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Oregon Democrats Introduce Bill to Lower School Board Election Voter Age to 16

Oregon Democrats are introducing a new law to lower the age to vote in school board elections, as yet another step in their efforts to recruit children into their fringe political activism.

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Oregon Democrats are once again targeting children as a means of securing single-party rule in Oregon. This time they are passing a law to reduce the age to vote in school board elections. Bill HB 3206 of the 2023 session will permits individual who are as young as 16 years of age to register to vote and cast ballots in school district elections. You can learn more about the bill at the Oregon state legislation website page, where you can also register to testify at the public hearing regarding this bill to be held tomorrow.

One of the sponsors of the bill is Representative Courtney Neron, a member of Progressive Yamhill who I exposed last year in the article, Oregon Democrats Draft New Laws In Response to Newberg Schools Superintendent Joe Morelock’s Firing.

Here is proof that Neron is a sponsor of the bill,

After liberal activists pushing Critical Race Theory and gender identity politics in classrooms lost control of the Newberg Public Schools Board in the 2021 election, Neron made the following social media post about how she was working with other politicians to implement legislation specifically to help Progressive Yamhill take back control of the school board.

This new bill is undoubtedly one of these efforts. Oregon Democrats know that they control the teachers in public schools through the teacher union groups who already canvass and donate money to their campaigns, and these teachers also use their positions to indoctrinate high schoolers with the specific aim of changing voting culture in rural conservative counties. While this sounds like a fringe conspiracy theory, what I am saying is an uncontestable truth, as anyone who has been reading the Advocate articles for the past year can attest to.

I can say with certainty the Oregon Democrat’s goal is to change the voting culture of rural areas using the public schools because I have evidence of their agents in Yamhill County admitting to this very thing. For example, here is a video clip of Kristen Stoller, a leader in Progressive Yamhill activist group, speaking during a Yamhill County Democrats meeting in November 2021 about how their goal is to change the voting culture of Newberg and Dundee through recently graduated high school students they have groomed into their radical politician ideologies using the public schools, and how they also desire to destroy the lives of conservative school board directors — in this case, Dave Brown.

Further evidence that the Yamhill County Democrat party (whose officers control the Progressive Yamhill group) recruit students into political activism during elections can be found in my previously published articles where teachers and other Newberg public school staff discuss their efforts to organize students into election campaigning. Some of these articles featuring this information are,

The bill that Rep. Courtney Neron and other radical Democrat politician activists are introducing this session shows, in my opinion, undeniable proof that the goal of the LGTBQ identity politics in Oregon schools has been part of a long term strategy designed specifically to allow Democrats to indoctrinate the children of conservative parents into radical fringe political ideologies with the intention to alienate those kids from their families and the traditional values their parents strive to teach them. The teachers encourage the kids to distance themselves from their own family members and instead view activist teachers in the schools as their true ‘allies’. This alienation of the kids from their families then allows the teachers to manipulate the students into voting for the candidates the activist teachers want to run the school board — their fellow radical extremist activists in groups such as Progressive Yamhill, who will do the bidding of the Oregon Democrat party.

More evidence of this kind of collusion between teachers and Democrat party officials can be seen in the communications between Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, who is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Oregon Department of Education. I have published articles featuring the evidence of her involvement as a member in the Progressive Yamhill Facebook group, such as in the article, Oregon Board of Education Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata Appears in Newberg Recall PAC Campaign Ad.

In her social media posts I published in that article Zapata discusses her desire to dismantle and rebuild America into a Marxist utopia guided by Critical Race Theory ideologies. These seditious statements should warrant her removal as a public official and yet instead she was promoted to Chair from Vice Chair after making these comments. This proves that Oregon Democrat party officials approve of her plans and are in on it.

This new bill HB 3206 designed to allow current high school students to vote is yet more proof that conservatives in Oregon need to get off their butts and initiate recall election campaigns against every Democrat in the state at all levels of governments. Conservatives cannot wait another four years for another election, because the extremists in the Oregon Democrat party are taking drastic measures to further ensure single party rule over the state. They are specifically targeting the children who are easily manipulated by teachers, as teachers are gatekeepers to college scholarships via the grades they award. Teachers are abusing their positions of privilege to influence kids to become social activists to serve the agendas of the Oregon Democrat party, and this will only be stopped if the state government is removed from the control of the Oregon Democrat party. It’s not enough to just win local elections if the radicals can pass state laws that apply to everyone in he state.

What conservatives should realize is lowing the voter age is an act of desperation by the Democrats. They have been losing elections in rural areas such as Yamhill County as conservatives rally to take back their communities from extremist pro-Antifa agents of the Democrat party. This is the time for conservatives to continue, with the goal of organizing recalls against Democrats in office. Don’t wait for four years of Democrats gerrymandering the state election laws so they can exploit children. Stop them now.


It has been brought to my attention that former Newberg School Board Director Brandy Penner submitted comments for the hearing that supports this bill. This is unsurprising given that, as I exposed in the article Why Newberg, Oregon School Board Directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Peña Should Be Recalled, Penner is a member of Progressive Yamhill who colluded with Courtney Neron and other activists to organize recalls and lawsuits against the Newberg school district after they lost control over it in the 2021 election.

Several months after my article that exposed Penner and it became clear that further recalls against conservatives would be unsuccessful, Penner resigned from the Newberg school board and ran away with her family back to Portland.

Here are the public comments that Brandy Penner submitted, which I should preempt by saying are filled with absurd lies, as is usual for her. Nothing that the conservatives did on the board had any impact on the rights of students or restricted what kinds of clothing they could wear. It was a common lie for Brandy Penner and other fringe activists to claim that the ban on political symbols applied to students, when it actually only applied to teachers and faculty.

Furthermore, I have spoken to numerous students who were upset at all the political activism by the teachers, and how many teachers would bully other students if they did not go along with the indoctrination efforts. Penner’s claims that all students opposed the ban on political campaigning and display of political flags is false, and the majority of people did not want this stuff in the schools and that is why Penner and her accomplices in Progressive Yamhill failed to recall conservative school board directors.

Brandy Penner’s letter should stand as yet more proof that this bill is part of the overall plan of the Oregon Democrats to exploit the public school system as a means to ensure single party rule in Oregon continues. At present academic standards in Oregon are significantly low, with more than half of students failing to meet grade level standards, at all grade levels and in nearly every public school in Oregon. The Democrats do not care about genuine education, what they care about is transforming children into loyal Democrat voters and they are now at the point they won’t even wait for them to graduate from high school before they can tap into them as a voter base.

The entire point of public schools is to teach children how to grow up to become citizens of the United States who will be productive members of society and make good choices at the ballot box. To have kids voting when they have yet to actually graduate from this process is a grotesque abuse of the purpose of public school, and shows that Democrats no longer care about responsibly operating the schools.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.
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