremist group called Indivisible, which Progressive Yamhill is a registered chapter of. The goal of Indivisible is to help Democrats win elections by gaslighting rural conservative communities to trick them into supporting policies against their own interests, such as defunding police, closing prisons, banning firearms, eliminating border security, legalizing all drugs and so much more. YCDP leadership received instruction from Indivisible instructors in how to run campaigns and Indivisible operates chapters in every major city in Oregon where they also do the same things as in Yamhill County.

That is, everything that has happened in Newberg is mirrored in every other community in Oregon. In other cities there are similar groups who use the same tactics and techniques to deceive the public and harass any who challenge them with the goal of intimidating them into silence and compliance.

This is just one story. There are many more like it. What I am about to show you is something that happens all the time in this state ruled by the iron fist of the Oregon Democrat Party.

To end this foreword before we dive into the news story promised in the headline, I want to say something to the members of Progressive Yamhill, Elise Holloman and the other conspirators who tried to have me arrested and placed in a cell before I could publish this article:

In the words of Albus Dumbledore, you seem to be laboring under the delusion I will “come quietly”. Well I can tell you this. I have no intention of going to Azkaban.

The reporting will continue.

How Democrat Activists Organized Harassment Against a Small Conservative Printing Company

Since my initial reporting most of the employees in the Newberg public schools who participated in this conspiracy have either resigned or had their employment terminated. However some of these individuals still remain. One of them is Tami Erion, the principal of Newberg High School. While Erion was not a member of the Progressive Yamhill Facebook groups I have received documents that reveal she was complicit in the conspiracy and that she coordinated with other Progressive Yamhill leaders to push their agenda in the public schools, even going as far as organizing the harassment of a small local business, Allegra, that refused to print propaganda posters that PY teachers wanted to hang on the walls of the schools.

The story you are about to hear is an example of how the Newberg public school district was used by Yamhill County Democrat Party agents to harass, intimidate and bully a privately owned business that refused to help them indoctrinate children into fringe pseudoscientific ideologies. It also shows how the ACLU, Oregon wineries, lobbyist groups and even the Oregon Department of Labor was involved in this harassment.

I obtained the following documents through a source who received them from a public records request.

The Triggering of Newberg High School Counselor Sarah Linnertz

According to emails I have reviewed, Allegra Printing in Newberg, Oregon was the primary vendor for the printing needs of the Newberg public schools district, producing paper, envelopes and other items stamped with the letterheads of the school. However this relationship changed rapidly last year.

On April 28th, 2021 Newberg High School counselor Sara Linnertz decided she wanted to use the counseling department’s budget to print up some posters.

(note: you may want to enhance the size of your browser screen to read the email images. They will enlarge if you click on the images but not by much)

On April 29th, 2021 the owner of Allegra Printing left a voice mail for Linnertz informing her they would not print a “Gender Bread Person” poster which Linnertz wanted to display in the school,

The voice mail recording can be listened to below,

For those unaware, the Gender Bread Person is a common propaganda poster that is designed to confuse children into believing that gender can be chosen based on feelings. It is used to indoctrinate children into gender identity pseudoscience. The posters are designed by a social activist named Sam Killermann who produces gender identity propaganda for distributing in elementary schools. The poster usually looks like this,

The specific file they wanted printed is this one.

Linnertz emailed Newberg High School Principal Tami Erion, who then herself emailed then Superintendent Joe Morelock,

(For clarity, The GSA mentioned in the email is the Gender Sexuality Alliance, an Antifa associated group that operates in the Newberg High School. This is some of their posts from their Instagram account,

The raised power fist with pride flag coloring, a common symbol used by Antifa groups

On her Instagram profile Sara Linnertz writes that she is a GSA adviser,

It is also worth pointing out Newberg City Councilor and Community Wellness Collective founder Elise Hollamon and her co-founder Kristen Stoller follow the Newberg GSA Instagram account,,

According to a 2018 post on the Newberg High School website the GSA is led by two school employees; Student and Family Advocate Shyla Jasper and District Nurse Annie Berger.

As admitted in a post from December 15, 2021 GSA is one of the groups that was used by Newberg Equity in Education and the ACLU to organize a “walkout” protest, which I wrote about in a prior article, Newberg High School Students Hold “Walkouts”, With Assistance from Newberg Equity in Education Members, which I published on December 17th.

That should be sufficient background information about the GSA and how it plays into this story.)

On April 30th, 2021 according to records of the calendar event both Linnertz and Erion made a scheduled phone call with Nancy Hughes at Allegra for May 3, 2021,

On May 5th 2021 Erion emailed Morelock the following email asking Morelock for the district to boycott Allegra for refusing to print the Gender bread person posters.

Shortly after Linnertz sent the following email informing Morelock that Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla was recruiting the ACLU to no doubt explore a lawsuit against Allegra. That is after all what the ACLU does.

Later the same day on May 5th, an email was sent by Nancy Haque with the subject title of ‘Bigoted Printer in Newberg‘. Haque is the Executive Director of at Basic Rights Oregon, a gay rights activist nonprofit lobbyist group responsible for much of the gender identity pseudoscience policy lobbying in Oregon.

By process of elimination (that is, I asked Commissioners Starrett and Berschauer if they had sent the email, and they both said no) I have concluded Casey Kulla is the Yamhill County Commissioner one who contacted Haque.

The email from Haque is to Duke Shepard, the Deputy Labor Commissioner at the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.

The purpose of reaching out to Sheppard can be concluded logically as Haque asking for Shepard to use the Labor Commissioner’s Office to open an investigation into Allegra Printing as a way to further intimidate and harass the business for refusing to print 6 posters.

Haque also cc:ed an “Amanda” at NW Public Affairs (another lobbyist group) which I assume to be Amanda Hess,

Linnertz wrote a followup email to all parties, and adds several more — McMinnville mayor Remy Drabkin and Kelly Simon with the Oregon ACLU,

Sheppard replies,

Speaking on behalf of BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industries) Shepard invites them all to have a call to see how they can work together to harass this small business owner of Allegra Printing.

Clearly, there is no need for agents of the Democrat party (such as Linnertz, whose role as an agent of the party is to go into the schools to indoctrinate children into the fringe ideologies of the party’s platform) to go through the normal complaint filing process every other resident of Oregon would need to wade through; they can skip ahead of the line and go directly to the top as part of an organized effort to crush the free speech rights of a business to decline to do work they do not agree with.

Linnertz then sent the following email to organize a group call for all parties,

I think these emails demonstrate how the Oregon Democrats rapidly respond to even the most minor of resistance to their extremist ideologies by wielding all influence and authority they possess to crush dissidents. You are not even allowed to refuse to print their propaganda materials without a circus of powerful politicians, state officials and lobbyist groups descending upon you.

On May 25th, 2021 Linnertz sent an email to Communications Coordinator Gregg Koskela (a Progressive Yamhill and NEEd member) to see if he had sent out an email informing all employees of the school district to blacklist Allegra as part of a “plan”,

Koskela replied by asking for the name of an alternative printing company from Linnertz,

Then on May 27th, 2021 Koskela requested all employees of the district to blacklist Allegra Printing and instead to use Copy Cabana Print Center.

However it turns out that Koskela did not verify with Copy Cabana Print that they could handle the orders or would deliver. On August 31st, 2021 Vicki Klein (Secretary, Mountain View Middle School) sent the following email,

Koskela wrote back,

Requiring the entire Newberg public school district to blacklist Allegra was not the only way they harassed the business. On May 27th, the same day Allegra Printing was blacklisted by the school district, McMinnville mayor Remy Drabkin sent the following email which shows beyond all doubt that the GSA student club is nothing more than an extension of the Yamhill County Democrat Party political machine.

Drabkin writes, “Newberg GSA students write a letter to Allegra that explains how they were harmed. (This suggestion came from BRO and this email is the first that the Newberg Team is hearing it so they will need to discuss internally).

BRO is Basic Rights Oregon aka Nancy Haque. That is Haque instructed them to weaponize the GSA club and manipulate students into writing a letter campaign claiming Allegra was “harming” them when it absolutely was not. In fact, students should never have even been aware that Allegra refused to print six propaganda posters for Linnertz. This clearly shows that GSA is not ran for the benefit of the students but instead as a way to recruit and manipulate minors into political activism for the Democrat party. They view these kids as nothing more than props to use for crafting a narrative and manipulating people into thinking the “student activism” is organized by the kids when it is actually organized by Democrat party officials inside the public schools.

Willamette Valley Wineries Association Organizes a “Task Force”

Drabkin’s email also shows they recruited Rachel Adams, a publicist for wineries and the Willamette Valley Wineries Association and its DEBI (Diversity Equity Belonging and Inclusion) committee into the conspiracy against Allegra now. Presently, Adams works as Director at Play Nice Public Relations.

Adams wrote back to inform everyone she is queer and thanks Linnertz and Erion for organizing the harassment of a small business,

Adams involvement is important because as Drabkin writes in the email, Basic Rights Oregon is going to “writes letter with signature of major donors that are willing to move their business.” That is, they are organizing a cabal of private businesses in the state to blacklist Allegra for not printing six propaganda posters for a school counselor. And all of this organization is being done using the public school email system, a tax payer funded resource that has been taken over by social activists.

Nancy Haque of Basic Rights Oregon replied back to clarify further what her plan was. (note: I received a txt only version of this email so I will post the part that was cut off by the screen),

Subject: RE: Discriminating Printer in Oregon next steps
From: Nancy Haque
Date: 5/27/2021, 4:57 PM
To: “” <>, “” <>, Tami Erion <>, Rachel Adams <>
Hi Everyone,
 Thanks for connecting us all together. I would be happy to work with the DEBI committee on drafting a letter to send to members of the Willamette Valley Wineries Association. Just a small point of clarification, I was actually suggesting that we might include information in the letter about GSA's and how actions like Allegra's are so harmful to LGBTQ kids. I could also see a call to support local GSA's that could be a good, positive thing to do.

Anyway, happy to connect. Take care, Nancy

Tami Erion then replied to the chain and thanked everyone on behalf of the Newberg High School for their willing participation in the conspiracy,

Adams then replied saying she would use the Willamette Valley Wineries Association DEBI “Task Force” to harass Allegra,

Linnertz then wrote back saying if they involve the students that she would be the one to facilitate organizing them into activists to harass Allegra.

On June 1st, Adams wrote to Linnertz, happily declaring she recruited Jessica Mozeico (President of Willamette Valley Wineries Association) and Annie Schull, who owns Raptor Ridge Winery.

These paragraphs plainly state they were organizing wineries to boycott and harass Allegra and that Linnertz was calling the shots and leading this harassment,

“The Task Force is considering a multitude of next steps to inform the local wine industry about what you experienced and Jessica and Annie were hoping to connect with you all directly in advance.

Is there any chance we all might be able to jump on a call sooner rather than later to align? We want to be sure we are operating with the most accurate information while centering your voices and experience every step of the way.”

I believe these emails prove the Willamette Valley Wineries Association is nothing more than a cartel engaged in monopolistic practices and whose primary purpose is to intimidate and harass small conservative businesses that defy the interests of the Oregon Democrat party while relying on labor primarily provided by conservative employees.

Political Activist “Reporters” Involvement

Local news media also got in on the action.

On June 10th, 2021 Aliya Hall, a self-identified lesbian freelance writer who works for The Oregonian, reached out to Drabkin and offers to help get a hit piece on Allegra made to further the conspiracy along.

Drabkin replied. To be clear when she says “educate” the records clearly show she actually means bully and harass in the hopes they would change their mind by invoking fear in Allegra’s owners.

Hall wrote back,

Linnertz wrote back and they scheduled a call.

Hall was not the only one interested in this. On July 26th Nicole Montesano, a reporter for McMinnville based News-Register left the following voice mail for Superintendent Morelock,

The following is the audio recording of the voice mail was provided in the public records request,

As I have shown in prior articles that News-Register is frequently used by Yamhill County Democrats aka Progressive Yamhill to spread their propaganda to deceive voters during both recalls and election campaigns.

I did attempt to reach out to News-Register to ask why Nicole Montesano was investigating Allegra Printing but alas, they have decided to block my newspaper URL as “Spam” and decline any emails from me,


There are more emails like this which I will publish in future articles.

The source who alerted me to this story did so after mentioning that the owners of Allegra were afraid to speak to me and provide additional insight into the harassment they endured as they are afraid that providing information would result in renewed harassment again. I have assembled the chain of events using public records obtained from the Newberg public school district. I read through what seems like hundreds of emails featuring the keyword ‘Allegra’ to piece this story together.

It is clear to me that after a year of investigating the Newberg Schools Saga, LGBT people are not oppressed in the state of Oregon. Rather it is LGBT activists and their accomplices who are oppressing everyone else because they cannot tolerate any criticism of their lifestyles and they will go as far as to groom children into fringe pseudoscientific beliefs in an effort to boost their ranks. They are transforming Oregon into an authoritarian state and trampling on the rights of everyone else.

As an example from the people in this article, Sara Linnertz is a lesbian married to Emily Linertz, who works as Senior Manager, Employee and Labor Relations and Substitute Office at Portland Public Schools. Gregg Koskela is married to Elaine Koskela (another former Nwberg school employee) but he identifies as bisexual. Nancy Haque is a lesbian, as is Remy Drabkin and Aliya Hall. Rachel Adams identified herself as queer. I have notice most of the leadership of Progressive Yamhill identifies as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

It’s not a coincidence. The Democrat party pushes LGBT politics so hard because it transforms people into crazed zealots who will violate any kind of law to help the Democrat party maintain power. All because the ideology brainwashes people into believing they are entitled to break laws because they have unique sexual fetishes. They have made lustful pursuits the most important metric to determine a person’s moral character, instead of legitimate moral qualities like virtue, excellence and honor — and that is why these activists have none.

To be clear, it is not their sexual fetishes that make them evil. It is what they do in service of their activism to promote their lifestyle that makes them evil. They are completely intolerant of anyone who openly disagrees with their activism and agenda and will wield all of their political power to silence these people and force them to bend the knee to their organizations. They are authoritarian and tyrannical, scheming to rob others of their freedoms. They have no right to do these things. This what makes them evil.

These activists in our schools spend their work hours engaged in political activity and that is why they saw nothing wrong with organizing a large harassment campaign against a small business using the public school work emails, reputation and resources — even going as far as exploiting the students as puppets in their plans. They believe their primary occupation is social activist, not educator. They do not serve the communities they live in; they serve the leadership of the Oregon Democrat Party.

Because I infilitrated their private Facebook groups last year I have been able to read years worth of social media posts by Progressive Yamhill members and my conclusion is that they neither desire nor care about equal rights for LGBT people, nor for people of different ethnic groups for that matter. Instead they believe their lifestyle choices should award them special privileges that others do not deserve. You can plainly see the hypocrisy here in their own emails; they do not believe that Allegra Printing has the right to refuse to do a job for them but they believe they have the right to blacklist, harass and intimidate Allegra.

What we are seeing here is a matter of good and evil. Allegra was fully within their right to refuse to do the print job for Sara Linnertz. The poster of the “Genderbread Person” is not an official school poster, it is just some some pseudoscientific nonsense that she downloaded off the internet from a crackpot’s website and that she wanted to use tax money print so she could indoctrinate other people’s children into Linnertz’s personal fringe political beliefs as part of her activism as a lesbian. She was not acting in the best interest of the children in her care; she was acting out of her own self-righteous belief that no one can dare to tell her that what she is doing is wrong. Even when she is plainly told that parents who have kids in the high school working for Allegra do not want the poster in the school she still organizes a witch hunting against Allegra.

Sara Linnertz is an evil person as is everyone else who assisted her. This kind of evil has become routine and normal for them and that is why she was able to recruit so many powerful people to aid her in such a short period of time.

It is my sincere belief the Oregon Democratic Party is ran by evil people who work together to engage in evil deeds. The articles on my newspaper such as this one show the evidence that this is the case. No one who is a good person would remain a member of a party engaged in so much evil. They have no respect for the Constitutional rights of Oregonians when they are inconvenient for maintaining singe-party rule over the state. This is why they trample on the 1st and 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights. This is why they have created state laws to rob parents of their rights to be informed about what school counselors are telling their children in secret and have made it impossible for parents to prevent kids from sterilizing themselves with pseudoscientific “gender transformations”. The number and scope of their schemes to deceive and manipulate is endless and will continue to be until the good people of Oregon finally decide to take a stand against the evil few who have wormed their way into our state government, into our schools and into our homes by way of propaganda news media outlets.

Those conservatives who think they should wait four years after losing an election and then try to flip the state by pumping millions of dollars into candidate campaigns four months ahead of election day are playing a loser’s game. Every day that goes by while these evil people remain in control of our public institutions is a day they wield their power to crush all who oppose them. It is a day where they brainwash children into a false version of history and reality, to lead them astray into insanity. It is a day where homeless vagrants addicted to hard drugs steal, rob, rape and murder not only other homeless but also normal everyday people just trying to get home from work. It is a day where the evil mighty can orchestrate schemes to arrest people for exercising their freedom of speech to report the truth about public officials, as they are attempting to do to me right now.

It is time for the people of Oregon to stop placing their hopes into a handful of fair-weather Republican candidates who abandon them when the poll numbers on election night don’t look promising enough, and who refuse to contest the ballot counts produced by the shady mail in system when significant evidence exists that widespread voter fraud is taking place.

It is time for the good people of Oregon to stop looking away at the evil that others do and allowing their tyranny to triumph. To stop lying to yourself that you are a good person just because you are not complicit when it is your tax money that is used to fund the evil others are doing and they continue to do so with your permission because you do not fully employ our democratic system to yank corrupt officials out of office with the processes our forefathers left us to do exactly this.

It is time for good people to stop deluding themselves into thinking they can just move to Idaho and abandon the children of Oregon to groomers and rapists posing as teachers and doctors, and that running away from tyranny makes them a good American.

It is time for recalls to be organized against every Democrat in every office in the state of Oregon.

It is time for a voter led measure to replace the mail in ballot system with an in-person Voter ID verified system like Oregon once had and which every other democratic country in the world uses.

It is time to stop permitting the Oregon wineries to use their wealth to harass and terrify everyone else while they artificially drive the cost of rent sky high.

It is time to refuse to wait four years to stop evil triumphing.

The time for good people to rise up and pull evil people down from their ivory thrones is right now.

It is time to free Oregon from the tyranny of the Democrats.

I will continue to do my part by exposing corruption to the light of day. You must do your part to use the light of truth I give you to create a spark of political revolution that will burn the corruption out of Oregon’s government. Do it now, before it is too late. Oregon can still be saved but it won’t be if you look on at the triumph of evil and you choose to do nothing.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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James Russell

Wow. Amazing story. Absolute proof of state-wide conspiracy by Oregon officials, LBGTQ and Newberg School District leaders. Absolute proof that the Newberg High School Principal is deeply involved and will harass and seek to destroy people that disagree with her.

Dylon Chad Williams

Its ridiculous that Yamhill County which is fairly conservative and has been historically, has so many progressive kooks & crazies running these public institutions. These progressive lunatics are the ones creating division & pissing people off with their infantile politics, bully behavior, and unethical practices.

Their divisive behavior is everywhere, I saw it first hand the other day outside the Newberg Cultural Center(The old Central grade school) They were displaying signs that said :
“This is Kalapuyan Land”

If someone isn’t Kalapuyan,.
Does that make them a thief or a trespasser for owning properties in Yamhill County?
It seems like more of that ‘common enemy’ mentality, instead of a common humanity approach to issues.

Matt Ross

Mr. Martell,

Don’t forget that K.B. de facto fired conservative teachers who stood up for their rights. She threatened to fine us $14,000, strip of us our wages, deny us unemployment and hold our teaching licenses hostage if we did not comply to an unlawful order. Why would I stay? Funny thing is as I was leaving my position in Oregon, the Newberg School District reached out to me to apply to one of their open positions. No, I didn’t bother to apply. I left for freedom, I have peacefully taught in the free air of Idaho for over a year now. No masks, pokes, CRT, or other freedom crushing policies to inhibit learning. Oh, and don’t worry I didn’t take a job from an Idahoan, this position had gone unfilled for seven months when I applied.


My teacher sister lives near Pokee and honesty is as liberal as they come along with her fellow teachers, They had vaxx mandates and she believes the state is getting bluer. We can pretend to be isolated but this is coming neighborhood near you.

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