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PFLAG Newberg Pride Day For Kids Staff Harassed & Threatened Me For Reporting Truth

Watch PFLAG Newberg President Colum Riley, Lynette Shaw and other event staff exhibit deranged behavior while harassing and threatening me.

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On June 24, 2023 members of PFLAG Newberg, Progressive Yamhill and self-identified members of antifa cells according to their motorcycle jackets, assaulted me when I attempted to document their Pride Day event (which is rumored to have a drag show for children as well as having other activities for kids such as paint facing and arts and crafts tables) at the Cultural Center in Newberg, Oregon. They repeatedly made physical contact and Lynette Shaw herself put a bullhorn up to my face repeatedly. They claim that I was being trespassed from a private event which is being held on public property but it was actually a public event open to all. They lied to police claiming I was causing a disturbance. The truth is they do not want people to be able to record them grooming children on public property using public resources to legitimize their grooming behavior.

According to rumors the event had a secret drag queen show for children inside the building. I was not able to confirm this due to the police demanding that I leave. Later I was threatened by several event volunteers and one even threw what I believe to be a cup of urine on me.

( Update 6/27 : PFLAG Newberg just confirmed on social media that they did in fact host a drag queen show for children featuring drag queen Kevin Cook aka Poison Waters, who is known to perform at many PFLAG drag queen shows for children throughout the country


Embedded below is the full 2 hour video investigative report about the event.

To make the video more digestible, I have created a table of contents for different sections of the video.

0:00 Preview of harassment

2:22 Providing context about the event

21:00 Entering the event space

22:29 Colum Riley harassing me

37:07 Police arrive

50:48 Pride Car Parade

1:09:28 PFLAG Volunteer threatens me with a belt in his hands

1:28:10 Chelsea Schotts rants / man in hoodie threatens me

1:39:30 Man in hoodie throws what I believe to be urine on me

I was able to identify Colum Riley as the real identity of the man and not a fake name from his Facebook profile,

Colum Riley is also a member of Progressive Yamhill, a registered chapter of the Indivisible extremist group I have been reporting on for the past two years.

I believe the police are wrong on this matter by claiming I could be trespassed for no reason from a public event held on public property, and I will be consulting my attorney to investigate whether the city police have now violated my civil rights including the 1st Amendment since the event is taking place on public property literally on a street and the only purpose of trespassing me was to prevent my right to free speech to record the event and document it for the public interest.

Furthermore I do believe that they did violate laws with their actions toward me and behavior was most certainly harassment and they should have been cited for it at the least. The police refused to do so. Colum Riley, who later identified himself as President of PFLAG Newberg, harassed me the moment I stepped onto the event, which was advertised as running from 11 AM. That is, it was after 11 AM when I arrived at the event, contrary to what he claimed in the video. The first contact he made with me was grabbing me from behind when I walked away from him, which forced me to turn around. He admits that he grabbed me. From that point on he continued to intercept in my path as I repeatedly tried to walk away from him, and he repeatedly rubbed his chest against me intentionally. He also said profane things to me, such as asking if I wanted his sperm balls.

His accomplices include Lynette Shaw, who attempted to damage my eardrums by putting a bullhorn on siren mode near my ears, forcing me to turn around and back away, and she continued stepping forward to direct the sound at me in a range that can damage eardrums. These are the people running an event for children. This is who these people really are. Disgusting immoral groomers with little self control and who lack any sense of civil decency, and who have no business influencing children. You should also know that Chehalem Park and Recreation District’s Cultural Center refuses to fulfill public records requests to show that groups like PFLAG actually pay any rental fees for the use of the space, and so events like this are very likely to be subsidized by local tax dollars which CPRD’s board has been funneling into the Cultural Center nonprofit in an effort to hide its spending. The public has a right to know what takes place on public property using publicly funded revenues, and this right has been infringed

The woman who is ranting in this video is Chelsea Schotts, who worked with the ACLU to sue the Newberg Public School District over the political signs ban. It seems clear that she knows who he is, since she pulled him away when he was about to assault me and make a tremendously big mistake. The man dressed in a hoodie who threatened me comes back later and throws a cup of what I believe to have been urine. He needs to be identified still, and hopefully others will recognize his voice. He has a red unkept beard. It is my understanding PFLAG was not cooperative with police and protected his identity. Prior to this interaction the man had been following me around with an umbrella, working with PFLAG’s volunteers (who were wearing PFLAG shirts) to follow me around the perimeter so it is safe to assume they know who he is.

Update: As usual the members of Progressive Yamhill flood the social media comments, trying to gaslight residents into believing it was acceptable to bring their kids to watch a secret drag queen performance on public property. As an example here is Scott Hodges, who is a member of Progressive Yamhill and was recently selected as the Grand Marshall for the Old Fashioned Festival Parade, defending the grooming of children. Hodges is also a moderator of several Facebook groups for Newberg and Dundee used by Progressive Yamhill to gaslight and deceive voters while censoring anyone who speaks out against their activities.

You will also notice Timothy Storey defending this grooming behavior as well.

As I pointed out in my previous article, Newberg and McMinnville Gay Pride Day Events Target Children, these events put children into contact with pedophiles. I gave the recent example in Eugene where a drag queen performer involved with Old Nick’s Pub who was acting as a “drag mother” for minors was recently convicted of producing and distributing child pornography.

Anyone who defends these events is promoting the exploitation of children.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Excellent job recording. I feel pity for those who wanted to put their best foot forward at this event. Unfortunately the evil crust of this event attacked you and acted the idiot… removing any reason for pride in this group.

James Russell

Good article. Thank you for being there and reporting. Perhaps the new CPRD board members can assist with answering the questions about how much did PFLAG pay, if anything, to rent the CCC facilities. What is the contract terms for CCC use of the building, and BTW how much rent does the Newberg Downtown Coalition pay CPRD for using the CPRD building at 210 N Blaine Street?


Good job man! Next time don’t attend alone, bring a group and see how tough they are when confronting more than one.


Keep documenting these pervs, tribunals are coming.

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