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Yamhill County Activists Use “Pride Month” To Recruit Children into Extremist Ideologies

Progressive Yamhill is using Pride Month activities to raise funding for its extremist activities and to recruit children into their fringe ideologies. Don't be fooled.

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In previous articles I have exposed the activities of the extremist group Progressive Yamhill and its subgroup Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd). I have published communications from their own members showing they have waged a culture war against conservatives and moderates who do not support their fringe extremist beliefs, and have exploited everything from public libraries to schools as a means of indoctrinating children into their radical ideologies which include encouraging racial segregation, supporting ultra-violent Antifa groups and engaging in paper terrorism tactics against elected officials.

If you are new to the Advocate, I suggest reading the following articles for detailed analysis of the Progressive Yamhill groups activities in Yamhill County, Oregon,

As a reminder, I have made the lists of Progressive Yamhill and NEEd members available in a spreadsheet. The list was created in August 2020, based on their Facebook group membership rosters. It should be noted that the groups have increased in size since I created this list, so it is by no means a complete list of all their members.

Why Critical Race Theory Advocates Target LGBT People For Recruitment

As I have explained in my past writings that dissect the ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT) advocates, these people believe that society is organized in a racist hierarchy based on ethnicity, with “whites” at the top, “blacks” at the bottom and various other ethnic groups occupying layers between. For example, “asians” rank higher than “indigenous peoples”, which is a group that consists of descendants of Native tribal groups across North and South America – consequently, Hispanic / Latino people are considered to be indigenous within the framework. The ranking of ethnic groups is based entirely on how dark or light their skin tones are, with lighter skinned ethnic groups like “asians” and “indigenous” ranking higher than “blacks”.

This is, of course, an infantile way of ranking people which ignores the reality of how complex modern societies actually are, especially in a country such as the USA. For example, today there are a significant number of people who regard themselves as “black” who possess European “white” ancestry, and the ideology of CRT does not account for how these people rank — they must be either “white” or “black” according to how their skin tone appears.

This infantile way of ranking people carries over into LGBT activism only because of this peculiar belief that “whites” possess inherent power based on their skin pigment color — CRT activists are convinced they need “whites” to help them convince other “whites” to dismantle and rebuild American society the way they desire (ultimately, into racially segregated states where ethnic groups rule over each other). The group of “whites” which CRT activists have focused on recruiting are those who are gay, because gay people have historically also been ostracized within society and even in modern times, their lifestyle choices often cause conflict with traditional institutions such as religious groups and leads to the fracturing of families. Due to this disenfranchisement, CRT activists often find gay people easier to recruit into their extremism, because they can convince gay people to hate traditional American institutions and culture by blaming society for their ostracization.

While there are certainly many modern people today who don’t care if their family lines continue, the average person does. Consequently, the decision for a child to become gay and not have families of their own will always be controversial in the majority of families and this can never be changed.

To be crystal clear, homosexuality is a choice. We know it is a choice because numerous studies have demonstrated there is no genetic underlying cause for homosexuality; people who identify as homosexual have nothing genetically similar to one another which can demonstrate a genetic cause for the behavior. Notably, in 2019 a team led by Brendan Zietsch of the University of Queensland, Australia, mined several massive genome data banks, including that of 23andMe and the UK Biobank. They asked more than 477,000 participants whether they had ever had sex with someone of the same sex, and also questions about sexual fantasies and the degree to which they identified as gay or straight. After reviewing the data, they found no single gene or even group of genes that could be associated with homosexuality.

Because homosexual behavior is a choice that a person has made, it carries with it personal responsibility for the social consequences of this lifestyle decision. The desire to believe that people are “born gay” instead of that they have been culturally conditioned to be homosexual is rooted in a desire to excuse away any personal responsibility for the lifestyle choice that has been made. While people who are gay are frequently ostracized due to religious beliefs that discriminate against homosexual behavior, the reason these religious rules were created is because homosexual sex does not result in procreation. The main reason that parents do not want their kids to be gay is not because they hate gay people, but because it is extremely disappointing to spend 20 years of your life raising a child who has decided to not have a family and create grandchildren (according to US census statistics, less than 15% of gay couples have children, whether it be through artificial insemination or adoption). The decision to be gay will consequently always create friction in families where the child was expected to get married and reproduce, and has decided to not do that because they value their personal pleasure more than familial obligation. This is the reality of human familial relationships and it is never going to change, because it is instinctive to most humans to want their genetic legacy to continue through the production of children and raising those children to produce grandchildren. This applies even if the gay offspring does have children of their own, because children who are raised by gay couples are significantly more likely to identify as gay themselves and consequently are more likely to not have children. This means that within two generations an entire family tree that has existed for 250,000 years of human history can (and often does) end due to the decision by children to become gay, because the choice overwhelmingly leads to the end of that genetic lineage — even if the first gay child grows up to have children despite being gay, the children they raise usually do not have any grandchildren. This fact, more than anything, is the #1 reason why gay people are ostracized in all human societies — because homosexual behavior is anthesis to procreation. Procreation is the singular most important human behavior because it ensures the survival of the species.

Modern American society has, by and large, made accommodations to accept and integrate homosexual people. In the USA gay people possess numerous legal rights and special protections designed to diminish the effects of the ostracization that results from the lifestyle choice, and so it cannot be fairly stated that there is something inherent to American culture that results in the stigmatization anymore than any other country. Present day America provides more rights to LGBT people than any other country in history ever has, and that is a fact, and yet present day CRT activists continue to pretend as if the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s never transpired so they can justify recruitment into their ideologies.

Progressive Yamhill Members Who Target Children for Recruitment By Encouraging Them to be Gay

Because homosexual behavior is something that is culturally conditioned, it can be taught to anyone, especially to children. This is why prepubescent children are frequently targeted by LGBT activists in their marketing campaigns, and sadly, this is no different here in Yamhill County. I have previously exposed the activism organized by Progressive Yamhill member Kristen Stoller aimed at children, to encourage them to identify as gay. There is yet another group organized by Progressive Yamhill members called Rainbow Quest, whose Pride Month activities are also designed to lure children into the LGBT community with the goal of recruiting them into extremist activism.

Rainbow Quest purports to be a fundraising drive that recruits local businesses — overwhelmingly, those associated with the local wineries and various bars — where they sell rainbow branded goods, provide propaganda materials and donate a percentage of their earnings back to Wine Country Pride so they can use those funds for Progressive Yamhill’s extremist activism. This financial arrangement is explained by Wine Country Pride employee and Rainbow Quest director Diane Longaker,

I believe it is beyond contestation that it is the goal of Rainbow Quest / Wine County Pride members is to recruit LGBT people into violent extremist groups, as these are the kinds of posts frequently made inside the group by its members, such as these posts by self-identified Antifa member Travis Murphy who is a member of Rainbow Quest.

These posts are “liked” by the members, which is why I am showing them to you. It is not the rantings of a lone, single person — in fact, they are liked by the administrator of the Wine Country Pride page. Here is an example,

As you can read for yourself, this Rainbow Quest group is nothing more than another Antifa front group, who are using a fake narrative about “love” and “human rights” to recruit LGBTQ youth into violent extremist groups — most specifically, to glorify attacks on law enforcement.

They don’t care about things like “human rights”; what they actually want to do is further their radical Marxist agenda to dismantle America into their segregated utopia, and that is why they focus on so much hatred toward police in a state like Oregon where there is no police brutality against LGBT people.

And make no mistake, they do target children with this propaganda. Many of the posts designed to recruit into extremist are essentially comic books designed to appeal to children,

It’s important to always remember that people who claim to be champions for love but who glorify violence against police are engaging in a contradiction, and when people contradict themselves it’s usually because they are lying.

Rainbow Quest is used to organize numerous events that target children; for example, these are posts by Diane Longaker, who is involved in several LGBT activist groups targeting children such as Newberg PFLAG. She is also listed on her profile as being an employee of Wine Country Pride as the Rainbow Quest Director. Longaker is also a member of Progressive Yamhill.

To be crystal clear, Longaker approves of the glorification of violence against police within the Rainbow Quest group. For example, this is a post she ‘loved’,

In another post by Longaker she explains how Rainbow Quest has events specifically designed to recruit children into their extremism,

In another recent post made on the 1st of June, she lists a number of businesses who are helping Rainbow Quest / Wine Country Pride / Progressive Yamhill raise funds for their extremism,

(note: I censored the faces of the minors, in an effort to try to protect their privacy but it is important to note that Diane Longaker is using these children in promotional materials for Rainbow Quest).

The rest of the post contains a list of businesses who are participating in Rainbow Quest’s campaign,

You can also download the entire list of businesses whose owners are members of Rainbow Quest that Longaker uploaded to the post by clicking here.

It is also worth pointing out that several elected officials whom I identified as being associated with Progressive Yamhill are members of this Rainbow Quest group, such as McMinnville City Councilor Remy Drabkin and Newberg City Councilors Elise Yarnell Hollamon and Stephanie Findley,

Another member of the group is Newberg City Councilor Denise Bacon,

As are McMinnville City Councilors Kellie Menke, Zack Geary, and Adam Garvin,

Yamhill County Commissioner candidate Doris Towery is also a member as well,

For my previous list of elected politicians who are involved in Progressive Yamhill, please click here.

Proof That Progressive Yamhill Raises Funds for Antifa Groups

I believe that Rainbow Quest is just another means of Progressive Yamhill members tricking locals into funding Antifa activities and other extremism.

Don’t be fooled by their branding. Just because they use rainbows and feel-good language in their propaganda doesn’t change who they are and what this money ultimately is used to fund — extremism.

This is not a statement made based on assumptions; as I posted in a previous article, Progressive Yamhill members raised funds for Antifa groups attacking the Portland federal courthouse during 2020.

Here is an example of the group donating money to several Antifa aligned groups in Portland, as well as several other pro-Critical Race Theory black separatist groups (including several that specialize in indoctrinating children)

The money donated to these groups was collected through the sale of “In Our America” propaganda yard signs bearing the American flag but that subverts it by featuring Indivisible ideology written on the stripes. They have been selling these signs for several years to raise funds for many fringe Indivisible aligned groups,

(These signs, and others like it, are designed to both trick regular people into displaying Indivisible propaganda signs in their yards and raise funds they can donate to Antifa and other radical extremist groups. Selling these fake patriotic signs is a common tactic of Indivisible groups to exploit the unsuspecting general public into assisting their agenda.)

In another example, here is Progressive Yamhill member Sheila Barnes using the group to organize “supply caravans” to assist Antifa rioters in Portland,

This thread does continue on, but you get the idea. During 2020 Progressive Yamhill organized supplies to assist the Antifa mob that attacked the federal courthouse in Portland as one of its “actions”.

Now they have created this “Rainbow Quest” campaign to continue raising funds for their extremism, using the seeming benevolence of “Pride Month” as a way to trick people into supporting them financially.

Progressive Yamhill members will continue to engage in this kind of deception as long as locals continue to provide assistance to their businesses and groups, and elect their members into local government. The only way to stop them is for locals to reject their efforts and un-elect their members as politicians.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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Thanks for the list of businesses, won’t be going to them anymore. That poisonous agenda has got to get rooted out, pushing it on kids is ridiculous.

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