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The Real Timeline of the Newberg, Oregon School Board Saga Over Black Lives Matter Flags

A detailed timeline of the major events that led to the current legal battle taking place in the Newberg public school district.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated and expanded as of February 23, 2022 to include events which have occurred since the original publication of this article.

Recently, KOIN News published an article by Gabby Urenda that claims to be a “timeline” of the key events related to the Newberg, Oregon public school board story that has been misrepresented by KOIN and many other local newspapers.

As someone who has read four years worth of communications from inside the secret Facebook groups that have been used by the Newberg teacher union and Yamhill County Democrats to organize their “social activism” agenda to push Critical Race Theory in the school district, I believe the timeline Urenda created is yet another piece of their propaganda designed to confuse the general public about what is actually transpiring in Newberg, Oregon.

To show how much important information is missing from the timeline she created, I have created my own.

All of the events will be well cited, including from the primary sources I have already published in 60+ articles. Much of this information was obtained after I infiltrated the private Facebook groups Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) and Progressive Yamhill that have been used by the Yamhill County Democrats party.

By reading this timeline and the related sources, you will clearly see that these groups goal is to spread misinformation as part of a propaganda campaign so that they can deceive voters into supporting recall signature ballot collection efforts against Brian Shannon and Dave Brown, so these activist groups can regain control over the Newberg school board and continue using it to indoctrinate children into Critical Race Theory.

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1 Timeline of Major Events in the Newberg, Oregon School Board Battle Saga

Timeline of Major Events in the Newberg, Oregon School Board Battle Saga

This timeline outlines the major events and key players that led to the creation of the “social activist” groups that have been spreading misinformation about what is taking place in Newberg, Oregon. This timeline also shows how the group became so powerful and influential that they can get local media to spread their propaganda for them.

(Please Note: This timeline is detailed at initial publication, but it is also only a short summary of the major events. This article will be updated with additional information as it is uncovered and as new events take place.)

Sometime in 2016

  • Social activist Lynette Shaw creates a Facebook group with Megan Corvus and Kris Bledsoe as founding members, for purposes of promoting her social activism (This Facebook group will eventually be renamed to Progressive Yamhill.)

January 2017

  • After Donald Trump wins the US Presidential election, Lynette Shaw founds Progressive Yamhill with other founding member Megan Corvus, originally as part of Action Together Oregon. It draws in around 200 social activists.

March 13, 2017

  • The Indivisible Movement begins with the publication of a handbook, Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. The book advocates for using paper terrorism tactics to harass politicians and private companies into supporting far left “progressive” causes, such as Critical race theory. (source). It soon becomes intertwined with groups such as Action Together.

April 2017

  • Ines Pena joins Progressive Yamhill.

May 2017

  • Gregg Koskela resigns as a pastor at the Newberg Friends Church because the majority would not support his far left ideologies (source).

August 2017

  • On Aug 31, 2017, Tai Harden-Moore and others in Imagine Black (a BLM aligned social activist group) submit “The People’s Plan” to the City of Portland, asking for the defunding of police and prisons, and to divert the money away from law enforcement and instead provide it to to private corporations aligned with BLM, and for the creation of “Black utopias” (source).
  • Progressive Yamhill sets its sights on a takeover of the Yamhill County Democrat party (which would prove successful) and use it to push Indivisible agenda aligned with Critical Race Theory.

November 2017

  • As detailed in the article, Quaker Church Splits Over Disputes on LGBT Issues, Gregg Koskela and other social activists split the Church congregation to form Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends (SCYM). Gregg Koskela co-founds Wayside Friends Church in Newberg, Oregon and begins using the church to preach about LGBTQ causes through the lens of Critical Race Theory.

Sometime in 2018

  • Megan Corvus attends Indivisible Oregon training and Progressive Yamhill becomes a chapter of Indivisible (source)

March 20 2018

  • Newberg Public Schools Superintendent Kym LeBlanc-Esparza resigns, stating that she has a family emergency related to the birth of her grandson (source)

April 20, 2018

  • Casey Kulla joins Progressive Yamhill.

May 2018

  • Joe Morelock is hired as interim superintendent of the Newberg public schools (source)

September 7, 2018

  • PFLAG Newberg is founded as a chapter of PFLAG. Joshua Reid is president and Sara Linnertz is secretary (source).

September 9, 2018

  • Progressive Yamhill has a BBQ event for their members; Rick Rogers, Denise Bacon and Casey Kulla are in attendance. (source)

November 2018

  • Rick Rogers wins election as Newberg mayor (source)

January 2019

  • Casey Kulla is elected Yamhill County Commissioner. During his first meeting, in cooperation with Progressive Yamhill members, Kulla introduces a motion for Yamhill County to adopt an “inclusivity resolution” with the goal of implementing Critical Race Theory employee training to the County departments (source).

March 2019

  • Joe Morelock, who had been serving as interim superintendent, is hired as “permanent” superintendent of the Newberg public school system (source).
  • Newberg School Board votes to adopt My Future, My Choice sex education curriculum for teaching to students in the district (source).

July 24 2019

  • Kristen Stoller starts a private nonprofit company, the Wellness Collective, to receive grant money for a private mental health clinic that operates in the Newberg schools. The Wellness Collective promotes the discredited pseudo-scientific gender identity theories of John Money. (source)

July 29, 2019

  • Kristen Stoller creates the Newberg Education Foundation and Newberg Public Schools Superintendent Joe Morelock joins the board of the private company. (source)

June 3, 2020

  • Newberg City Councilor and member of Progressive Yamhill Stephanie Bell Findley introduces Tai Harden-Moore to Mayor Rick Rogers with the specific goal of getting Tai Harden-Moore hired as a diversity consultant for the City of Newberg because Tai Harden-Moore says she “absolutely has to be on the task force”. (source)

June 23, 2020

  • Newberg Public School Board passes an “anti-racism resolution” which states, “The district will work to be actively anti-racist and dismantle systemic racism in our schools and empower people of color by a thorough review of policies, practices, and district cultural norms” and that it will hire a “diverse workforce“. The policy endorses Critical Race Theory ideologies. School board directors Brandy Penner, Ines Pena, Rebecca Piros, Ron Mock and Bob Woodruff vote in favor of the resolution, with Dave Brown and Brian Shannon against (source)

Sometime in the Summer of 2020

  • Oregon Education Association, the largest union of public school employees in Oregon, mails a poster to all teachers in the state public schools along with a brochure. The poster is intended to be hanged in the classroom and to advertise Black Lives Matter to students.

July 2020

  • Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) is formed in July 2020 as a consolidation of several prior existing Critical race theory activist groups such as Black Voices Speak, I Have a Dream Newberg, Newberg Peace & Justice Action Group, The Wellness Collective, Newberg Education Foundation and Anti-Racism Action in Newberg Public Schools. Many members of Wayside Friends Church also join it as well. It is a subchapter of Progressive Yamhill, with many of the Newberg based residents involved in it.
  • Newberg School Board Directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros, Ines Pena and Bob Woodruff join NEEd as members, in violation of public meeting laws, with the group used by Penner and Piros to plan school board meetings without public disclosures (source).
  • Newberg City Councilors and Progressive Yamhill members Elise Yarnell Hollamon and Stephanie Bell Findley also join NEEd as members, as do many other city employees and committee members (source)
  • NEEd’s specific stated goal in its mission statement is to implement Critical Race Theory to the Newberg schools district,


  • Progressive Yamhill member and Critical Race Theory proponent Bryce Coefield is appointed to the Newberg City Council (source), he also joins NEEd as a member, too.

August 2020

NEED members involved with the Newberg Public Library, such as Korie Jones Buerkle, create a children’s book club program to promote Critical race theory aligned propaganda to children while the library is closed due to Covid. (source)

December 2020

  • Newberg Equity in Education members create a racially segregated student activities group in the Newberg High School, “Black Student Union” (source)

April 2021

  • The Newberg Graphic publishes an article by Ryan Clarke that falsely claims that the Republican Party is funding and organizing Save Our Schools Newberg (source), which in reality is a loose knit group of Newberg residents that endorsed candidates Renee Powell, John Read and Trevor DeHart for seats in the Newberg school board election. In truth, their campaigns do not spend enough money to even be required to form a PAC for candidates, with minor funding contributions (less than $500) from Public Servants (COPS) PAC.
  • NEEd member Tai Harden Moore admits in text messages to Becky Wallis that Harden-Moore’s campaign volunteer, fellow NEEd member Suzanne Huntington, removed campaign yard signs for Newberg resident Renee Powell’s run for school board director. Huntington does not return the signs for several days, despite requests by Wallis, only doing so after Wallis threatens to go to the police. (source)
  • NEEd member Brandon Buerkle (and husband of Assistant Director of Newberg Library, Kori Jones Buerkle) asks the son of Renee Powell to tell his mother to drop out of the election for school board director “to make room for a non-white voice” (Tai Harden-Moore). Powell refuses. (source)
  • Incumbent Newberg public schools board member Bob Woodruff drops out of the race for the election and leaves the NEEd group; Bob Woodruff deletes his messages from inside NEEd as he leaves the group but other members communications imply he was asked to step aside so that Tai Harden Moore could win his seat. (source)
  • Tai Harden-Moore works with the City of Newberg to draft Critical Race Theory aligned policies for the City of Newberg (source)

May 2021 –

  • Trevor DeHart and Renee Powell win the school board elections, with DeHart defeating incumbent Ron Mock and Powell beating Tai Harden-Moore. NEEd member Ines Pena is re-elected.

June 2021

  • Newberg City Council makes a “Pride Month Proclamation” and hangs Pride flags inside City Council and other city owned buildings such as the Newberg Public library, which remain to this day (source).
  • After parents complain about Black Lives Matter signs and flags inside the Dundee Elementary School classrooms, Principal Reed Langdon makes a post on the school’s Facebook page acknowledging the presence. He posts a photo of the poster distributed the previous year by Oregon Education Association.

July 13, 2021

  • DeHart, Powell and Peña take oath of office for serving on the Newberg school board.
  • Brian Shannon made a motion to reopen the discussion of the agenda and add discussions on Black Lives Matter signs in District facilities, the Anti-Racism Resolution, and Policy ACB to the board agenda.
  • That same day, Oregon Department of Education Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata joins Newberg Equity in Education as a member under the username ‘Lu Pita’. She posts into the group encouraging the Newberg teacher union to violate state laws while also ranting about dismantling America into a racially segregated society (source)

August 2021

  • Oregon Department of Education Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata joins Progressive Yamhill. She also encourages members of NEEd who are part of the teacher union to file complaints with the Oregon Department of Education for investigating Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart, and abuses her position to send them back channel communications on how their complaints are proceeding (source)
  • Attorney Tyler Smith is retained by the Newberg School board to assist with the drafting of the proposed policy to ban Black Lives Matter and other politically divisive symbols from the Newberg public school campuses.
  • NEEd assembles committee teams to coordinate their “response” to the intention of school board directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Trevor DeHart and Renee Powell to ban politically divisive symbols and remove Critical race theory curriculum from the schools. The “response” includes filing complaints with Oregon Department of Education and lawsuits. as well as recruiting students to become activists to help their agenda.
  • NEEd and Progressive Yamhill members coordinate together with the Yamhill County Democrats leadership to gather personal information about Dave Brown, Renee Powell, Brian Shannon and Trevor DeHart with the goals of intimidating them through blackmail, harassment at churches, harassment of their employers, families and any other kind of subterfuge in an effort to force them to either change their votes in favor of the motion to draft a policy to ban Black Lives Matter flags from campuses, or resign from office (source)
  • Megan Corvus posts into the Progressive Yamhill group about how she told Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett that she (Corvus) is a racist person.
  • Newberg Education Association, the teacher union, files a Tort Claim notice against the Newberg School board directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Trevor DeHart and Renee Powell; the union’s vice president, Andrew Gallagher, reshares the notice inside the NEEd group.

September 4, 2021

  • Kristen Stoller announces the formation of Recall Brian Shannon PAC to remove Brian Shannon from his seat on the school board; NEEd member Tim Cornell announces that the group’s harassment campaign has succeeded in getting Brian Shannon fired from his job; NEEd members celebrate (source)

September 15, 2021

  • NEEd members coordinate with Ryan Clarke of the Newberg Graphic to spread a story about Newberg students organizing a “slave trade” using Snapchat and use this as evidence of “white supremacy” in Newberg; in reality, per their own internal group communications, NEEd members knew that the Snapchat group was not formed by Newberg students, that the group was not actually running a real slave trade market, and that only one Newberg student participated in the online parody group and that this student was not “white”, but instead is “BIPOC” by their definitions. The private disciplinary action incident was purposely taken out of context by NEEd to drum up public support for their political cause against the school board. Furthermore, the personal information of the student was shared within the NEEd group in violation of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and evidence exists that Joe Morelock was involved in the leaking of the student’s personal information per a meeting with Tai Harden-Moore, as detailed in the communications in the NEEd group (source).

September 20, 2021-

  • NEEd members spread a story in the news with the help of Newberg Graphic writer Ryan Clarke about a Newberg public schools Educational Assistant, Lauren Pefferle, attending school in “blackface” (source). In actuality, the teacher was dressed as Rosa Parks for a history themed event taking place at Mabel Rush Elementary, and the costume was used out of context by NEEd as part of their propaganda campaign to paint Newberg as a town of racist white supremacists. In truth, the teacher was not wearing blackface makeup (source). (note: a previous version of this article listed Pefferle as a volunteer teacher’s aid, which was based on information I received from a source that explained Pefferle was not a member of the teacher union and that source therefore believed she was not a paid employee but a volunteer; while it is was true that Pefferle was not a member of the union, she was a paid employee of the school.)

September 22, 2021

  • NEEd members host weekly Friday rallies at the flagpole in the center of downtown Newberg; protestors leave behind graffiti that says ‘ACAB’ (All Cops Are Bastards, an Antifa slogan) on the sidewalks (source) and harass pedestrians, doxxing them and harassing their employers (source)

September 28, 2021

  • By a 4-3 vote, the Newberg School Board passed a policy to ban politically divisive symbols such as flags, posters and t-shirts from being displayed in the Newberg public schools classrooms and buildings.  Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Trevor DeHart and Renee Powell voted in favor; NEEd members Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena voted against.

September 30, 2021

  • NEEd members reach out to ACLU asking them to file a lawsuit against the Newberg school district for the proposed policy to ban BLM flags (source)

October 12, 2021

October 20, 2021

October 22, 2021

  • A lawsuit is filed by Newberg School Board directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell against Debbie Tofte, Katherine Barnett, AJ Schwanz and Tamara Brookfield, who are members of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd), for their sharing of their personal information to NEEd members as part of the harassment campaign. (source)
  •  Newberg Equity in Education members Beth and Greg Woolsey, Jeff and Kathleen McNeal, Stefan Czarnecki and Meghan Rogers-Czarnecki, and Elizabeth Gemeroy file a lawsuit against Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart for voting to hire attorney Tyler Smith, which they claim was done in violation of public meeting laws. (source)

October 27, 2021

  • School board director and NEEd member Brandy Penner rants on her Facebook page about how people should rebel against authority, in reference to her fellow school board directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart.

October 28, 2021

  • Yamhill County Democrats have a livestreamed meeting where they discuss their efforts as the arbitrators of the Recall Lindsay Berschauer and Recall Brian Shannon PACs. Kristen Stoller explains their goal is to “destroy Dave Brown” and to indoctrinate children into their political ideologies so they will grow up and change the “voting culture” of Newberg, Oregon.

(Source to the full video of the meeting)

October 29, 2021

  • The Yamhill Advocate launches, with prior articles written by Carey Martell imported to the new site; one of the first new articles published on the Advocate shows emails from Newberg Superintendent Joe Morelock showing him dismissing parent concerns about a boy hiding in the girls bathrooms (source).

October 30, 2021

  • The Yamhill Advocate publishes emails to Joe Morelock from Newberg public school district attorney Lisa Freiley showing that he had been informed that the ban on politically divisive symbols “would most likely hold up in court”. Despite this, Morelock continued to refuse to enforce the policy. (source)

October 31, 2021

  • The Yamhill Advocate publishes an article revealing that the Yamhill County Democrat party are the true organizers of both Recall Brian Shannon PAC and Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC (source).

November 3, 2021

  • The teacher’s union, Newberg Education Association, files a lawsuit against Newberg school board directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart for the policy banning politically divisive symbols in the schools. (source). All of the plaintiffs are members of NEEd; Andrew Gallagher, Jennifer Schneider, Katherine Villalobos and Sara Linnertz.

November 6, 2021

  • Kristen Stoller hosts a Drag Queen Show at her children’s dance studio, Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, in downtown Newberg. The event is a fundraiser for Recall Brian Shannon. A Newberg High School student performs as a drag queen in lingerie as members of the Newberg school faculty throw dollars at him (source).

November 9, 2021

  • Newberg School Board Directors Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart vote to terminate the employment of District Superintendent Joe Morelock. No cause is given, as Joe Morelock had an at-will contract that did not require any cause to be provided for his termination (source). In response to the vote, NEEd members and school board directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena hurl insults at the other school board directors at the end of the meeting; Penner declares the school board will never work together again.

November 10, 2021

  • The Recall for Lindsay fails to gather enough valid signatures (source) ; Yamhill County Democrats immediately re-file to try again.

November 13, 2021

  • The Yamhill Advocate publishes an article showing that numerous Hollywood actors are donating to Recall Brian Shannon PAC (source)

November 14, 2021

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes emails of Newberg school board director Brandy Penner that show she is opposed to religious exemptions to mandatory covid-19 vaccinations for Newberg teachers (source)
  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an analysis of the teacher union lawsuit against the conservative Newberg school board members (source).

November 15, 2021

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an article that shows how the teachers in the Newberg school district are teaching children the discredited pseudo-science of John Money as a way to encourage them to change their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (source).

November 17, 2021

  • Recall Dave Brown is formed as a PAC. As with Recall Brian Shannon PAC, the petitioner is Zach Goff and the treasurer is Jef Green.

November 18, 2021

  • Recall Brian Shannon PAC donates $5,000 to Recall Dave Brown. The donation is spent that same day on expeditions to EffectTV, which is an advertising agency specializing in television advertising.

November 22, 2021

  • Oregon Education Association (the largest union of public school employees in the state of Oregon) makes an “in-kind contribution” to Recall Dave Brown in an amount valued as $767.50
  • Casey Kulla’s PAC for his run for Governor, Kulla for Oregon, donates money to both Recall Brian Shannon and Recall Dave Brown.

November 23, 2021

  • The Yamhill Advocate publishes emails from Joe Morelock showing that he was still making executive decisions for the school district even though he was terminated (source).
  • Yamhill County Democrats, Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education members form Recall Dave Brown PAC, a political action committee to gather signatures to recall Newberg school board director Dave Brown (source)

November 30, 2021

  • Newberg School Board Chair Dave Brown issues a statement about the termination of Joe Morelock (source)
  • Ryan Clarke writes a story for The Oregonian claiming Marc Thielman is going to be considered for hiring as Newberg school district interim superintendent during the next board meeting (source); the claim is false and Thielman is not up for consideration as interim superintendent. Furthermore, NEEd member and School District Communications Director Gregg Koskella leaks emails from Dave Brown to Ryan Clarke for quoting in his article; the leak was made during Thanksgiving holiday as a way for Koskella to protest being asked to serve as board secretary (a position he has served in the past) so that board meetings can be held to discuss the hiring of an interim superintendent, after current board secretary Jenn Nelson took a family medical leave of absence until January. Koskella’s actions may violate district policies, as they were provided to Ryan Clarke and other journalists of his own volition outside of a legitimate public records request, delivered to them during a holiday when he was not working.

December 1, 2021

  • Chelsea Shotts, a member of NEEd, files a lawsuit against the school board directors Dave Brown, Renee Powell and Trevor DeHart for passing the ban on politically divisive symbols (source).

December 3, 2021

  • City of Newberg police issue a statement demanding that Newberg Equity in Education members remove their Recall Brian Shannon and Recall Dave Brown signs, as they violate local ordinance because at this time there is no actual election taking place and it is confusing residents into believing there is one. (source)
  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an article showing evidence that the organizers of the Newberg, Oregon school board recalls are breaking state and local city laws in their effort to push their political activism.

December 5, 2021 –

December 7, 2021

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an article showing how Democrats in the state government are attempting to introduce legislation that would prohibit school boards from firing superintendents under an at will contract for no cause, and that would also force school board members to participate in mandatory Critical race theory training sessions (source).

December 10, 2021

December 14, 2021 –

  • The signatures for the effort to recall School Board Director Brian Shannon is certified by the county.

December 15, 2021 –

December 17, 2021 –

  • Chelsea Shotts files a second lawsuit against the Newberg School district for the exact same reason as the previous lawsuits, this time with the assistance of the ACLU (source).
  • The signatures for the effort to recall School Board Director Dave Brown is certified by the county.
  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an article showing that public school students participated in a walkout that may have been organized by the teacher union as part of their political activism, in violation of numerous laws, and which had involvement from ACLU.

December 20, 2021

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an in-depth investigative report that exposes Newberg school board directors Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena as members of Newberg Equity in Education and that they have been vocal supporters of the recall campaign against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon. The editorial asks Penner, Piros and Pena to resign for the violations of public meeting laws the article accuses them of engaging in as part of their social activism efforts.

December 29, 2021 –

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes a story about police recovering a pile of ‘Vote No’ campaign signs from the backyard of a supporter of the recall against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, which were taken from the original locations they had been installed along the roads.

January 5, 2022 –

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an investigative report that proves Hollywood celebrity millionaires have donated money to the political action committees (PACs) Recall Dave Brown and Recall Brian Shannon as a result of requests by Hollywood film cinematographer and director Matthew Moriarty and his personal involvement in Newberg Equity in Education / Progressive Yamhill’s social activism.

January 9, 2022 –

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an interview with Oregon Governor Candidate and Alsea Oregon school superintendent Marc Thielman, who accuses Recall Brian Shannon and Recall Dave Brown activists of dubbing over his voice in television ads to make it appear as if he is criticizing conservative Newberg school board directors. Thielman also accuses other media publications such as The Oregonian of misreporting the statements he provided them and denied that he was ever offered the job of superintendent by Dave Brown, as these other publications have claimed.

January 11, 2022 –

January 12, 2022 –

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an in-depth investigative report about one of the main leaders of Newberg Equity in Education, Kristen Stoller, revealing she has used her various non-profit and private business endeavors to indoctrinate children into fringe ideological beliefs and encourage them to identify as gay and/or transgender as part of her social activism efforts.

January 13, 2022 –

  • Suzanne Gallagher of Parent’s Rights in Education conducted an interview with an anonymous gay couple who are retired education professionals living in Yamhill County, Oregon. In the interview the couple explain they are opposed to the recall against Newberg school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, because they do not believe the political agenda of other activist groups should be influencing children inside the schools.
  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an article that provides a list of various Facebook groups that have been created by Progressive Yamhill members to censor information that would expose their activities while simultaneously spreading propaganda to unsuspecting residents in Yamhill County, Oregon.
  • Yamhill Advocate publishes a follow-up article to the expose of Kristen Stoller that reveals publicly made statements by people who support Stoller’s efforts to indoctrinate children, many of which are members of Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill.

January 17, 2022 –

January 18, 2022 –

  • Guest contributor Rebecca Wallis contributes an editorial to the Yamhill Advocate that responds to Newberg school district Communication Coordinator Gregg Koskela’s personal blog article where Koskela criticizes conservative school board directors, pointing out several inconsistencies and inaccuracies in Koskela’s claims.

January 20, 2022 –

  • A complimentary copy of the first print edition of the Yamhill Advocate newspaper is delivered to residents of Newberg, Dundee and surrounding Yamhill County addresses within the Newberg school district zone. The four-page newspaper provides a detailed summary of the activities of Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education and a condensed version of this timeline article.

February 3, 2022 –

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an investigative report, Oregon Democrats Seek to Protect Pro-Black Lives Matter Public School Superintendents With New Law, that exposes the connection between elected Democrat officials in the Oregon state government and the Newberg Equity in Education / Progressive Yamhill group, and their efforts to pass new legislation designed to prevent conservative school boards from firing and replacing superintendents who are sympathetic to Black Lives Matter and Critical race theory activism inside classrooms.

February 8, 2022 –

  • Newberg school board director Ines Pena resigns her seat during a school board meeting (source)

February 9, 2022 –

  • Yamhill County certifies that the recall elections against Newberg school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon failed to succeed.

February 10, 2022 –

  • Washington County and Clackamas County certifies that the recalls against Newberg school board directors Dave Brown and Brian Shannon failed to succeed.

February 11, 2022 –

  • Yamhill County clerk office aggregated all three sets of totals and certified the final aggregated results of the recall elections against Dave Brown and Brian Shannon to the Newberg School District (link). Both school board directors retain their seats.

February 16, 2020 –

  • Yamhill County Clerk Office determines that enough signatures have been turned in by Recall Lindsay Berschauer PAC for a recall election to be held against Yamhill County Commissioner Berschauer (source). Mail in ballots will be sent to residents of Yamhill County and must be returned by March 22, 2022.

February 19, 2020 –

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an article showing that the organizers of the recall campaign against Lindsay Berschauer are members of Progressive Yamhill, the Indivisible chapter of extremist social activists seeking to change the voting culture of the county through deception, and the overlaps between the Newberg school board recall campaign activities. The article exposes that the recall organizers have no evidence for any of the accusations they have made against the commissioner, and when challenged are unable to provide any of the evidence for the accusations they have made.

February 20, 2022 –

February 21, 2022 –

  • Yamhill Advocate publishes an investigative report, George Fox University Professors Cherice Bock and Melanie Springer Mock Exposed. The article details how George Fox University professor of theology Cherice Bock has direct ties to Antifa groups and that she encouraged the adoption of Antifa “de-escalation tactics” by Newberg Equity in Education members during rallies that led to violent clashes with counter-protestors.

May 24, 2022

  • Dr. Stephen Phillips is hired as the new Superintendent of the Newberg Public School District.

June 14, 2022

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Carey Martell
Publisher and editor for Yamhill Advocate. Digital media entrepreneur. Born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. US Army Veteran.
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