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Ex-Newberg Superintendent Joe Morelock Hired by Woodburn School Board — Indivisible Ties Revealed

Ex-Newberg Public School Superintendent Joe Morelock has been hired by the Woodburn Public School District. Much like Newberg, Woodburn's School Board that hired him has ties to Oregon Indivisible activist groups.

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On March 11th, The Woodburn Independent published an article, Woodburn School District hires Joe Morelock which details how fired Newberg School Superintendent Joe Morelock has now found employment as the superintendent of the Woodburn School District.

Woodburn Independent is not so independent; it is owned by Pamplin Media, who has gobbled up many small local newspapers throughout Oregon. I have previously criticized Pamplin Media owned Newberg Graphic and its staff for refusing to retract articles with verifiably false information planted by local activists involved with the groups Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd). The Newberg Graphic staff have been extremely sympathetic to the activities of Indivisible activists, and it would appear that Woodburn Independent is no exception here.

(By the by, as reported by Willamette Week in the article The Decline of Robert Pamplin’s Family Empire Leads to Financial Measures That Alarm Experts, Pamplin Media is facing financial difficulties. )

For those unfamiliar with, it is a nation wide far left extremist group of social activists whose agenda includes defunding police and shutting down all prisons, defunding U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), allowing illegal immigrants to vote, teaching children the discredited “gender identity” pseudo-science invented by the fraud John Money, endorsement of teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools, and the endorsement of both Antifa and various black separatist groups seeking to create racially segregated communities of self-governance by “race”. I have scraped the website database and collected their list of over 3,000 recognized chapters in a spreadsheet, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

As readers of the Advocate will remember from my past reporting, Joe Morelock was fired by the Newberg Public School Board on November 9th, 2021 after numerous scandals within the school district he refused to deal with, such as boys sneaking into girls bathrooms and the usage of political symbols such as the Black Lives Matter flag and various pride flag variations by teachers to indoctrinate students into Indivisible political ideologies. Teachers were exposed having removed the American flag from classrooms and replaced it with these other political symbols, in violation of Oregon state law. Morelock took no actions against teachers breaking the law. In fact, Morelock was fired just days after a Newberg High School student performed a burlesque dance performance as a drag queen for a gathering of activists seeking to recall School board director Brian Shannon. Morelock also did nothing about teachers who participated in harassment campaigns against school board directors in an effort to intimidate them into changing their votes on issues.

Strangely, even after his termination and final day of employment at the Newberg school district, Morelock was discovered to still have access to his district email account and was using it to respond to parents’ emails and even make administrative decisions, as reported in my November 23 article, Newberg Superintendent Joe Morelock Defies Firing, Continues to Make Administration Decisions While Posing With Kids in Political Campaign Photos.

Before leaving the district, Morelock also participated in a rally for himself that took place in front of the Newberg schools district office, strangely, on Veterans Day, which distracted local media away from the actual Veterans Day events held by veteran organizations VFW and American Legion just down the road.

Readers unfamiliar with the Newberg Schools Saga can read my detailed timeline of the events leading to the firing of Morelock in my article, The Real Timeline of the Newberg, Oregon School Board Saga Over Black Lives Matter Flags.

With those reminders about Joe Morelock out of the way, let’s now dive into the real meat of this article: here is what the Pamplin Media article about Morelock’s hiring in Woodburn didn’t tell you, and that the Advocate will because we do real investigative journalism at this publication and don’t just regurgitate press releases written by social activist groups and their agents.

Woodburn School District is Controlled by Indivisible Activists

Similar to how Joe Morelock was hired by the Newberg School District when its board was controlled by Indivisible activists (several of whom lost their seats in last year’s school board election), Morelock has now been hired by another district whose board is controlled by Indivisible activists as well.

This is an extraordinary claim that will shock many, and yet, the evidence is quite clear that it is the case.

Anthony Medina

Woodburn School District Chair Anthony Medina was quoted in the aforementioned Pamplin Media article, saying, “Dr. Joe Morelock couldn’t have been more highly recommended,” WSD Board Chair Anthony Medina said. “He is an equity-minded leader and has a track record of putting staff, students and community first. We are excited to welcome him to our district.”

Anthony Medina has strong ties to Indivisible; he was endorsed as a candidate by Stand for children, a pro-CRT activist group in Portland.

in 2017 Medina was endorsed by “Oregon Futures Labs“, previously known as Color PAC.

Oregon Futures Lab is funded by the Tides Foundation, which per Influence Watch is the funding partner for the Indivisible movement and its chapters.

Some of the platforms Oregon Futures Lab has endorsed are giving driver licenses to illegal aliens,

Notably, in 2019 Oregon Futures Lab also endorsed former Newberg school board director Ines Pena, who I exposed as a member of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) and Progressive Yamhill (PY) groups, PY being a registered chapter of Indivisible. Ines Pena recently resigned from the school board following the failure of the Progressive Yamhill led recall of her fellow school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, who voted to terminate Morelock’s employment.

It is also worth mentioning that Anthony Medina is also currently running for the House 22 district seat.

Laura Isiordia

Just as with Anthony Medina, Laura Isiordia is mentioned on the Color PAC / Oregon Futures Lab website, May 18th 2017 post titled, “It’s a Landslide!” that celebrated the victories of its endorsed candidates. She was also endorsed by the Marion Democrat Party along with Anthony Medina.

As noted in my prior reporting, the Oregon Democrat Party and its county chapters have been infiltrated by Indivisible agents.

Laura Isiordia is also a board member of PCUN an anti-ICE social activist group whose agenda is aligned with Indivisible.

In fact, PCUN’s Facebook Page has reshared posts endorsing Indivisible groups such as United We Dream.

Eric Swenson

Eric Swenson (who is also the mayor of Woodburn) has been endorsed by PCUN, whom I have just mentioned has clear and obvious ties to Indivisible.

Indivisible Has Chapters In Marion County, Oregon

Per the list of Indivisible chapters I scraped from the website, there are several Indivisible chapters I have identified operating in Marion County, Oregon where Woodburn is based, among which are,

There are several Indivisible chapters also operating out of Salem, Oregon as well, per the spreadsheet.

Joe Morelock Is Hired by School Boards With Indivisible Ties

Joe Morelock’s Indivisible connections are harder to confirm though I find it interesting that he has been hired by two different school districts controlled by Indivisible activists. When one also considers that he is on the board of the Newberg Education Foundation with other identified Indivisible agents such as Kristen Stoller, at least his relationships to Indivisible agents become more transparent and obvious.

I strongly encourage the parents of the Woodburn school district to take a deep look into their own community, identify the other Indivisible activists who have infiltrated their local government and begin rooting them out just as parent groups have done in Newberg. They are there among you, indoctrinating your children into their racism and pseudo-scientific ideas with the objective of causing a societal collapse. This much has been made clear by the secret social media posts from the Indivisible groups in Yamhill County I have published.

I am not speculating about the goal being societal collapse; I am quoting. A notable example are the statements of Oregon Board of Education Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, who compared the United States of America to a junky car that should be replaced when ranting inside the NEEd Facebook group to other Indivisible agents.

Furthermore, the fact I can so easily trace Indivisible to the Woodburn school district shows that other journalists in Oregon are not doing a proper job of investigating these officials. They are getting away with it because no one is exposing them.

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Carey Martell
Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.


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James Russell

I’m glad Morelock is no longer our superintendent in Newberg and I am hopeful that Newberg will not replace him with Mr Busch. Daniel Busch is a more talkative version of Dr Morelock. He is philosophically in opposition to the current board on many issues.

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